A guy named Kellen, evaluating 5G for his fellow techies at droid.com: "The FCC recently pushed through rules that should help wireless carriers hammer 5G into your city as fast as possible....But yeah, with a new wave of cellular towers about to enter your town, the concerns are back. We probably need someone to do a 5G health study pretty darn soon, one that isn't just on rats." [1]

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, M.D., speaking to Michigan State legislators about 5G: "In academic medicine we have a name for what is happening now with 5G and what has happened with wireless communications. 5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful. We know it from the science. In academics this is called human subjects research. Human subjects research is very tightly regulated. You can't just roll out some type of research project on human beings unless (A) you have their informed consent so they understand the risks and benefits and (B) you have the approval, like someone's actually examined the literature and said, 'Ok, this research project, we believe that it's safe, there's no evidence in the science to indicate that it would not be safe.'  We have decades of evidence to show that it is not safe." [2]

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences, Washington State University, speaking on the risks of 5G radiation: "5G will entail particularly powerful pulsations to be used, which may, therefore, be particularly hazardous....The U.S. situation is mass insanity....I predict there will be major ecological disasters as a consequence of 5G. This will include vast conflagrations because EMF exposures make plants much more flammable....Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world." [3]

5G: Sharks in Bloody Water

  Everyone in North America now literally swims in the VOLTAGE OF CANCER propagated by millions of cellular, Wi-Fi and vehicular radar antennas beaming multiple carcinogenic frequencies into the environmentRuling the bloody Wi-waters USA are the big wireless carriers and their subsidiaries, along with myriad Wi-device and system manufacturers. These corporate piranhas possess unlimited economic power to buy governments, control the media, coerce public opinion and dictate the destiny of nations. For example:

  Verizon Wireless USA reported its gross profit for the twelve months ending September 30, 2023 at $78.628 Billion.  [4]

 The even more profitable AT&T deploys over 100 highly paid U.S. lobbyists, and among communications companies, it remains the biggest donor to U.S. federal lawmakers. [5]

With fiscal 2021 sales of $365.8 billion, Apple averaged a billion dollars a day for that year.  In 2023, its market cap closed at $3 trillion. [6]

 Leading smutphone maker Samsung reported $302 trillion in annual revenue for 2022. [7]

  But radiation peddlers never get enough booty! Few people floundering in the bloody waters of wireless comprehend the ferocious feeding frenzy planned for human prey by an omnipotent industry that maims and kills without mercy. Beyond legal restraint, and with no apparent moral boundaries, since 2019 the industry has been unleashing a fresh and trendy bait:
It's called 5G NEW RADIO!
  It was in July 2016, only weeks after federal NTP scientists announced the gruesome results of their cell phone/cancer studies, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared its intention to increase U.S. wireless pollution by millions-fold with new fifth generation (5G) technologies. [8] This announcement was made by none other than CTIA--the Wireless Association, speaking through the mouth of then-FCC chairman Tom Wheeler (former head of CTIA). The top three wireless carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile are the omnivorous masters of CTIA. [9]
  Ignoring the Nuremberg Code that prohibits biological experimentation on humans without their informed consent, the wireless carriers are now frantically adding new and ultra-powerful fifth generation antennas to their existing facilities as fast as they can sling them up. In January 2020, the FCC called for an additional 20,000 tower climbers trained to install new 5G equipment. [10] The 5G antennas interact with the older 4G infrastructure, while obsolete technologies like 2G are phased out through hardware upgrades.
Using newly-engineered phased array technologies, 5G deploys:

(1) SUB SIX frequencies between 600 megahertz and 6 gigahertz

(2) Cherry-picked frequencies between 7-29 gigahertz
(3) Millimeter wave (mmW) frequencies between 30 to 100 billion gigahertz (for starters)
  Experts explain: "Not only are the frequencies allocated for 5G in much higher electromagnetic spectrum ranges than anything used for civilian telecommunications before, but because signal propagation is so difficult in the mmW bands, 5G uses untested beam-steering technology that follows the device, not the user, and signaling characteristics like phased array with time-varying overlapping wave banks that hit living cells constantly from multiple angles, at speeds so fast that there is no possible biological recovery time between exposures.
"Phased array signaling is known to cause unusual biological effects, capable of delivering RF energy deep within body tissues, not just the superficial skin-deep effects FCC assumes....The higher the frequency, the more inherent power it packs, capable of physiological effects. Yet no specific allowance is being made at FCC for any of the differences regarding 5G exposures or rewriting the [public radiation exposure] standards accordingly. When the standards were enacted in 1996, such exposures to the general population at such close proximity as small cells [antennas] bring, were unimaginable." [11]

  These hyper-energetic 5G waves are exponentially more violent than the older, DNA-busting Wi-technologies well-documented to cause profound cell damage, brain injury and cancer. Professor Trevor G. Marshall, among the world's leading experts on autoimmune diseases and a director of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation, explains how millimeter wave technologies will be a sucker punch to the molecules of all living tissues:
"So the energy on the millimeter wave photons will disturb 25 times as many human molecules as do current Wi-Fi and 4G. But the situation is worse than that. Our paper shows that only the larger protons have resonances in the 4G regions. A much larger number of smaller peptides and proteins have resonances in the millimeter wave region. Not only is the electromagnetic energy greater, but the potential number of molecular targets in the human body is also increased." [12]

  Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, has published seven studies documenting the exquisite sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of voltage sensors located in human cell membranes. These studies show that microwave frequencies exert extreme forces upon these voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC), causing excessive calcium ions to flow into cells with serious biological consequences. Dr. Pall explains that 5G radiation, including millimeter waves, will be particularly forceful and dangerous to our cell membrane sensors for these reasons:

The extraordinarily high numbers of NEW RADIO antennas that are planned
The very high energy output needed to ensure 5G penetration of buildings and bodies

The newly-engineered, complex pulsation and data flow modulations of 5G signals [13]

  Yet, not a single federal study has been undertaken to investigate the inescapable consequences of ferocious radiation forcibly delivered into human flesh with these new blazing-fast modulations. Verizon is shoving millimeter wave antennas into cities and public venues across the nation while AT&T competes to unleash its own 5G pollution. The newly merged T-Mobile/Sprint, has promised to swamp 99 percent of the US population with 5G wave carcinogen by the middle of this decade. DISH announced plans to deploy a 5G broadband network capable of afflicting seventy percent of the U.S. population by June 2023. [14]  Also helping birth the deadly 5G revolution is U.S. Cellular Corporation with customers in 21 states. And then there a legion of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) who lease wireless infrastructure and data from major carriers to reach smaller markets.

