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 March 2024
  Children's Health Defense (CHD) Sues AT&T On Behalf of Woman
Who Suffers Mini-Strokes from Cell Tower Radiation

   February 2024
  The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Announces Termination of the National Toxicology Program's RFR Exposure Studies
Despite Early Research Showing "Clear Evidence" of Significant DNA Damage and Cancer from 2G/3G Wireless Radiation 
  NIEHS states that the NTP's RFR exposure studies were technically challenging and resource-intensive and that current systems are not designed to test the health effects of radiation from newer technologies such as 4G/4GLTE and 5G.
  This announcement comes at a time when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is pouring massive funding into development of high-resolution brain-machine interface equipment slated to infuse human brain neurons with a variety of acoustic, laser, magnetic and advanced wireless radio signals that NIEHS is no longer willing or able to test for biological effects.

  December 2023
 The Children's Defense Fund Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Man Living Next to Verizon Cell Tower That Triggers His Life-Threatening Cardiac Events

 May 2023
  Brain Tumor Class Action Lawsuit:  Compromised Judge Bars Testimony From All Plaintiff Experts, But Allows Expert Testimony for the Defense (Telecoms and Motorola)

  May 2023
  Elon Musk Gets Food and Drug Administration Approval to Start Human Trials for Neuralink Brain Chip Device
(terrible animal cruelty involved in Neuralink testing)

 October 2022
  A new paper by the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF) reports that current scientific evidence invalidates dangerous exposure limits for wireless radiation set by the  Federal Communications Commission and the ICNIRP (Europe).  This report shows  that current exposure limits are based on invalid assumptions and outdated science. ICBE-EMF boasts 12 expert commissioners from across the globe.

In the News: December 2021
        U.S. Air Carriers Warn that 5G C-Band Frequencies (3.7-4.2 gigahertz)            Could Interfere With Sensitive Aircraft Electronics
and Cause Serious Air Travel Disruption
 Note: Unfortunately, this warning does not mention serious disruption to human bodies.
 August 2021 
 A U.S. Federal Court of Appeals Rules that the Federal Communications Commission Has Ignored Scientific Evidence and Has Failed to Provide a Reasoned Explanation For How Its Antiquated Regulations (1996) Protect the Public Against the Harmful Effects of Modern Wireless Radiation
Note: These indefensible and dangerous regulations were used by the FCC to protect Apple from a class action lawsuit that claimed consumer fraud after Apple phones were shown to exceed FCC radiation exposure limits by over 100 percent.  (See November 2020 below)
 April 2021
 Former CDC Scientist Issues Report for Upcoming Phone Cancer Lawsuit:   
            Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Causes Brain Cancer Is "Quite Strong" 

   November 2020
 A Federal Court Rules That FCC Radiation Exposure Rules
Preempt Lawsuit Claiming Consumer Fraud for Apple Phones
Shown to Exceed FCC Radiation Exposure Rules by Over 100 Percent
Note: This circuitous ruling appears to say that FCC exposure rules preempt the legal enforcement of FCC exposure rules. Such lunacy demonstrates why wireless device makers can freely irradiate consumers with dangerous and illegal levels of wave carcinogen while remaining unchallenged and safe from liability! Controlled by the Wi-industry, the FCC makes sure that the FIX is in. And over the years, U.S. courts have proven that they are also deeply compromised by the same sinister forces.

 March 2020
   DC Appeals Court Decision Exposes FCC Accounting Scandal
and Frees 50 states to Recover $Billions
in Telecom Overcharging and Cross Subsidies.

    February 2020
   New Investigation Finds New Apple iPhone 11 exceeds FCC Radiation Exposure Standards by Over 100 Percent
   Research and development testing by Penumbra Brands has revealed that microwave radiofrequency energy emitted by the new iPhone 11 Pro exceeds --by over 100 percent-- the radiofrequency exposure standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC measures exposure to RF energy as the amount of wireless power a person absorbs for each kilogram of their body. The agency calls this the specific absorption amount, or SAR. For a cellphone, the FCC’s threshold of supposedly safe exposure is 1.6 watts per kilogram. Penumbra’s testing, through an FCC-accredited lab, found that iPhone 11 emitted 3.8 W/kg. This is the third independent research group since May 2019 to report cell phone non-compliance with U.S. radiation exposure standards.
Note: Scientists for Wired Technology explain why the FCC's outdated SAR exposure limits, developed 25 years ago from testing salt-filled dummies, is deadly and unprotective. The scientists outline numerous reasons why FCC's guidelines have little relevance to real-life microwave exposure from wireless devices, leaving hapless Wi-consumers in big trouble as radiation peddlers continue to "cook" human flesh with impunity.
 Federal Judge Rejects Apple's Bid to Dismiss Cohen et al. v. Apple Inc.
and Sets Jury Trial for July 2021
  U.S. District Judge William Alsup said he’s inclined to let a jury decide whether Apple fraudulently marketed iPhones as safe and exposed consumers to excessive radiofrequency radiation, slamming an FCC testing standard as "a terrible rule" and expressing disbelief that the agency "would be that dumb." 
  The plaintiffs in the case claim Apple fraudulently misrepresents and conceals that consumers who use its iPhones as marketed will be exposed to radiofrequency radiation levels exceeding the federal Specific Absorption Rate limit of 1.6 watts per kilogram and it conceals the risks of that exposure.

