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 Why Give It All Up for Wi-Cancer?

Wireless communications technologies are violent and life-threatening.
  Wi-tech requires that the human environment be contaminated and saturated  
    --both indoors and outdoors-- with a confirmed human carcinogen 
just as deadly as asbestos fibers, tobacco smoke and radioactive fallout.
 Wireless technologies --and millions of environmental microwave antennas
 that support them-- produce the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.
This voltage can be measured by microwave detection equipment as a mechanical wave force.

 This high-frequency electromagnetic pollution,
delivered with the intensity of a pneumatic drill, pollutes the air everywhere. 
  It is designed to penetrate and infiltrate the body perpetually and without limit.
The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is especially pernicious because it is not perceptible to
normal human senses and few people know how to detect and quantify it. 


The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a toxic consumer product that produces $trillions in annual profits.
Americans are programmed by incessant media propaganda
to love and crave the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. [1] 
 Millions are conditioned to believe that every social, financial and informational transaction  
must be accomplished with wireless technologies, without which life is impossible.

 But those who love the VOLTAGE OF CANCER will suffer degradation of:
brain and cardiovascular function, eyesight, hearing and immunity.
They will also forfeit the genetic integrity of their offspring.
  The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a potent teratogen and mutagen for egg, sperm, fetus.
The National Center for Health Statistics reports the US fertility rate at an all-time low. [2]
We are also seeing the results in damaged children across the USA.
 Now 6.7 million youth require special education because of physical/mental impairments. [3]
Wi-devices damage human memory and attention span, even after a five-minute exposure.
 Wi-radiation is linked to ADHD, suffered by millions of children requiring psychiatric medications. [4]
A dividing lung cancer cell
National Cancer Institute
There are over 200 types of human cancers.
According to the American Cancer Society:
In 2019, 1,762,450 people in the USA will get a new invasive cancer diagnosis. [5]

 Across the year, that is 4,828 new invasive cancer cases per day, every day.
Note: This number does not include millions of new cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer diagnosed each year.
Nearly one fifth of these new cases will be a second primary cancer
for people who have suffered a different version of the disease before. [6]
Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for American children. [7] 
In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an increase
in these childhood cancers: brain, kidney, liver, thyroid, lymphoma. [8]

 One half of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime
and cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. [9]
The situation grows worse by the day as new antenna sites
are continually mounted above us to accommodate evermore powerful devices
demanded by ever-increasing mobs of wireless addicts.

The U.S. and Canadian governments rake in $billions from selling
microwave spectrum needed to make wireless devices and systems work.
   They have turned the USA and Canada into national cancer factories  
because microwaves initiate and promote the growth of malignancies
as efficiently as ionizing gamma rays and X-rays.

 Wireless microwave radiation is now
the most ubiquitous and efficient carcinogen in the human environment. 
It is synergistic with toxic environmental chemicals that heighten cancer risk. [10]
Thanks to ignorance and greed,
we are all swimming in the VOLTAGE OF CANCER! 

Any electronic device that propagates modulated microwaves into the body in order to send communications signals to distant antennas is a virulent health risk. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organization, currently designates RF/microwave radiation used for wireless technologies as a Group 2B (possible) carcinogen. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries approved that designation in 2011. [11]
   IARC confirms that RF/microwave radiation couples with human bodies as electromagnetic currents and creates "hotspots" throughout the flesh. [12] Microwave currents invading the body can be measured by detection equipment in terms of voltage: THE VOLTAGE OF CANCER. Overriding natural biological rhythms, this voltage now energetically dominates the bodies of most people wherever they are: at home, school, work, play and on the way.  
   Worse yet, IARC's Group 2B designation is outdated!
RF/microwave radiation propagated for wireless communications
meets Bradford Hill criteria as a confirmed human carcinogen. [13]
     Bradford Hill criteria is used in court cases to prove causation. Now in 2019, experts across the globe agree that there is sufficient medical and scientific evidence to UPGRADE wireless microwave pollution to IARC's Group 1A list of known and undisputed cancer-causing agents.  IARC's 1A carcinogen list includes: 
tobacco smoke with its 7000 toxic chemicals
asbestos, arsenic, benzene, vinyl chloride, mustard gas
 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), a deadly component of Agent Orange
  all types of ionizing radiation, including isotopes and gamma waves from radioactive fallout

