Amy Worthington: "The Wireless Revolution has unleashed a nationwide 'symphony' of ultra-high frequencies, blazing from millions of antennas in the keys of heart disease, diabetes, brain dysfunction and cancer. The modulated, information-carrying radio waves inherent in wireless technologies emit a variety of hideously repetitious and rhythmic pulses. When you listen to RF/microwave radiation with an audio detection device, you hear an unnerving cacophony of grinding tones, octaves, pitches and an eerie metallic screech, all playing across the land with the intensity of a pneumatic drill. Wireless 'music' emanating from the national network of ferocious radiating fields is a REQUIEM FOR THE MASSES."
Want to Survive the Microwave Age?
    Listen to the Music!
  This spoof picture was featured in 2020 by, a news portal behind the construction and maintenance of carcinogenic towers and other wireless infrastructure that poisons cities, towns and most inhabited buildings across the USA. The Estimator is generously supported by Wi-industry professionals and vendors who are proud to keep the world posted on their unrelenting progress towards the gradual termination of all living creatures (omnicide).
  The above image perfectly describes the Wi-industry's grand design for new, enhanced radiation weaponry to be inserted into "every nook and cranny" of the human environment. Note in the background is an industry technician preparing to mount a ladder in order to hang deadly new 5G antenna equipment on a utility strands along the right-of-way. The industry is determined to ensure that the voltage of cancer blasts from every post and strand across America, while lobotomized citizens do nothing to object or to protect themselves.
   This 2020 photo of youthful cyborgs in Communist Vietnam illustrates the global master plan devised for all of humanity.  Youth everywhere are destined to be hypnotized by personal tracking devices through which central authority can monitor and direct every move, thought and emotion 24/7.  The Wi-system is designed to keep human livestock in a state of constant distraction, reducing them to dull creatures who only eat, excrete and scroll the small screen. Thus hyper-occupied, they will never find a quiet space where they might formulate their own thoughts or tap into their own creative powers.
  People who think of their connected devices as bodily appendages voluntarily consent to electronic tracking exactly like that used to trace movement and location of reprobates under house arrest. The new smart phones that prohibit battery removal allow hackers to monitor every activity and conversation going on around the phones, even when they appear to be off. Soon humans on this planet will neither buy nor sell unless they capitulate to this global totalitarian surveillance system and literally worship the wireless "image that speaks." 
  Entrained in early childhood to be radiation-addicted, global armies of young Wi-cultists will live short, cancer-ridden lives riddled with premature discomfort and decay, having no understanding that the microwave and millimeter wave radiation in the air everywhere is a horrific and perpetual insult to their bodies and brains. No one tells them that the toxic energy saturating their 4G/5G environment is designed to rob them of mind, body and soul. For lack of information, they will never comprehend what it is that drives them to mental anguish, extreme exhaustion, neurological illness, immune dysfunction and premature death.

    The science is clear. In 2020, the above team of experts from Seoul Medical University and UC Berkeley confirmed that their meta-analysis of 46 case-control medical studies, published in international journals between 1996 to 2015, provides significant evidence linking wireless phone radiation to increased tumor risk, especially among people with cumulative exposure to that radiation for 1000 hours or more in their lifetime. These 46 studies, among countless others in the literature, show that high frequency electromagnetic fields from wireless devices can accelerate cancer development. And this certainly includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems used by most people for thousands of hours each year. [1]  Unfortunately, none of these studies describes the carnage of new and more potent 5G frequencies now being pumped through the brains and gut organs of people everywhere.

     It will be many years before scientists can calculate what the C-band microwaves and the millimeter waves of 5G are doing to the brain matter of humanity. But we at least have the benefit of this warning regarding glioma from the older Wi-technologies. Glioma is most hideous and aggressive brain cancer that kill about 10,000 Americans per year:
  Yet, the masses are brainwashed to believe that there are no alternatives to wireless technologies. They meekly endure chronic radiation assault along with the discomfort and disintegration that comes with endless Wi-exposure. Few know that unhackable landline phones, optical fiber Internet and wired computers provide the best of communications and security, while keeping buildings safe for human health.  
