A 2013 medical study published in the quarterly journal Reviews in Environmental Health: "Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart and the autonomic nervous system....An increasingly common response includes clumping (rouleaux formation) of the red blood cells, heart palpitations, pain or pressure in the chest accompanied by anxiety and an upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system coincident with a downregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of the 'fight-or-flight' response." [1]
Dr. Hans-Christoph Scheiner, M.D., of the German Environmental Institute: "It is also proven multiple times that radio waves cause a decrease in the sleep and body defense hormone melatonin....Let’s not forget about the intermediate massive impairment of our microcirculation and therewith the oxygen supply of our inner organs and brain caused by the tendency of our red blood cells to stick together under the influence of radio waves. (PETERSOHN 1998, RITTER and WOLSKI 2005). In addition to this, Prof. Kundi (Environmental Hygienic Department of Vienna University) found a high increase of heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis and embolism in people who live near transmitter masts [cell towers]." [2]

A 2015 animal study published in Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology: "These results suggest for the first time, as far as we know, that exposure to Wi-Fi affects heart rhythm, blood pressure and catecholamines [neurotransmitters] efficacy....indicating that radiofrequency can act directly and/or indirectly on [the] cardiovascular system." [3]


     RF/microwave radiation used for wireless is cardiotoxic!
It has documented potential to damage and disable the human cardiovascular system.

    Medical studies across decades present compelling evidence that even at very low, non-thermal power densities, non-ionizing wave radiation used for wireless technologies can damage internal organs and impair vital functions of the blood and heart. Four recent scientific studies of radiation used for cell phones and Wi-Fi show horrific damage to blood and heart tissues, including: formation of superoxide radicals, lipid peroxide, oxidized protein, weakening of the antioxidant defense system in heart tissues [4]; oxidative injury to heart tissues [5]; obliteration of red/white blood cells and platelets [6]; abnormal percentage of dead myocardial cells, altered structure of Z bands, decreased myofilaments and pronounced vacuolization (abnormal texture, holes) in heart tissues. [7]
  This matters in the USA where cardiovascular pathology, the number one killer, dispatches 695,000 people annually. It also matters in Canada where 9 of 10 people have at least one risk factor for heart attack or stroke[8] This matters for students and workers who cannot avoid massive and perpetual exposure to a broad spectrum of RF/microwave devices and antennas in the school or the workplace. This especially matters for the 6.5 million people who enter emergency rooms each year complaining of chest pain, an expensive and terrifying symptom of heart disruption.   
    National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies, funded by the U.S. government, confirmed a connection between cell phone radiation and malignant schwannoma tumors of the heart, plus ventricular cardiomyopathy. [9] Medical literature further documents massive evidence that wireless signals, propagated at allowable exposure levels from wireless mobile device and environmental antennas, have destructive power to:
Disrupt heart rate and force abnormal cardiac output (COP) [10]

Damage and abnormally polarize both blood cells and bone marrow cells 
where blood components are made [11]

Clump blood cells, raising risk of blood restriction, clots and ischemic stroke [12]
 Cause cells, vessels and capillaries to leak, raising the risk of hemorrhagic stroke [13]

Induce hypertension and severe blood pressure swings [14]
Disrupt or suppress normal heart rate variability [15]
 Foster the development of heart disease (CVD) and heart failure [16]
 Instigate sudden cardiac arrest, even in young people [17]
Note: Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for 325,000 deaths in the USA each year.    
    Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences, Washington State University, affirmed in a 2018 research paper that one of four existential threats produced by wireless microwave exposure is "cumulative and irreversible cardiac effects, leading to sudden cardiac death." [18]
   Steve Weller, BSc, an Australian scientist working with other experts researching the bio-effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation, wrote in 2018: "I wonder whether researchers are considering the potential role that pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation from mobile phones, base stations, smart meters and Wi-Fi has on the heart....Looking at the cardiovascular studies referenced in the ORSAA database one finds that low-level emission from the aforementioned devices have been linked to effects such as heart variability (HRV) changes, blood pressure changes, arrhythmia and palpitations. There are also RF biological effects such oxidative stress, autonomic nervous system effects, neurotransmitter effects and calcium flux changes which all potentially have a role to play." [19]
   This information is not new. The Russian Soviets were among the first to recognize the powerful cardiovascular effects of manmade radiofrequency and microwave radiation. In 1971, the USSR Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases documented the cascade of symptoms plaguing workers exposed to "Microwave Sickness." Symptoms started with abnormal blood pressure and slow pulse then progressed to headache, dizziness, eye pain, sleeplessness, stomach pain, nervous tension, inability to concentrate, hair loss and adrenal exhaustion. The terminal phase of microwave sickness was documented as ischemic heart disease. [20]
   U.S. military studies of that era also found that radiofrequencies from radar and other microwave propagation equipment were associated with cardiovascular disorders in exposed military personal. The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported 1996:
"Comparison of a group of engineers and administrative officials who were exposed to microwaves for a period of years and an unexposed control group revealed a significantly higher incidence of coronary disease, hypertension, and disturbances of lipid metabolism among the exposed. Individuals' hereditary predisposition to heart disease was approximately the same for both groups but overt disorders developed much more frequently in the previously exposed group. It was concluded that microwaves act as a nonspecific factor, which, under certain conditions, interferes with adaptation to unfavorable influences. Exposure may, therefore, promote an earlier onset of cardiovascular disease in susceptible individuals." [21]
  In another early study, the risk of hypertension [high blood pressure], hypercholesterolemia [high blood cholesterol] and obesity was found to be significantly higher among radiofrequency-exposed radio/TV station operators (mean age 47.9 years) compared to their unexposed colleagues. The same study also found increased stress hormones: cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline in radiofrequency-exposed workers. [22]
   A German medical study showed that the blood hormones melatonin (sleep and immunity) and serotonin (mood and energy) become radically imbalanced in people who live within range of cell tower antennas. Scientists compared blood samples before and after antennas were turned on during an extended test on people in a selected neighborhood. The majority of previously normal people suffered a marked imbalance in both of these vital hormones immediately after their cell tower irradiation began. [23]

   Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., who has long worked in  Washington State with acutely ill patients, reports finding identical inflammatory markers in the blood of every microwave-exposed person he tests, both those who suffer immediate biological reactions from microwave exposure and those who notice no preliminary ill effects. Dr. Klinghardt says: "It is our experience as doctors that everybody is equally electro-sensitive." [24]
Now Here Comes the Great 5G Attack
   Every person in the USA has long been living under inescapable assault of long wave broadcast frequencies (AM/FM/TV), plus 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi microwaves, all delivered simultaneously to the environment at up to 6 billion hertz. Now, the new 5G millimeter wave frequencies present an additional, highly-elevated risk for cardiovascular pathologies:
24-28 billion hertz
    31 to 40 billion hertz
42-52 billion hertz
66-76 billion hertz
 81-86 billion hertz 
    Millimeter bands above 95 billion hertz [25]

   In late 2016, Dr. Pall volunteered his expertise to  prepare a weighted collection of impressive scientific studies which he took directly to federal regulatory agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He explained to regulators in a power point presentation these critical points: 
1. Microwave radiation, including millimeter waves, abnormally activates exquisitely-sensitive voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) in human cell membranes, thereby producing a pathological excess of calcium. 
2. Excess intracellular calcium leads to numerous disastrous health effects including: oxidative stress, DNA damage, cancer, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, endocrine imbalance, neuropsychiatric disasters, lowered fertility and major dysfunction of the cardiovascular system
  Dr pall reports that since he made this presentation, "The FCC has doubled down on their positions, pushed much further on 5G, leading us to the mega-crisis situation which we are faced with now. Instead of actually testing 5G radiation biologically for safety, using the methods that were discussed in the meeting, the FCC has instead opted to put out tens of millions of 5G antennae without any biological safety testing of genuine 5G radiation." [26] Many other experts agree that testing a new form of disease-causing radiation on an entire population —without informed consent is evil. Says Dr. Pall, it is also pure insanity from an ethical and scientific standpoint. 
  Dr. Sharon Goldberg, M,D., told Michigan legislators in 2018: "In Academic medicine  we have a name for what’s happening now with 5G and what has happened with wireless communications. 5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful. We know it from the science. In academics, this is called human  subjects research. Human subjects research is very tightly regulated. You can't just roll out some type of a research project on human beings unless (A) you have their informed consent so they understand the risks and benefits and (B) you have the  approval, like someone’s actually examined the literature and said ‘Ok, this research project, we believe that it’s safe, there’s no evidence in the science to indicate that it would not be safe.’ We have decades of evidence to show that it [5G] is NOT safe.” [27]

   Click this LINK for a very long list of reprehensible "human research projects" that blotch Twentieth Century American history. Be advised that all of these projects were selective. Not one of these earlier experiments were forced upon EVERYONE. This time, however, virtually all living flesh in North America is forcibly enrolled in the grotesque 5G human subjects research project.
  A vast collection of medical studies show that prolonged exposure to microwave pollution efficiently produces heart arrhythmias (irregular beats), bradycardia (slow heart rate) and tachycardia (racing heartbeat). [28]  Dr. Pall explains that heartbeat is controlled by pacemaker cells in the sino-atrial node of the heart. These cells have high densities of T-type VGCCs which are pathologically activated by electromagnetic radiation to cause misplacement of calcium.
  Yet, wireless profiteers and regulators across the globe ignore the medical facts about wireless carcinogenic radiation, because, as Steve Weller states: "There is too much money to be made from selling RF spectrum licenses and protecting the government, telecommunications and power industry from litigation." [29]
Microwave Radiation = Deformed Blood and Disintegrating Health
    Amy person who uses a transceiving microwave radio device on or near his body —even for a few moments— forfeits healthy, normal blood. A person assaulted by cell towers and Wi-Fi antennas is subjected to cumulative blood damage. Without healthy, well-formed blood, the human cardiovascular system becomes impaired and highly vulnerable to a cascade of degenerative effects.
Human blood exposed to RF/microwave radiation almost immediately
enters a pathological condition seen below  —rouleaux formation associated with disease and aging.
  Microwave-induced blood pathology is best observed with a dark field microscope. Dark field microscopy excludes the unscattered light beam from the image, leaving the field around the specimen dark so that conditions missed with regular microscopes can be seen. Rouleaux formations occurs when the red blood cells lose their round shape and cling to one another in sticky clumps. Common conditions that cause long-term rouleaux formation in the blood include: infections, multiple myeloma, inflammatory connective tissue disorders and cancer. Rouleaux also occurs in diabetes mellitus and it is one of the causative factors of diabetic retinopathy. [30]
    Normal red blood cells have an electrical charge and a natural polarity which keeps them uniform in size and separated from each other so they pass easily through capillaries. A mathematical study conducted by Swedish physicists showed that pulsed microwave signals cause exposed blood cells to lose natural polarity and end up with all of their poles aligned in the same direction. Such abnormal polarity increases the attractive forces between the cells, causing them to clump together. The cells then circulate poorly without performing their vital functions: to provide oxygen and nutrients while diffusing carbon dioxide and toxins at a capillary level. The Swedish study highlights the idea "that electromagnetic radiation might act on cells by affecting the attractive forces between them rather than simply causing heat damage to tissues," reported the New Scientist. [31] 
    Clumped blood is thick and sticky and has been dubbed "Ketchup blood," an apt description for what struggles through the veins of perpetually-microwaved humans. Blood cells in this rouleaux state increase the risk of blood clots that can lead to both heart attack and stroke By 1998, scientists had confirmed that "the stickier, or more viscous a man's blood is, the greater his risk of developing the kind of blood vessel damage that can eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke." [32] In addition, when oxygen levels in the blood are reduced, anaerobic bacteria, viruses and parasites thrive
    Researchers at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of Jinan University in China have concluded that microwave phone radiation “is significant to the cardiovascular system.”  Their studies focused on the effects of microwaves on red blood cells [erythrocytes]. They used two types of cell phones to irradiate vein blood of healthy adult men for 60 minutes. They reported: "The structure and function of cell surface was affected because of the alteration of the number of surface charges and their distribution on the surface of erythrocyte [red blood cell] membrane. The repulsive force and the change of cell adherence and aggregation [pathogenic clumping of cells] increased. The flow of the erythrocytes through capillary vessels was affected by the change of the electrophoretic mobility. Of those effects all would influence the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the substance exchange across the membrane, and therefore the viscosity and flowing property of whole blood." [33]
   If this is true of one hour on a cell phone, imagine the deformed and pathological blood of millions of American workers who wear and cuddle powerful  smart devices loaded with multiple antennas all through their work shifts. Ditto for workers trapped for hours inside of buildings reeking with the cardio-toxic gigahertz of Wi-Fi.

