2024 animal study of inner ear damage in animals from 2.45 gigahertz [Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequency] broadcast at power density levels typical of current human exposure: "Even at low doses, the electromagnetic field in Wi-Fi frequency damages the inner ear and causes apoptosis (cell death). [1]

The Epoch Times:  "A new thread titled 'Air pods causing tinnitus?' appeared on the Apple community forum page.  The Apple user said that after using Airpods for a while, he noticed a high-pitched ringing in his ears that didn't go away. Since the thread was published in 2019, over 3200 Apple users have responded with 'me too.' " [2]
Mary Jerard, retired accountant of Seattle, Washington: "I have had good hearing all of my life. I recently suffered a drastic change in my hearing soon after I parked my car in a grocery store parking lot to wait for a friend.  While sitting in the lot, I noticed a cell tower with many antennas about close to my car. My friend forgot to show up, although I waited for over one hour.  After that day, I found it difficult to clearly understand what people were saying and my hearing has gotten progressively worse. Later, an acquaintance with an EMF detector showed me that the radiation from that cell tower activates her detector in a very loud way. If cell tower radiation can so radically affect the microwave measuring device, I am wondering what it might have done to my hearing?”


  Among the many pathological symptoms and conditions reported by people living in close proximity to cell tower antennas are negative changes in both eyesight and hearing. In 2013, residents of an apartment complex in Mumbai, India --one of them a famous singer-- made international headlines when they complained to the media that eighteen roof-mounted cell phone antennas above their apartments were the suspected cause of a cancer epidemic among residents of the complex. They also reported constant headaches and nausea, in addition to newly acquired hearing problems. [3]

  Several published epidemiological health studies of people living near microwave antennas have likewise reported visual disturbances and hearing disruption as common complaints. [4] In 2005, a group of doctors in Bavaria, Germany, conducted a study of 356 sick people in several regions who had suffered long-term radiation exposure from nearby cell towers and/or DECT cordless phones. As a result, 175 doctors signed a letter to the prime minister of Bavaria. Known as the Bamberger Appeal, this document states that microwave antennas erected for cellular communications across Germany were creating a widespread public health emergency. [5] Among complaints of the heavily-irradiated Bamberger study group were:

 Sudden and abrupt hearing loss
Gradual hearing loss 
Bothersome noises within the inner ear/brain (tinnitus)
   Some of the tower victims also reported dizziness and loss of balance, plus symptoms of other pathologies affecting the inner ear.  As a side note, here is an interesting bit of recent German history:
  By 2006, fifty-five percent of Germans polled admitted that their cell phones plus environmental "electrosmog" is "slowly killing them." [6]
By 2010, the German media reported that cancer rates in Germany had increased by 90% in men and 40% in women since 1990, an era when Germans began using wireless phones with a vengeance. [7]
    So after all these years, how is their eyesight, hearing and brain function today? 
  Medical science confirms that man-made RF/microwave radiation flows as electrical and magnetic currents through human flesh [8], subjecting molecules and cells to abnormal wave oscillations at millions to billions of times per secondThese invasive, high-frequency signals are not usually audible to humans who process sounds up to only about 20,000 hertz.
  An RF/microwave detector with audio capabilities can translate megahertz and gigahertz microwave signals into impressively audible tones. Such equipment confirms that intense, man-made microwave energy is now ubiquitous in our environment everywhere, both indoors and out. As broadly documented at this website, low-level microwave radiation efficiently:
Rips apart the DNA and chromosomes in human cells
Weakens cell membranes, causing intercellular calcium imbalance
Interrupts communication processes between cells
Induces red blood cells to clump, leading to abnormal circulation

   Such drastic bio-effects are as devastating to the human auditory system as they are to other biological systems of the body. Both the membranes and DNA of inner ear cells are critical to robust hearing. The human hearing apparatus is exquisitely sensitive to changes in the blood supply. When inner ear cells communicate with other cells, they depend on proper calcium balance to get the job done.  


  Two generations of wireless device lovers have received no official warning about hearing damage from the high-frequency radiation they routinely blast into their faces. So due to lack of information, the average Wi-consumer has no fear of self-harming with a total of five smart phone antennas, all spewing carcinogen in tandem. Most people are shocked when an audio microwave detector reveals the noise and power of microwave energy  from a smart phone or from a Bluetooth device hissing into the ear canal. This energy, capable of propagating voice and data signals for miles, penetrates the ear deeply, as it does the eye and the brain.
  Research conducted at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has demonstrated that mobile phone devices held to the head produce random thermal spikes that can literally burn brain tissues. [9] Could not these radiation heat spikes, perpetually bursting through the ear canal, also gravely impact inner ear mechanisms, including the ultra-sensitive "hair" cells vital to normal hearing?