  Officials with the European Union provide dark clues as to what awaits hapless little fishies during the 5G tsunami: "Significant concern is emerging over the possible impact on health and safety arising from potentially much higher exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation arising from 5G. Increased exposure may result not only from the use of much higher frequencies in 5G but also from the potential for the aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature, and the complex interference effects that may result, especially in dense urban areas.

"The 5G radio emission fields are quite different to those of previous generations because of their complex beamformed transmissions in both directions – from base station to handset and for the return. Although fields are highly focused by beams, they vary rapidly with time and movement and so are unpredictable, as the signal levels and patterns interact as a closed loop system. This has yet to be mapped reliably for real situations, outside the laboratory....The problem is that currently it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world." [15]

Diving into the 5G Abyss
   Microwaves propagated above 30 gigahertz are called millimeter waves because each wave fully oscillates within a fraction of one inch. Frequencies just under 30 gig are called sub-millimeter waves. Millimeter wave antennas propagating modulated signals at 24 to 100 gigahertz will assault all living creatures with invasive photon energy that artificially oscillates the polarity of tissues 24 to 100 billion times per each measurable second! Each of those billions of electromagnetic oscillations per second inflicts a microshock upon living cells and their DNA. The DNA reads these billions of microshocks per second as would a human face slammed repeatedly by a champion boxer.

 Scientists working with the National Toxicology Program were able to promote aggressive brain cancer and malignant heart tumors in rats by bathing them in GSM cell phone radiation that oscillates (micro-shocks) the flesh at a measly 900 million (megahertz) cycles per measurable second. NTP studies with 1.9 billion hertz were just as potent at creating severe biological damage and malignancy. [16]

 US military scientists efficiently induced benign and malignant tumors in rats with the 2.45 billion (gigahertz) cycles per second used for Wi-Fi. [17]

♦ When European scientists microwaved human blood cells with the 1.8 billion gigahertz used for 3G wireless, after only 24 hours of exposure, those blood cells had incurred DNA damage equivalent to 1600 chest X-rays! [18]

And get this:
 FCC rules permit 5G millimeter wave antennas
to emit tens to hundreds of times more effective radiative power than allowed for lower-frequency antennas! [19]

  The masses are brainwashed to believe that millimeter waves cannot penetrate the body beyond the skin. But Verizon boasts that its powerful millimeter waves travel through walls and foliage and scoot around buildings to deliver their beamforming energy. If they can blast through structures and bounce around solid environmental impediments, these disease-promoting beams also slam deeply into and through fragile human flesh.
  Americans have been inundated with endless propaganda insisting that 5G signals don't travel far. We are told that we must submit to millions of new 5G antennas spaced close together in a "hyperdense" configuration across our cities and neighborhoods. But in the video below, Cancer-over-the-Verizon brags about how its 5G millimeter waves travel unimpeded for 3000 feet, which is over half a mile!

  As 5G antenna managers implant their thousands of new radiation emitters across U.S. cities and towns, they pump the local media to report the locality of new 5G zones "where you can download a movie in 10 seconds." What more would a Wi-addict need to know as long as he can download Spiderman or enter the Metaverse in the twinkling of a radiation-toasted eye? Watch Verizon celebrate its compulsory 5G poison in the short video below.

   Also watch AT&Tumor explain how it plans to '5G' the U.S. electric grid:


Precision-Targeting Humanity With Small Cell Weaponry

   At a time when the U.S. population is greatly oppressed with raging epidemics of cancer, diabetes, autism and mental illness, 5G requires new small cell antennas to be mounted everywhere across both urban and rural landscapes. These antennas will be of many shapes and sizes, some of them tiny and inconspicuous to the humans that they scourge
 In 2018, the FCC chairman Ajit Pai proclaimed that 800,000 5G New Radio small cell sites
would be needed across the USA by 2025. 
He said that it requires only one to two hours to install a small cell antenna node (digital version of a land mine) on a utility pole. [20]

  Big Radiation outlines its jaw-dropping plans for torrential antenna 5G carcinogen like this:

"To achieve the coverage and capacity levels required to deliver a fully-connected society, small cells need to be deployed in a dense or hyperdense manner, with some operators planning to roll out 200 or even more cells per square kilometer for high traffic environments like urban city centers and stadiums in the next few years. With 5G that density will increase further; 5G is envisaged to support one million connections per square kilometer [six tenths of a square mile] which could involve 1000 small cells in some scenarios." [21]

   Wi-predators are now aggressively lobbying state legislatures while woozing city and county officials everywhere to make deals for the placement of the new mega networks being installed low to the ground upon:

1. Existing buildings, exterior walls and rooftops

2. All types of existing vertical structures, such as utility poles, lamp posts and traffic lights

3. Indoor ceilings or sheltered outdoor locations such as train stations, venues and stadiums

4. Street furniture such as bus shelters, advertisement panels, news stands

5. Specially designed mount facilities that conform to the surrounding environment, such as artificial trees in parks and public areas

6. Aerial CATV cable-strand mountings, using existing cable service lines [22]

7. Etc.

  In many places, equipment cabinets full of cooling fans and backup generators, reeking with a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, will sit on or near the ground to support the new antennas. The pictures below are borrowed from Scientists for Wired Technology, a website that documents horrific sickness and disability suffered by neighborhoods already blighted with 4G small cell antennas now common in urban neighborhoods across the USA and Canada. In close proximity to highly populated areas, these low-mounted, small cell installations perpetually propagate radiation that meets Bradford Hill criteria as a confirmed, multi-site (anywhere in the body) carcinogen.

 The industry term for the deadly weaponry seen above is: Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna Wireless Telecommunications Facility (CPMRA-WTF) known as what-the-fucks for short. In a 2019 DC Circuit Appeals Case regarding the FCC's brazen overreach on siting 5G antennas, the court ruled that telecom applications for the siting of WTF antennas are incomplete because they lack a Federal Environmental Assessment (EA) and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as required under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). The court said: "Congress enacted NEPA to 'encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment' and 'promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man,' among other purposes." [23]

   Meantime, Scientists for Wired Technology report that the new 5G WTF specs call for 1,500 to 15,000 watts of effective radiated power as close as 6 to 12 feet from homes. [24] Such toxic antennas are inexcusable when superior fiber technologies could prevent the need for these deadly eyesores and deliver super fast and reliable connectivity to the premises for every person in the nation who wants it. [25]

  Seen in the video below is news footage from New York State which illustrates how 4G antenna "densification" projects have been accelerating across the nation, "holding the spot" for 5G evolution. Experts warn: "While 4G bears little resemblance to 5G, incorporated into 4G's newest antenna designs are hundreds of tiny 5G antennas that can be activated at will. Thus, 4G small cells today are Trojan horses for 5G." [26]

  Because the USA has no right-to-know laws that make radiation exposure information available to the public, the protesters in the video above confirm that they have no information on the frequencies to which they are forcibly exposed from new antennas shoved literally into their front yards. They openly state that they withhold their consent for dangerous, chronic irradiation. Yet, the unconstitutional Telecom Act of 1996 has been seen by the courts to override the human right to safe living.

