Dr. George Carlo, epidemiologist who headed the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program in the 1990s: "Normally a device such as a mobile phone or cell phone that is a consumer device that emits radiation would go through a process of pre-market testing...done prior to marketing so that predictions of risk to the population that might use them could be made. However, cell phones were exempted from that based on the input from the mobile phone industry in 1984. That input was based on science ...at the time that indicated that the only health effect that could follow from microwave exposure had to do with heating of biological tissue, and that because cell phones operated at very low power they would not be able to heat tissue and therefore they should be excluded from this onerous process of pre-market testing. That was known as the low power exclusion." [1]
Per Segerback, former Ericsson telecommunications engineer who spent his career in Sweden designing integrated circuits for advanced mobile telecommunications systems: "I'm an engineer and even I don't know how to design a phone that doesn't affect health." [2]

  Truth has a hard life

But it always outlives the lie!

        So help get the word out! 

   Dangerous Wi-technologies are stampeding the human herd to disease, disability, deformity, dementia and premature death with addictive RF/microwave radiation now recognized internationally as a "very effective carcinogen."  Leading the charge to incomprehensible pain and suffering is the intrepid Wireless Radiation Industry which has reconfigured human consciousness to ensure universal worship of the wireless small screen. Countless thousands of corporations, suppliers and contractors profit from unsaf wireless technologies with no liability for the public health. Because wireless radiation is such a profitable carcinogen, it will be years, if not decades, before the full truth i made available to consumers.
 Considering the potential for human suffering,
NO education campaign is more important
   Instead of jogging in disease marathons, instead of thrusting hard-earned funds into research for a "cancer cure," it makes more sense to use time, energy and resources to urge prevention and to inform fello Americans about the documented health risks of chronic wireless radiation exposure. Prevention requires the latest scientific information. The flyers below provide a shortcut to an enlightened future when society will finally catch up with medical and scientific realities.
  People capable of love and empathy can share the latest scientific information until we obtain critical mass necessary for constructive change. In the past, good people have achieved control of other deadly contaminants: tobacco smoke in public places: lead in paint, asbestos in attics, vinyl chloride in the rivers, formaldehyde in construction materials. Through public education, everyone knows the truth about: fluoroscope machines in shoe stores, routine X-rays for pregnant women, unregulated chemical dumps, lead in gasoline and  particulate pollution from smoke stacks. Finally in 2023, the truth is emerging about PFAS (forever chemicals), responsible for high cancer rates among firefighters and first responders who wear toxic protective gear. [3]
  But these advancements did not materialize overnight. Cultural changes requires time and patience. Mass movement towards the light is generally so slow as to be downright boring. Addicted humans are a special challenge so the Wireless Holocaust is a special case. Never before in human history have so many been so violently obsessed to commit self-harm by incinerating their bodies with near-field wave carcinogen, while forcing their gross pollution upon everyone else. Even when confronted with sterling medical facts, millions of radiation-addicted Americans will do nothing to save themselves. Conditioned to conformity and subliminal obedience, many have no mind of their own, no ability to organize, no will to speak out and no incentive to take action.  It appears that the larger herd will gladly submit to wireless sterilization, lobotomization and even gradual euthanasia
  Yet, in the long term, death technologies are not sustainable. The self-serving Wi-industry can maim and kill for only so long. Bad ideas, defective consumer products and toxic technologies are self-limiting by virtue of the inevitable destruction they unleash.
  While we cannot accomplish mass education by using baseball bats to raise lumps on stubborn heads, it is the radiation-induced lumps arising INSIDE of heads that prompt acute awareness. Wi-addicted women, who refuse to hear reasonable scientific warnings about wireless hazards, will most definitely focus when it's time for a mastectomy. Right now, the connection between ubiquitous microwave technologies and America's exploding national incidence of autism and other developmental disabilities are completely ignored in America's mindless rush to all things wireless! Yet surely one day, the ever-increasing surge of damaged babies and children in the USA will materialize into a national priority. Leading experts like Dr. Hugh S. Taylor M.D., at the Yale School of Medicine and Dr. Martha Herbert Ph.D., M.D., at Harvard have long warned that wireless microwaves have massive potential to damage unborn babies and young children. SO WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT NOW!
  The historical perspective of philosopher Max Planck reminds us how the Wireless Age will inevitably pan out: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents, rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." As with smokers, we can be sure that many Wi-addicts will ignore the science, suffer terribly and eventually die from microwave-induced sickness. Yet, for the sake of innumerable worthy souls still deprived of information, let us continue to sow lifesaving seeds for the future. We can nourish these seeds with the dew of massive scientific evidence, which we churn out with copy machines. So copy these flyers and hand them out to people who can benefit.
 PDF Flyers for the Love of Humanity
 Note:  This is a good flyer to share when people hear wireless radiation with an audio meter.
Breast Cancer Warning From California Doctors
 Note: This information won't fit a flyer, but send it as an e-mail link to those you love

1.  Dr. Carlo made this statement in 2007 during a presentation to the people of Jersey regarding the medical hazards of microwave radiation. Find Dr. Carlo's excellent presentation HERE

2. Segerback quoted in: "The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves," Popular Science, 03-04-2010.
3. "Firefighter Union Sues Massachusetts Group Over Toxic Chemicals in Protective Gear," WBUR.org, 03-16-2023.