  In addition to auditory nerve damage, microwave radiation from wireless phones is a confirmed cause of acoustic neuroma (AN). This is a type of tumor growing on the vestibulocochlear nerve that play important roles in both hearing and balance. Cell phones, cordless phones, wireless headsets and Bluetooth devices are all mentioned in risk statistics for this type of tumor, a common cause of deafness. Using microwave devices on the ear for several years doubles the risk for AN. [10]  A common treatment for AN tumors is surgery which causes varying degrees of permanent hearing loss. The images below show an MRI of a patient’s brain with a large acoustic neuroma (left) and a drawing of a large acoustic neuroma pressing on surrounding brain structures (right).


   Since the wireless revolution began, adequate research on audiological issues related to wireless technology has never been undertaken in the United States. As confirmed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), most of the scant wireless bio-research conducted in the United States has been sponsored by the Wireless Radiation Industry (for damage control purposes). [11] This situation is akin to tobacco companies researching the health effects of cigarettes.

  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has neither manpower nor political will to scientifically and properly review the true effects of radiation-emitting consumer products. All Wi-radiation exposure standards extolled by the FDA are based on antiquated guesstimates and mathematical calculations that suit the military-industrial complex.  And no human study has ever been undertaken by federal regulators to prove that wireless devices held against the head are safe for the human auditory system.

  Information about ludicrous levels of wireless radiation permitted by U.S. regulators is provided by Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News:
“Not long ago, a well known microwave researcher pointed out that when you put a cell phone next to your ear, the radiation exposure will often exceed the current safety standard. That is, the ear gets overexposed. Keep in mind that the standard is not particularly strict, indeed it was written by the military and the cell phone industry. What happened next? The standards committee exempted the ear. Suddenly, the ear was not very important. It was a piece of cartilage that could withstand 10-20 times more radiation. I am not aware of a single medical doctor who was consulted during the process of relaxing the standard, but I do know that the change sailed through. This is the way the system works.” [12]

   People who wish to protect their hearing in the Wireless Age must rely on scientific evidence offered by independent researchers working in other nations:

  In 2005, a Spanish medical study conducted at the University of Valencia reported hearing loss among 323 healthy volunteers who were followed during three years of cell phone use. [13]

  In 2005, researchers in Saudi Arabia conducted a study on the link between cell phone usage and eye and ear damage. A total of 873 subjects who used mobile phones answered a detailed questionnaire on their medical history. About 35% of the problems reported involved hearing problems, ear ache and/or warmth on the ear. The study stated:  "It is concluded that the use of mobile phone is a health risk factor, and thus it is suggested that excessive use of mobile phones should be avoided and social awareness increased through health promotion activities, such as group discussions or public presentations.... " [14]

  In 2006, a study published by the Department of Otolaryngology at the Medical School of Dicle University in Turkey concluded: “This study shows that a higher degree of hearing loss is associated with long-term exposure to electromagnetic (EM) fields generated by cellular phones.” [15]

In 2007, medical research presented by the American Academy of Otolaryngology found that microwave phone radiation incrementally damages the inner ear, causing high frequency hearing loss. This study, conducted by a research institute in New Delhi, India, followed 100 people who used mobile phones for over one year and who incrementally suffered hearing loss as a result. Researchers found that those who kept a microwave-emitting device on their ear for an hour a day or more, sustained the most inner ear damage. [16]

  In 2010, doctors in India reported a 50% hearing loss among some cell phone users in a case-control study which compared the hearing of 112 cell phone users compared to 50 controls who had never used a mobile phone. Employing a battery of audiological investigations, the study concluded: "High frequency loss and absent distortion product otoacoustic emissions [sounds generated by the inner ear] were observed with an increase in the duration of mobile phone use, excessive use of mobile phones, and age more than 30. Additionally, users with some complaints during mobile phone use demonstrated...abnormalities in auditory brainstem response. Long-term and intensive mobile phone use may cause inner ear damage." [17]