  The Miami Herald reported in October 2019: "Comparing the 5G tech revolution to the California gold rush, Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins bemoaned the unsightly, sloppy and hazardous installation of telecommunications equipment on Miami streets. 'It’s a 5G fiasco,' Higgins said during Wednesday’s County Commission meeting. 'Downtown is the epicenter of a land grab by the telecommunication companies. We have an absolute mess.' Companies such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are erecting new utility poles, boxes, and cables to accommodate the next generation of wireless technology — 5G — touted as super fast and super clear. They are in a race to expand their networks and 'get to the future faster,' as Verizon says on its website." [27]

  In 2017, engineers at Georgia Southern University [GSU] issued an urgent warning about the numerous dangers of 5G millimeter wave transmitters now targeting human bodies everywhere. Here are three excerpts from that GSU report that have existential significance for the people of North America:

"While cellular communications in millimeter wave (mmW) bands have been attracting significant research interest, their potential harmful impacts on human health are not as significantly studied.... This paper claims the necessity of thorough investigation on human exposure to downlink RF fields, as cellular systems deployed in mmW bands will entail deployment of more transmitters due to smaller cell size and higher concentration of RF energy using a highly directional antenna....Our results show that 5G downlink RF fields generate significantly higher power density (PD) and specific absorption rate (SAR) than a current cellular system."

"ICNIRP and FCC do not have SAR guidelines for mmW like 28 GHz far-field scenario yet, as it is expected [by sharks in bloody water] to be less dangerous. But our result presented in Fig. 7 shows a significant increase in SAR in 5G downlinks compared to the Release 9, even in such far-field propagations....This paper hereby strongly urges that it is not safe enough with the PD [power density] solely being considered as a basic restriction in human RF exposure in mmW operations. Our results suggests that the SAR should also be considered as a measuring parameter even for far-field, particularly in mmW communications due to its received signal strength remaining strong at an end user."

"This paper has highlighted the significance of human RF exposure issues in downlink of a cellular communications system.... This paper has found that the downlinks of 5G also yield significantly higher levels of PD and SAR compared to a Release 9. Our results emphasized that the increase stems from two technical changes that will likely occur in 5G: more APs [antenna power] due to deployment of smaller cells and more highly concentrated RF energy per downlink RF beam due to use of larger phased arrays....This paper claims that RF fields generated in downlinks of 5G can also be dangerous in spite of far-field propagations." [28]


5G radiation beaming from environmental antennas
presents numerous downlink dangers, even from a distance.

Steerable millimeter wave beams, focusing on a single target,
will ricochet deeply into living flesh at insane power densities!

Due to lack of proper research,
no one can yet fully predict the human health impacts of 5G.
 Therefore, the potential dangers of 5G downlink radiation
necessitate a thorough investigation of human exposure.

   Yet, militant engineers at New York University (NYU), funded by the Wi-industry, [29] have worked round-the-clock to ensure that 5G radiation  infiltrates even rural areas so that eventually no human, no animal, no plant, no organism can escape severe millimeter wave poisoning. The link below describes 73 gigahertz experiments in rural Virginia by the NYU-Wireless group which advises the FCC on technical matters. Keep in mind that a blazing 73 billion hertz, precision-targeted into rural areas, will deliver non-stop 73 billion microshocks per second to all living flesh, including wildlife and critically important pollinating insects.

We Have Been Warned!


  Few of us have imagined that we would see the day when the U.S. government, working with universities, would conspire with corporate piranhas to implement this kind of life-threatening savagery against their own people. Here is what medical and scientific experts of the BioInitiative Working Group say about 5G wireless technologies and the upcoming millions of new millimeter wave antennas needed to support them:

  "The FCC is proposing to streamline the process for small wireless facility permitting, without completing its investigation of RF health effects of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation....Health consequences have not been factored into public safety limits. This is particularly true of the new 5G technologies using millimeter wave frequencies....There is no basis for the FCC to make a positive assertion of safety of existing RF levels to which the public is perpetually exposed. Certainly unaddressed health concerns should stop the FCC from expediting new wireless technologies facilitating new small cell siting and satellite RF sources. The existing FCC public safety limits are grossly inadequate to protect the public health from the body burn of the existing proliferation of RF-emitting devices and the wireless infrastructure supporting them, let alone from the new RF sources that will make the situation worse for public health." [30]

  Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) wrote to the FCC in 2019 that his constituents are increasingly concerned about 5G exposure: "As you know, the impending rollout of 5G technology will require installation of hundreds of thousands of 'small cell' sites in neighborhoods and communities throughout the country, and these installations will emit higher-frequency radio waves than previous generations of cellular technology....The FCC's current guidelines for RF safety were adopted in 1996, a time when our society's relationship with and understanding of wireless technology was much different than it is today.... Almost seven years ago, the General Accounting Office (GA0) released a report recommending that the FCC 'should formally assess, and if appropriate, change its current RF energy exposure limit and mobile phone tested requirements'.... It is unacceptable that six years later, the FCC still has not conducted a reassessment of its 1996 guidelines." [31] Since the FCC singlehandedly rules the world of, by and for the Wi-industry, nothing has come of Congressman DeFazio's urgent inquiry regarding obsolete safety standards.

  An essay by Gloria Vogel, adjunct professor at NYU-SPS, provides an insurance industry overview of our horrendous public health situation:

"The risk of RF radiation overexposure from transmitting antennas has long been recognized as a human health hazard and is identified as such by the FCC. RF radiation hazards from transmitting antennas can have thermal or cognitive/psychological injuries. Thermal injuries result in heating of tissue. Cognitive injuries manifest as memory loss, mood disorders, sleep disorders and impaired or diminished cognitive function...."

  Vogel discusses the negligence and incompetence of U.S. regulators who for years have done little to protect the public, especially workers, from wireless overexposure. Her comments have special importance for millions of workers who now face hyper-exposure to unavoidable 5G antennas, even more deadly than 2G, 3G and 4G infrastructure:

"In 2013, AM Best, the leading insurance rating agency, estimated that 250,000 workers are overexposed to radiation annually at wireless antenna sites.....Historically, antennas have been placed at inaccessible, remote, or fenced locations to prevent accidental RF exposure. However, as the demand for better service has increased, antennas have continued to encroach into urban and residential areas. Wireless carriers now install antennas in the sides of buildings, on rooftops, or in faux-chimneys, many of which are disguised to the untrained eye. As such, a painter, roofer, or other contractor performing routine maintenance on the building is placed in immediate danger due to close proximity to transmitting antennas while remaining unaware of any potential hazard."
  As the Wi-industry turns up the 5G heat on everyone, Vogel confirms that the medical establishment has no way to help the millions of radiation victims who sicken, decline and suffer:
"The medical community is ill-prepared to handle RF overexposure cases since physicians are neither educated nor trained to recognize the symptoms of RF radiation overexposure. Furthermore, they lack the knowledge to treat overexposure injuries. RF overexposure injuries resemble a variety of other ailments and therefore are commonly misdiagnosed. To the insurance industry, these injuries are classified as 'Incurred but Not Reported' and are a significant factor in their decision to exclude RF exposure coverage."

