Dr. George Carlo, epidemiologist who headed the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program in the 1990s: "Normally a device such as a mobile phone or cell phone that is a consumer device that emits radiation would go through a process of pre-market testing...done prior to marketing so that predictions of risk to the population that might use them could be made. However, cell phones were exempted from that based on the input from the mobile phone industry in 1984. That input was based on science ...at that time that indicated that the only health effect that could follow from microwave exposure had to do with heating of biological tissue, and that because cell phones operated at very, very low power they would not be able to heat tissue and therefore they should be excluded from this onerous process of pre-market testing. That was known as the low power exclusion." [1]
Per Segerback, former Ericsson telecommunications engineer who spent his career in Sweden designing integrated circuits for advanced mobile telecommunications systems: "I'm an engineer and even I don't know how to design a phone that doesn't affect health." [2]
Radiation expert Dr. Magda Havas, summarizing US Air Force studies (1980s) which exposed test animals to the basic microwave frequency of Wi-Fi: "What are the effects of long-term exposure to low levels of pulsed 2450 megahertz microwave radiation? Well, they found that for the rats that were exposed, as opposed to those that were not exposed, there was a 16% increase in benign tumors, a 100 percent increase in metastatic tumors [malignancies that spread from one type of tissue to another] and 260 percent increase in primary malignant tumors. Now, this is very disturbing information and that's probably one of the reasons they didn't release it right away." [3]
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) discussing Verizon's net profits from wireless communications networks and devices: "Verizon made 39 billion in profits over the last three years and 1.8 billion a month for the first three months of 2016..." [4]
     Help Get the Word Out!
  Note: Scroll down to the bottom of this page for PDFs to copy and share!
    Conformist Americans behave much like herd animals. Dangerous Wi-technologies are stampeding the human herd to disease, disability, deformity and premature death with invasive RF/microwave radiation recognized internationally as a "very effective carcinogen." [5] Leading the charge to incomprehensible pain and suffering is the intrepid Wireless Radiation Industry. In its quest for unlimited wealth and political omnipotence, the industry has successfully reconfigured human consciousness to ensure universal worship of the wireless small screen. Like Big Tobacco, thousands of Wi-corporations, suppliers and contractors  feed off of human misery. Their reach is global, their profits stratospheric. As with the tobacco, heroin and asbestos industries, their social conscience in nonexistent.  
   Among the most militant of commercial radiation peddlers, the Wi-Fi Alliance is a mean machine. At its annual Wi-Fi Now confabs, the Alliance hypes "new frontiers" in wireless, demands additional unregulated Wi-Fi spectrum (new and untested microwave frequencies) and advocates more and more and more microwave antennas across the land.  [6]
   This ruthless and greedy push for ever more radiation exposure comes at a time when insurance companies refuse to insure against the health effects of wireless technologies, which they relegate to the same risk category as asbestos and mad cow disease. [7] It comes at a time when scientists concur that 90 percent of human cancers are due to carcinogenic lifestyle choices and environmental factors. [8] The latest medical science confirms that  Wi-toys and  Wi-incentives are a "hook in the jaw" for herd humans imprinted with the deadly mindset that high-frequency wave carcinogen is essential for each and every human function.
How the Herd is Led to Wi-Addiction
    The unregulated Wi-Fi industry makes its environmental poison affordable, universal, ubiquitous and irresistible. An article featuring the picture below rejoiced that while waiting for her husband to complete his appointment, this woman "takes advantage of the free Wi-Fi now available in most Fayetteville VAMC outpatient clinic waiting areas...The  new Wi-Fi service will allow patients and visitors with Internet enabled devices to surf the web while they are waiting for clinic appointments and medication refills, enjoying a meal in the canteen dining room or while getting a beverage from the Patriot Brew."[9] With both the US government and the mainstream medical establishment joining the Wi-industry to stampede the herd to wireless technologies, how could most people not be addicted on many levels?

     The modulated radiation blasting from transceiving tablets can be measured at many yards distant.  Powerful tablet computers have multiple microwave antennas: 3G, 4G/LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even when a tablet device is turned OFF, it reportedly still excretes electromagnetic energy. Buried within its operating instructions, the iPad bears a warning to "place distance between your body and iPad Wi-Fi +3G" in order to minimize exposure to RF radiation. But almost everyone holds transmitting tablet devices directly in their hands for convenient viewing. People can develop tumors in the flesh and bones of their hands and arms, as well as the internal organs which are deeply infused with tablet radiation. Notice where the woman in this picture is holding the multiple, carcinogenic antennas located in the rim of her tablet: adjacent to and almost directly on her radiation-sensitive breast tissues. According to statistics from the American Cancer Society, each day of the year 2018, another 729 women in the US will be terrified with a primary diagnosis for invasive breast cancer