  Plaintiffs say recent independent tests done by FCC-accredited labs have shown that iPhones exceeded federal limits for radiofrequency radiation emissions when used in close proximity to the body and that because the FCC doesn’t regulate Apple’s disclosures to consumers, plaintiffs’ claims are not preempted.....Plaintiffs initially named Samsung as another defendant but voluntarily dismissed that company from their suit last month.


      December 2019
     Update on Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Samsung:
 Smart Devices Found Non-Compliant with Radiation Safety Standards

  August 2019
US Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Samsung:
 Smart Devices Found Non-Compliant with Radiation Safety Standards

   A whopping 81% of American adults own smart wireless devices and most children are now exposed to radiation from these devices used on or near their bodies. On August 23, 2019, a class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. This lawsuit lists numerous offenses committed by these two corporations including: fraud, negligence, dissemination of misinformation and willful failure to disclose crucial exposure data about their defective smart devices. 

   A large group of  plaintiffs allege bodily harm and monetary loss after a professional testing lab hired by the Chicago Tribune revealed that the popular smart phone models (iPhone, Galaxy) which they bought from these companies emit radiofrequency radiation that greatly exceeds exposure limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, was found to exceed US federal exposure limits by 500 percent.

  The suit states: “These [test] results are not an aberration, but instead reflect actual emissions conducted by an FCC-accredited lab under the same conditions used by the manufacturers themselves.”

  This testing corroborates studies by French scientists and also researchers at the University of Utah who earlier this year reported that smart devices sold to consumers routinely excrete microwave radiation in excess of both European and US safety standards when held near (within 2 mm) or directly on the body.

  The class action suit cites scientific evidence that confirms potential for severe health damage from constant and excessive exposure to dangerous microwave emitters. And it states: "As a result, on information and belief, Plaintiffs have been exposed to harmful levels of RF radiation that could negatively affect their health for many years to come." The filing also includes an impressive list of state consumer statutes being violated by for-profit entities that sell non-compliant smart devices while fostering a false notion of safety through material omissions and deceptive advertising.


July 2019
 US Court Upholds Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right to Know Ordinance,         Rejects Industry Attempts to Conceal Radiation Risks
   This new ruling confirms that people who buy cell phones in Berkeley, California still have the right to receive this warning:
“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”
   Of course, CTIA-The Wireless Association is expected to appeal this ruling as it has done several times in the past. The Industry is adverse to this warning because millions of Wi-consumers not only carry devices in their pockets, but they also hold transceiving devices directly on their bodies while talking, texting, gaming and net surfing. People wear powerful radios like smart watches on their skin. The day may come when someone with unusually powerful intellect realizes that the routine use of connected wireless devices in direct contact with hand, head or gut can also inflict excessive microwave exposure

  May 2019
US and European Scientists Confirm that Cell Phones Can Exceed Radiation Limits     
When Phones Touch the Body
    When cell phones touch the body most emit radiation that can exceed radiation safety guidelines when held against the body, according to new analyses of French government data published online in IEEE Access, a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

April 2019
 US Rep Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) Demands that the FCC and FDA
Provide Scientific Research and Studies Proving 5G Safety
February 2019
 5G Radiation Industry Tells Senate Commerce Committee (02-02-19)
There Are No Studies Proving 5G Radiation Safe for Public Health.

 December 2018
  Congressional Leaders Demand that the FCC Prove With Scientific Data that
5G Technologies Will Not Cause Human Cancer and Other Diseases
    Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) and Representative Anna Eshoo (D-Calif) have asked FCC Commissioner Brenden Carr to produce up-to-date documentation from scientific studies with citations, proving that 5G technologies will not present a hazard to public health. This demand comes as hundreds of thousands of new 5G small cell antennas are slated to be sited across the nation in the very near future. “The stark, simple fact is that health hazards are unknown and unstudied,” Blumenthal said at his press conference. “That is a sign of neglect and disregard at the Federal Communications Commission that is unacceptable. We need to know whether the technology can cause cancer and other diseases. Blumenthal also complained: “Most of our current regulations regarding radiofrequency safety were adopted in 1996 and have not yet been updated for next generation equipment and devices.”

    In a letter to Commissioner Carr, Blumenthal cited a study released in November by the National Toxicology Program, an inter-agency program within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that showed evidence of cancerous heart tumors and cancerous brain tumors in male rats exposed to radiofrequency radiation like that used by 2G and 3G cell phones.

     Jim Turner, Esq., President of NISLAPP, has stated:

“NISLAPP considers it a mistake to place new high-frequency radiating antennas in local communities, in very close proximity to homes, offices and schools, when no pre-market health testing at scale has been conducted on the effects of the radiation emitted, to our knowledge, and when much safer hard-wired internet access technologies are readily available. We strongly support Senator Blumenthal’s request of FCC Commissioner Carr to provide the documentation evidencing the FCC’s ‘safety determination for 5G,’ along with the supporting scientific citations used in making that determination.”

    FCC commissioner Brendon Carr is a former attorney for both Verizon and AT&T. Like all FCC bureaucrats, he was duly appointed to take care of the Wi-Industry's crucial business of making yet more profits at the expense of  public health.  Carr's reply (over 600 words) to Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Eshoo drones on with FCC's same old deadly lick-and-promise propaganda which is always devoid of scientific backup. Carr reminds the legislators that the public is not allowed to question health and environmental effects of radiofrequency emissions since FCC has everything under control. He points out that (despite NTP studies demonstrating horrific microwave-induced cancers) the FDA continues to approve radiation exposure standards codified decades ago. Completely ignoring the legislators' request for scientific proof of 5G millimeter wave safety, Carr provides no such documentation with citations Below is Carr's letter dated December 17.