  Sebastian et al. published a study showing that 1.8 gigahertz emitted by mobile phones caused the development of long rouleaux of erythrocyte [red blood] cells. The paper stated: “We show that the polarization of the external electromagnetic field plays a fundamental role in the total energy variation of the cell system, and consequently in the formation or disaggregation of rouleaux [blood cell clumping]….” [34]
A German study produced dark field slides of human blood taken from ear capillaries showing that a ninety-second phone call on a Nokia cell phone transmitting at 900 MHz caused blood cells to quickly lose polarity and clump together. [35]
   High school students in Germany blood tested 51 of their classmates before and after cell phone use. Volunteers were required to abstain from cell phone use for 24 hours before the test. During the test, each student held a transmitting phone to his ear for 20 seconds. Researchers took blood from a finger tip and earlobe immediately after the radiation exposure and then again in 10 minutes. The first blood tests showed red blood cells lumped together in “rolls of coins.” The second tests showed the same. [36]
  Scientists in Egypt ran a series of tests on mice with varying times of duration. Exposing the mice to microwaves from Alcatel or Nokia phones for up to 90 minutes a day, the researchers induced horrendous blood outcomes in these irradiated animals. Pathological changes included: a decline in hemoglobin, many cells becoming pale in color due to lack of hemoglobin, abnormal platelet counts, a huge increase in lymphocytes [indicating immune response to the radiation], rouleaux formation of red blood cells, viscosity of the blood [ketchup blood] and abnormal blood cell forms "resembling the eye and tear that appear in the case of anemia." Mice exposed for three months to microwaves from both types of phones "showed pathological changes in red blood cells which gripped the outer membrane of the red corpuscle changes and become serrated." [37]
A 2015 study published by the Weston A. Price Foundation showed "substantial changes in the blood from short-term cell phone radiation exposure in nine of ten human subjects." People selected for this study had normal, healthy red blood cells (RBCs), uniform in size and separated from one another with no debris in the plasma. Subjects entered the test fasting and they had been separated, for several hours, from all microwave exposure. Within 45 minutes of wearing a backpack containing a cell phone on standby mode, a dark field microscope exam of their blood revealed that previously healthy RBCs had degraded into pathological rouleaux formation and that the blood had become "sticky." The subjects then spent another 45 minutes actively using a cell phone in transceiving mode, after which another blood exam showed that the rouleaux formations had broken apart and the RBCs had become severely deformed with spiky projections called echinocytes, which are routinely seen in very ill persons. [38]  LINK
   The millions of people conditioned to spend every spare moment irradiating themselves with microwave devices have virtually no idea that the price they pay for small-screen addiction is deformed, sickly blood. But they most certainly feel the cascading effects of compromised blood which leads to a slew of biological negatives including: skin rashes, weight gain, sleep abnormalities, chronic fatigue, low immunity, blood sugar swings, digestive upsets, bone and muscle pain, plus numerous circulatory and cardiovascular problems.
  In addition to continuous radiation exposure from personal Wi-devices and ubiquitous cellular and Wi-Fi radios, millions of human test rats now live and work in close proximity to smart utility meters that emit a variety of microwave frequencies. A survey of individuals in the U.S. who reported new or worsened symptoms connected to smart meter exposure produced a broad list of radiation-linked pathologies. Twenty-six percent of those surveyed reported cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations and heart arrhythmias after their microwave meters were turned on. Seven percent reported high blood pressure.  An earlier study, conducted in Australia among people caught in a mandated smart meter rollout, reported that after their new meters were activated, seventeen percent developed heart palpitations and ten percent suffered chest pain or pain in the heart. [39]
  A 2012 wireless smart meter study, conducted by chiropractic physician Dr. Frank Springob, produced almost instant blood abnormalities in human test subjects. [40] Volunteers first had their blood confirmed as normal, then stood within one foot of a transmitting smart meter for only two minutes. A post-exposure examination with dark field microscopy showed that all volunteers had developed at least one of these blood pathologies:
Marked degradation of cells with some cell walls broken
Corrugated formation in which blood cells become crimped like bottle caps
Rouleaux condition in which the red blood cells clump abnormally together