    Smitten with the drama of color and movement on the small screen, three quarters of under-12 children with access to tablets use the devices to play games and watch television and movies. [10] Kids literally wrap their bodies around these powerful radio transmitters.  Eighty-nine percent of US teens use social media, while the typical teen Facebook user has 145 "friends" requiring repetitive wireless contact. [11] Most inhabited buildings are now riddled with toxic antennas and relentless carcinogenic frequencies needed to accommodate such gargantuan wireless data transfers.
    Pecking and swiping at their small screens for hours at a time, Wi-fanatics remain blissfully unaware that, in order to make endless mobile entertainment possible, multi-millions of outdoor microwave antennas are necessary, like those on the fake-tree tower seen below. A 4G LTE (advanced) customer using a wireless tablet can require the services of multiple cell towers simultaneously. The 4G antennas pictured here blast the ground with two volts of wave carcinogen per meter, ensuring compulsory radiation sickness for people living in adjacent residential neighborhoods. Between January 1 and March 13, 2016, yet another 5,000 new installations like this one were crammed into backyards across the nation to accommodate herd humans compelled to microwave themselves with mobile digital screens. [12]

What Lies at the Bottom of the Cliff?
    Radiation profiteers are NOT DISCLOSING is that chronic exposure to even very low levels of non-thermal megahertz and gigahertz radiation is ultimately deadly.  Wi-radiation, oscillating at millions to billions of cycles per second, is loaded with packets of information delivered in energetic modulations that quickly disorganize numerous chemical, electrical and immune systems within human and animal bodies. This potent and perpetual microwave assault creates the perfect biological terrain for aging, disease, disability and even death in the following documented ways: [13]
It damages cell membranes, making them leaky and unable to maintain chemical and electrical difference between what is inside and outside of the membranes.  It abnormally alters the function of calcium channels, which are openings in cell membranes needed to regulate vital transactions in the body.

It damages tiny energy factories inside of cells known as mitochondria, which provide the body especially the brain with energy to function properly.

It induces oxidative stress,” which occurs when the tissues can't keep up with the free radicals caused by utilizing oxygen. Free radicals damage any molecule they touch and their damage to the DNA causes abnormal gene expression and dangerous gene mutations.

It depletes tissues of glutathione, a premier antioxidant and detoxification substance needed to prevent free radical damage.

It damages numerous kinds of proteins and causes them to fold in peculiar ways, setting the stage for diseases like Alzheimer's, which is linked to the accumulation of misfolded proteins.

It damages vital barriers in the body, particularly the blood-brain barrier, which protects brain cells from blood toxins damaging to brain cells.

It disorganizes brain waves, interferes with normal sleep and impedes the brain's production of the anti-cancer hormone melatonin, leading to a general breakdown of health and vitality.

It disables the human immune system.