  November 2018
 National Institutes of Health Releases Final Report on NTP Cancer/Cell Phone Studies
   Agencies Say "No Worries" But Many Experts Say Humans in Danger
    For many years, test animals have been used to reliably assess human outcomes in both toxicology and oncology studies. The National Toxicology Project (NTP), which cost $30 million dollars over ten years, used rats and mice to demonstrate evidence of brain, heart and adrenal tumors in a percentage of those exposed to 2G and 3G mobile phone radiation. Conducted under auspices of the National Institutes of Health, the NTP also provided clear evidence of both heart and DNA damage from GSM- and CDMA-modulated cell phone radiation. But, as the federal government prepares to rake in $billions from selling new 5G spectrum, a spokesman downplayed NTP study results in a November 1, 2018 press release: “The exposures used in the studies cannot be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone,” said John Bucher, Ph.D.  He also said:  “We believe that the link between radiofrequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real, and the external experts agreed." Astute observers are asking this:  If animal studies are not germane to human health, why did the federal government spend $30 million to irradiate rats and mice who do not use cell phones????????
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in charge of ensuring that electronic wireless devices are safe for public exposure, also announced on November 1 that NTP studies "cannot be extrapolated to human cell phone usage." Having long ignored or refuted decades of published and peer-reviewed evidence of numerous links between wireless radiation and cancer, the FDA stated in its November 1, 2018 press release that it believes (with virtually no current studies to validate such belief) that existing cell phone safety limits remain acceptable for protecting public health. FDA has long been infamous for conjecture and economic expediency, providing little more than a wink and a promise when it comes to consumer protection. Meantime, NTP evidence of cell phone carcinogenicity marches on, leaving the FDA far, far behind.
   On November 1, former senior NTP scientist Ronald L. Melnick, PhD., who helped design the NTP cancer studies, released his own statement. He stressed that the NTP studies show that we cannot assume that any current or future wireless technology is safe without adequate testing. And he further stated: "In the NTP studies there was clear evidence of cancer development and other health effects at non-thermal exposure limits. In the US, the FCC limits for human exposure to radiofrequency radiation are based on assumptions that only thermal effects can cause harm.  The NTP studies prove this assumption of safety is not valid."
   Also on November 1, Joel M. Moskowitz, a public health expert at the University of California, Berkeley, released his overview of the NTP studies.  He stated: "In my opinion, the results of the NTP cell phone radiation studies in conjunction with the results of the recent Ramazzini Institute Study provide conclusive evidence that long term exposure to cell phone radiation causes DNA damage and cancer."

 October 2018
  Trump Administration Roars Full Steam Ahead to Facilitate 5G Development


  September 2018
  International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space is Launched
Note:  As you read this Appeal, which fully outlines the health and environmental dangers of 5G radiation,  note that soon-to-be-available 5G phones will contain dozens of tiny antennas working together to track and aim a focused beam for communication with cell towers. The FCC has adopted rules to permit those beams to be ten times more powerful than levels currently permitted for wireless phones.  Note also that the FCC's rules permit upcoming 5G base station antennas to blast the environment with tens to hundreds of times more wattage than currently permitted for 2G, 3G and 4G cell towers!

  April 2018
 UK Researchers Report Aggressive Brain Tumors on the Rise in England
 Reports of Brain Tumors Increasing in Sweden
Reports of Brain Tumors Increasing in USA
"As little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer, suggests a new study conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and published in the Biochemical Journal.....Within ten minutes the scientists observed changes within the cells. A chemical switch regulating cell division was switched on -- a switch that has been linked to a variety of cancers."
 March 2018
  The FCC Gives Billionaire Elon Musk Permission to Launch 4,425 Satellites Slated to Blanket the Earth With Unlimited High-Band Microwaves
    On March 29, the Federal Communications Commission approved Musk's Space X application to deploy thousands of satellites that will beam broadband services to the entire world using the Ka (20/30 gigahertz) and Ku (11-14 gigahertz) bands.  Musk has already launched a number of his Falcon rockets and researchers reported that his Falcon 9 rocket launch in August 2017 not only created circular shock waves in the ionosphere, but also cut a 559-mile hole in the ionosphere plasma.   
    For a comprehensive discussion on the environmental ramifications of thousands of future Space X launches, plus countless additional rocket launches by other corporations competing with Musk, read Wi-Fi in the Sky.

  September--December 2017
  180 Scientists and Doctors From 35 Countries Call For Moratorium on 5G Technologies With Potential for "Tragic, Irreversible Harm"
American Wireless Consumers To Spike the Demand 
For Environmental Wave Carcinogen 5-Fold By 2021
FCC and CTIA Leading the Global 5G Race to Meet That Demand
300,000 New Microwave Towers To Be Erected Across America 
Note: CTIA--The Wireless Association, featured in the first two links above, is a mouthpiece for the huge international corporate megalith which profits from selling carcinogenic wireless radiation as a consumer product in the United States. This unfathomably wealthy megalith demonstrably "owns" the political, economic and propaganda systems of the United States. Congress has become its Stepin Fetchit, the regulatory Federal Communications Commission cleans its toilets, so to speak. Federal health agencies, state legislatures, municipal bodies and school boards bow low to its coercive infrastructure (antenna) demands. Whenever this Techno-Beast announces plans for a radical increase in compulsory, disease-causing pollution, we had better take heed.