   Bone marrow samples for medical tests are usually taken from the hip bone where white cells, red cells and platelets are manufactured. when we see the actual evidence of rapid and devastating microwave damage to the blood, we understand why experts with the International Institute for the Bau-Biologie and Ecology (IBE) advise: “Never keep a cell phone in pocket or on hip all day. The hip produces 80% of the body’s red blood cells and is especially vulnerable to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) damage.” [41] 
  Wi-Mania and Cardiovascular Dysfunction
   Many uninformed Wi-consumers keep mobile wireless device in a pocket near or directly over the heart, oblivious to the fact that connected devices transmit heart-disrupting electromagnetic fields directly into the chest cavity. A wireless phone on standby ejaculates microwave radiation every few seconds and when a phone signals an incoming call, a complex spectrum of intense electromagnetic energies drilled directly into heart tissues. A connected phone lurking in a pocket can exceed unprotective federal limits for exposure to RF/microwave toxicity. [42]
  By 2014, 60 percent of U.S. high school students admitted addiction to their mobile phones. And a study at Baylor University found that U.S. college students spend an average of eight to ten hours a day irradiating themselves with wireless phones and tablet computers. [43] This huge device exposure is added to additional environmental Wi-Fi and tower radiation from which they never escape. But these small-screen slaves have never been informed by Wi-vendors and regulatory agencies that absorbing this much microwave radiation over years increases their risk for: blood damage, blood pressure abnormalities, ischemia (low oxygen and glucose), thrombosis (blood clot), embolism (blockage of a blood vessel) heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Millions of Wi-junkies will ultimately confront these medical realities, but most will likely never suspect that their cardiovascular ailments are rooted in years of microwave abuse.
   These days, there are so many ways that students and workers are put at risk for cumulative cardiovascular damage. The young male worker seen above  photographed using this radio remote control system to send guidance signals to a huge truck-mounted crane as it hoisted shingles onto a roof. The RFR antenna apparatus in this transmitter is so powerful that its radiating energy could be measured by a microwave detector at many meters distant   from the worker.  If these radio signals can remotely manipulate a huge metal crane, they can certainly manipulate the molecules of human heart tissues and blood! This fellow admitted that his employer had issued him a protective vest (lead lined?) but he was not wearing it. The high-frequency radiation was therefore slamming through his chest (not to mention his reproductive organs) during the long process of load transfer.

   This man disclosed to the photographer that he had no knowledge of Dr. David Carpenter's warning, relevant to the powerful radio he was operating against his solar plexus: "The evidence to date shows clearly that men that have cell phones in their pocket or on their belt, leaving it on for long periods of time, suffer reduced sperm counts. Nobody has really done the study yet, but I will predict that men who wear their cell phone in the on mode on their belt are going to be found to have increased risk for GI cancers, prostate cancer and other pelvic cancers." [44] Nor did this worker have an inkling about the many studies showing that radio antennas result in dire cardiovascular ill-effects. These remote control devices will be used widely in the future by many workers who  control robots and AI systems.  And we can be sure that these workers will be given no warning about the medical risks. 
    A great irony of the Wireless Age is that Wi-radiation peddlers promote the use of wireless devices that boast fitness features, including heart monitoring capabilities. The market is loaded with wireless wearables that collate such data as: time spent active, calories burned, hours slept, sleep quality and bio-metrics such as heart rate and blood pressure.  Yet, the science shows that a microwave device worn on the body drastically depletes vital energy. diminishes blood flow, keeps the heart under inflammatory stress, imbalances  sleep hormones and greatly impairs restorative sleep.  Leave it to the iGeneration to be conned into a misguided quest for "health and fitness," by "nuking" their bodies with a gross carcinogen documented by the federal NTP studies to cause both malignancies and heart damage in test animals.
    Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., founder of the New England Heart Center, is a highly respected cardiologist with more than 40 years of clinical practice and research. He has long warned about the detrimental cardiac effects of wireless microwave technologies, including the suppression of heart rate variability. He says: "Electropollution has the specific potential to reduce heart rate variability (HRV), a term that refers to the imperceptible variations in the heart's beat-to-beat interval....HRV is currently regarded as an extremely accurate indicator of stress as well as a predictor of sudden cardiac death.  People with low variability are less able to 'go with the flow' when faced with external stressors and are more prone to stress-related disorders, including cardiovascular disease....Electromagnetic disturbances can push people with low HRV into cardiac arrest, arrhythmia and stroke.  A lot of people have poor HRV. [45]

   Yet, even the mainstream medical establishment is a shameless apologist for wireless radiation which is now inescapable across the human environment, indoors and out.  The medical establishment remains silent about this massive  body of medical evidence showing a link between high-frequency EMFs and cardiovascular dysfunction and disease. A paper published in the  European Journal of Preventative Cardiology says this: "There is widespread ignorance about the scientific evidence of radiofrequency-induced biological/health effects within the medical fraternity." [46]  Meantime, media headlines continually warn that the incidence of heart disease, heart attack and stroke are continually increasing, even among very young Americans, both men and women.