  In 2011, a follow-up case-control study on a different group of subjects by the same Indian research group again found numerous audiological problems in cell phone users compared to the control group. The study reported: "More than three years of mobile phone usage emerged as a risk fact. The damage done was bilateral, with the quantum of damage being the same for both GSM and CDMA [modulation technologies]." The report concluded: "Long-term and intensive GSM and CDMA mobile phone use may cause damage to the cochlea as well as the auditory cortex." [18]

  In 2013, researchers with the Department of Otolaryngology at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia published a study which concluded that test subjects using a 3G mobile phone for sixty minutes [a fraction of the time American youth spend talking with more powerful 4/5G wireless phones/ear buds] suffered an immediate effect on their hearing threshold levels and that they suffered other negative otological symptoms. [19]

  In 2013, an epidemiological study published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine tabulated data from a medical questionnaire given to 350 Turkish cell phone users. Many users reported hearing loss and tinnitus along with headaches and vertigo/dizziness related to their wireless exposure. [20]

In 2014, cooperating scientists from Nepal and South Korea exposed mice to radiofrequency signals administered at a specific absorption rate (SAR) typical of cell phone power density (1.6 W/kg). Irradiated mice suffered a significant decrease in two vital auditory chemicals needed to maintain hearing health. These chemicals are BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and GDNF (glial-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF and GDNF are crucial for protection against acoustic trauma and they help prevent hearing defects. The conclusion of this study was  a "detrimental effect of RF exposure in the auditory nuclei." [21]
  During a 2015 Turkish study of auditory neurons, a team of scientists exposed rats to electromagnetic radiation for only 30 days. The rats suffered severe degeneration of their auditory systems, including: edema (tissue swelling), the development of cochlear vacuoles (abnormal holes) and pyknosis (degeneration and shrinking of cells) in the cochlear nucleus. [22]  
Again in 2016, scientists reported that 2.1 gigahertz cell phone radiation causes an increase in neuron degeneration and apoptosis (cell death) in the auditory system of rats.  Especially damaged was the cochlear nuclei. [23] The 2.1 frequency is within the realm of today's 4G/LTE smart device radiation and Wi-Fi signals Those who sell expensive cochlear implants should be delighted.
   Microwave  damage to the human cochlea, an inner ear structure, as discussed in the radiation studies cited above, is bad news. The majority of people with hearing loss have suffered some degree of damage to the cochlea.  Below are pictures under magnification from the House Ear Institute showing the miraculous and fragile "hair" cells lining the cochlea. These fantastic little microprocessors have everything to do with either hearing well or going deaf. They are organized into three rows of outer hair cells, and one row of inner hair cells. Inner hair cells send auditory information to the brain, while outer hair cells act to stabilize or intensify the vibrations transmitted throughout the cochlea.
  The loss of hair cells is irreversible and results in permanent degrees of deafness. The most common type of hearing loss related to hair cell die-off is known as sensorineural deafness.  It is characterized initially by high-frequency hearing loss, affecting the ability to hear and understand speech, especially the consonants s, f, t and z. Loud noises and repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels are thought to over-stimulate the hair cells, leading to over-production of cell-damaging chemicals called free radicals. Could the mechanical vibratory radiation from cell tower antennas, Wi-Fi signal generators and wireless phones be as traumatic to ear cells as loud noise? Recent science confirms that the answer is YES.
  Wikipedia reports that even at very low, non-thermal power densities, microwaves can cause abnormal over-heating and expansion of parts of the human ear in and around the cochlea: “The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device….During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Alan Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish…information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect; this effect is therefore also known as the Frey Effect." [24]

  And there is more: "Research by NASA in the 1970s showed that this effect occurs as a result of thermal expansion of parts of the human ear around the cochlea, even at low power density. Later, signal modulation was found to produce sounds or words that appeared to originate intracranially. It was studied for its possible use in communications, but has not been developed due to the possible hazardous biological effects of microwave radiation." [25]

