The Rest of the Wi-story
Cockroaches are the hardiest of insects. Among their numerous talents are long-time survival without food, immunity to severe cold, ability to go without oxygen for 45 minutes and life after decapitation. Roaches can withstand huge doses of ionizing radiation; their lethal dose from a nuclear blast would be 6-15 times higher than that for humans. But scientists report that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones produces profound and deleterious effects upon the roach.
   A 2017 study published in the journal Current Science reported that irradiated roaches became inert and lethargic after only three hours of wireless microwave exposure. The study documents widespread effects of this radiation on roach brains, neurons, developing cells and enzyme systems. The researchers advise that such adverse effects seen in these resilient insects indicate the dangers of ubiquitous microwave radiation propagated irresponsibly for wireless technologies: "The present study clearly explained the physiological and biochemical basis of adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation and is a warning for the judicious use of mobile phones." [1]

 Note:  Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America are as Wi-polluted s the rest of the globe from cell tower base stations and other carcinogenic antenna arrays.  Media footage of migrants jamming the southern U.S. border shows these people are loaded with wireless devices in their hands and pockets.
  Humans, their babies, pets and livestock are sick and impaired from Wi-devices and from the environmental antennas needed to make wireless devices communicate through air interface. No one can estimate the actual toll of chronic exposure to this insidious carcinogen and neurotoxin. Most clueless victims suffer silently and alone, then merely disappear off the radar. While it is feasible to provide safe and efficient fiber connectivity to every person who wants it, we read that Verizon --now leading the charge to 5G wireless-- has diverted $billions of U.S. federal funding set aside for fiber systems in order to keep the uninformed masses hooked on lucrative wireless.  [2]

The carcinogenicity of microwave radiation is a subject unknown to most North Americans who have been subjected to decades of pro-wireless brainwashing. The infamous carcinogen grim featured in this early ad is typical of the universal and continuous media message: when you infuse yourself with wireless microwave radiation for each and every commercial and social transaction, life is ecstasy. Likewise, old time cigarette ads always featured this carcinogen grin. Replace the phone in this woman's hand with a cigarette, and you have a picture of female America 60 years ago.  A smoking gal had it "bad" back then; she had no way to take 25,700 selfies with her cancer stick. [3] 

    For decades, American females have been heavily incentivized to "cut the cord" and go wireless by a ruthless industry that uses the playbook of Big Tobacco. Despite massive scientific information on the many ways this radiation can impair pregnancy and damage a fetus, the mainstream media and medical establishments have provided zero warning for women of childbearing age about the horrific risks of microwave and millimeter wave radiation. Radiation that damages DNA is a teratogen, capable of causing: miscarriage, embryo growth retardation, premature birth and low birth weight (a major problem in USA), cognitive dysfunction, delayed development in infants, plus many kinds of birth defects. [4]


  Human DNA contains chromosomes and genes, the fundamental genetic material. Hundreds of published and peer-reviewed studies clearly show that RF/microwave radiation efficiently rips apart human DNA and therefore modifies its genetic components. One rigorous DNA study reported that 39.75% of cells in peripheral blood of cell phone users had DNA damage, highly significant compared to control subjects. [4] Wi-irradiated populations can be referred to as GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This would certainly apply to Wi-irradiated unborn babies who sustain enough genetic damage to become "special needs" children.
The fragile ova cells in female ovaries are highly susceptible to damage from microwave radiation. [5]
Microwave currents flowing through a pregnant woman deeply infiltrate uterine amniotic fluids. [6]
Especially vulnerable to wireless radiation are fetal stem cells which cannot adjust to microwave abuse, nor can they repair damage to their DNA. Recent data suggests that epigenetic mutations (caused by environmental damage) in stem cells have a connection to the development of human cancers. [7]
Fetuses exposed to any kind of radiation capable of damaging DNA have a highly increased risk of later developing cancer, [8]  the number one disease killer of children in the U.S.