   Among top scientists calling for an IARC upgrade is Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and long time advisor to the World Health Organization. Dr. Miller was a senior epidemiologist for IARC when radiofrequency radiation was designated as Class 2B carcinogenic. [14] He confirms that current scientific data now requires a Group 1A upgrade for wireless radiation FROM ANY SOURCE: mobile phones and tablets, wearable devices, cell tower antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth antennas, wireless sensors, smart utility meters, broadband satellites/balloons and millimeter wave antennas for 5G. Dr. Miller joined over 180 other scientists and doctors across the globe who affixed their signatures to an urgent appeal written for the European Union and the United Nations. This document flatly states that the radiofrequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, including microwaves, "is carcinogenic to humans." [15] 
   In February 2017, the BioInitiative Working Group, composed of medical and scientific experts from many nations (including Dr. Miller), reported that National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies, conducted under auspices of the US Department of Health and Human Services, have put an end to the wireless cancer debate:
"The relationship between radiofrequency radiation and cancer is clearly established....Testing on rats is standard for predicting human cancers....The NTP results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within currently allowable safety limits are the 'likely cause' of brain and heart cancer in these animals....The animal study confirms prior findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT)....The NTP has filled the gap....It is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits." [16]
     Costing the federal government $30 million, the NTP cancer research on wireless radiation provides extremely powerful evidence of harm, says Robert Morris, M.D., Ph.D., senior medical advisor for the Environmental Health Trust: "For more than two decades, many have dismissed cancer risks from cell phones because conventional understanding of the effects of microwaves would suggest there is no mechanism for this to occur. That argument is officially dead." [17] 
    The record shows that in the 1990s, the Wireless Radiation Industry was told by its own scientists that cell phones could cause cancer and genetic damage. [18] Enriched by trillions in radiation profits, the industry is desperate to conceal this fact from uninformed consumers who eagerly buy wireless VOLTAGE OF CANCER. The Wi-lobby's game is to lie and deny; its obscene slogan is "no credible evidence of harm." For many decades the tobacco industry played that genocidal game too. But in 1998, Big Tobacco was stunned with a Master Settlement Agreement which stipulated that the largest tobacco companies pay a minimum of $206 billion to those eligible for health damage compensation. Today, the slightest acknowledgement of any RF/microwave health harm would trigger insurmountable liability because wireless wave carcinogen has been forcibly delivered to everyone in the USA for over three decades. Neither the federal government nor the Wireless Radiation Industry wants to trigger another master settlement of unfathomable magnitude.  
   There are two ways to access critical information on wireless pollution: THE HARD WAY and THE EASY WAY In the eight-minute video below, attorney Jimmy Gonzalez (now deceased) explains to public officials how he got his education on wireless poisoning THE HARD WAY. The wireless phone equipment that inflicted Jimmy with terminal brain cancer and tumors at two additional sites within his body involved mainly the older 2G technologies that utilized only one microwave antenna. By contrast, today's 4G smart devices have multiple blazing antennas that drill diverse carcinogenic frequencies simultaneously into the flesh, as will upcoming 5G devices.
    For people who prefer learning about wireless carcinogen THE EASY WAY, monumental scientific evidence is now available to help alleviate suffering and save lives. This published, peer-reviewed documentation is vital for rethinking our personal and national situation. Click on the skull below for invaluable scientific information that documents the carcinogenicity of ubiquitous microwave radiation now slamming everyone's body, polluting most inhabited buildings and eviscerating the outdoor environment.
    Evidence for Wi-Cancer 

     With a tsunami of definitive scientific and medical studies like these, it's no surprise that "smart money" has long acknowledged destructive potential of the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. The insurance industry treats wireless antenna radiation like "the new asbestos." Lloyd's of London, leading the global reinsurance industry, ranks microwave radiation as an ultra-high risk. It refuses to cover any claims arising from the wireless frequencies routinely propagated into the bodies and brains of the North American population. Swiss Re, another huge reinsurance firm, also withholds liability coverage for electromagnetic frequencies, including wireless radiation. Rating electromagnetic fields higher on the liability scale than asbestos and mad cow disease, it warns that unforeseen consequences of wireless technologies could lead to an avalanche of claims and significant product liability losses in coming decades. [19]
    The Nation Magazine reported in 2018: "The Nation has not been able to find a single insurance company willing to sell a product liability policy that covered cell phone radiation. 'Why would we want to do that?' one executive chuckled before pointing to more than two dozen lawsuits outstanding against wireless companies, demanding a total of 1.9 billion in damages." [20] Likewise, top mobile phone firms are warning their shareholders about future litigation and possible cancer risks of mobile devices but fail to warn consumers in ads and on packaging. [21]