 5G Researchers at NYU Wireless Developing High Power Antenna Array Systems  
That Will Bombard All Living Flesh
With Experimental Millimeter Waves at 28-86 Billion Hertz 
Note: NYU Wireless, specializing in millimeter wave technologies and located on the campus of New York University, is funded by the US Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and 18 commercial affiliates including: AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, National Instruments, Samsung, Huawei Technologies, Nextlink, Nokia, Qualcomm, Crown Castle, Sprint, SiBeam and Verizon.
  Technology Expert at Georgia Institute of Technology Explains How 
Wireless Radiation Sickens Humans Synergistically With Other Toxic Agents- -
He Warns That Constructing 5G Antenna Towers 
With Virtually No Safety Testing Is the "Height of Irresponsibility."

 April 2017
 Appellate Court Upholds City of Berkley's Cell Phone Warning Ordinance
     On April 21, the city of Berkeley, California, won a major decision in a federal appeals court.  A panel of judges denied a request by the CTIA--the Wireless Association to block Berkeley's landmark cell phone "right to know" ordinance which has been in effect since March 2016 and which requires cell phone retailers in the city to provide consumers with the following notification:
“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines.  If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”
     The three judges who heard the case on September 13, 2016, for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the district court's denial of the industry association's request for a preliminary injunction.  The panel determined that there was no irreparable harm based on the First Amendment or preemption, that the balance of equities tipped in Berkeley's favor, that the ordinance was in the public interest and that an injunction would harm that interest."

 February 2017
Court Case: To Prevent Public Panic, California Officials Withheld 
Cell Phone Warning Documents For Seven Years
      On February 27, 2017, a California Superior Court judge ruled that the state must release papers discussing the possible risks of long-term cell phone use. The documents were written in 2010 by the state's Environmental Health Investigations branch. They contain cell phone warnings and recommendations. 
    The state refused to hand them over upon request of Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director at the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health.  So Moskowitz sued the state under the California Public Records Act.  Moskowitz told the media: “I would like this document to see the light of day because it will inform the public that there is concern within the California Department of Public Health that cellphone radiation is a risk, and it will provide them with some information about how to reduce those risks.”
     When asked why he thinks the state is trying to suppress these documents, Moskowitz said, “They claim that this would lead to chaos and confusion among the public. I suspect that they were afraid of the reaction from the telecommunications industry should they publish this document.  In fact, they even argued that in their brief.” Watch the CBS news report below.

 July 2016
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Announces 5G
 Phase Five of its Mass Sterilization and Slow-kill Genocide Project
   On July 14, 2016, five non-elected bureaucrats of the FCC voted to approve the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding, which authorizes the sale of ultra-high frequency microwave spectrum for new 5G technologies. The 5G buildout requires the propagation of very short millimeter waves, never before universally unleashed upon humanity. The FCC affirms that this experimental radiation will saturate the environment of both urban and rural USA. MOBILE ACT NOW, a bill currently under consideration by the US Congress, approves the use of 24-86 gigahertz millimeter waves for 5G, expected to be in large scale commercial use by 2020.
   The testing of 5G networks in "lab cities" across  USA and Canada is underway.  Salivating over unlimited revenue potential, developers are working feverishly to amalgamate 4G/LTE platforms with new 5G super speed capacity platforms. No matter that blazing millimeter waves could unzip the DNA of toddlers as they download cartoons a hundred times faster on their iPads. A new generation of full dimension, multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) beam-forming antennas, designed to propagate experimental millimeters waves, are coming with the vigor of Nazi troops which invaded Poland in 1939.  Engineers boast of 5G cell tower base stations loaded with hundreds of antennas that can change direction electronically in milliseconds in order to precision-target digital devices and living flesh with focused signal radiation on steroids.  Millions of 5G small cell antenna nodes the size of pizza boxes will be mounted at street level. These potent stealth weapons will saturate neighborhoods with bio-active electromagnetic currents far more powerful and energetic than lower-frequency microwaves used by scientists in the lab to induce malignant tumors and make them grow! 
   Click the link below to see how poisoned-apple peddlers at the FCC place corporate profits FIRST, human life LAST. 
    Thousands of published and peer-reviewed studies link pulsed microwave radiation (below 10 gigahertz) to extreme biological damage, including malignancies of the  breast, brain and heart. It will be years before medical science can fully document the damage inflicted on human bodies perpetually infused with 5G millimeter waves of 24 to 86 gigahertz. Millimeter waves are noted for deeply penetrating human skin and surface tissues of the eye. These high-band microwaves, with very short wave lengths of under an inch, force a positive-negative polarity flip of ions and molecules 24-86 billion times in one measurable secondEspecially dangerous would be modulated millimeter waves delivered in bizarre pulses and beamforming configurations for data transfer. Such complex and energetic man-made waves have never been medically tested on humans nor certified by independent scientists as safe for short or long-term human exposure. This is a reality conveniently ignored by those rabid to roll with 5G wireless connectivity. 
   The short video below provides a glimpse into the new and improved microwave pollution coming soon to all US and Canadian urban and rural areas. It demonstrates how neighborhood pods of 5G antennas can be positioned down low and close in so that double-digit gigahertz carcinogen can be efficiently drilled into every inhabited building while hapless victims see, hear, taste and smell nothing. For most, there will be virtually no place to hide
 May 2016
  Major US Government Study Finds Link Between Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer
    On May 27,  a federally-funded, peer-reviewed study from the National Toxicology Program (NTP) reported a statistically significant incidence of two types of tumors developed by rats exposed to radio frequencies commonly emitted by cell phones. The two types of tumors are: glioma brain tumor and malignant schwannoma of the heart.  In addition to the rats that developed tumors, others developed precancerous hyperplasia cells which can develop into malignant tumors later. All told, an astronomical 8.5 percent of the exposed animals developed cancerous or precancerous cells during the relatively short study period.  Non-irradiated rats in the control group developed no cancers.  Had the study time been expanded, no telling how many additional microwaved animals would have developed tumors and precancerous lesions.  This preliminary information pertains only to findings on the brain and heart and there is reportedly much additional information yet to be published. 
    The $30 million NTP study, overseen by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is part of a belated effort to investigate the human risk for developing cancer from cell phone radiation.  The official NTP report states: "Given the widespread global usage of mobile communications among users of all ages, even a very small increase in the incidence of disease resulting from exposure to RFR could have broad implications for public health." The NTP study validates earlier warnings by leading brain cancer researcher, Dr. Lennart Hardell, who advises that  microwave radiation from wireless devices should be designated as a confirmed human carcinogen, the same as ionizing radiation. In a 2013 scientific paper published in Reviews on Environmental Health, Hardell stated that current guidelines for exposure to wireless radiation need to be "urgently revised."
    Meantime, NTP's newest evidence of microwave cancer potential is generating a flurry of damage control activities from the Wi-industry and "don't worry, be happy" admonitions from techies everywhere.  Some say that rat studies don't count. But every compound known to produce cancer in humans also produces cancer in animals when well-studied. Rats are the universally-preferred animal model for carcinogenicity studies since it is currently illegal in the US to use humans in laboratory studies that could induce cancer.  Such human cancer studies are currently left to: Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, the Wi-Fi Alliance, etc., entities allowed to conduct brutal radiation experimentation on everyone so long as it is accomplished through commercial marketing.