    And Here's What Matters Most!
   Millions of Americans of reproductive age, comfy where angels fear to tread, are kept completely ignorant about what perpetual exposure to wireless pollution means to the health and development of their unfortunate offspring. If they could ACTUALLY HEAR the carcinogenic and relentless wireless radiation blasting through their amniotic fluids, they would surely be less thrilled with the assault weapons they routinely use against their fetuses.
    How can pregnant women who degrade and deform their blood with on-the-body wireless devices produce completely healthy children? How can pregnant women perpetually living/working in the body-invading carcinogen of Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation achieve normal development of their fetuses? The easy answer is: THEY CAN'T. Millions of Wi-irradiated babies are guaranteed  biological damage on some level, resulting in premature birth, low birth weight, latent neurological problems, respiratory distress, delayed development, learning and emotional impediments, plus a myriad of hidden proclivities towards health problems that can manifest in their later lives. This tragic situation is further complicated by the fact that more than 200 toxic environmental chemicals, some of which may be destructively synergistic with radiation, are found in newborn umbilical cord blood. [47] Don't be surprised at the ever-increasing armies of sick and impaired children living in the U.S. and Canada.

  The most innocent and vulnerable among us are certainly suffering cardiovascular ramifications from wireless technologies. A 2008 study, conducted before the advent of today's more potent smart phones, investigated the effects of mobile phones on both human fetuses and newborns held by their mothers. A team of five doctors monitored the hearts of babies while their mothers irradiated themselves and their offspring with working cell phones for only ten minutes at a time. They found: "Exposure of pregnant women to mobile phones significantly increased fetal and neonatal heart rate and significantly decreased the COP (cardiac output of blood)." This report confirms that cell phone radiation most definitely reaches fetuses and that it causes unnatural stress to both fetal and newborn hearts. [48]
   A team of doctors in Turkey irradiated pregnant rats with 900 MHz [the same frequency used by NTP scientists to produce cell phone heart cancer and cardiomyopathy in rats] in order to study what happens to irradiated fetal hearts. They kept the radiation on for only one hour per day for nine days of rat pregnancy. The power density used was roughly three times lower than U.S. exposure standards allow. Compared to control rats, the microwaved rat pups had: irregularities in their heart fibers, swelling in the mitochondria, degeneration in the myofibrils and structural impairments in the Z bands. The researchers thus reported in 2015: "Our study results suggest that exposure to EMF in the prenatal period causes oxidative stress and histopathological changes in male rat pup heart tissues." [49]
   Over the years, this same medical research team has conducted similar but separate studies on other organs of the baby rat irradiated with 900 MHZ, the same frequency blasting from America's GSM cell phones and smart meters. They have reported severe radiation damage in liver, spleen, thymus, spine and brain tissues, which suggests that the whole rat (and the whole human baby) can be efficiently damaged by carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic microwave radiation. [50]
   So what is happening today to the cardiovascular health and development of American fetuses whose mothers bathe themselves in DNA-busting radiation from powerful smart devices, while they live, work and travel in Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation 24/7? The vast and well-funded American research establishment has dedicated neither effort nor funding to properly research this vital question. But what we do know is that every year approximately 40,000 babies are born in the U.S. with some type of heart defect and that thousands of these impaired children will die before they reach adulthood, many after suffering years of serious health problems. [51] This tragedy is only a tiny slice of the birth defect picture. Look at these shocking statistics on damaged babies born in the USA:
Each year 150,000 babies are born with obvious birth defects.
  1 in 33 babies suffers a major malformation.
An additional 6-7 percent of babies show a developmental defect by the age of one.
A shocking 12-14 percent show a developmental defect by school age. [52]
  Most newborn babies are now subjected to continual manmade electromagnetic abuse. We learn how destructive that pollution is to the very young from a 2008 research paper on cot death presented by Italian Professor Carlo Bellieni. His research found that very low electrical fields given off by incubators reduced by half the normal heart rate variability of infants: "Variability is healthy and shows the nervous system is working well--and a reduction is known to be an indicator of heart disease in adults. Dr. Bellieni said, 'This is not good at all,' pointing out that similar changes have been linked to arrhythmias and strokes in adults....The manufacturers of these machines should take steps to shield babies from their motors and to move motors further away within the machine.' " [53] Yet, these days newborns are routinely encumbered with pulsing microwave/ELF identification and tracking devices the moment they are born. Most are sequestered in hospitals and homes reeking with wireless microwave radiation, while their keepers ignore the fact that this carcinogen stresses and endangers their fragile cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Cardiac Events Can be Triggered by Microwave Pollution
    About 16.8 million new cases of coronary heart disease (CVD) are diagnosed in the US annually. In 2018, 720,000 people suffered a new coronary event (heart attack or death from cardiovascular disease) and approximately 335,000 had a recurrent event. [54] In the last decade there has been an uptick in heart attacks among young women ages 29 to 45, while large numbers of younger men are also increasingly vulnerable to heart attacks in early middle age. Experts claim to be puzzled about these trends, which parallel a national epidemic of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. [55] 
   Radiation expert Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy explained why microwave radiation can be a contributing factor in many of these cases: "The cells of the heart muscle have been shown to lose membrane calcium following electromagnetic exposure and may also leak. Normally, the rhythm of the heart is controlled electrically by waves of programmed ion leakage that spread through the heart causing it to contract. Unscheduled ion leakage brought about by electromagnetic radiation can disrupt this process and induce cardiac arrhythmia, with a consequent increased risk of getting heart attacks." [56]
    Dr. Olle Johansson, Swedish medical scientist and contributor to nearly 500 medical papers, concurs: “Data from studies made on interactions of electromagnetic fields with cardiac function have demonstrated that changes are present in the heart after exposure to electromagnetic fields. Some electrically sensitive people have symptoms similar to heart attacks after exposure to electromagnetic fields."  [57]
   Dr. Hugh E. Scully, M.D., former president of the Canadian Medical Association, has said: "As a cardiac specialist, I am concerned that approximately 20% of people have detrimental cardiac rhythm sensitivity to EMR [electromagnetic radiation]." [58]
   The question then arises as to how many Americans and Canadians undergo expensive, often painful and intensely radioactive medical procedures for cardiovascular events that are rooted in over-exposure to ubiquitous wireless radiation? Medical literature reports that cardiovascular symptoms triggered by RF/microwave exposure include many of the classic symptoms of heart attack:

pain or pressure in the chest
shortness of breath
abnormally slow or fast heart rate
arrhythmia and palpitations

high or low blood pressure
 Cardiologist Sr. Stephen Sinatra of the Heart MD Institute has warned: "From the cardiovascular point of view, the perfect storm in children is the suppression of heart rate variability by prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from digital cordless phones, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc., especially in a vulnerable child. There have been cases of sudden death in children in the presence of industrial Wi-Fi in previously undiagnosed vulnerabilities of the heart. [Simcoe County School District 2006-2010]. Thus, children with undiagnosed cardiopathies are extremely vulnerable to industrial Wi-Fi. Certainly any child with a mitochondrial disorder should never be playing with a cellular phone or be exposed to Wi-Fi. Many less vulnerable children, as well as adults, may present to their physician with lightheadedness, dizziness, cardiac palpitations, atypical chest discomfort and headache and nausea." [59]
   In 2010, Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D., working at Trent University in Canada, demonstrated that microwave radiation does indeed radically interfere with human heart function. Her work was published in the European Journal of Oncology: "An international team of researchers recently discovered that in some individuals, the 2.4 GHz pulsed signals emitted by a cordless phone system produce significant disruptions in cardiac rhythm. The researchers demonstrated that 40 percent of healthy volunteers in their study showed marked increases in heart rate, arrhythmia, and other disturbances in heart rate variability following exposure to active cordless phone base stations. Many wireless routers and other forms of Wi-Fi technology also emit fields at this frequency." [60]

    The cardiac patient in the above photo recently entered an urban hospital for evaluation of chest pain.  He was lying in an emergency room of a hospital that had received an award for its advanced wireless technology. An Acoustimeter microwave detector was place next to the patient's heart by concerned family members. Th audio capabilities of the meter were loudly activated by the hospital's multi-frequency radiation, which caused the meter to hiss and crackle incessantly. The meter revealed an ambient, MAN-MADE MICROWAVE VOLTAGE fluctuating wildly between .2 to 2 volts, as seen on the left light panel.
  Voltage is  the electrical portion of the hospital's electromagnetic pollution. This is the VOLTAGE OF CANCER as demonstrated by NTP studies which used cell phone microwave voltage to induce malignant tumors and heart damage in rats. [61] Other testing equipment revealed that the magnetic portion of the electromagnetic energy surrounding this patient was also very high and fluctuating erratically.
  Medical establishments are highly polluted with wireless computers and other devices used to gather and transmit medical information. These buildings feature cell phone booster antennas and multiple Wi-Fi channels delivered over numerous access points across the premises. Medical staff are encumbered with personal smart devices and body radios.  Patients and visitors use an array of personal wireless devices, sharing their second-hand radiation with people meters away. There are generally nearby cell tower antennas which blast microwaves into windows. Often there are many additional wireless antennas mounted on the facility itself. Radiation from all of these sources, each with their own sound signature, can be audibly identified and measured on the Acoustimeter.
   The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has designated microwave radiation as a possible carcinogen confirms that the high frequency voltage and magnetic energies measured at this patient's chest were flowing as  induced currents directly and incessantly through his entire body. [62]  A cardiac patient trapped in such an unhealthy electromagnetic environment is guaranteed immediate abnormal changes to his blood, as well as possible dysfunction in heart rhythm and variability. Scientists report that the microwave effluent of cell phones prolongs the QT interval of the human heart and that it interferes with voltage criteria of ECG records in male patients with myocardial ischemia. [63] This must also pertain to wireless pollution from any other source, such as Wi-Fi from nearby access points.
 Therefore, how accurate are diagnostic and treatment procedures in a microwave-toxic medical  environment so diametrically opposed to normal heart function and proper blood flow? Since wireless radiation is  a proven cardiovascular disruptor on numerous levels, a minimal standard of care dictates that a patient lying in a medical facility with chest pains should be properly shielded from toxic microwave radiation during medical evaluation and treatment. Anything less amounts to neglect,  medical malpractice and patient abuse.
 Hypertension and Stroke Are Part of the Wi-Story
   German scientists found that 35 minutes of cell phone radiation raised blood pressure in human test subjects between 5-10 HG, an increase reportedly high enough to cause stroke in those at risk. [64]  A 2013 Italian study also showed that hypertensive persons talking on mobile phones suffered a significant rise in blood pressure. [65] Other researchers have reported that blood pressure may be dangerously affected when cell phone radiation affects areas in the brain linked to blood pressure regulation. [66] But adequate research on the connection between ubiquitous microwave exposure and abnormal blood pressure has not yet been fully explored. This is a travesty since about one third of the US population suffers from high blood pressure, a silent killer. And most of these hypertensive people are now highly-irradiated with numerous frequencies of megahertz and gigahertz radiation from numerous sources.