Wave radiation which covertly makes humans sick (or dead) can be defined as a directed energy weapon deployed by an occupation army. And a perfect weapon it is--tasteless, odorless and silent as it fires relentlessly and indiscriminately upon the entire human population. Spectrum analyzers confirm that RF/microwave radiation from tower and rooftop antennas freely flows through construction materials to infuse inhabited buildings with the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. This invasive energy is relentless and perpetual, giving irradiated populations no time to rest or recover from huge biological damage.
   Since the Microwave Age was unleashed in the mid-1980s, wireless antenna installations have been planted everywhere to accommodate the "need for speed." These macro installations have been increasing as fast as the national debt. AntennaSearch.com provides a partial list of large commercial antenna installations which deliver their toxic payloads across the USA. In July 2014, the site reported 547,549 antenna towers and 1,706,048 outdoor antennas in the United States. The January 2018 tally was 663,151 towers and 1,918,340 outdoor antennas. By June 2019: 722,588 towers and 1,999,749 outdoor antennas. [22] Upcoming 5G small cell technologies are slated to add millions of additional in-your-face antennas very quickly. 
   Numerous epidemiological studies reveal that people living and working within 1600 feet of RF/microwave antennas eventually suffer serious health problems. A 2013 medical report published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health says this: “Human populations are increasingly exposed to microwave/radiofrequency (RF) emissions from wireless communication technology, including mobile phones and their base stations. By searching PubMed…we found that eight of the ten studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances less than 500 meters from base stations….None of the studies reported exposures above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations….At exposure levels far below international guidance levels there are clear and consistent signs of adverse health effects in the general population….” [23]
    Unfortunately, everyone in the nation now lives, works and/or travels within 500 meters of Wi-antennas. In 1996, knowing full well that microwave antennas unleash disease, disability, deformity and death, the Wi-radiation Industry bought itself a federal law which prohibits US citizens from objecting, on the basis of environmental and health concerns, to the siting of RF/microwave antennas on or near inhabited buildings. [24] A population, deprived of full disclosure and compelled by federal law to submit unconditionally to the VOLTAGE OF CANCER, is a sickly population enslaved.
    Wi-radiation is generated at frequencies too high on the electromagnetic spectrum to be heard by human ears. For most people, it is only audible by means of RF audio detection equipment. The macabre sound signature of cell tower and rooftop antenna radiation is heard on most audio meters as a high-pitched, screaming whistle infused with the grinding pulses of data-transfer. Quality meters reveal that both the electric voltage and the magnetic energy of this radiation change power density continuously, punishing the body with a brutal force to which the flesh can never acclimate. The European Union's REFLEX studies demonstrated that RF/microwave radiation ultimately inflicts the same destruction upon human blood as ionizing nuclear radiation. Therefore, cellular antennas are comparable to huge X-ray generators which are never turned off.
    Predictably, populations exposed 24/7 to energy pollution from these antennas are energetically weak, chronically ailing and heavily medicated. In 2013, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine reported that Americans live sicker and die earlier than people in many other developed countries. Americans suffer such ill health that medical professor Steven Wolf at Virginia Commonwealth University exclaimed, "We were struck by the gravity of these findings." [25]
   Six of ten U.S. adults suffer at least one or more chronic diseases, defined as long-term conditions requiring ongoing medical attention. [26] Blue Cross Blue Shield reported in 2019 that Millennials (seventy three million of them) in the United States (born between 1981-1996) have poorer health than previous generations and are suffering huge increases in the top ten reported illnesses. The report says that these unfortunates begin to "crash" at about age 27, (the prime of life for previous non-wireless generations). By no surprise, six of the top ten Millennial illnesses are behavioral health conditions affecting mental and emotional wellbeing [27]
   Cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, chronic fatigue and dementia, all documented to be induced or exacerbated by RF/microwave radiation, are epidemic across the nation, costing $billions annually. The average "healthy" American suffers multiple microwave radiation symptoms including: allergies, yeast infections, sleeplessness, fatigue, blood sugar swings, heartburn, chronic headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, bowel problems, thyroid dysfunction, weight abnormalities, skin problems, immune weakness, muscle and joint pain, disintegration of teeth and bone, anxiety, moodiness, memory problems and depression. Few connect their debilitating symptoms with the microwave carcinogen that saturates their homes, schools and work places. Focused upon the convenience of instant connectivity and delighted with wireless toys of addictive gratification, few realize that a microwave-poisoned environment induces abnormal body voltage that depletes vital energy and impairs every form and function of the human body.