  January 2016
The New York Times Exposes CDC's Backtracking 
on Cell Phone Radiation Risks
      Simplified, the story is this: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a budget of billions annually and this federal money is earmarked for protection of the public health. Before June 2014, the CDC posted on its website precautionary advice on how to reduce cell phone radiation exposure, especially for children. This proper warning was prompted by CDC official Chris Portier, who attended the 2011 proceedings of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) during which RF radiation was classified as a possible cancer agent. 
    On January 2, the New York Times reported that after June 2014, CDC's advice on the precautionary use of cell phones was suddenly and inexplicably rescinded. In addition, the agency sacked plans to provide research information on health effects of cell tower radiation. 
    Although the New York Times expose did not provide a reason for CDC's sudden backtracking on wireless radiation risks, the Environmental Health Trust has subsequently discovered that immediately preceding the dramatic website changes, the agency hired Dr. Kenneth Foster to consult on its website content. Dr. Foster has a long history of consulting for the wireless industry.  His many articles, funded by corporations which profit handsomely from wireless technologies, always conclude that there is little risk from wireless radiation. Under Dr. Foster's apparent supervision, CDC's website discussion of wireless health effects is now watered down, misleading and confusing. It no longer mentions children being especially vulnerable to wireless radiation. The current CDC statement: "At this time we do not have the science to link health problems with cell phone use" is absolutely false and disingenuous in light of many hundreds of recent and published scientific studies to the contrary.
   The coup at CDC is an outstanding example of how industry corrupts science. Well-placed shills, earning payoff money in strategic places, ensure corporate financial health first, public health last. This story also illustrates why all US federal health agencies currently remain in the Deep Dark Ages in regards to wireless radiation risks.  What happened at the CDC is part of the Mushroom Project, an insidious campaign designed to keep the American people in the dark and feed them manure. 

In the News: November 2015
Brain Cancer and Tumor Rates Steadily Rising for US Kids Ages 0-19    

     There are over 100 histologically distinct types of primary brain and central nervous system tumors available to the human species. The Wi-industry continually prevaricates that brain tumors are “rare” and that brain tumor incidence in the United States is “static.”  Putting an end to that nonsense is a report just published by the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) --with statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