    Thousands of published studies reveal that the deadly health effects of RF/microwave radiation are exactly parallel to those of smoking. Although non-thermal microwave radiation is currently designated as a Category 2B (possible) carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), many scientists report that there is now enough published scientific evidence of carcinogenicity for an upgrade of that designation to Group 1A, on par with X-radiation, asbestos and tobacco. [14] 
     The wireless free-for-all is a throwback to the cavalier way in which earlier generations perceived the use of tobacco products in their day. By the 1950s, nearly half of all Americans routinely had a cigarette dangling from their lips. Today, the US Surgeon General and the entire US medical establishment declare that smoking tobacco causes cancer, heart disease, metabolic disease, pregnancy risks and horrific fetal syndromes. Despite this widespread knowledge, over 40 million Americans still smoke compulsively. Each passing day, another 4000 American youth under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette. [15] These astonishing numbers provide solid proof that, for many people, instant gratification and primal addiction trump the desire for quality of life. Cigarette tobacco is now even more deadly and addictive than it was fifty years ago. The crafty tobacco companies have added additional chemicals to ramp up addiction, to make smoke easier to inhale and to increase the speed at which nicotine hits the brain. [16]
    Likewise, for the last 30 years, the Wi-industry (dubbed Tobacco II) has obviously conspired to addict the masses to lucrative wireless devices and technologies. Dr. Katherine Albrecht, an expert on RFID surveillance chipping, says: "Every one of these devices, from the video games to the smart phones...has been carefully designed with the understanding of human psychology to cause you to love them, to be addicted to them and to fight to the death if someone tries to take it [the device] away from you." [17]
     There is much empirical evidence that Wi-radiation triggers the most gripping and bitter addiction ever faced by humanity.  A 2016 survey reported that 50 percent of US teens admit to mobile device addiction. Neuro-imaging studies show that kids who text have the same brain areas light up as do heroin addicts. The insatiable drive to keep a transceiving microwave device in the hand or on the head is linked to two complimentary brain systems: dopamine (the wanting) and opioid (the liking). These organic systems, triggered by wireless technologies, suck people into a loop of compulsive behavior which makes it impossible for many to stop texting, looking at e-mails and checking for messages. Wireless device manufacturers and all service providers, including Cancer on the Verizon, AT&Tumor, Sprint to Chemo are selling a DRUG, pure and simple!  [18]  Click the link below for a professional commentary on what this means to America's kids:
   Cigarette manufacture in the US began in about 1864. The office of Surgeon General did not issue its first warning on cigarette smoking until 1964. Commercial cell phones first came on the US market in 1983. If a hundred years should be required, the US surgeon general may issue a proper health warning on wireless radiation in 2083. Due to political and economic considerations, federal health agencies currently remain mute on the subject of health damage from wireless radiation.  This is especially egregious because, as heavily documented at this site, the federal government itself has produced myriad studies and copious medical literature through decades confirming that low-power, non-thermal microwaves produce the same avalanche of deadly health effects as tobacco products. Stanton Glantz, a professor of medicine at UC San Francisco, sums up the state of American consciousness on this subject:  "I think cell phones are about where cigarettes were in 1955." [19]
    One of three people who begin tobacco use before the age of 18 will die of smoking-related diseases about 13 years sooner than their non-smoking peers. Approximately half of all long-term smokers die from diseases caused by their tobacco usage. For every person who dies from smoking-related disease, there are 20 other people who suffer at least one serious illness associated with smoking. [20]
    Children who begin using cordless phones and cell phones before the age of 20 incur five times the normal risk of developing brain cancer. [21] This epidemiological statistic has been distilled mainly from studies of people who used the older, second generation wireless technologies. Cancer risks are likely even worse for kids addicted to "smart" 3G and 4G LTE devices, which feature: multiple antennas, higher power densities and more complex signal modulations. Medical science indicates that those who habitually Wi-irradiate themselves from an early age will also suffer high risk for other types of malignancies including: lymphoma, eye cancer, thyroid cancer, mouth cancer and cancers of the skin. Yet, the average American child receives his own mobile phone by the time he is twelve years old. [22] A 2013 survey found that 38 percent of US children under the age of two were using mobile media devices, including tablets and smart phones. [23] Many babies and tots are literally "raised" by a digital nanny.
 The Phenomenon of Multiple Addictions
     There are no available health statistics regarding the millions of American youth who abuse themselves with BOTH tobacco and wireless radiation. But a 2014 study reported that exposing frog embryos to both nicotine sulfate and GSM mobile phone signals (900 MHz and 1800 MHz) for up to 8 hours resulted in "drastic abnormalities and death" of the embryos. [24] With millions of Americans now bi-addicted, it's a national imperative that medical science investigate the risk to humans (and their fetuses) who begin using BOTH tobacco products and mobile microwave devices at an early age. But where is the funding for such crucial studies?  Most Americans are now chronically exposed to the induced and contact currents of microwave technologies. This inescapable carcinogen is toxic enough.  But a human body additionally saturated with the 7000 chemicals of cigarette smoke, 69 of which are known to cause cancer,  is absolutely riding the down escalator. 
     In 2010, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that the habitual use of wireless technologies is linked to various other noxious addictions. [25] CDC's study took a look at thousands of people who had relinquished landline phones and who used wireless phones only. These populations were heavily tilted towards: young adults, renters, Hispanics and African Americans and the economically deprived. Comparing land-line homes to wireless homes, the study found that mobile-phone-only adults:
1.  Were more likely to have serious psychological distress (necessitating addictive prescription drugs)
2.  Were more likely to be smokers
3.  Were twice more likely to be binge drinkers
    Also in 2010, the CDC reported that binge drinking accounted for more than half of the 80,000 annual deaths from excessive alcohol consumption in the US. This addiction accounts for three quarters of the $223.5 billion in annual economic costs from excessive drinking. [26] The media has long linked binge drinking with the astronomical number of campus rapes reported across the USA each year. [27]