  And here Vogel nails the bottom line:

"Imagine an enterprise sector that utilizes a known human hazard and knowingly turns a blind eye to the health and safety of third party workers. Yet, this is exactly the situation surrounding radio frequency (RF) radiation within the wireless industry. Wireless carriers have long hidden behind the veil of federal compliance to avoid implementing a meaningful RF safety solution. To date, the wireless industry has managed to stay relatively unscathed financially from injuries related to RF radiation. This is largely due to the medical community’s ignorance of the effects of RF injuries, either cognitive or physical. If experts in the medical community have no understanding of RF radiation, how can a worker realize they have been injured when RF radiation is invisible, odorless, and tasteless? Workers have no way of connecting their overexposure incident with the manifestation of symptoms, which may not arise immediately." [32]

  It is into this terrifying national cauldron of ignorance, neglect and abuse that 5G frequencies and modulations are being unleashed for the aggrandizement of corporations that SELL INJURY AND DEATH. The medical establishment --drowning in 5G technologies itself-- will be clueless about the tidal wave of sickness and impairment that lies aheadThe establishment will certainly have no cure for the mysterious misery that is surely coming to 5G victims across the land.  And worst of all, this universal misery is absolutely compulsory, according to the corporate piranhas who rule North America.
  This 2021 media picture showing 5G "floor furniture" comes with disconcerting information: "The beige metal cabinets with an attached electricity meter supply a transmitter on Verizon's wireless data network with electricity and a high speed fiber optic link. They crop up on lawns across Houston and other cities across the United States, often without notice to homeowners....A 2017 law allows telecommunications companies to install the 5G devices without soliciting or notifying homeowners." [33]

Internet of Things, Internet of Bodies

   Not content with gripping human addiction to wireless technologies, the Wi-industry is hellsent to inflict "addiction" upon billions of inanimate objects: industrial machines, consumer items on the shelf, vehicles, street lights, garbage cans, household appliances, toothbrushes, tampons and dirty diapers--all configured to depend upon lucrative microwave signaling. One hidden reason behind the push to carcinogenize everything is the data that such a  system will make available.   according to Israeli attorney Dafna Tachover: "The whole thing is about data, collecting it and selling it. Until now, you were buying the products. Now you ARE the product. Your data is the product. That's what 5G is about." [34]  The more antennas, and the closer they are to you, the more data can be collected specifically about YOU.
  We begin to understand the pressing need for hundreds of thousands of 5G small cell antennas mounted on poles everywhere when we look at the smart vehicle scam. Bloomberg reports that "modern cars roll out of factories packed with cellular connections, powerful processors and a growing suite of sensors, including cameras, radar and microphones. That's turning them into the next information gold mine, rivaling the data-creating capabilities of smart phones." [35]
  The Washington Post advises: "In the 2020 model year, most new cars will come with  built-in Internet connections.....Cars are becoming smart phones on wheels, sending and receiving data from apps, insurance firms and pretty much whatever their makers want. Some brands even reserve the right to track you down if you don't pay your bills." [36] Vehicles connecting to an always-on 5G Internet system collect and transmit endless streams of personal informationface identification, precise vehicle location, cell phone calls, acceleration and braking style, driver attention status, etc. This endless stream of spy data  collected by the Nanny Vehicle via carcinogenic radiation— is expected to generate hundreds of $billions in value when sold and traded along corporate channels.

  The wireless industry would stall if consumers were not continually obliged to update both hardware and software for all of their wireless systems. Chipmaker Intel explains: "5G is a revolution on all levels: devices, cloud operators, service providers and content providers. It means a whole new network and infrastructure. There will be a sharp increase in people connected and everything will be connected and able to communicate....The world itself will be way more robotized." [37]

  The lunatic quest to "robotize" the world will be made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) which has the potential to become the most sinister and comprehensive tracking and surveillance system yet devised. One analyst estimated that 5G IoT endpoints for outdoor surveillance cameras would reach 11.2 million units by 2022, with 49 million units for connected cars by 2023. [38]
  Each connected human, object or system will function as a carcinogenic data collector for those who manage "the Cloud." Humanity's every movement, every thought, every facial expression will be monitored, recorded and analyzed by the ALL-SEEING digital EYE. Smart cities will devolve into grossly unhealthy hives of surveillance and mandatory conformity, identical to the oppressive system in  Communist China 




  The 5G is also about the Internet of Bodies (IoB) as confirmed by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). According to Northeastern University law professor Andrea Matwyshyn, IoB can be divided into three sectors: (a) body-external devices such as Fitbits and smart watches (b) body-internal devices, including Internet-connected pacemakers, cochlear implants and digital pills, (c) body-embedded devices with realtime connection to remote machines, with potential for remote control of the body. [39]
  Among leading 5G promoters is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.  Mega-billionaire Musk is a human face of the military-industrial complex behind many of the horrors now afflicting our brutalized and conflict-ridden planet.  

   His eerie visage is perpetually flashed across media networks as a champion of a 5G/6G Transhumanist future. Musk works with Neuralink, a consortium dedicated to linking human brains to computers and the Internet via tiny electrodes. An obviously "medicated" Musk explained on a YouTube video that humans have morphed into cyborgs, defined as part human and part machine: "Your phone is already an extension of you. You're already a cyborg —most people don't realize that they are already a cyborg. That phone is already an extension of yourself.... It's just that the data rate....the communication rate between you and the cybernetic extension of yourself —that is your phone and your computer—  is slow.  It's very slow. And that is like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self.  And we need to make that tiny straw like a giant river....Solve the data interface problem and I think we can hang on to human machines in biosys through the long term...." [40]

  Wi-addicted "human machines in biosys" are now rotten-ripe for inflammatory media sales pitches like this: "Imagine playing a coop shooter [violent video game] on a VR [virtual reality] headset realtime with zero lag time all through your phone while traveling in a fleet of self-driving cars at 200 miles an hour! Sit tight because the future of gaming and everything else is about to change forever." [41] This mentality holds that nothing matters --not the planet, not life, not health, not the future of children— nothing matters but low-latency and the speed of download on a wireless small screen. What lobotomized Wi-addicts don't understand is that they already are traveling at 200 miles per hour towards carcinogen-induced degeneration and rot of their biological selves.
5G Satellites and Other Carcinogenic Platforms

   At a time when our planetary atmosphere is undergoing radical temperature extremes, and while weather events are wreaking ever-increasing havoc, the Wi-industry and its military consorts are constructing new platforms from which they can bombard the earth with additional torrents of heat-inducing, high-frequency radiation from the sky above. Climate change protestors never discuss the monumental warming generated by numerous experimental atmospheric heaters like HAARP and also by thousands of satellites that continually beam high frequency energy downward towards the Earth.