  A more recent scientific paper expands on our knowledge of "microwave hearing" and confirms that high-frequency waves enter the head and travel into the radiation-sensitive cochlear area where hair cells can then be damaged: "...The microwave pulse, upon absorption by soft tissues of the head, launches a thermoelastic wave of acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear. It activates the cochlear receptors via the same process involved for normal hearing."[26]
  Even those who forgo personal wireless devices meekly and silently endure the abuse of Wi-Fi antennas which pollute the interior of nearly every inhabited building in North America, both public and private. Many Wi-Fi systems excrete dual band radiation, that is, 2.45 and 5 gigahertz simultaneously. Newer Wi-Fi systems are now propagating a sizzling 6 to 7 gigahertz. Wi-Fi slams through walls so the puny skull is no impediment.  Non-stop, pulsed Wi-Fi waves radically vibrate inner ear nerve cells, continually flipping the polarity of those cells at 2.45 to 6 billions times per second! An audio volt meter held to the ear in a Wi-Fi environment demonstrates that this radiation is a perpetual auditory assault. People trapped next to industrial Wi-Fi hotspots in work areas often report episodes of "microwave hearing," such as clicks and whoosing in the head.
  So what happens to human hearing when
the new millimeter wave antennas of 5G
perpetually microshock the inner ear at 24-100 billion hertz ???
No one has yet collected the data!
  Professor Vittorio Colletti, M.D., an Italian expert on the human auditory system, wrote: "Just a two minute call on a mobile phone already stresses the auditory nerve to extremes. It sets the nerves' electrical action potential vibrating and it is not until seven or eight minutes thereafter [the call ends] that it settles down again.  Over a period, these effects can add up to long term disorders...." [27] 

  Tinnitus is one of those disorders linked to perpetual microwave exposure. Tinnitus manifests as persistent ringing, roaring, hissing or clicking in the ear. It is a recognized symptom of inner ear damage and one of the first signs of hearing loss. Tinnitus results from hair cell die-off after damage to those cells. Prolonged mobile phone use is definitively linked to tinnitus by a case control study published in 2010 in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This study found that regular use of a mobile phone is associated with double the risk of developing chronic tinnitus. Researchers who conducted the study "suggest there is a plausible explanation for a potential link between mobile phones and tinnitus as the cochlea and the auditory pathway absorb a considerable amount of energy emitted by a mobile." [28]

  According to the American Tinnitus Association, an estimated 50 million Americans suffer some degree of tinnitus; an estimated two million Americans suffer chronic and debilitating tinnitus severe enough to prevent normal daily function. Acute and unrelenting tinnitus can lead to crippling depression or even suicide. [29] 

  North American babies and children  are now encouraged to begin wireless phone use at a very early age. By 2010, a study on adolescent hearing had been conducted at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study reported that one in five U.S. adolescents is suffering some level of hearing impairment. It also found that 31 percent more of microwave-addicted teenagers had some level of hearing loss compared to their peers of the late 80s and early 90s when wireless exposure was not an issue. Dr. Lawrence Lustig, director of otology and neurotology at the University of California San Francisco, noted that national statistics on hearing impaired youngsters reveal  a "huge jump in hearing loss." [30]  How much worse is the situation today when young people are even more addicted to powerful, multi-antenna smart devices than flip phone youth studied a decade ago?

  There have been numerous media reports about young Americans suffering tinnitus and other symptoms of  hearing damage from media players, such as iPods and MP3 players that have Wi-Fi capabilities. Unless the wireless component is disabled, these addictive devices emit continuous microwave energy spikes into the ear canal. This radiation also freely travels through unshielded ear wires and Bluetooth headphones commonly used for hands-free application. Could the combination of continuous, too-loud volume along with pulsed microwave signals be a root cause of hearing damage epidemic among America's young? The medical studies cited above indicate that successive armies of young digital cyborgs, always plugged in for their daily "dose" of wireless carcinogen, are destined to join in waves (pun intended) the forty-eight million Americans who suffer hearing disabilities. 


  An additional tragedy concerns the auditory damage that ubiquitous microwave assault is surely inflicting upon fetuses and infants of the Wireless Age. It may be years before medical science fully understands the extent of hearing and brain function loss by vulnerable populations who are Wi-assaulted long before their auditory systems are fully developed. Microwave radiation, with its affinity for water, easily travels through the amniotic fluids of the uterus where this toxic energy is then amplified. [31] RF/microwave radiation is a gross teratogen (causes birth defects) by virtue of its ability to destroy DNA and alter genes. [32]

  Each year, thousands of babies are born in USA with hearing impairment. Legions of American school children require speech-language pathology services and special education to compensate for hearing disabilities. Federal reports confirm that tens of thousands of  children, ages 3-20, receive services for hearing disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). [33]