    In 2014, the University of Pittsburgh announced that childhood mental disability rates in the US have reached historic highs. The number of children diagnosed with physical or mental impairments has increased by 17% since the late 1990s, when wireless mania was first unleashed with ferocity. One in six children suffers developmental (brain) disability and the national rate of autism doubles every five years. [28] MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff warns that if autism continues to increase at the current rate, the time will soon arrive when half of all American children born will suffer some form of autism. Eighty percent will be boys. [29]

Now radiation profiteers are turning up the heat! In late 2017, the Wireless Radiation Industry announced that 300,000 new microwave antenna installations would be soon coming. Many will be for new and more deadly 5G radiation technologies, slated to fill the environment with hyper-energetic millimeter waves propagated at 30-100 gigahertz. [30] Wireless providers are in a literal frenzy to get additional 4G and 5G small cell antennas sited near or on virtually every inhabited building, across both town and country.

    The AT&T small cell antenna seen above is the wave of the future. It slams the VOLTAGE OF CANCER directly through the window glass of this townhouse so that iGeneration can binge-abuse smart devices to stream music, movies, games and porn 24/7. According to US federal law, Americans have no legal right to protect themselves against a potent Group 1A carcinogen precision-targeted directly into their homes. The woman who lived in this home when the photo was taken had reportedly suffered a battle with breast cancer. Microwave radiation can ramp up the growth of existing cancer cells, make them resistant to cancer treatment and decrease the survival rate of cancer victims. [31] The compulsory and carcinogenic exposure documented by this picture is RADIATION RAPE.  In both the USA and Canada, radiation rape is government-sanctioned.
Click on the window image above to better understand the new small cell weaponry
coming to every neighborhood in the USA and Canada.
   Living and working in such invasive, manmade carcinogen transgresses every law of biological nature. Today most females in the US and Canada, including female fetuses, are heavily exposed to wireless devices and to environmental antennas pulsing carcinogenic radio signals for miles at the speed of light. It's no surprise that by regional comparison, North American women suffer the highest lifetime risk for breast cancer.
The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates the number of new invasive female breast cancer cases for 2019 at 271,270.
Now divide by 365. Each day of year another 743 women get the bad news.
The incidence of breast cancer is also increasing in males; 2670 men will be diagnosed in 2019.
42,260 people of both sexes in the USA will die of breast cancer in 2019. [32]
These numbers do not include over 60,000 additional cases of in situ breast cancer, also to be diagnosed this year.  In situ cancers are not invasive, but have potential to become so. [33]

    Breast cancer activists remain silent about the inescapable VOLTAGE OF CANCER reeking through the human environment, while they peddle pink and plan "races for the cure." But until women reject the use of cordless phones, smart phones, wireless tablets and laptops, wireless watches and Bluetooth headsets, they remain in jeopardy. Until women refuse to tolerate Wi-Fi in their environment, until they figure out how to shield themselves from smart utility meters on their homes, until they loudly lobby to get cellular antennas out of their front yards, the incidence of breast cancer will continue to accelerate off the charts.
   Female children and young adults are at highest risk because young, rapidly dividing breast tissues are extremely prone to the adverse effects of wireless radiation. [34] Smart devices have multiple microwave antennas (cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth). Millions of female babies, toddlers and school children cradle these smart radio antennas at chest and gut level for hours each day, endangering their breast tissues and also the fragile reproductive cells in their little ovaries. Over 20 years ago, leading cancer researchers warned: "Radiation exposure in the first few months of life may be the most serious in causation of later breast cancer. In fact, the irradiation of the breasts between 0 (newborn) and 9-years may cause many-fold more cases of breast cancer, over the subsequent lifetime, than does irradiation of women over 40 with the same amount [dose] of ionizing radiation." [35] This information is crucial since microwaves blasting from wireless "toys" are now scientifically proven to have the same DNA-busting potential and the same potent carcinogenicity as X-radiation and gamma waves!