   As of October 2021, there were over 5,000 satellites (some nuclear powered) orbiting the earth. Elon Musk's Starlink is in the process of launching an additional projected fleet of  tens of thousands of additional sats for the Starlink broadband system, slated to beam billions of watts of 5G radiation at the earth  (between 10-90 billion hertz). [42] Receiving these toxic high frequency beam signals will be thousands of  on-the-ground gateway domes with powerful antennas that can communicate with both the satellites and consumer devices. Wo unto birds and insects that intersect with ubiquitous  millimeter wave beams slamming down  from satellites through the atmosphere everywhere across the planetThe entire beamforming, phased array Starlink system is an unrestrained carcinogenic assault against all life on Earth.

     Starlink customers use transceiving roof antennas and routers called "earth stations" to get Internet service that sucks a tsunami of millimeter waves into their neighborhoods and bedrooms: "On March 29, 2018, the FCC authorized SpaceX to provide broadband satellite internet services using the Ka and Ku bands. The Ka band is the range from 27-40 GHz and the Ku band is 12-18 GHz. Starlink also uses the V band, which is the range of 40-75GHz, as well as dipping into the X band and K band, which are the ranges of 8-12GHz and 18-27GHz respectively.These signals range from 10 to 18 gigahertz in the Ka Band and 37.5-42.5 GHz in the Ku Band.[43] 

   5G satellite investors other than Starlink are many. Google and Apple want their own satellite systems. Other players include: One Web (5440 sats) Amazon (3236 sats) Soft-Bank (650 sats), while additional networks are planned by Boeing and Telesat. [44] The U.S. military has announced that it will  utilize the private sat systems for its weapons and war games [45] while  China, Russia and India are implementing their own 5G sat networks.
   Astronomers warn that these many thousands of new, brightly shining radiation emitters will ultimately make the sky look like it is crawling with stars, [46] a grotesque reminder of the malignant force that RULES the Wirelss Age. Scientists warn that an impending sat traffic jam could make astronomy on earth impossible, create a space junk nightmare and increase risk of collisions that could kill astronauts. Each collision would create yet more space debris, begetting more collisions and disasters until an ever-growing field of floating junk might one day become impassible. [47]

  The rockets used to launch and maintain sat systems burn extremely toxic mercury and kerosene based fuels. These fuels generate black soot that accumulates in the atmosphere, adding to atmospheric heating. [48] Rockets also tear great holes in the ionosphere, as demonstrated in 2018 when a Space X launch ripped a 559-mile hole in the plasma. [49] Continuous rocket launches that enrich sat investors are predicted to widely disrupt GPS systems and generate weird space weather events about which scientists understand very little. As the momentum of 5G greed and exploitation accelerates in atmosphere above us, we will predictably continue to witness endless shocking phenomena that endanger life on the planet: more atmospheric heating, increasing ozone abnormalities, mounting UVC damage, the global Schumann electrical circuit infused with more dirty electricity, the continued disappearance of birds and insects and evermore deadly weather anomalies that unleash massive storms, droughts and wildfires.

   In addition to satellites, additional radiation transceivers are slated to hover 65-80,000 feet above the earth in the form of High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS). These are unmanned, solar-powered airships which can be operational for years, infusing creatures in the air and on the earth with YET MORE microwave and millimeter wave radiation directed downward upon us. [50] The picture below illustrates three categories of HAPS: balloons, drones and stratobuses, now in the planning or implementation stages.

5G Personal Wi-Devices

   The advancement of 5G is the result of widespread human addiction to wireless technologies. Since the turn of this century, most youth of North America have been raised as wireless obsessives who live only to gratify their drug-like addiction to non-stop social interaction and entertainment. Users engage in risky behavior as compulsive and deadly as meth and heroin. In 2019, ABC News reported that the majority of U.S. Millennial parents polled admit that they text and e-mail while driving. [51] They are so Wi-driven (pun intended) that they cannot resist this destructive behavior. It takes the human brain 13 seconds to refocus after a mobile phone call. Around 390,000 injuries occur annually due to the use of Wi-devices while driving. One quarter of annual vehicular accidents --about 1.6 million-- are the result of Wi-device distraction while driving. Nine people die each day in the U.S. due to Wi-distraction on the road. [52]

  The 5G system will not be complete until these millions of Wi-compulsives are conned into buying expensive new 5G personal devices. Manufacturers and carriers are colluding to get new weapons on the market quickly. At a time when medical science confirms that older Wi-devices instigate a variety of cancers, [53] and while many 4G smart phones have been found in violation of radiation exposure limits, [54] the Wi-industry is flooding the market with new small-screen toys that beam phased array millimeter wave radiation directly into body and brain.

  Engineers have figured out how to embed tiny phased-array antennas into the body of mobile devices. The picture below shows a Qualcomm QTMO52 antenna module designed to aim laser-like beams at both phone users and the nearest 5G base stations. No one has published independent, peer-reviewed safety data for on-the-body 5G antennas like this one. [55] Not a single medical or scientific study is available showing how 26-40 billion hertz from such modules will affect: human brain function, driving skills, eyesight, hearing, blood quality, heart performance, sperm, ova, embryo and fetus.
And get this:
FCC rules permit the effective power of 5G millimeter wave devices to be
as high as 20 watts, over ten times higher than power levels permitted for 4G devices. [56]
    Rapid-fire 5G weapons blast ultra-tiny carcino-waves into skull and flesh of anyone moronic enough to volunteer for the ride. Such cyborgs will experience "resonant vibrational or rotational interactions" for which they may not be prepared. Since there has been no pre-market testing, no valid medical safety certification and no post-market surveillance for assessment of public health damage, it will default to the 5Gers themselves to demonstrate to the world what happens to brain neurons, retinas and DNA brutalized by on-the-body millimeter wave emitters.
A Nip of History: Weaponized Radiation Way Back When

   During the Cold War years (1953-1988), the government of Soviet Russia gifted the U.S. embassy in Moscow with free Wi-Fi to accommodate Soviet listening devices. Thousands of U.S. personnel passing through the embassy over decades were furtively bombarded with microwave frequencies between 600 megahertz and 9.5 gigahertz, the same frequencies propagated today across North America for modern wireless technologies. The Soviets kept the embassy radiation beaming for only 6-8 hours per day, five days a week. They used radiation power densities between two to 27 volts per meter, which the U.S. government at the time declared as dangerous for human exposure. [57] Today, the FCC allows a maximum public exposure level of 47-61 volts per meter, depending on the frequency of the waves.