  The Russian government and numerous scientists in the West have long warned pregnant women to avoid exposure to microwave radiation. [9] Yet, millions of young American parents remain willfully ignorant about a pernicious, mechanical energy force that has life-and-death ramifications for their offspring. Perverse is a generation that believes wireless pleasuring is more important than the health and safety of unborn babies.
Living in the United States are about 73 million people under the age of eighteen. Multi-millions of them are Glow Kids, heavily addicted to mesmerizing small screens which they use for incessant entertainment. In March 2018, an external panel of scientists met at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to recommend that the NTP cell phone studies completed by the National Institutes of Health (2016) be acknowledged as "clear evidence of carcinogenic activity." These scientists agreed that NTP studies prove cell phone radiation can cause "brain damage" plus "cardiomyopathy or damage to heart tissues." [10]  Yet, most parents still have no idea that a wireless device in the hands of a child is a coupon for heart damage, emotional imbalance, sickly life and a five-fold risk for future malignancy. [11]
   Because the latest science confirms the inadequacy of existing public exposure limits, placing a wireless device in the hands of young children equals child endangerment and child abuse, defined by federal law as:  an act on the part of a parent or caretaker which presents risk of serious physical harm. 
  Award-winning Australian brain cancer surgeon Dr. Vini Khurana warns: "There is currently enough evidence and technology available to warrant Industry and Government alike in taking immediate steps to reduce radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of potential dangers and how to use this technology sensibly and safely….It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking, and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation, including very young children."  [12]

 Click on the picture below to see how the Wireless Radiation Industry
has taken possession of children, BODY AND SOUL!
  It is legal in the U.S. for a kid holding a transceiving smart device to slam 430 volts per meter
of a confirmed human carcinogen into his hand, arm and gut organs!
   The scientific benchmark for harm to human health begins at .01 volt of microwave energy per meter with a precautionary level for vulnerable populations at .03 volts per meter!

   Here's how it works in the U.S.: personal devices, including smart phones and tablets, are regulated by limits on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) which is given in watts per kilogram (W/kg). A kilogram equals about 2.2 pounds of body weight. SAR is the estimated amount of radiation absorbed by the body. [13]
  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits a SAR limit for human brain absorption at 1.6 W/Kg. This equates to approximately 270 volts per meter.
The FCC's SAR limit for hand, wrist and ear exposure is 4 W/Kg. This equates to 50 milliwatts/cm2 or approximately 430 watts per meter. 

These thermal-based SAR exposure limits are outdated and deadly! They are a product of ignorance and greed.
  The French government announced in 2017 that nine of ten smart mobile devices tested greatly exceeded both U.S.and European SAR emissions standards. Popular brands of cell/smart phones, including Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia were found to emit up to nine times the amount of radiation reported by the manufacturers. [14]  Take for example iPhone 5. French testing showed that this model, held directly on the body, emitted a screaming 10.64 watts per kilogram of flesh, whereas the FCC's upper limit guideline for wireless phone exposure to the brain is 1.6 watts per kilogram.
 NTP scientists irradiated rats into cancer plus brain and heart damage 
 with microwave exposures between 1.5 to 6 W/kg,
far below the 10.64 W/kg exposure documented for iPhone 5. [15]
   In  2020, iPhone 11 was found to exceed the FCC safety standard by over 100 percent[16] In late 2023, the French government banned the sale of iPhone 12 when routine testing showed that this model emits radiation levels that are 40 percent above permissible levels when next to a human body. [16a] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the captured agency which "regulates" wireless devices in the U.S., has done neither testing nor commenting on this recurrent problem. Since the Wi-industry in the United States is free from proper regulatory oversight, and since it suffers neither fines nor penalties for ignoring so-called safety guidelines, this lethal trend will continue. Most Wi-consumers will remain too uninformed to care.
Not all smokers get cancer from heavy tobacco use. Millions suffer instead from a long list of tobacco-related conditions, including: emphysema, COPD, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and stroke. Not every asbestos victim gets cancer. Many suffer instead from asbestosis (slow suffocation) or painful pleural disease. Not all Wi-radiation victims will get cancer. Many succumb to numerous other microwave-induced pathologies, including neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Countless others develop radiation-induced hormonal and metabolic malfunction leading to diabetes, a major cause of fatal dementia, heart disease and stroke.