    Authored by nine medical experts and published in the November 2015 journal of Neuro-Oncology, the CBTRUS study collates the incidence of primary malignant and non-malignant brain and central nervous system tumors in the US since the year 2000, when the use of wireless communications devices took off with a vengeance.  This study crunches national brain/CNS tumor stats through 2012. 
    Especially important is the report’s confirmation of significant increases in brain and central nervous system tumors among US children between the ages of 0-19, the demographic comprising the Wi-industry’s most loyal and microwave-enthused customers.  According to a 2014 Yahoo article, parents fork out an average of about $10,500 for cell phone expenses per one child between the ages of 12 and 22. The new CBTRUS report offers a gruesome clue as to what these indulgent parents may be getting for their money.  It documents the following:
♦ An estimated 77,670 new cases of primary malignant and non-malignant brain and CNS tumors are expected to be diagnosed in the United States in 2016. This includes an estimated 24,790 primary malignant and 52,880 non-malignant tumors. (These new tumor victims will join the nearly 700,000 other Americans already living with a brain or CNS tumor diagnosis.)  
♦ In children (0-14 years old) there have been “significant increases” in the incidence of primary malignant brain and CNS tumors between 2000-2010, with an annual percentage change (APC) of .06 percent.
♦ In adolescents (15-19 years old) there have been “significant increases” in the incidence of primary malignant brain and CNS tumors between 2000-2010, with an annual percentage change (APC) of 1.0 percent.
♦ Adolescents also suffered an increase in non-malignant brain and CNS tumors during the years 2004-2010, with an APC of 3.9 percent.
      The newest, smartest and most radiation-intensive wireless technologies (smart phones and tablets exceeding a whopping 6 volts of microwave radiation per meter) are routinely placed in the hands of millions of US children from the time they are infants. This indicates that the uptrend for brain and nervous system tumors among America’s young is certain to accelerate. The CBTRUS report did not present childhood tumor statistics beyond 2010.  Smart tablet technology was introduced into the market in 2010.  This leaves in question the extent of neoplasms incubating within the hyper-microwaved bodies and brains of US kids from 2010 to the present.  It will likely be a long time before researchers can ascertain the true wages of Wi in all of their glory (gory).  After all, it took 100 years before Americans finally “got it” in regards to kids and smoking. The CBTRUS report gives additional support to the following medical information already documented at this website:

  In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF/microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices as a Class 2B, “possible human carcinogen.” Several of the WHO-invited scientists who made that designation are now calling for a reclassification to an increased risk level because medical evidence is now far more advanced than it was in 2011.
  In July 2014, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal published the CERENAT case-controlled study in which French researchers documented an almost 3-fold increase in brain cancer after 896 or more hours of lifetime cell phone use. (American kids easily exceed that many cordless/mobile phone hours within one year or less.)
♦ Also in 2014, Swedish researchers at Orebro University Hospital also reconfirmed a 3-fold brain cancer risk from cell and cordless phone use in a study published in the October 2014 Pathophysiology. Very significant was the finding of this study that people who first used mobile or cordless phones before the age of 20 have the highest cancer risk.
♦ In a second study published in 2014 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, these same Swedish scientists confirmed that wireless phone use correlates with lower survival rates for people diagnosed with the most malignant glioma brain tumors.
♦ The abstracts of both of the above referenced 2014 Swedish studies state that RF/microwave radiation should now be regarded as a “Group 1 Human Carcinogen,” placing it in the same IARC category as tobacco, asbestos and benzene.
  Non-cancerous brain tumors inflict the same horrors as malignant tumors including: seizures, dangerous surgeries and brain impairment. 

  September 2015
USA Gets its First "Right to Know" Warning on Cell Phone Radiation

      On September 21, Federal District Court Judge Edward Chen gave the City of Berkeley in California a green light to implement the City’s landmark cell phone “right to know” ordinance. This ordinance requires cell phone vendors in the City to provide customers with a safety warning, either with a handout or by posting the following notice in the store:
The City of Berkeley requires that you be provided the following notice: 

To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.
     Berkeley officials and academicians developed the ordinance because studies show that the majority of consumers are not aware that most cell phone manufacturers recommend cell phones be carried up to an inch away from the body. These warnings are usually buried in the fine print of cell phone manuals or they require laborious access on the devices themselves. Further, the City has noted that the protocols for testing the specific absorption rate (SAR) of cell phones assumed that these devices would be carried a distance from the body on holsters or belt clips, keeping them separated from direct contact with tissues.

     Last June, CTIA—The Wireless Association, a corporation which represents all sectors of the wireless industry, filed a lawsuit and a motion for an injunction in the Federal District Court in Northern California against Berkeley’s “right to know” ordinance. CTIA claimed that the ordinance violates the First Amendment rights of cell phone retailers and uses “alarmist” words such as  “radiation" and “potential risk.” It complained that CTIA’s member entities do not like the warning message because it "stokes fear in consumers about the dangers of cell phones."  Worst of all, said the lawsuit: “If the Ordinance is allowed to stand, other local governments will soon follow the City’s lead, resulting in a crazy-quilt of tens of thousands of inconsistent ‘disclosure’ obligations across the country. The result will be more compelled speech…as well as widespread and unwarranted consumer confusion and anxiety about the safety of cell phones.”

     Judge Chen didn’t buy CTIA’s major arguments, but he did yield to CTIA's demands on one point.  He ordered the City of Berkeley to strike from its warning: “The potential risk is greater for children.” Chen, who noted that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not a health and safety agency, made this decision based on the fact that the FCC “has never made any pronouncement that it is a greater potential risk for children, and certainly the FCC has not imposed different RF energy exposure limits that are applicable to children specifically.”   Informed observers know that the FCC would never make such a pronouncement as long as its chairman is former CTIA damage control expert Tom Wheeler.  Meantime, a large number of published medical studies confirm that children are at special risk from cell phone radiation.  Foremost cancer experts, representing the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), stated in 2011 that when a child puts a cell phone against his head, "the average RF energy deposition is two times higher in the brain and up to ten times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with mobile phone use by adults."  The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) also confirms that women and children are among the most vulnerable to cell phone radiation. AAP is an organization of 60,000 primary care pediatricians and surgical care specialists. READ WHAT AAP SAYS HERE
     CTIA and its obliging servant, the FCC, know that millions of America's children, including infants, clutch in their hands transmitting cell phones, smart phones and tablets, many of which are equipped with up to five antennas. They know that infants and school children put these powerful radio transmitters against their skulls, hug these devices to their stomachs and even chew on them as toys. CTIA’s determined efforts to prevent and deny adequate health warnings for children is especially abhorrent, since little ones cannot, and do not, maintain distance between their flesh and wireless devices. 