   Seven of ten people having their first heart attack have high blood pressure. Seven of ten people with chronic heart failure have high blood pressure. Eight of ten people having their first stroke have high blood pressure. [67]

   The excellent diagram above is from the Mayo Clinic.  It  illustrates the two kinds of brain stroke. Microwave radiation, with its propensity to clump the blood, impair circulation and cause cell leakage, is linked to both types of strokes. More than 795,000 people in the U.S. have a new or recurrent stroke each year.  About 133,000 die from stroke annually. [68]
   Pulsed microwave radiation gushing into the skull is documented to radically weaken tiny blood vessels and their tight junctions in the brain, causing leakage in the blood-brain barrier. [69] When tiny blood vessels in the brain begin to leak, hemorrhagic strokes can result. Radio engineer Bill Curry, who traveled the nation assessing microwave radiation levels for clients, reported that a woman in Duanesburg, New York, living in a house 500 feet horizontally from a cell tower, was diagnosed with bleeding at the outer edges of her brain. Her  home on a ridge was hit at ground level by tower radiation measured at up to 70 microwatts/cm2, which translates to about 16 volts per meter. [70] This exposure is well within federal "safety" guidelines which allow the propagation of certain tower frequencies at up to 1000 microwatts/cm,2 or about 61 volts per meter.
   About 90% percent of strokes in the US are ischemic, resulting from blockage of an artery (usually from a clot) leading to the brain. What ultimately causes most heart attacks and strokes is clotting. Platelets in the blood stick together, forming clots that can reduce the flow of blood to the heart or brain, leading to either heart attack or ischemic stroke. This takes us back to the phenomenon of microwaves causing human blood cells to clump abnormally and to thicken into sticky catsup, upsetting the complex homeostasis process which regulates both the constriction of blood vessels and blood clotting hormones.
  In 2017, the Scientific American reported an increase in strokes among Millennnials.  [71] The Journal of the American Medical Association has also  reported a significant increase for acute ischemic stroke among Americans aged 18-64, a demographic heavily addicted to wireless devices and microwave radiation. [72] "The sudden spike in stroke in middle age and the reasons behind it are ominous,” said doctors at a medical conference in New Orleans in 2008. They blamed this increase on America’s obesity epidemic. Even if this is true, America’s obesity epidemic also has its roots in unbridled microwave radiation exposure documented to impair the endocrine organs and hinder thyroid function, leading to weight abnormalities. [73]
Heart Failure in the Microwave Age

  The late Dr. John Gofman, an atomic energy scientist, presented an astonishing collection of evidence showing that nuclear ionizing radiation causes heart disease by scarring the walls of arteries. Dr. Gofman's studies led him to conclude that about 60% of ischemic heart disease is a result of over-exposure to ionizing radiation, including nuclear testing fallout and medical/dental diagnostic X-radiation. [74] By 2009, scientists at the Imperial College London had developed a mathematical model showing that the risk for human cardiovascular disease is indeed proportionate to the dose of nuclear radiation suffered from background or occupational exposures. Ionizing radiation kills a type of white blood cells in arterial walls, causing inflammation which leads to cardiovascular disease. [75] In 2018, the American Heart Association issued a detailed cautionary statement warning that both chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, and for breast cancer in particular, can have negative effects on cardiovascular health, sometimes years after treatment. [76] Unfortunately, many cardiovascular illnesses require massive doses of ionizing radiation to accommodate diagnosis, corrective surgeries and follow-up evaluation. 
    Non-ionizing microwave radiation used for wireless technologies is a confirmed human carcinogen on par with ionizing radiation. Numerous studies now confirm that RF/microwaves inflict the same ultimate damage to human cells as nuclear radiation. It is therefore reasonable to expect that near-field microwave radiation from wireless devices and from environmental antennas is also capable of scarring arteries as part of the drastic damage it inflicts upon biological tissues. Scarred arteries impede blood flow.