        The Wi-loving herd believes that radiation technologies come first, human life last. It seems that no amount of science will convince them otherwise.
       However, those who dare to differ with this "group-think"  
 in order to preserve and protect:
brain function
cardiovascular health
genetic integrity
   must choose a different path!
The path to empowerment is achieving the ability to:
   hear, measure and avoid/minimize environmental wave carcinogen
   Wireless spectrum radiation is insidious. If people can't touch, see, smell or taste an environmental hazard, they don't "get it." The human auditory system is not designed to hear millions or billions of hertz (oscillations per second) screaming through the air as wireless electromagnetic currents. Therefore, non-ionizing microwave radiation blazing from America's millions of Wi-antennas is detectable only with reliable measuring equipment. Here are some great AUDIO TOOLS for those who realize that we cannot rely on Wi-profiteers and negligent government agencies to save our lives:


    The newly updated Acoustimeter, designed in Europe, is a sturdy broadband instrument that measures the totality of the Wi-radiation in the electromagnetic range of 200 million hertz (MHz) to 8 billion hertz (GHz). This is the range of frequencies deployed by most modern Wi-communication systems encountered in the everyday environment, including low, midband and C-band 5G frequencies. 
    The battery-operated Acoustimeter is lightweight, easy to carry and use. It can "play" simultaneously numerous types of signals saturating a Wi-environment. This helps us to determine, with a small amount of practice, which types of signal generators are being heard: smart phone, cell tower, Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phone, etc.
    RF/Microwave power density readings are shown on the Acoustimeter with two series of graduated LED lights showing both voltage and  microwattage, important metrics used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for exposure and emissions guidelines. The LEDs update rapidly, demonstrating how wireless radiation continually changes power density as it brutalizes human DNA into molecular splinters called micronuclei. Micronuclei damage is the forerunner of human cancers.
    The Acoustimeter's voltage reading instantly reveals how much voltage per meter is flowing through a human body caught in a Wi-environment. The voltage measurement is important because cancer experts with the International Agency for Research on Cancer confirm that carcinogenic Wi-voltage couples with human bodies "resulting in induced electric and magnetic fields and associated currents inside tissues."  When you hear high-frequency "noise" on  your meter, you know that you are in Cancer Country.
    A great alternative to the Acoustimeter is the Safe and Sound.  This is an excellent battery-powered AUDIO meter, easy to carry for digital alerts in microwave cesspools: school, work, play or on the way. It also reads at 200 MHz to 8 GHz. This meter is interesting because it captures and records the highest power density spikes that are often overlooked during averaged exposures. Less expensive meters are not as sensitive, durable and instructive as the two RF meters recommended by researchers for this website. 

   Literally thousands of medical and scientific studies and reports confirm that chronic exposure to the low-level microwave energy documented by these high-quality AUDIO meters is capable of producing at least 13 categories of serious health ramifications for which millions of people seek medical help each year:
   Extremely low frequencies (ELF) are also highly toxic, depressive and ultimately carcinogenic to the body. This Trifield AUDIO meter quantifies the low frequency radiation flowing through a human body from electrical sources such as household current, engines and motors. This meter is valuable for measuring electromagnetic pollution coming from the wiring in inhabited buildings.  It can reveal how much carcinogen invades the pelvic area of a person sitting astride motorized vehicles such as motorcycles, etc. It can reveal the ELF voltage flowing through a body trapped inside of an electric or hybrid vehicle.
   Lowering ELF milligauss exposure to the body can help people feel strong and well again. It is best to keep ELF exposures under two or three milligauss. This meter will register electromagnetic readings in microwave environments since RF radiation is reeking with low frequency energy pulses. The meter also features an RF readout function (far less instructive than the RF meters above) using milliwatts (mW) per square meter. (Milliwatts can be converted to volts).
You can order these three life-saving meters online.