  Human glands are particularly sensitive to radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing. There is extensive research showing that microwave radiation blasts both the endocrine and exocrine systems into absolute chaos. [17]
  In 2004, medical researchers published a paper on the effects of frequency microsurges (dirty electricity in the kilohertz range) on human pancreatic health. This paper states: "Based on our studies we would like to suggest that, in addition to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, there is a Type 3 diabetes that may be attributed to poor power quality. This form of pollution may be contributing to the rapid growth of this disease and affecting the large number of people who have difficulty controlling their blood sugar with medication (brittle diabetics) and the increasing number who are classified as “pre-diabetic” according to the American Diabetes Association." [18] This paper also reports that diabetics exposed to dirty electricity require more insulin and are less able to control their blood sugars. Wi-technologies highly contaminate the nation's electrical grid systems and are a major source of the dirty electricity linked to diabetes and its complications.
  In 2013, a study published in the medical journal Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology showed that rats exposed to Wi-Fi for only one hour per day for 22 days developed a diabetes-like status: “Indeed, RF radiation induced glucose metabolism disorders.… The disorders in glucose metabolic could be explained by alteration in function, structure, and/or secretion of insulin after RF exposure.… Furthermore, RF radiation could affect the glucose uptake by peripheral tissues.” In addition, the Wi-tortured rats in that study developed gross liver abnormalities, including hypertrophied (enlarged) liver cells and hepatic lesions. [19]
  Of great interest is the fact that the pancreatic and liver abnormalities cited in the above Wi-Fi study were induced by microwave-generating equipment commonly used to create Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) in "business-class environments" across the USA. The study states: “The animal cages were placed under an access point (AP) from a Wi-Fi device, D-Link DWL-3200AP with 802.11g mode and WPA2 network protection. It integrated two omnidirectional antennas that were set up for Internet broadcast via wireless at 2.45 GHz."[20]
  "Robust" Wi-Fi propagation equipment, similar to that used against rats in the above referenced study, is found in most large commercial complexes across America: corporations, airports, hotels, convention centers, universities, shopping malls, sports arenas and medical facilities. This is the same kind of Wi-Fi radiation that now slams through our DNA as high-frequency voltage currents wherever we go in the commercial world. Dual band Wi-Fi propagating both 2.45 and 5 gigahertz simultaneously is especially impactful. Most Americans are exposed to multiple channel frequencies of Wi-Fi every day of the year at work, school and home. Public and private transportation is drenched with Wi-Fi. Meantime, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website says this:
♦  37 million Americans have diabetes, although one in five of them have not yet been diagnosed.
♦  If current trends continue, one of three U.S. adults will have diabetes by 2050. [21]
  Edward Gregg, chief of a diabetes epidemiology and statistics branch at the CDC, was lead researcher of a federal study which prognosticates that the lifetime risk of Type 2 diabetes is 40% for all Americans born after the year 2000. Gregg said of this study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology: "We weren't necessarily surprised that it increased, but we didn't expect it to increase this much....Forty percent is a humbling number." [22]
  No one argues that diabetes is epidemic in Wi-America. Americans born after 2000 are the first generation to literally swim in the inescapable VOLTAGE OF CANCER from Wi-technologies. As the CDC confirms, today's youth have twice the risk for developing diabetes, compared to those born before the year 2000 when environmental Wi-radiation was comparatively minimal. Numerous indicators confirm that diabetes and its complications will continue to skyrocket as our highly-microwaved population gropes its way to understanding why.
  Meantime, with the enthusiastic approval of U.S. regulators (FCC and FDA), medical technologists are using diabetes-promoting radiation for a tsunami of new blood sugar monitoring and insulin dosing technologies. These systems deploy on-the-body sensors that emit Bluetooth radiation [2.45 gigahertz] in order to interact with smart phones, also worn on the body for instant access. This paraphernalia subjects the internal organs of a diabetic to continuous currents of microwave voltage from multiple sources. A microwave meter confirms that the power density of this carcinogenic radiation engulfing a diabetic 24/7 can be very high, even maxing out the meter capacity in some cases. It is now even common for pregnant diabetic women to be encumbered with these systems, which then expose the fetus to multiple, bio-active Wi-frequencies proven to damage DNA.