Wi-Fi is a microwave modulation technique used by millions of people to wirelessly connect their computers and mobile devices to the Internet. Wi-Fi radiation has never been proven safe for human exposure. Radiation peddlers adore Wi-Fi because it is a lucrative and unregulated technology. Anyone anywhere can activate Wi-Fi antennas and remain exempt from regulatory oversight. Wi-Fi profiteers are also exempt from liability for public health damage. Most buildings in the USA are now heavily polluted by Wi-Fi which creates the VOLTAGE OF CANCER in these microwave frequencies:  2.4,  3.6,  4.9,  5 and 5.9 gigahertz. The more energetically violent 60 gigahertz (millimeter wave) Wi-Fi is also used. Often people are exposed simultaneously to ultra-powerful, dual band configurations (2.45 plus 5 gigahertz).

    Wi-Fi radiation in the gigahertz spectrum is especially carcinogenic. In the 1980s, the US Air Force spent $4.5 million to study test rats irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz radiation at low, non-thermal levels. [36] Compared to non-exposed rats, the irradiated rats suffered:

16% more benign tumors
100% more metastatic tumors (cancer had spread)

260% more primary malignant tumors

   A significant number of those irradiated rats developed endocrine tumors. Other researchers of that era showed that 2.45 gigahertz caused cancer-prone mice to suffer a 41% increase in tumors and a highly significant 12.5% increase in chromosome damage to bone marrow and blood. [37] Later in the 1990s, researchers at the University of Washington used low-level 2.45 gigahertz to damage the brains of rats and rip apart their DNA. [38]

   Within the last twenty years, scores of additional new studies have confirmed the destructive properties of gigahertz Wi-Fi radiation which can interfere with all cellular processes and: cause abnormal heart function [39] induce seizures [40] form eye cataracts [41] promote pregnancy abnormalities [42] cause fetal malformations and disabilities, including reduced memory and learning capacity [43] initiate new cancers while accelerating the growth of existing cancers. [44]  "Due to cytotoxic effects," say experts, "Wi-Fi technologies are not for hospitals and telemedicine. Wi-Fi technologies should not be used in bedrooms, workspaces, common lounges, hospital rooms, lecture halls, classrooms and public transport." [45]

   Unfortunately, this scientific reality is an inconvenience which the US business community, the US medical establishment and the US military will not officially acknowledge. Wi-Fi is deemed necessary for unlimited profits and for unlimited tracking and mass surveillance of a compliant and stupefied population. Prolific scientific and medical evidence demonstrating the dangers of Wi-radiation has been ignored and suppressed by vested interests. Human health is considered expendable in the relentless quest for the wealth and power delivered by Wi-Fi.
     Because proper Wi-Fi health warnings are not required by law, millions of trusting Americans submit to severe Wi-Fi poisoning without question.  In a nation deeply concerned about the safety of nearly everything, it is ironic that Wi-Fi peddlers are free to bombard cities, towns, workers, students, customers, patients, neighbors (even against their will) with wave pollution documented in myriad scientific studies to be a Group 1A carcinogen. Wi-Fi is absolutely a substantial threat to public health as documented by Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Washington State University.  LINK

   Americans enjoyed the Internet long before they had access to Wi-Fi. This Wi-Cancer website is managed with computers which do not use wireless routers and Wi-Fi, but instead rely on cabled Ethernet connections. Those who conduct research for this site work in healthy buildings completely free of indoor microwave radiation. We are hoping that millions of others will join us in the movement for safe cabled and optical fiber Internet as people become better informed about the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.