Wi-survival Requires Basic Understanding and Commitment
    A 2016 study of irradiated information technology (IT) workers trapped in a wireless environment provides a wealth of information on the impact of electromagnetic oscillations documented to damage DNA/ mitochondria,  impair all molecular functions of the body and unleash oxidative and nitrosative stress that guarantee illness. Major complaints of workers interviewed for the study included: chronic pain, headaches, tremors, inability to sleep, depression, fatigue, blurred vision, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, dryness of tissues, hair loss, pain in teeth along with filling degradation, skin problems, allergies and asthma.
   This study is packed with information deliberately withheld from Wi-irradiated North Americans.  Researchers who conducted this study reported: "....It is misguided to think that electromagnetic radiation would not be having a negative effect on public health. The Russian studies of the 1960s clearly laid out how the process EHS [electromagnetic hypersensitivity] developed over time. It begins with a period of stimulation and heightened awareness, followed by a period of adaptation and eventually followed by a period of organism decline .....Continued research in this field and mitigation is required in the coming years." 
     As you listen to the "music" with your new metering equipment remember:
1. A living human is a battery that  provides a flow of innate vital energy to every cell and organ in the body.
2.  Keeping the body battery fully-charged on a daily basis is the key to vibrant health and a life worth living.
3.  The corrosive poison of  wireless radiation --the same energy that activates an AUDIO microwave meter-- is a major drain on the body battery!  The truth is, this radiation can gradually drain your body battery to DEAD.
  Besides medical testing of biological functions, there are many novel ways to gauge the vitality of the body's vital energy. The art of muscle testing, plus a great variety of machines that help assess the chi of the body, clearly reveal that wireless radiation nearly extinguishes the body's vital energy! Wi-irradiated people drag along through life with chronically impaired energy levels. They are forced to function, to endure emotional upheaval and to fight pathogens while their bodies are struggling to cope with biological chaos from non-stop wireless stress. At special risk are the millions of people who cannot find a way to avoid direct bodily contact with wireless devices.
  Energy testing shows that the body's natural energy flow does not fully recover until wireless radiation is completely absent from the environment. This means that Wi-survivor-wannabes must give up: Alexa, Xfinity, the DISH wireless hopper, RING, Wi-fitness wearables, Apple ear pods and a zillion other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth obsessions. Researchers who conducted the Wi-worker study linked above advise: "If EMFs are removed during the stages of stimulation and adaptation, the organism can potentially recover from many disabilities experienced throughout the exposures. Reintroduction of EMFs can often lead to more severe disabilities and illness."
  People who wish to survive the Microwave Age must seek and create for themselves a very rare atmosphere where quality audio radiation meters are absolutely QUIET. A radiation-free refuge is a crucial environment where the body can rest and repair from unavoidable damage encountered in radiation zones. This is especially true for people who suffer from Microwave Syndrome conditions listed in the thirteen categories above. And this is most critical for people who are fighting cancer conditions.
 Microwave "Music" is Voltage, the Voltage of Cancer 
Listening to the "Music" Is Imperative for Survival
     Are stealth weapons like this in your neighborhood?  
 Then LISTEN to the MUSIC!
Cell tower and rooftop communications antennas emit a high-pitched scream similar to a fire siren.  If you like the sound of fingernails scratching along a blackboard, you will LOVE the cell tower scream on audio meter. Intermingled with the gruesome antenna whine is often heard clicking, whistling and/or grinding tone gyrations involving the lower frequency data signals superimposed onto the microwave carrier signals. These days, the sinister cell tower howl can be heard at various microwave and millimeter wave power densities almost everywhere across our radiation nation.  Your audio microwave meter will allow you to hear the new C-band 5G signals loud and clear as they wack your DNA and cell membranes into molecular rubble.

Wi-Fi signals are propagated in many sound-flavors, but most systems emit pulsing, grinding and crackling noise similar to the relentless static of a buzz saw.  The Wi-Fi beacon signal, always on, emits a woodpecker cadence which suggests a sort of "percussion section" of the national wireless symphony.  Both indoors and out, Wi-Fi systems literally saturate the environment with the repulsive buzzing of gigahertz radiation.  Generally propagated in all directions for hundreds of feet, Wi-Fi pollution is completely unregulated. Anyone can use it to furtively attack, sicken, even surreptiously terminate his neighbors. Listen to the ferocious, dual band Wi-Fi from your wireless personal assistant, then ask Alexa or Siri who is going to pay your resulting medical bills? 