Billions of federal dollars have been used to encourage utility companies to replace safer analog utility (electric, gas, water) meters with wireless smart meters. Many of these new meters broadcast microwave signals in both cell phone frequencies (900 megahertz) and Wi-Fi frequencies (2.45 gigahertz). A large percentage of smart meters pollute both indoor and outdoor environments with thousands of microwave pulses per day-- right at ground level where people live, work and play. Smart meters also contaminate the electrical grid systems with both microwave radiation and kilohertz frequencies (dirty electricity), which are intrinsic to Wi-radiation pulses.

 The smart meter build-out continues nationwide, despite massive public testimony that Wi-radiation from the meters causes acute sickness and debilitating neurological symptoms for many sufferers. Smart meter mesh systems require countless microwave tower and pole antennas which further Wi-pollute cities and rural areas.

  “Smart appliances” irradiate homes with yet more Wi-Fi radiation as they broadcast usage data to smart meters, to smart phones and to the Internet. British scientist Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, a foremost expert on the health effects of microwave radiation, explained:
"The duration of the radiation seems to be more important than its strength, with the effects being cumulative as more and more cells are damaged. Interestingly, DNA damage from cell phone radiation is greater when the exposure is intermittent (five minutes on, ten minutes off) than when continuous (Diem et al., 2005). This may be because the cells are constantly adapting and using energy to defend themselves; they drop their guard during the off period and are caught unawares when it goes on again. This constant switching uses more energy which eventually leaves the cells less able to counteract the effects of the radiation….Smart meters, which operate 24/7 and radiate modulated microwaves intermittently, can therefore be expected to be particularly harmful to DNA.” [23]
   Below is a YouTube video of a person in California walking through a typical KILL ZONE with his microwave meter as he approaches a smart meter mounted near a sidewalk. Similar to a Geiger counter for nuclear radiation, this RF/microwave detector renders Wi-pollution audible. The detector confirms that "California Dreaming" has become "California Screaming." We can hear the background cell tower radiation (the high, brittle, unrelenting whine) plus smart meter radiation (intense buzzing and clicking). We can watch how the collective power density of Wi-voltage charging the air fluctuates continuously. This is the microwave VOLTAGE OF CANCER which has transformed American cities, towns and villages into electronic death camps. This is the RF/microwave "soup" which flows as relentless electromagnetic currents through all flesh and which jackhammers cellular DNA at millions or billions of times per second.
  Rendered helpless by irresistible Wi-addiction and hypnotized by their ferocious dependence on Wi-devices, the masses remain silent and submissive in a carcinogenic environment they cannot comprehend. Adolph Hitler's Final Solution was dirty, noisy, labor intensive and widely resisted. By comparison, today's Wi-genocide operation is subtle and sophisticated. Never before have humans been so cleverly induced to slowly exterminate themselves-- and happily pay big money for the privilege.
 For information and updates on the smart meter debacle use USE THIS LINK

The BioInitiative Report with several updates is the independent work of 29 medical researchers and public health specialists from ten nations. It offers a comprehensive synopsis of over 1800 recent medical and scientific studies confirming that microwave radiation can inflict adverse biological effects on every form and function of the human body. The BioInitiative Report calls RF/microwave radiation emitted by Wi-technologies “a very efficient cancer-causing agent.” [24] The BioInitiative Working Group agrees that radiofrequency radiation used for Wi-technologies should be officially classified as a "known carcinogen."

