2024: Wireless Radiation Links to the U.S. Breast Cancer Epidemic

   Despite massive research and hype over many decades, the U.S. remains deeply mired in a breast cancer epidemic. According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 313,510 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in 2024. Of this group, 2790 will be males. Invasive breast cancers have broken through the glands or ducts where they originated and are growing into surrounding tissues.  Additional breast cancers this year will include some 60,000 additional situ breast cancer cases (non-invasive), even though in situ cancers have potential to become metastatic. There will be an estimated 42,780 deaths from breast cancer in 2024. [1]
    In 1960, one in 14 women developed breast cancer. Today the number is one in eight. The rate of invasive breast cancer in young women 29 to 35 years old has doubled since 1976. [2] The picture below shows how aggressive this disease can be and why millions of women end up with a mastectomy in a desperate effort to stop its progression and metastasis. Because microwave and millimeter wave radiation has the potential to initiate and promote the growth of breast cancer, this picture, along with adequate medical warnings, should be on the packaging of: all wireless phones and tablets and all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems. A breast cancer warning should be available to those who purchase new vehicles with powerful microwave/millimeter wave radar systems that continually bombard vehicle occupants and all other humans within range.  
   Medical science reveals that there are many intertwining factors involved in the numerous varieties of breast cancer including: genetics, toxic chemicals, hormone disturbances and even pathogens. Now there is evidence that Wi-radiation may be a "race track" to this disease. For decades millions of American girls and women have cultivated an intimate relationship with their cordless phones, smart phones and tablets. Many keep these wireless devices on or near their bodies continually, believing that instant connectivity equals safety. It turns out that this Wi-habituation may be a path to much suffering. 
   In late 2013, six medical experts, representing five prestigious California medical establishments, published a paper on young women who developed invasive breast cancer after prolonged exposure to their cell phones: “We report a case series of four young women --ages from 21 to 39-- with multi-focal invasive breast cancer that raises the concern of a possible association with non-ionizing radiation of electromagnetic field exposures from cellular phones.  Pathology of all four cases show striking similarity. These cases raise awareness to the lack of safety data of prolonged direct contact with cellular phones.  All patients regularly carried their smart phones directly against their breasts, in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones...." [3]

   Multifocal breast cancer occurs when multiple tumors break off from the original tumor and start to grow separately from the original. All four of the young women cited in the report developed tumors with nearly identical morphology, while none of them had any known breast cancer risk. Each of the four cases is instructive as to what millions of unsuspecting women in the US could be facing:

1. Patient One (21 years old) kept her cell phone in her bra for several hours each day and developed extensive ductal carcinoma so aggressive that she suffered bloody nipple discharge. She was treated with a mastectomy.

2. Patient Two (21 years old) kept her phone in her bra eight hours a day for six years and developed multiple, large invasive lesions in her left breast. Doctors were forced to complete a mastectomy and her cancer was subsequently found to have spread to her lymph nodes and also to her bones. 

3. Patient Three (39 years old) kept her cell phone in her bra for eight years, often using the GPS application while jogging. She developed six suspicious lesions in her breast. Mastectomy revealed metastasis to her lymph system.

4. Patient Four (39 years old) kept her cell phone in her bra for ten years, often using a Bluetooth headset which kept the phone transmitting for hours each day. She developed four separate ductal carcinomas and mastectomy revealed lymph node metastatic disease.
   What is striking about the four women discussed in this study is not only the unusually young age at which they suffered multi-focal breast cancer, but also the relatively short incubation time of their cancers. Tobacco smoking typically requires 20-30 years to induce lung cancer. The latency period between asbestos exposure and cancer can be up to 40 years. But these four women developed cancer within a five to ten-year period of breast irradiation, just as many brain tumor victims are being diagnosed with head and neck malignancies after about ten years of Wi-phone irradiation. 
   The central questions are these: out of millions of U.S. breast cancer victims, are the four women cited in the California study the only people in the nation whose prolonged exposure to personal wireless devices has resulted in the development of aggressive breast cancer? How many women (and men) have died in the Wireless Age without knowing that their breast cancer was initiated and promoted by microwave radiation exposure?  Why in the last decade has there been no follow-up research on this important issue?
   Epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis, author of many scientific studies, confirms that U.S. regulatory and health agencies have every reason to know about the virulent carcinogenicity of Wi-technologies and she warns: “Experimental studies show that cell phone radiation accelerates the growth of breast cancer.” Dr. Davis explains on her website that "the soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs this radiation." [4]  As early as 1982, medical researchers reported that RF/microwave radiation enhances the growth rate of spontaneous mammary tumors. [5] 