Personal wireless devices and building security systems emit their own unique energetic hisses, whistles and static clicks.  DECT phone bases and baby monitors emit a perpetual static roar. There is hissing and crackling from transceiving laptops, cell phones, tablets, printers and other wireless gizmos as they propagate wave carcinogen. When you listen to the relentless noise raging from phones,  routers, Wi-Fi boosters, play stations, security systems, Bluetooth headsets, household "smart hubs," vehicle infotainment systems and the "smart" meter mounted outside on a wall right behind your bed, you begin to understand the power and range of toxic energy that creates momentum for diabetes, dementia and malignancy.  
    Seen above is an older smart phone on standby.  When this photo was taken, the Wi-Fi function was not on, nor was the phone making a call.  Yet the phone was continually searching for connection. To do this, it generated a microwave power density vacillating between 4.5 to 6 volts per meter as seen by the flashing meter lights.  The voltage power density from this phone is hundreds of times higher than RF/microwave power levels documented to cause dangerous bio-effects in both humans and animals. Using a meter for visual and audio confirmation, we can understand why connected mobile phones on stand-by, carried in trouser pockets, are heavily documented to decimate sperm. We understand why these phones tucked into bras or chest pockets can eventually generate breast tumors and impair heart function.
   Most smart phone and smart tablet instruction manuals warn users to keep wireless devices about an inch away from the body. Yet, the Acoustimeter picks up carcinogenic voltage from this smart phone up to thirty feet away. Such a huge area of impact demonstrates how easily Wi-addicts invade the space of others with far-reaching pollution emanating from their personal Wi-devices, from their radiation-riddled properties and from their hotspot vehicles. 
  An RF meter enables people to clearly understand how invisible wave teratogen (causes birth defects and neurological impairments) flows as electromagnetic currents through America's ovaries, testes, ova, sperm and fetuses. Take a measurement directly on the skin of an infant lying next to a wireless baby monitor.  Get a reading next to the solar plexus of a kid playing for hours on a wireless game console.  Place your meter next to the heart of a little child playing with an active iPhone or tablet. Now we begin to understand why so many of America's young are energetically weak, immune deficient, struggling with learning disabilities and afflicted with chronic health disorders.  Make anyWi-addict listen to "the music" on an audio microwave meter, and he will beg you to turn it off!  For such delicate ears, the audio signals can be muted. More preferable is turning off the carcinogen with the flick of a button or the removal of a battery.
   Click HERE to see how a ZIGBEE radio transmitter embedded in a "smart" refrigerator can "cook" the house with microwave signals capable of Internet connectivity. As you listen to the insidious pulsing of this irradiating fridge, recall that the Wi-industry is working feverishly to usher in the Internet of Things (IoT). These money-grubbers won't rest until billions of radiation-spewing consumer products and appliances are enjoined to rock and roll with 5G and the IoT.   Not merely content with human addiction to their deadly products, 5G fanatics believe that every inanimate object must also be made dependent on their lucrative carcinogen. Given the latest medical science, inhabited buildings that feature numerous RF/microwave can emitters be referred to as slow-kill extermination centers where people are gradually but effectively CONNECTED TO DEATH! Wi-survivors will tell appliance vendors that they cannot accept any household item that emits microwave signals. 
   Here are more ways that your audio meters can provide information and personal safety:
  First confirm whether RF/microwave radiation is polluting your personal environment and  identify the location and sources of this pollution. Especially rearrange and shield your sleeping areas to become microwave-free, work on other spaces next.
Determine the levels of Wi-pollution emanating from all personal mobile devices, whether in stand-by or in transceiving mode. Listen to the inferno of a cordless phone base and monitor the effluent pouring from a cordless  handset when in use. Then buy yourself corded phones that do not microwave-pollute.