  These important facts are documented by the BioInitiative Report:
Microwave radiation can instigate and accelerate cancers through numerous mechanisms of subtle cellular damage and hormonal disruption.
Microwave radiation is mutagenic and teratogenic, and therefore very dangerous to pregnant women, ova, sperm, embryos, fetuses and newborns.
  The risks of cancer from both environmental Wi-antennas and personal Wi-devices, are these:
The higher the cumulative hours of exposure, the higher the risk.
The more years of exposure, the higher the risk.
The higher the radiated power from Wi-antennas, the higher the risk.

The longer a single area of the body is exposed, the higher the risk.

The younger a person at first exposure, the higher the risk. [25]
 The BioInitiative Report with updates through 2020 provides massive documentation. So the easiest way to absorb a good overview of the entire scientific report is to access the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

The Wireless Radiation Industry is a reincarnation of Big Tobacco. It  operates in the shadows as it erects millions of deadly antennas in our midst while promoting microwave systems and devices. The industry has never been required to produce valid scientific evidence proving that Wi-technologies and Wi-devices are in any way safe. The industry will never acknowledge or discuss the thousands of published documents showing that these technologies present grave hazards to human and animal health. Federal law ensures that corporate wireless profiteers are exempt from adequate pre-market testing and also from normal requirements of full disclosure, as is mandatory for pharmaceutical drugs and other risky products (except for COVID vaccines).

