General Safety Tips For Reducing Carcinogenic Radiation Exposure
Choose wired Internet connections instead of wireless systems, whenever possible. 
Request wired options and provide them to others, such as for computers, laptops, tablets, printers, gaming consoles and handsets,mouse, keyboards, video cameras, speakers, headphones, micro-phones and other accessories
When digital devices are connected with wired Internet connections, turn off the Data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (in device settings) and turnoff the Wi-Fi on the router.
Use a corded (not cordless)landline home phones whenever possible, especially for long voice calls.
Keep cell phones away from the head and body, and keep wireless devices at a distance, and off of laps.

Make only short and essential calls on wireless devices 

As much as possible power off phones and personal digital devices, or set on airplane mode with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Mobile Hotspotand Location off.

Avoid sleeping next to cell phones or wireless devices; power them off at night. If a cell phone must be used as an alarm clock, turn thephone to airplane mode, or use a separate battery-powered clock.

Keep non-prescription electronics out of bedrooms.

Avoid charging phones and devices near beds.

Pre-download videos and music rather than streaming.

If Wi-Fi cannot be entirely eliminated, put the Wi-Fi router on atimer to turn off when not needed (especially while sleeping).