Discover that even when you TURN OFF the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your personal HARDWIRED computer, you may still hear microwave noise. Confirm that the noise is reduced or gone after a technician removes wireless chips from the board inside. Electromagnetic noise from a laptop computer can also be managed by connecting a separate, non-wireless screen, keyboard, and mouse to the laptop, then covering the laptop base with light-weight shielding fabric to contain noxious emissions.  People use an inexpensive cooling fan under the laptop to avoid heat.
Demonstrate to your clueless friends, relatives, colleagues that wireless energy exists as a relentless mechanical force capable of loudly activating a meter as it affects every form and function of the human body. A person encumbered with wireless devices carried on the body becomes a walking microwave antenna. "Frisk" such a person with an RF meter as he walks through the door of a microwave-free area.  He will likely be amazed to discover that his entire aura is radiation-saturated, startled that he trails a wake of carcinogenic energy wherever he goes. The next step is to explain that, just as there is a proper place for tobacco smoke, feces and urine, the proper place for wave carcinogen is likewise far away from polite (and informed) company.
Protect the unborn and the newly born from the neurological and developmental damage of microwaves. Place an RF meter on the belly of a pregnant mother broiling in Wi-Fi so that she can hear the genetically-damaging, heart-disrupting Wi-voltage gushing through her amniotic fluid where the baby is trying to develop. Let everyone listen to the pulsing of wireless tracking devices that hospitals attach to newborns, with zero consideration as to how on-the-body microwaves --in conjunction with hospital Wi-Fi-- affect the heart variability and the nervous system of infants.  Encumbering newborns, including those who are premature or sick, with a radio transmitter that broadcasts  RF to sensors  many meters away is beyond reprehensible. Most horrifying, this potentially carcinogenic and cardio-toxic radiation is foisted upon infants at the very time they are simultaneously trying to cope with their first toxic vaccine (Hepatitis B).
Compare Wi-radiation fields with clusters of sickness and disability in highly-irradiated buildings and neighborhoods. Groups can share a good meter for community monitoring projects. Everyone remains in danger until the majority of Americans leave the cocoon of Wi-land and use metering equipment to become familiar with the real world out there.
Listen to antenna pollution that slams through the window glass of your vehicles and identify the pollution generated by the Wi-systems of the vehicles themselves.  If you own a fiberglass motor home or travel trailer, an RF meter will inform you that you have almost no interior protection from intense microwave pollution as you travel about. (By contrast to fiberglass, a metal shell and aluminum screening or EMF film applied to the window glass provides some shielding.)  
Listen to the astonishing power density of radiation leaking from your microwave oven while it is in operation. You'll want to leave the kitchen for sure. You may even decide that the microwave oven should leave the kitchen.
   Taking it a step further, choose to protect yourself against potent wave carcinogen by entering the brave new world of radiation mitigation. Once you create a strategy for cleaning your environment, use your meters to confirm the success of your mitigation efforts. Currently available meters may not alert to ultra-high gigahertz millimeter waves used for 5G  (everyone is anxiously awaiting an affordable consumer meter that can do that). Verizon's 5G antennas are now nuking the population with 20-40 billion hertz. But 4G and Wi-Fi technologies will be around for a long time and the 5G infrastructure will interact and cross-pollinate with 4G antennas. So for now, we can assume that millimeter waves are part of the deadly environmental filth that we clearly hear at lower frequencies with our audio meters. The 5G millimeter waves will rapidly disintegrate human eyes and skin.
Make your home and office safer.
 Brain and gut-protective clothing is pricey, but radiation-induced illness is far more expensive.
   Watch the video below for spell-binding propaganda on how CARCINOGENIZED HUMANITY will supposedly achieve HEAVEN ON EARTH when ALL BODIES and ALL THINGS become part of THE ALL-SEEING CLOUD!  This vision for a WORLD THAT BECOMES ONE BIG RADIATION-DRIVEN TOUCH SCREEN was apparently conceived by Powers and Principalities a long time ago. The latest science confirms that a civilization in which Man merges with Machine cannot possible have a happy ending for living flesh. 
 Note:  Managers of this site receive no compensation for any device or product recommended herein.



1.  Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020, 17 (21) 8079).