Many animals that were radiation-tortured during federal NTP studies developed horrendous brain and heart tumors from full body exposure to GSM and CDMA wireless antenna radiation beamed at them from a distance. GSM and CDMA modulations are being phased out by the Wi-industry as the more deadly and bio-active 4G/LTE and 5G millimeter wave technologies gain ascendancy. When a human is within range of environmental radiation needed to make wireless devices work --be it from cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or automotive radar-- this powerful carcinogen in the air everywhere slams right through the body.
    Seen above is a new urban "tree" tower with two great banks of very large, low-to-the-ground 4G/LTE microwave antennas beaming multiple channels within multiple downlink frequencies, including 700/800 megahertz to 2.6 gigahertz. These antenna signals are extremely powerful and very complex. They are designed as MIMO transmissions (multiple voice and data streams). They incorporate loop spatial multiplexing, beam forming and new quadrature amplitude modulations needed to accommodate high demand for data streaming. [46] The U.S. government has never tested grotesque 4G/LTE signals on laboratory animals to ascertain bio-effects on living tissues. Instead, 4G bio-testing is being conducted upon the entire North American population without their fully-informed consent
   Just meters away from the base of this 4G tower, a new elementary school is now under construction. Inmates will be just Kindergarten through fifth grade. Powerful 4G/LTE radiation will inundate the playground, transforming all metal play equipment into ultra conductive "hot spots." MIMO signals will easily penetrate classrooms as intended, since most wireless communications originate inside of  buildings. Unlike NTP animals who were cancerized by federal scientists with older microwave technologies for a limited duration, little kids forced to attend this new tower school will suffer chronic and carcinogenic antenna exposure for years to come.
   Worse, this ever-increasing tower radiation will overlay the best carcinogen state and local funding can buy: an in-building, dual-band Wi-Fi network for wireless laptops, iPads, Chromebooks and "security" systems. In 2018, a meta analysis (a study of studies) by the Environmental Medicine Society of Germany combined over 100 scientific papers to produce an up-to-date health overview of Wi-Fi radiation. This report concludes: "Based on the extensive body of research and the adverse health effects demonstrated in the majority of the studies...wired solutions should be given preference. Current exposure limits and SAR values do not protect from health risks associated with Wi-Fi radiation. The adverse effects on learning, attention and behavior serve as a basis for educational institutions of all age groups to forego the use of Wi-Fi applications." [47] Wi-Fi Internet and security for all schools could be easily provided by safe, wired optical fiber systems if officials and parents truly cared about the health and future of school kids. But in fact, most children of North America have been literally abandoned to custody of the Wi-industry which freely "farms" them as row crops bred to be harvested.

   Any person who objects to the child abuse of deadly wireless pollution is informed by federal and local officials that federal law protecting the Wi-industry PREEMPTS all health and environmental concerns. They are routinely told that wireless radiation from mobile phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi hot spots is "safe" because it meets FCC exposure standards [now proven obsolete and non-protective]. But every so often, the festering sore of America's great Wi-Radiation scandal erupts into an obvious cancer cluster, as recently reported at an elementary school in Ripon, California. Read the story here in NewsweekLINK