     In the 1990s, CTIA was headed by current FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and it was fully invested in the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) project in order to stem brain cancer lawsuits.  This project sponsored a number of scientific teams who ultimately uncovered horrendous biological effects of cell phone radiation, propagated at or below current FCC and FDA emission limits. By 2000, WTR studies had demonstrated: severe DNA damage to human blood, a dangerous breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and a statistically significant incidence of brain tumors in cell phone users of the day. 
  Despite this massive evidence, Wheeler subsequently told the media: “Our industry has gone out and aggressively asked the question, ‘Can we find a problem?' And the answer that has come back is that there is nothing that has come up in the research that suggests that there is a linkage between the use of a wireless phone and health effects.” To this day, as Judge Chen acknowledged in his order, both the FCC and the FDA (well-apprised of WTR findings) still maintain that there is no convincing scientific evidence of harm from wireless devices. This, despite literally thousands of medical papers and media reports to the contrary, many of which have been published since 2000. 

    The Berkeley ordinance has accomplished far more than legalizing a mild warning to keep broadcasting wireless RF/microwave devices off the body. This ordinance, and CTIA’s infamous lawsuit to stop it, exposes the demonstrable corruption of the US regulatory system, now completely bogged down in confusion, hypocrisy and indefensible contradictions. Further, it spotlights CTIA --central agent for the wireless industry-- as an amoral and malignant force. With its cruel and callous sacrifice of children everywhere, CTIA presents the epitome of Wendell Berry’s definition: “A corporation essentially, is a pile of money to which a number of persons have sold their moral allegiance….It can experience no personal hope or remorse, no change of heart. It cannot humble itself. It goes about its business as if it were immortal, and with the single purpose of becoming a bigger pile of money.”  

Note: A comprehensive review of the WTR studies, Wheeler’s skillful cover-up activities and the shameful non-disclosure collusion of federal regulatory agencies is found in: Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram.  The above quote by Wheeler is contained therein.

  July 2015
From the New York Daily News:
 Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer
A new study is calling out the skeptics of cancer by way of cellphones.  Researcher Igor Yakymenko has discovered a correlation between the disease and mobile phone usage after conducting a meta-study, which looked at how radiofrequency from devices can damage one's DNA. That damage can add up over time and cause a variety of health problems, like cancer, headaches, fatigue and even skin problems.
 by Meredith Engel
July 29, 2015

      The scientists were right — your cell phone can give you cancer. There have long been whispers of a cancer connection from your cell — and a new study backs up the claims.

     "These data are a clear sign of the real risks this kind of radiation poses for human health," study author Igor Yakymenko said.

     Yakymenko’s meta-study — basically a study of hundreds of other studies — reveals many findings of previous researchers into how radiofrequency from your phone can damage DNA. That damage can add up over time and cause a variety of health problems, like cancer, headaches, fatigue and even skin problems.  For example, using your phone for just 20 minutes a day for five years increased the risk of one type of brain tumor threefold, and using the phone an hour a day for four years upped the risk of some tumors three to five times, Yakymenko said.
Note: This meta-study was conducted by six scientists representing five prestigious medical universities.  

  May 2015
Canadian Medical Association Reports Health Canada's Wireless Limits 
Are "A Disaster to Public Health"
May 7, 2015:  "The Canadian Medical Association Journal today published a scathing condemnation of Health Canada's safety guidelines [basically the same as US guidelines] for cell phones and Wi-Fi. The Journal interviewed multiple international experts in radiation and cancer, who warn that the microwave levels allowed in Canadian classrooms, residences and workplaces are 'a disaster to public health.'  One scientist said that given the overwhelming evidence that wireless radiation is harmful, Health Canada staff are either 'unwilling or not competent to make evaluation of the current literature. ' " READ THE REPORT
International Scientists Demand Realistic RF/Microwave Exposure Standards
May  11, 2015:  The accumulation of medical evidence of biological harm from wireless devices and technologies is now so massive that ethical individuals and groups have no choice but to demand that obsolete and discredited public exposure standards now be upgraded to actually protect human health.  "Today 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk. These exposures are a rapidly growing form of environmental pollution worldwide." READ THE APPEAL 

  March 2015 
Replication Studies from Germany Take Us a Leap Forward
     It has been decreed by the great and omnipotent Wireless Radiation Industry that every man, woman and child in America shall clutch in his hands a wireless cancer-delivery device.  It is decreed that each shall, during most waking hours, fixate upon the small-screen. These decrees have generated hundreds of $billions in profits for a voracious industry now larger than publishing, agriculture, hotels and lodging, air transportation, motion pictures, motor vehicle manufacturing, and rivaling even the oil and gas extraction industries.
    Federal exposure guidelines allow electronic cancer-delivery devices sold in the United States to infiltrate the human body with 1.6 watts of microwave radiation per kilogram in one gram of tissue. This metric quantifies the amount of radiation actually absorbed by the tissues (specific absorption rate or SAR).  Transceiving wireless devices blast multiple watts of various microwave frequencies deeply into the hands, the skull, the heart, the gut and the reproductive organs.  New scientific research yields further insight into what this means for Microwave Man, Woman and Child.