  Many of the irradiated U.S. staffers suffered severe microwave sickness, including lethal malignancies. By 1975, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency was warning embassy personnel about the health risks of low-level microwaves, including psychological abnormalities, blood damage, reproductive ramifications and cancer. [58] Using American diplomats and their families as test rats, the Soviets came to understand the destructive power of microwave irradiation. Their scientists reported: "Long stay in conditions of the effect of microwaves [both long waves and short waves] leads to changes of the nervous, cardiovascular and other systems of the organism with the development of a characteristic complex series of symptoms...of a special nosological disease--radio wave disease...." [59]

  The Soviets were keen to investigate the use of millimeter waves for biological weaponry. By 1977, their studies were comprehensive. They focused mainly on frequencies between 37-70 gigahertz, within the realm of new 5G frequencies now approved by the FCC for commercial assault against the entire population of the United States. Scientists exposed test animals to these frequencies for only 15 minutes over 60 days, using a power density of 61 volts per meter (one milliwatt/cm2), a power density legal in the U.S. today, although the FCC will reportedly allow much higher power densities for new 5G millimeter wave technologies.

  The list of ghastly biological responses to millimeter wave testing, as reported by Soviet scientists in 1977, is indicative of the suffering that must befall North American 5G fans and also many thousands of 5G-irradiated neighborhoods to be sacrificed for the convenience and pleasure of those who worship the waves:

Suppression of the central nervous system

Structural alterations of skin and internal organs

Qualitative and quantitative changes in blood and bone marrow

Changes in reflex activity, tissue respiration and nucleoprotein metabolism

Inactivation of critical enzymes

Hypertrophy (tissue swelling) and demyelinization of the skin

Blood disorders of the liver, spleen, kidneys and myocardium

Suppression of both blood and lymph activity

Degradation of the adrenal system

Inhibition of oxygen consumption of internal organs

Malfunction of cellular mitochondria [60]

   The 1977 Soviet report ALSO includes reference to millimeter wave effects on 97 workers who were exposed to occupational radiation. This additional data confirms disastrous effects of millimeter wave radiation on human metabolism, immunity and blood. The report states: "The conducted investigations indicated high biological activity and unfavorable influence of millimeter wave radiation on the organism." [61] As well-documented 40 years ago, millimeter wave radiation can deliver to humans, and of course to animals, MIGHTY SICK BODIES!

   According to the FCC, which has been  selling millimeter wave spectrum to the highest Wi-bidders, this killer radiation is now absolutely compulsory for the U.S. population. This is the "snuff stuff" to be forcibly inserted into every molecule of our bodies by millions of new 5G antennas blasting surveillance carcinogen through the human habitat from every angle possible. The 5G delivery system seen below is one of Verizon's  indoor millimeter wave antennas.  Ericsson, a global leader in 5G technologies, has announced that, for the USA, it will be producing these antennas like pancakes. [62] In 2019, Verizon had announced that it intended to engorge at least 100 U.S. schools with 5G antenna infrastructure by 2021. [63]

  How deeply can next-to-the body millimeter waves penetrate the flesh?  Dr. Martin Pall weighs in:

"How then can both conventional microwave frequency EMFs and 5G radiation act deeply within the body?... I think the answer is that the magnetic parts of the EMFs have been known for decades to penetrate much more deeply than do the electrical parts. The magnetic fields put forces on mobile electrically charged groups dissolved in the aqueous phases of the body and small individual movements of the charged groups can regenerate electric fields that are essentially identical to the electric fields of the original EMFs, carrying the same frequency and same pulsation pattern, although with lower intensity.... Because the voltage sensor [of cell membranes] is so stunningly sensitive to electrical forces, and part of the reason for that is the very high level of amplification of the electrical field across the plasma membrane, we have an almost perfect way in which to produce EMF effects deeply within our bodies." [64]

  So the 5G era could get dicey fast. In 2019, California attorney Harry Vere Lehmann warned Marin County officials that the connection between microwave radiation and human illness is well-established and that widespread 5G illness will put municipalities and officials at high risk for future litigation. Lehmann advised that complicit parties will not be protected from liability by the Telecom Act of 1996. He noted that the core intention of 5G immersion is the provision of entertainment, with the premier aim of supplanting cable. Therefore, he said, Section 704 of the TCA providing exemption from lawsuits cannot logically apply to 5G: "It is impossible for Telecom to truthfully claim that federal preemption extends to 5G because the Act was written only for personal communication devices, not for the provision of TV shows." [65]

  Soviet research on the destructive power of millimeter wave radiation is only a small part of the story. The link below contains recent research and information that should stun any sane human. Make a special point of listening to the interview with the TSA whistleblower who was occupationally burned by millimeter waves at a U.S. airport. Her riveting description of unbearable radiation sickness should be shared with everyone who wishes to remain alive and functional in a hostile 5G environment. Her testimony confirms that 5G radiation blasting from a nation-wide, hyper-dense 5G antenna network has grand potential to catapult our entire population into excruciating and mysterious torment.


  The following link is also especially important. Most of the newer vehicles on U.S. roads are radar installations that blaze powerful but undetectable microwaves and millimeter waves for hundreds of feet, endangering the health of everyone in their path. The average person is still clueless about this in-your-face vehicle radar, fast becoming one of most dangerous hazards in our environment.


5G/6G Is the Bedrock of a Global Techno-Religion

   Fifth generation wireless, hyped to the world as humanity's salvationis core doctrine of a great global secular religion that promotes the merger of man with machine: Transhumanism. And this is no joke. Numerous scientific lab studies document the myriad effects of microwave radiation to include severe tissue stress that leads to formation of vacuoles, technically defined as shrunken, necrotic tissues containing small cavities and holes[66] When the high priests of wireless forcibly infuse the masses with sacramental (and sacrificial) radiation, it's a scientific fact that they bestow upon their victims the "holey spirit."