When a brain is forcibly infused with antenna carcinogen from any source, natural brain waves and rhythms are overridden by the more powerful and coercive oscillations of microwave signals. Scientists say that radiation-induced mitochondrial and DNA damage occur in brain tissues earlier and more severely than in other organs.[48] A person whose brain is energy-raped by DNA-damaging, polarity-flipping microwaves is a person who no longer owns his most precious possession. His brain has been literally co-opted by radiation peddlers, empowered by federal law to seize remote control of all human tissues for economic gain. A person whose skull is perpetually ravaged by modulated microwave radiation is racking up traumatic brain injury and he has truly, truly LOST HIS MIND.
   The Wi-industry perpetrates its crimes with impunity only because its horrendous pollution is unseen, untasted, unsmelled and unheard. The man seen in this picture is standing 200 meters away from the monstrous 4G "tree" that towers over new school construction as discussed above. He is holding an audio microwave meter against his head in order to demonstrate that the VOLTAGE OF CANCER is slamming right through his brain. A flimsy skull presents no barrier because wireless signals are configured to penetrate glass, wood, brick, cement and most other construction materials. This meter effectively demonstrates how brutally 4G carcinogen will infiltrate the brains and bodies of school children to be "educated" in a school situated only meters from microwave antennas that activate this meter. Enlightening is a recent study of adolescent students irradiated by cell towers at school who were then confirmed by scientists to suffer impaired: motor skills, spatial working memory and attention. [49]
   As the audio meter with its flashing red lights gathers the composite of hundreds of 4G signal streams inundating his body, instrument readings gyrate between 3 to 6 volts per meter because antenna traffic continually fluctuates within milliseconds. This environmental radiation is so powerful that it causes the meter box (and therefore the flesh) to literally vibrate. The FCC considers this power density to be very low since federal exposure guidelines actually allow wireless antennas to slam the human habitat with up to 61 volts per meter! (See the tab Kill Zones USA at this site).
  The human ear cannot hear sound frequencies higher than about 20,000 hertz. Tower signals spew electromagnetic waves at millions to billions of hertz. This audio meter allows the man to actually hear the cell tower energy entering his brain. The vibratory sound is identical to that of a high-speed food grinder. This meter clearly demonstrates that antenna radiation slices through a human body with the intensity of a buzz saw.  If human ears could HEAR the ugly mechanical brutality of antenna wave carcinogen perpetually penetrating their brain and eye tissues, reasonable people would be shocked into taking protective action.
   Already by 1965, massive scientific data had confirmed that radio frequencies, and specifically microwaves, have a profound impact on the human nervous system.[50] By 1971, the U.S. Office of Naval Research had organized an impressive collection of laboratory research showing that non-thermal microwave radiation, now polluting our villages, cities, homes, schools, offices, commercial venues and medical centers, can induce:
nine central nervous system effects
five types of abnormalities in the peripheral nervous system
four types of autonomic system effects
four categories of aberrant behavioral changes
17 types of psychological disorders [51]
   We now have free access to published scientific documentation, gathered over seven decades, demonstrating that wireless technologies can literally drive a population insane. So we understand why Americans and Canadians, submerged in compulsory wireless radiation capable of psycho-carnage, are suffering from severe personal and societal ramifications. People all around are showing conspicuous emotional imbalance (rage, anxiety, depression, addiction); millions of children are developmentally impaired while millions of adults succumb to brain fog and dementia at an early age. As amply illustrated by the U.S. Congress, many officials and professionals upon whom society depends, find themselves in cognitive disarray, unable to focus, remember or maintain stamina. Universal pain is so intense that multitudes seek relief at any cost, including overdose. Suicide rates in the U.S. are now the highest they have been since World War II and youth suicide rates are at their highest point in two decades. [52]
   Such obvious neuropsychiatric manifestations have their roots in organic brain damage similar to traumatic brain injury. A recent and concise scientific document, explaining exactly HOW and WHY non-thermal wireless microwaves rapidly induce profound organic brain damage is offered by the Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine in China. [53] This seven-page report is a must-read for any person determined to reclaim and protect his brain from the ravages of greed and ignorance in our Microwave Age. Click on the picture of Beijing blossoms below to obtain basic medical information absolutely critical to the future of all humanity.


 So here's the bottom line: The debate is over!
Wireless microwave radiation = MALIGNANCY! 
Each and every microwave exposure is another lottery ticket for cancer.
 But cancer is only part of the story.
People who live, work, school or play in an environment riddled with wireless microwaves
are at high risk for cumulative brain damage, cognitive decline and mental illness. 
   Likely none of us will see the day when the U.S. government and its agencies confess that they have knowingly induced the masses to communicate and recreate with a digital version of asbestos, Agent Orange, nuclear fallout. The massive and all-powerful Wireless Radiation Industry will certainly never confess its crimes, just as the tobacco industry to this day denies proof of harm from its poisonous products. Therefore, it's every person for himself when it comes to education on the most insidious and abundant carcinogen and neurotoxin of the Microwave Age. Author Charles MacKay observed that humans think as herds, that they go mad in herds, only to recover their senses slowly, one by one. As each of us learns the truth, we are morally obligated to share life-saving information.
 Uninformed people who first HEAR microwave carcinogen in the air everywhere
usually react like deer in a headlight!
Even when confronted with hardcore science, many people express resignation,
         believing that there is no solution to wireless oppression.
But everyone is microwave-sick on some level and sickness speaks. All we have to do is inform 327 million people in the USA, 36 million people in Canada.
Information is salvation and enlightenment is coming!
Enlightenment leads to miracles, as in Ripon, California. 
After a two-year battle, informed parents in 2019 finally got rid of the Sprint cell tower
that long polluted their cancer-ridden Weston Elementary School! [54]
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