Bottom line: 
     Nine scientists at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany have published state-of-the-art studies showing that animals exposed to 0.4 down to .04 watts per kilogram (SAR exposure levels 4 to 40 times lower than 1.6 W/Kg) suffer a significantly higher incidence (than non-irradiated animals) of:
 lung cancer 
liver cancer 
lymphoma cancer 
      This new German study is published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 
 Explaining why this study is so important is Dr. Joel Moskowitz Ph.D.,
Director of the Center for Family and Community Health
University of California, Berkeley 
Excerpted from a news release 03-07-2015: 
"This is an important study on several accounts. First, the study demonstrates that the tumor-enhancing effects from exposure to UMTS (3G) cell phone radiation observed in a previous animal study are reproducible. Reproducibility is one of the foundations of the scientific method.
"Second, the study did not find a dose-response effect. Rather, 'many of the tumor-promoting effects in our study were seen at low to moderate exposure levels (0.04 and 0.4 W/Kg SAR), thus well below exposure limits for the users of mobile phones.' ...The SAR exposure limits adopted by most countries assumes a dose-response relationship between the exposure and adverse health effects. The nonlinear effects observed in this study suggest that the SAR methodology is inadequate to protect human health.
"Third, the authors explain why some researchers have had difficulty in reproducing the results of earlier studies--their methods deviate in critical ways from the original experiments. Hence, these so-called 'replication studies' fail to reproduce the effects observed in earlier studies."
For European perspective on this ground-breaking report:  READ HERE

   February 2015
 Mobile Phone Radiation Causes Brain Tumors   
and Should be Classified as a Probable Human Carcinogen (2A) 

     A new article published in the International Journal of Oncology states: "Quickly changing technologies and intensive uses of radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF)‑emitting phones pose a challenge to public health....CERENAT, a French national study, provides an important addition to the literature evaluating the use of mobile phones and risk of brain tumors. The CERENAT finding of increased risk of glioma is consistent with studies that evaluated use of mobile phones for a decade or longer and corroborate those that have shown a risk of meningioma from mobile phone use. In CERENAT, exposure to RF‑EMF from digitally enhanced cordless telephones (DECTs), used by over half the population of France during the period of this study, was not evaluated. If exposures to DECT phones could have been taken into account, the risks of glioma from mobile phone use in CERENAT are likely to be higher than published." 


  January 2015
 Researchers Conclude Wireless Radiation Causes Cancer
 After Latest Scientific Findings
National advocacy group calls on major children’s health organizations to promote safe technology in schools with the “Turn It Off 4 Kids” Initiative.
The National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST) is taking action after two recently published studies indicate there is sufficient evidence demonstrating exposure to wireless radiation, also known as RF-EMF, causes cancer. Wireless routers and devices such as tablets, laptops, baby monitors and cell phones all emit this type of radiation.

The State of the Science: The Debate is Over

Professor of Oncology Lennart Hardell, M.D., Ph.D., and Statistician Michael Carlberg of Orebro University Hospital, Sweden found a 3-fold risk with 25 or more years of cell and cordless phone use in a study published October 2014 in PathophysiologyVery significant was the finding that people who first used mobile or cordless phones before the age of 20 had the highest risk.

Increased wireless phone use also correlated with lower survival rates for people diagnosed with the most malignant gliomas in a second study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health by the same researchers. Hardell and Carlberg stated, “Due to the relationship with survival, the classification is strengthened.”

In both studies, the authors state that RF-EMF should be regarded as a human carcinogen, “requiring urgent revision of current exposure guidelines.” These two studies followed the July 2014 Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal publication of the CERENAT case controlled study where French researchers found almost a 3-fold increase in brain cancer with 896 or more hours of lifetime cell phone use.

Based on the accumulation of research demonstrating the health effects from wireless radiation, Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience has stated, “the debate is over” on wireless.

“Given the established and emerging science, it only follows that students be provided a safe learning environment, free from wireless radiation,” stated an NACST spokesperson.

Scientists Call for the World Health Organization to Reclassify RF-EMF

In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF radiation as a Class 2B, “possible human carcinogen.” Since 2011, several of the World Health Organization invited scientists have called for a reclassification to an increased risk level. The abstracts of these 2014 studies state that RF should now be regarded as a “Group 1 Human Carcinogen,” placing it in the same category as tobacco, asbestos and benzene.

NACST’s Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative

In light of these recent scientific publications and expert warnings, NACST is reaching out to health organizations asking them to prioritize the issue of children’s health and wireless exposures in educational settings for 2015 in the following ways:

1.  Call for all new school technology to be hardwired.
2.  Call to replace existing wireless technology systems with hardwired systems.
3.  Call for the implementation of primary prevention efforts such as educating the public about simple steps to reduce exposure, especially in regards to children and pregnant women.
4.  Educate their organization’s members and audience on this issue by emails, informational web pages, updated materials, and all other means possible.

Expert Endorsements

NASCT’s Initiative has been endorsed by several prominent scientists, physicians and safety advocates including Drs. Lennart Hardell, Olle Johansson, Anthony Miller and Dariusz Leszczynski. Dr. Leszczynski was a participating scientist in the WHO IARC panel on RF-EMF and cancer, and Dr. Miller has served as Director of the Epidemiology Unit, National Cancer Institute of Canada, Toronto.

Details on NACST’s Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative, including endorsements, are found here:


The National Association for Children and Safe Technology is dedicated to raising awareness about the health impacts of wireless radiation on children as well as advancing policies that safeguard children’s health and well being.