  Leading the CHURCH OF THE MICROWAVE is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. As a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization, ITU's Radio Communications Sector ITU-R is all about centralized coordination of the global radiofrequency spectrum, including satellite and HAPS resources. ITU's slogan "Committed to Connecting the World" affirms its sacred agenda for a global radiation state. ITU-R is setting global standards for 5G technologies. The 5G propaganda at ITU's website features a tirade of Wi-industry jargon espousing the glories of smart homes, smart cities, driverless vehicles and artificial intelligence, but nary a word about human health ramifications.
  ITU-R agents teach that wireless connectivity accelerates progress towards 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include: an end to poverty and hunger, economic growth, health, education, gender equality, decent food and water, affordable energy, sustainable cities, climate control, peace, justice and international partnerships. Thousands of militant ITU missionaries are working to ensure that every human being on the planet is ultimately hooked into coercive global wireless surveillance and the evolving digital monetary system.
  In March 2019, ITU-R staged its Future Networked Car Symposium in Geneva, showcasing plans for Intelligent Transport Systems and Automated Vehicles, all to be made possible by 5G. When it comes to artificial intelligence, ITUcrats in Geneva are positively orgasmic, touting an astronomical range of "intelligent" machines capable of sifting through a universe of data in order to maintain the seamless global control and surveillance needed for a centralized ALL-SEEING EYE. [67]
  The ITU image above shows a Mexican child on a holographic "trip" with a mind-altering virtual reality headset that endangers brain function as it infuses the entire body with carcinogenic voltage. The many youth brought into endless ITU tech conferences, are young 5G Brownshirts, brainwashed to worship the great TECHNO BEAST and depend upon wireless technologies designed to rob them of both body and soul. This is a tragic generation, guaranteed profound sickness and brevity of life as they become sucked into the Internet of Thinking "in which humans will find themselves having to live in relationship to a vast electronic intelligence. It will be active everywhere in our environment and we shall be obligated to interact with it to accomplish the simplest of tasks.  In the Internet of Thinking, it is not hard to see the lineaments of an electronically supercharged totalitarian state, with unprecedented control over the minutiae of individual lives." [68]
  A practice version of this ID card was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic when Shotzies in various nations began efforts to institute Vaccine Passport Identification.  Although vaccine passports did not materialize into a compulsory global ID system, they were undoubtedly a trial run for technotronic fascism so dear to the Wi-industry and the dutiful technocrats who control governments across the globe.
Compromised U.S. Regulators Are the 5G Choir

  The FCC is a renegade federal agency. For years it has ignored hundreds of expert submissions asking for updated radiation safety standards that properly recognize the non-thermal effects of wireless radiation. [69] Both the FCC, and the Wi-industry that it "regulates," sit elbow-to-elbow at a metaphoric game table, raking in $billions from bio-deadly Wi-technologies. No one bothers to hide the insulting and blatant conflict of interest that contaminates the whole filthy system.

  Years of unfettered FCC corruption include bookkeeping scandals that have insured Wi-industry dominance and quashed a safe system of wired broadband, as originally planned decades ago. States, municipalities and phone subscribers have been shelling out $trillions over the past 20 years for the creation of safe fiber broadband infrastructure, only to see this money co-opted for deadly 4G and 5G Wi-systems. New investigations and court actions reveal that the FCC has long conspired with the Wi-industry to "cook the books" in order to: overcharge the public at over $60 billion annually; make wired services appear unprofitable in order to turn over to the Wi-industry publicly-owned copper/fiber infrastructure for private profit; and enable wireless providers, including Verizon, to fake losses for tax advantage purposes. [70]

   Below is a 2019 picture of the FCC Big Five who, as finger-puppets for corporate piranhas, hold life-and-death power over all little fishies in the big wireless sea. The Big Five individuals come and go as federal  administrations rotate, but this image is important to document the unholy power held by only five industry-compromised appointees.

  Pictured left to right were: Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner Michael O'Rielly, Chairman Ajit Pai, Commissioner Brendon Carr and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks in the foreground. Chairman Pai is a former Verizon attorney. Commissioner Carr is a former attorney for Verizon, AT&T, CTIA and Century Link. Commissioner O'Rielly (currently replaced by Nathan Simington) worked closely with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and other teleco-funded fronts. [71] Chairman Rosenworcel is a foremost advocate of OTARD rule changes which now allow wireless antenna transceivers to be located on private property in order to hasten the 5G buildout. [72]  In 2021, Rosenworcel became FCC chairwoman after Pai stepped down.

  Since 2019, the FCC has been exceptionally busy peddling millimeter wave spectrum needed for America's great 5G frequency enema. An FCC spectrum auction is a major feeding frenzy for the Wi-Industry; for each dollar the industry spends at auction, it contemplates a profit return of $millions. What these geezers buy at auction is the authorization to turn on blazing antennas at various new 5G frequencies.

 In January 2019, the FCC completed its first auction for 28 gigahertz (submillimeter wave), having sold nearly 3000 licenses to kill. Gross bids amounted to $702 million. [73] Does anyone know what happens to the eyesight, hearing and brain function of people living next door to antennas that perpetually beam compulsory 28 billion hertz?
 In March-May 2019, the FCC peddled the 24 gigahertz band, raising a total of $2 billion. [74] What happens to the development of fetuses broiled in mutagenic neighborhood antennas that beam compulsory 24 billion hertz?

 In November 2019, FCC hocked the upper bands for 37, 39 and 47 gigahertz, raking in $715 million. What happens to the human cardiovascular system in populated areas engorged with 37, 39 and 47 billion hertz[75]

In 2020, the FCC voted to advance changes for the better use of 70-90 gigahertz so that smaller 5G antennas can facilitate network densification across the USA [76]
 In 2021 the FCC sucked in $6.8 billion dollars during its auction process for C-Band radiation propagated at 3.7 to 4 billion gigahertz. These 5G antennas are going up now all over the USA for at power densities potent enough to disrupt vulnerable aircraft navigation equipment operating within two miles. [77]
♦ The FCC has already issued licenses for experimental 6G technologies, slated to one day abuse living flesh with frequencies in the TERAHERTZ SPECTRUM (over 100 billion hertz). [78]
  There have been virtually no federal studies conducted on the biological ramifications of the 5G frequencies sold by the FCC. The U.S. Congress has never forced the FCC to provide genetic safety data showing what will happen to the public health when the environment is riddled with 24, 28, 37, 39, 49, 73 and 90 billion hertz antennas, while hundreds of other carcinogenic frequencies and channels from the older technologies are also screaming still through the human habitat.

  Empowered and emboldened by negligent and incompetent legislators who have abandoned their duty to protect the lives and health of all Americans, the FCC's decree for fast-tracking 5G became the rule of law on January 14, 2019. The infamous document titled Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment informs 327 million Americans and their elected local officials:

1. 5G infrastructure will require new wireless antennas "at significantly more locations, using new small cell facilities."

2. There are two deadlines called "shot clocks" for local and state approval of small wireless facilities: 60 days if they are co-located on existing facilities and 90 days if they are new-builds.

3. All state and local government that authorize the deployment of 5G small cell infrastructure are now subject to these shot clock deadlines.

4. All local governments are expected to provide required infrastructure authorizations "without further delay." [79]


No arguments about 5G, America!

Your NEW RADIO enema is mandatory!

So get your heads on the ground and your sorry asses in the air!