    There is an amazing connection between wireless pollution and the lust for alcohol.  In the 1990s, Dr. Henry Lai and his team at the University of Washington used rats to study DNA damage and the various ways in which microwave-irradiated mammals respond to amphetamines, barbiturates and alcohol. Dr. Lai reported [28]:
1. "One common feature of these [rat] responses was that they seemed to be related to the activity of a group of neurotransmitters in the brain known as endogenous opioids.  These are compounds that are generated by the brain and are related to morphine. We propose that exposure to radio frequency radiation (microwaves) activates endogenous opioids in the brain of the rat."
2. "The endogenous opioid hypothesis could actually explain the increase of alcohol consumption in RFR-exposed rats that we reported in 1984....Increase in endogenous opioid activity in the brain can somehow cause alcohol-drinking behavior." 
    This information indicates that America's highly-irradiated population is vulnerable to multiple destructive addictions, which feed one upon the other-- addictions that grandly enrich those who peddle the "goods." Wireless technologies, improperly used and poorly regulated, portend more potential for human suffering than any other dangerous development in history, with the exception of open warfare. This radiation, which cannot generally be detected by human senses, is administered to everyone in the USA without adequate health warnings, without pre-market health testing, without post-market surveillance and without the fully-informed consent of those abused.
    The inevitable result of continually absorbing pulsed microwave radiation is akin to absorbing deadly chemicals. And we know that RF/microwave radiation has the very same cumulative damaging effects on human cells as X-radiation. Now scientists are proving in the laboratory that noxious environmental toxins suffered by one generation have epigenetic and multi-generational ramifications. American infants, toddlers and children --today chronically infused with DNA-busting microwaves-- can and will pass down to their children and grandchildren a genetic, radiation-induced disposition to abnormalities and disease, making each subsequent generation sicker and more impaired as time progresses. [29]
Considering the potential for human suffering,
NO education campaign is more important than WIRELESS POLLUTION!
 Why wait a hundred years for the official word to get out?!
     Instead of jogging in various disease marathons, instead of thrusting hard-earned funds into research for a "cancer cure," it makes more sense to use time, energy and resources to urge prevention and to inform fellow Americans about the documented health risks of chronic wireless radiation exposure. Prevention requires information. The flyers below provide a shortcut to the enlightened future when society will finally catch up with medical realities.
     People capable of love and empathy can share the latest scientific knowledge until we obtain critical mass necessary for constructive change. In the past, good people have achieved critical mass for control of other deadly contaminants: tobacco smoke in public places, lead in the paint, asbestos in attics, vinyl chloride in the rivers, formaldehyde in construction materials. Through public education the consensus nixed: fluoroscope machines in shoe stores, routine X-rays for pregnant women, unregulated chemical dumps, lead in gasoline and outrageous particulate pollution from smoke stacks. 
    But these advancements did not materialize overnight. Cultural change requires time and patience. Mass movement towards the light can be so slow that the process is downright boring. And the Wireless Holocaust is a special case. Never before in human history have so many been so violently obsessed to commit self-harm by incinerating their bodies with near-field wave carcinogen, while forcing their gross pollution on everyone else. Even when confronted with sterling medical facts, millions of radiation-addicted Americans do nothing to save themselves. Conditioned to cowardice,  conformity and subliminal obedience, many have no mind of their own, no ability to organize, no will to speak out and no incentive to take action.  It appears that the larger herd will gladly submit to wireless sterilization and euthanasia. 
    However, in the long term, death technologies are not sustainable.  The self-serving Wi-industry can maim and kill for only so long. Bad ideas, defective consumer products and toxic technologies are self-limiting by virtue of the inevitable destruction they unleash. By 2014, the World Health Organization was warning urgently of  a global cancer "tidal wave."  [30]
   While we cannot accomplish mass education by using baseball bats to raise lumps on stubborn heads, it is the radiation-induced lumps arising INSIDE of heads that prompt acute awareness. Wi-irradiated women, who will not hear reasonable scientific warnings about wireless hazards, will most definitely focus when it's time for a mastectomy. Right now, the connection between ubiquitous microwave technologies and America's exploding national incidence of autism and other developmental disabilities are completely ignored in America's mindless rush to all things wireless! But one day, the ever-increasing surge of brain-damaged babies being born in the USA will materialize into a national priority. Leading experts like Dr. Hugh S. Taylor M.D., at the Yale School of Medicine and Dr. Martha Herbert Ph.D., M.D., at Harvard are warning that wireless microwaves have massive potential to damage unborn babies. The link below with recent published studies provides ample documentation that concerned people NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT NOW!
    The historical perspective of philosopher Max Planck resonates with how the Microwave Age will inevitably pan out: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents, rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." As with smokers, we can be sure that many Wi-addicts will ignore the science and  eventually suffer terribly, then die from microwave-induced sickness. Yet, for the sake of innumerable worthy souls hungering for information, we continue to sow lifesaving seeds for the future. We can nourish these seeds with the dew of massive scientific evidence, which we churn out with copy machines.
    We must never be discouraged in the effort to alleviate unnecessary suffering and save lives. Humans are slow to learn; addicted humans are a special challenge. Driving home the truth about wireless requires patience and persistence. We can do this if we remember:
TRUTH has a hard life, but it always outlives THE LIE.
 Flyers for the Love of Humanity
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because the heading gets the message across quickly!
Breast Cancer Warning From California Doctors
Here's What Wi-Fi Can Do For You!
      Save a Life
 Note:  This is a flyer to share when people hear wireless radiation with an audio meter.
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