  The Wireless Radiation Industry has a long and illustrious history of deceiving the public about the dangers of wireless devices and about the devastating effects of environmental pollution necessary to make them functional. CTIA--the Wireless Association prevaricates: “The overwhelming majority of research studies that have been published in scientific journals around the globe show that wireless phones do not pose a health risk.” [26]
  The late radio engineer Robert C. Kane, author of Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, presented massive documentation proving that the Wi-radiation industry knows very well, from decades of medical and mechanical studies, that its lucrative Wi-technologies are indeed deadly: “By keeping the findings uncollected and dissembled, the financially interested parties can continue business as usual….[Evidence of harm] has been neglected or buried by an industry that will place its absolute need to sell products above the health and well-being of its customers. The practice of producing such products can only be viewed as predatory. Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distribution of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of these effects.” [27] Before writing his expose, Robert C. Kane had long worked for Motorola to research and develop mobile phone technologies. He passed away from brain cancer.
Congress has awarded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), comprised of five political appointees, sole authority to regulate public exposure to dangerous communications and broadcast radiation. The FCC married Motorola (now a Communist Chinese company) in the 1970s when engineers and commercial interests, ignoring medical and scientific data on the risks, were fairly rabid to hatch wireless technologies. Today the FCC rakes in $billions by selling RF/microwave spectrum to radiation profiteers, a gross conflict of interest. In addition, the Wireless Radiation industry has long maintained iron-fisted political and ideological control of FCC political appointees and therefore always "regulates" itself.
  Whenever challenged, the Wi-industry claims that its addictive products and services comply with FCC regulations. But FCC's antiquated standards for public exposure to RF/microwave radiation were developed decades ago by military-industrial interests. Phone exposure standards are based on conjectured thermal (heating) effects on large, healthy adult males exposed to microwave radiation for only a few minutes. These ancient safety guidelines are not germane to new, powerful Wi-devices, such as tablets embedded with multiple antennas and used by kids for hours each day.
   Likewise, unrealistic exposure standards do not protect the public health from huge antenna farms in populated areas because the standards do not address the long-term biological effects of chronic exposure for fetuses, children and the immunologically frail who are forcibly irradiated 24/7 at close range with numerous microwave frequencies simultaneously. Most tragically, federal exposure standards, which recognize only thermal effects, do not address the horrific non-thermal effects of today's Wi-radiation: severe DNA damage, oxidative stress to cell membranes, blood-brain barrier breakdown and myelin damage to the central nervous system.
  Thousands of health studies and scientific reports have convinced many bio-scientists that current FCC exposure guidelines for RF/microwave radiation are dangerously obsolete. Scientists who compiled studies for the BioInitiative Report recommend  urgently that the FCC’s antiquated public exposure limits be updated to reduce public exposure by hundreds fold. In 2012, the General Accounting Office (GAO) instructed FCC to reassess its RF exposure limits and also its mobile phone testing requirements to reflect the latest research regarding cell phones held against the body. [28]
   In early 2014, hundreds of individuals, organizations, government agencies and medical experts submitted written requests to the FCC, demanding an update for federal regulations regarding public exposure to both cell tower and cell phone radiation. In 2016, experts wrote to the FCC and FDA with evidence that 75% of the mobile phones on the market exceed  obsolete and dangerous standards. [29] But FCC is a bureaucratic dictatorship beyond accountability. It thumbed its nose at GAO's safety recommendations and it now routinely ignores all public comment. With Wi-industry reps always at the helm, the FCC's obsolete RF/microwave exposure limits remain as deadly as ever.
   In 2015, the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University produced a comprehensive expose on how the Wi-mafia captured the FCC for its own corrupt and lucrative purposes.  READ THE SUMMARY HERE
  The corruption of capture explains why in 2019, as the 5G hullabaloo was building to frenzy, the five FCC commissioners who have no medical expertise or training whatsoever excreted a newly crafted federal plan that brazenly elevates Wi-dangers for millions of Americans. With deep ties to the Wi-industry, these hacks announced that they could find no valid scientific reasons to undertake re-evaluation of FCC's dangerous 1996 RF exposure standards. [30] They noted that this decision was partially based upon advice of the compromised and scandal-ridden Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which concurs with the Wi-industry that "the weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems." [31] 
   FCC's Big Five also concluded that the avalanche of new scientific data submitted to FCC by concerned parties has "failed to make a persuasive case" for any reduction of public exposure to Wi-devices and environmental antennas, a mindset seconded by the FDA which states that  "the  current safety limits for cell phones are acceptable for protecting the public health." [32] This is the same FDA which, since 2021, has approved a bevy of improperly-tested Covid "vacines" that have produced the most deaths and serious health problems ever reported in the history of the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System·
   Most importantly, in 2019 the FCC also announced its new recommendation that since portable wireless devices are being developed for 5G services that include the hyper-energetic millimeter wave bands, public exposure limits should now be quadrupled for certain frequencies so that evolving technologies can remain compliant. For many years the maximum public exposure (MPE) limit was set at 1000 uW (I watt) per each square centimeter (about a 1/4 inch square) of human flesh for a time period of only 30 minutes. The new FCC rule now allows Wi-profiteers to sandblast each cm2 of human flesh with an MPE of four watts (4000 u/W cm2) in these hyper-violent, DNA-busting frequencies: 6 billion hertz to 3 trillion hertz. No exposure time limit is specified in the new rule. [33]
   And so we watch a criminal regulatory syndicate turn up the "heat" against a cognitively-challenged population that can neither comprehend what is happening, nor mount a defense. Until this life-and-death power is challenged and brought to heel, the USA will remain in bondage to these cruelly amoral regulators who fornicate with a cunning radiation industry that grows more brazenly genocidal with each passing year.
The entire American education system has become an engine of carcinogenic Wi-pollution. From kindergartens to college campuses, educational arenas are microwave cesspools. Outdoor school environments are also badly affected, not only from on-campus Wi-Fi antennas, but also from cell towers and rooftop antennas strategically located near academic centers. Microwave antennas inflict cumulative biological damage equivalent to both X-ray and UV radiation. Given the science, American schools have become death camps where inmates are conditioned to worship wireless technologies, lobotomized by small screens and bombarded with radiation that can damage sperm/egg and induce pregnancy termination.
  Chronic microwave exposure is extremely dangerous to human eyes. [34]  Because microwaves efficiently produce lenticular opacities, many Wi-irradiated school students are destined to develop vision problems, including cataracts, years earlier than previous generations. Metal absorbs and re-radiates microwave radiation, creating hotspots. Any closed metal loop within a current develops a voltage of its own. Kids who wear metal reading glasses in Wi-environments are at special risk for insidious and incremental eye damage, which manifests after a latency period. [35]
   What good is public education if students are not taught the scientific realities of wireless systems and devices which denigrate their health, endanger their future offspring and afflict their civilization with disease, disability, deformity and premature death? School officials and parents who condone exposing young bodies and developing brains to microwave radiation are absolutely abusive because:

Young bodies absorb more microwave radiation than adult bodies. [36]

Microwaves clump (agglutinate) blood cells, degrading circulation and heart function. [37]

Microwaves open the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins and pathogens to enter brain neurons. [38]

Microwaves impair memory, concentration and other cognitive skills. [39]

Microwaves disrupt sleep cycle hormones, leading to day-time exhaustion.

Microwaves incite mood swings and aberrant behavior.

The American medical community and public health agencies are muzzled by federal policy which promotes Wi-technologies as a priority. Medical schools provide no training on the symptoms of acute Wi-sickness, which in vulnerable individuals, can manifest as life-threatening incidents, including heart attacks and strokes. [42] Nor are doctors trained to address the nationwide epidemic of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) which affects many people chronically exposed to Wi-radiation overload. [43] Medical centers, dental offices, eye clinics and care homes are now saturated with carcinogenic, DNA-busting radiation thanks to federal legislation which has spawned rigid electronic requirements and overuse of wireless technologies within U.S. health care sectors.

  Before the Microwave Age, the American medical establishment provided excellent service and medical advancement in a relatively healthy environment. Today, powerful IT data systems interconnected with Wi-medical and Wi-security technologies, bombard the sick, the elderly, the pregnant and the newly-born with torrents of Wi-radiation documented to be: carcinogenic, teratogenic, neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, endocrine-disruptive and immuno-depressive. Ironically, people who sicken from our grossly toxic Wi-environment are now forced to enter medical establishments spewing the very poison that forces them to seek medical help.
  Many lives depend upon medical providers who must be capable of complex cognitive abilities and refined motor skills. Yet numerous studies show that human motor skills, memory and alertness become highly impaired in microwaved environments. Researchers have demonstrated that drivers using cell phones suffer the same poor concentration and reaction time as alcoholic drunks. [44]
  Nevertheless, medical practitioners and their staffs routinely use wireless phones, tablets, computers and body radios, infusing themselves for hours at a time with wave pollution that exhausts and confuses the nervous system. Medical professionals routinely look tired, sickly and pallid these days, with many suffering from obesity thanks to chronic radiation exposure that disrupts both endocrine and exocrine hormones.

  Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, says of Wi-polluted medical establishments across the USA: "The short term effect [of wireless radiation] on memory, cognition, concentration and focus of health care workers is reducing their ability to do their job. They are endangering their patients' health and welfare, healing and treatment by being so groggy....Their mental function is diminished and impaired by chronic exposure to very low levels of wireless --and I'm talking a tenth of a microwatt per centimeter squared, 100th of a microwatt per centimeter squared, maybe even a nanowatt per centimeter squared-- and these hospital environments are reaching much higher levels throughout. They are saturated with wireless radio frequency exposure that we know are related to problems of cognition and memory and concentration."[45]
  Chronic irradiation plus a stressful work environment increases the risk of mental illness, including depression. By 1971, the US Office of Naval Research had organized a collection of research showing that non-thermal microwave radiation induces four categories of aberrant behavioral changes and 17 categories of psychological disorders.