  In addition, the FCC has exempted from all state and local regulations new hub and two-way radio antennas that interact with the 4G/5G system as long as these antennas are placed on private property. [80] Such unregulated antennas banks will pop up everywhere, with property owners seduced by compensation to beam deadly 5G radiation at their neighbors, regardless of health risks. Victims is to be irradiated at nearfield, with no information, no regulatory protection and no legal recourse. This system launches open season, pitting neighbor against neighbor.
Looking to the Future Through the Past

  Building to crescendo, the widely-touted 5G project has taken on dimensions similar to the European Nazi horror of the 1930s. Current 5G hysteria stinks with the same psychotic excesses and demonic energy of German Nazi dogma. As seen in the old German propaganda film Triumph of the Will, Adolph Hitler informed his audiences how lucky they were to serve his political machine as absolute slaves. This old film footage shows a sea of mesmerized human screaming in hypnotized hysteria for their Fuhrer while he consecrated them as unquestioning worker drones for his killer state.

  Today, an equally evil, truly manic wireless industry informs Americans how lucky they are to be kneeling before a great 5G enema squad. As Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile/Sprint, U.S. Cellular and MVNOs sweep through all U.S. communities with their new 5G insertion equipment, they hype their new and improved mega-carcinogen will be reamed into our most private spaces, including the genetic code within each strand of our DNA. Given the latest scientific documentation on the potent carcinogenicity of wireless radiationthe entire money-grubbing Wi-industry should be brought to trial for major crimes, as defined by the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, a brilliant law that went into effect across the UK in 2008. [81]  

   It seems that Big Radiation and their Wi-stoned collaborators are determined to ride the Wireless  Age to its ugly and sterile end. Sharks and piranhas in bloody water obviously disrespect and despise natural creation which they believe must be supplanted with manmade AI nasties that arise from carcinogenic, teratogenic, cardio-toxic energy. Their unbridled power to injure and kill is a VERY DARK THING. The notoriously blind eye of our governing officials, who ignore thousands of available studies proving microwave harm, has to be the product of COWARDICE and SCUM-LOVING EVIL. Many officials who rule America's counties, cities and states now claim they have no choice but to rubber-stamp 5G genocide. They parrot the same "no choice" story that Nazi war criminals handed to prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials.

  Medical science confirms that the global 5G tsunami has potential to unleash incomprehensible suffering upon this planet. For millions of the most vulnerable --the very young, the elderly, the frail-- 5G immersion will prove the final dose. Stronger bodies will bend and wither in the mighty carcinogenic storm ahead. The nearly 17 million people struggling with cancer are especially in the crossfire of 5G USA. Leukemia cells have been shown in the laboratory to divide aggressively when stimulated by 900 megahertz radiation. How will cancer cells respond to perpetual, inescapable stimulation of jag-pulsed 5G beam-formed frequencies many times more powerful and energeticAs with all genocide projects in human history, the 5G cataclysm will end in great human tragedy. It will surely take years to fully document the resulting suffering and desolation.
 Is it the Great Church of the Wireless  that will unleash a "noisesome and grievous sore"
upon those who worship the BEAST, and upon those who love the "image" that speaks? [82]
   5G antennas like this Verizon millimeter wave installation, now seen across America everywhere, are an egregious example of unethical human experimentation. The 5G infrastructure is a digital version of horrendous medical atrocities committed not only by European Nazis, but also by U.S. researchers in the 1950s and 60s.  In 1966, Dr. Henry Beecher, a Harvard Medical School professor, published a momentous report discussing 22 unethical human medical experiment projects that had been conducted by U.S. medical schools, hospitals, government agencies and industry. Take for example, Dr. Chester Southam at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York City, who injected immortal, turbo-charged HeLa cancer cells into hundreds of sick and healthy people without their informed consent. [83]
  Although Beecher's scorching expose led to new federal regulations requiring fully informed consent for human experimentation and the establishment of institutional review boards for oversight, improper human experimentation continues today.  Critics write: "Despite these regulations, researchers at leading medical schools and hospitals across the U.S. continue to conduct human experimentation with alarming frequency....The steady stream of unethical human experiments show no signs of ebbing, now 50 years after Beecher highlighted the troubling frequency of unethical research and 40 years after federal regulations were issued to protect the subjects of human experiments. [84] This appalling revelation is clearly illustrated by the thousands of new, FCC-approved 5G installations, arising by the mega-thousands across the USA.  The same is true for 5G Canada.
5G installations are nothing more than
a digital extension of Dr. Southam's grotesque "HeLa cancer research."
HeLa cancer cells still embedded in lab freezers across the world today, [85]
are a demonstrated Group 1 carcinogen. Researchers say there is no cell line more efficient at inducing cancer in human flesh.
 Microwave/millimeter wave frequencies across the spectrum,
seething from environmental antennas around the world today,
are a scientifically-proven Group 1 carcinogen.
Group 1 carcinogens are entities from Hell itself;
when introduced into the human body, they silently and effectively DESTROY!
  Under current U.S. laws on unethical medical/biological experimentation, every person in America has the right to ask these four questions:
1.  Because wireless radiation meets Bradford Hill Criteria as a confirmed human carcinogen, does not all new 5G antenna infrastructure qualify as an accoutrement of biological experimentation upon the entire population?
2.  Is it not illegal for 5G antennas to be turned on before all individuals to be affected give their personal informed consent for exposure to radiation well-documented to induce malignant disease?
3. If informed consent is legally essential for all biological experimentation, where is the available technical and medical information regarding the frequencies, channels, modulations and polarities of beams flowing from each 5G installation to which the general public will be perpetually exposed?
4. Since the FCC has no medical expertise or authority, where is the qualified medical review board that has researched and published information on the actual biological effects of the 5G antenna radiation experiment?
  Not one of these questions have been addressed by federal, state and local agencies. 
Until they are addressed, this historical photo is a metaphor for Neo-Nazi 5G America.
   We truly stand at a critical juncture. People must love one another through moral choicesThe only possible way to stop illegal 5G/6G medical experimentation is for seven billion people on this earth to say "absolutely no" from a moral perspective. Technology that sickens and kills derives from the old school of war, greed, exploitation.
is a path to the DARK SIDE.
Therefore, let us:
 Personally reject every predatory 5G wireless device and service available
 Wean ourselves off of other Wi-technologies harmful to our health
 Share critical lifesaving information with urgency
 Labor tirelessly to prevent or mitigate undeserved suffering of self and others

 In our desperate situation, we need emergency help from our Friends in the Light.
If there's a Loving Force more powerful than the Wi-industry,
then as we undertake our tasks to inform and protect, let's plead for guidance.
And let us plead incessantly that DARKNESS will fail soon!
If you are a non-cyborg, hang in there until the morning breaks!