   Iranian researchers in 2009 published a study on the effects of mobile phone radiation on the structure and function of normal human hemoglobin. They found that 900 MHz cell phone radiation decreases blood oxygen affinity and alters the tertiary structure of HbA (glycated red blood cells). [77] As documented above, such corrupted and deformed blood deranges the entire cardiovascular system, affecting cardiac output, heart rate variability and the ability of blood to travel through radiation-scarred arteries and veins. Thus we see how both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation interact to produce much suffering.
   Dr. Martin Pall sheds light on yet another problem linked to microwave exposure: heart failure. He explains that Wi-Fi, cell phone radiation, tower or smart meter radiation is well-documented to cause aberrations in the electrical control of the heartbeat: "It follows...that EMF-produced bradycardia and chronic arrhythmias are likely to be caused by heart failure-like changes that particularly impact the sino-atrial node of the heart, including the tissue modeling found in heart failure. Heart failure develops in a cumulative fashion and based on current medicine at least, is an irreversible process involving tissue remodeling and a large number of other biochemical and physiological changes. It seems likely, therefore, that the EMF effects on the heart are both cumulative and irreversible." [78]
   Dr. Sharon Goldberg, M.D.  with 21 years experience in internal medicine, reminded Michigan State legislators in 2018: "The National Toxicology Program [rat cancer studies] shows clear evidence of cardiomyopathy, in that study. In other words, that’s a precursor to congestive heart failure…." [79] Cardiomyopathy, seen in test animals exposed to 2G and 3G microwave radiation by NTP scientists is a deteriorated condition of the heart muscle that makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood. Symptoms are breathlessness, swelling of limbs, bloating, cough and fatigue, rapid heartbeat, chest discomfort and dizziness. There are several categories of cardiomyopathy and it is estimated that about 200,000 new cases in the US are diagnosed each year. [80]
  To sum it up, most people today are submerged in a sea of cardiotoxic microwave pollution, a relentless stressor that challenges the one system most critical for sustenance of life. Pulsed microwave radiation saturating our environment is broadly-documented to age, denigrate and deconstruct the electrical, chemical and hormonal properties of the human cardiovascular system. Creating a witches' brew of toxic radicals, peroxides and oxidations, it efficiently lays waste to function and structure of blood, arteries, veins, capillaries and heart tissues. It overrides the fundamental integrity of cardiovascular muscles and circulatory pathways, forcing a variety of  manmade vibrational rhythms upon a bio-electrical system designed to march to its own gentle drummer. 
   In 2017, scientists announced a significant increase in first-time ST elevation myocardial infarction (heart attacks caused by 100 percent blockage of an artery). [81] They worried that this increase is not explained by the usual risk factors. Wireless megahertz/gigahertz radiation is not yet found on official lists of usual risk factors.  It seems that humanity has yet much to learn.

   What is the Cardiovascular Future for Wi-Addicts?
   The uninformed masses are hooked on cardiotoxic devices that require limitless microwave pollution documented to incrementally obliterate the blood, heart and brain. As a group, they may appear energetic and viable. But examine each person individually and uncover a resplendent array of physical impediments, abnormalities and danger signs that plague even the very young. Within the cells, the DNA, the blood and the brains of microwave addicts there is vast evidence of radiation sickness, long before they receive a clinical diagnosis for cardiovascular or neurological abnormalities.
   Unless made of Teflon, highly-irradiated Wi-worshippers will ultimately pay a biological toll, each in his own way, each in his own time. As with smokers and asbestos workers, microwave addicts can push the limits only until the body says no more. For the millions who continually abuse the flesh with wave-cardiotoxin, the end may be deferred but it is the end that proves truly bitter. When serious sickness and impairment arrive and the foolish, manic crowd fades away, each person will ultimately bear pernicious, radiation-induced suffering alone.
  For over thirty years the arrogant and aggressive Wireless Radiation Industry has unleashed wave after wave of seductive and increasingly deadly technologies with no concern whatever for the cardiovascular health of humanity. Now that radiation peddlers are rushing to further enrich their coffers with the great global 5G genocide project, the stakes are exponentially higher.
The Wireless Radiation Industry has never been required to properly study or certify the safety of wireless radiation in regards to the human cardiovascular health. Exposure standards based on thermal dogma are rooted merely on conjecture and economic expediency.
The Wireless Radiation Industry is NOT required to compensate people who develop cardiovascular disease or suffer sudden cardiac death as a result of wireless microwave exposure from personal devices or environmental antennas.

US health agencies do NOT collect national statistics to ascertain the level of correlation between epidemic cardiovascular health problems and wireless radiation exposure.
There are no microwave-free zones available in public places for those at high risk for heart attack and stroke nor are there public warnings posted about the risks of wireless pollution so well-documented to cause or exacerbate cardiovascular problems. .
Ferocious frequencies, propagated with various modulations between 24 to 100 billion hertz by 5G millimeter wave antennas, will slam through human hearts as disruptive electromagnetic currents, with no mandated health studies planned to assess biological effects. No one yet knows and the U.S. and Canadian governments apparently do not care to find out—  exactly how this new high band radiation propagated in the millimeter wave spectrum will affect the human cardiovascular system. As millions of high-powered 5G devices and millimeter wave environmental antennas are deployed across the nations, citizens will be forcibly enlisted in a compulsory mass experiment conducted by Wi-Profiteers and radio engineers with virtually no medical qualifications to conduct such a deadly experiment.
Added to all of the above is massive documentation on ubiquitous heart damage caused by both the COVID-19 virus and the various experimental COVID "vaccines," now universally known as "clot shots."
As we catapult into the 5G era, there is enough medical information on existing microwave pollution
to guarantee that many people, forcibly exposed to violent and inescapable millimeter wave abuse,
will inevitably suffer and die from radiation-induced cardiovascular malfunction or stroke events. They will die and never know why.


Those who inflict carcinogenic and cardiotoxic wireless technologies upon humanity 
obviously have zero concern for biological life on this planet.  
Their demon-driven agenda is simply this:
Every knee shall bow to the great and powerful Church of the Wireless.
  The Voltage of Cancer shall be compulsory for all flesh.
    Every human shall be encumbered with a transceiving wireless small screen through which he shall be tracked and monitored by central authority,
and without which he shall neither buy nor sell.
      If a billion damaged hearts, if a billion stroked-out brains
must be sacrificed to accommodate this Grand Design--
Watch this video to see EKG evidence of heart abnormalities induced by microwave radiation from very busy utility smart meters which generally propagate radiation at 900 megahertz (some meters add 2.45 gigahertz). Go to about minute 8 for EKG explanations by a medical doctor.