  In 2009, a study published by the Nanomedicine Research Laboratory in Ankara, Turkey, showed that microwave radiation has a devastating effect on the hearing function of baby rabbits. Two groups of rabbits, punished with GSM cell phone radiation (1.8 gigahertz) during the first 14 days of their lives, suffered a “significant increase in hearing impairment when compared to both the control group and the group exposed only before birth." [34] This study is fair warning about microwave-saturated hospitals, homes and day care centers that abuse infants and toddlers with numerous Wi-devices and hotspots. If only from an audiological standpoint, microwave-based technologies, including hospital IT and security systems, wireless baby monitors, DECT phone systems, Wi-Fi networks and Wi-devices, are NOT child-friendly.
  Thanks to ignorance and greed, wireless technology is now often incorporated into hearing aid equipment needed by millions of hearing-impaired.  Some hearing aids send wireless signals back and forth between the ears. Others offer wireless connectivity with smart phones and entertainment equipment. This connectivity entails Bluetooth exposure within the ear
   A hearing aid does not actually correct hearing loss. It is simply designed to make sound more audible. If the inner ear becomes too damaged, hearing aids become useless because even large vibrations cannot be converted into neural signals. Therefore, any radiation-intensive hearing aid system that increases auditory damage is counter productive and ludicrous.
  The beautiful great grandmother seen below has been gifted with an expensive set of hearing aids. These buds excrete carcinogenic Class 3 Bluetooth radiation (there are 72 Bluetooth channels between 2.402 and 2.480 gigahertz). The audio meter next to Grandma's head shows that this equipment produces Bluetooth wave energy  at .06 volt per meter. When grandma's caretaker inserts these killer pegs into her ear canals, her head "lights up" with frequency radiation well-documented to promote severe DNA damage and oxidative stress (aging) of auditory tissues.
  Thus rocking with the Internet of Bodies, grandma sustains this abuse for many hours each day. Does it make sense to con her into a system that increases the risk of head and neck cancers while inflicting additional auditory damage to her already impaired ear nerves? For Wi-peddlers counting their loot, it certainly does.
  For those who wish to avoid microwave hearing degradation, good advice from the latest science is to keep all wireless devices off the body and to keep all living, working and schooling spaces free of toxic RF/microwave radiation. People who attempt to mitigate brain and ear damage with a wired headset plugged into a wireless device should know that unshielded wires, and even some supposedly safer air tube headsets, transmit plenty of information-carrying radio waves into the inner ear. In addition, wired headsets cause device users to hold a carcinogenic microwave transceiver next to the gut and reproductive organs. If you use a wired headset, be sure to test radiation effluent with your audio meter.
  For people forced to use wireless equipment for occupational purposes, the least deadly alternative is to use —only minimally— a speaker phone widely separated from the body. Sadly, most people are now so habituated to slamming wireless carcinogen into their faces, that should they be advised to use speaker application, some will put the phone on speaker, then still put the "hot" phone up to their ear!  Another oddity of mass current psychology is that many people, when warned about microwave hearing damage, will retort that their hearing is already so bad there is no use to take precautions. They cannot fathom that poor hearing can progress to zero hearing, just as their brain has already progressed to zero capacity for reason.
  In 2018, scientists once again confirmed that human test subjects who assault their ear canals with mobile phone radiation, even for short periods per day, suffer obvious DNA damage to the irreplaceable follicle hair cells inside the ear canal. [35] Yet, Microwave Man/Woman/Child continue to commit "hairy kari" with transceiving wireless devices placed directly against the head. By now, prudent money managers know to invest heavily in mechanical and surgical interventions for deafness and other auditory pathologies because hearing loss is undeniably a growth industry with momentum!
The devious and greedy Wi-industry, with virtually no liability for the magnanimous harm it inflicts, is hellbent on denigrating the human auditory system with billions of carcinogenic microshocks per second.
  Crooked and negligent regulators will let them!
Meantime, the manic iGeneration —programmed to run not from but to their utter destruction— will continue to pump pulsed microwaves —and the more violent 5G millimeter wave frequencies— directly into ears, eyes and brains. All we can say is:
  Good Luck, Suckers!

 Do you trust the tobacco, asbestos and wireless industries    
with your health? 

Wi-Fi Alliance:  Corporations Celebrating 25 years of Wi-Fi Carcinogen in the Air Everywhere