    Recent research confirms that female breast tissues are also highly susceptible to the damaging effects of ionizing radiation from X-rays, CT scans and mammograms, especially the new "superhot" 3D mammograms. By 2010, researchers at the Department of Energy's Berkeley National Laboratory announced: "Our work shows that [ionizing] radiation can change the microenvironment of breast cells and this in turn can allow the growth of abnormal cells with a long-lived phenotype that have a much greater potential to be cancerous." [6] This is why many prudent and informed women are now choosing radiation-free thermography for breast screening.

   While medical science and wireless device manuals now warn against prolonged body contact with radiating antennas, Wi-devices are being forced upon America's youngest school children. From a medical standpoint, this is sheer child abuse perpetrated by uninformed parents, complicit educators and the predatory Wi-radiation industry. 
    Millions of young female children, the most radiation-sensitive of our population, keep powerful Wi-tranceivers directly on or very near their bodies for many hours each day, both in school and at home. The radiation blazing into their breast tissues, powerful enough to transmit pulsed data for miles at the speed of light is documented to inflict DNA damage equivalent to that of ionizing X-radiation. [7] Therefore, these youngsters are continually "X-raying" their breast tissues along with their reproductive organs containing the primordial cells of their future offspring
    The California doctors who issued the 2013 breast cancer report confirm that the developing breasts of young girls are especially sensitive to Wi-radiation.  They state: “Children and young adults are now more likely to be using mobile devices and are among some of the heaviest users. This group is potentially at greatest risk of harm from EMR, as dividing tissue, such as that occurring in prepubertal breast buds, is more prone to the adverse effects of radiation."  It is therefore negligent and criminal that neither U.S. regulatory agencies, nor those who profit from wireless technologies, are warning young girls and their parents that addictive wireless toys increase future risk of expensive surgery/chemo, pain, disfigurement and even early death. 
   The California cell phone/breast cancer report is an eye-opener.  Please share this important information with wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, granddaughters and also with boys and men who carry their mobile devices in shirt pockets over the heart/chest area.
Female Wi-Workers:
Considered disposable by Corporate America
    Pictured here at work is a young worker of childbearing age required to wear directly on her body a large wireless tablet computer so that she can take service orders as they come in from the Internet. This powerful device, equipped with multiple antennas, actively broadcasts modulated, high-frequency microwaves directly into her internal organs.
   This exploited worker brings to mind a vendor warning mandated by the City of Berkeley, California:

“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.” [8]
   She also brings to mind the 2013 published paper by breast cancer specialists in California:
“We report a case series of four young women --ages from 21 to 39-- with multi-focal invasive breast cancer that raises the concern of a possible association with non-ionizing radiation of electromagnetic field exposures from cellular phones. Pathology of all four cases show striking similarity. These cases raise awareness to the lack of safety data of prolonged direct contact with cellular phones. All patients regularly carried their smart phones directly against their breasts, in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones...." [cited above]
   How much greater is the risk of wearing a powerful, networking, multi-antenna system directly against the body for hours each day? As this young woman moves about her environment, an adjustable strap allows her to swing her cancer-induction device over to her back where it blasts nearfield carcinogen into her spine and kidneys. From the front she efficiently "nukes" her stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, large and small intestines, uterus, ovaries and bladder. One recent scientific study found that rats exposed to mobile phone radiation for 8 hours of talk time and 16 hours of standby time for 20 days suffered severe bladder inflammation. [9] This brings to mind the epidemic of female bladder problems in the USA, including: overactive bladder, leakage and frequent infections (cystitis), as confirmed by continuous media ads.
   This worker's body is additionally encumbered with a variety of other wireless devices: merchandise scanners, an in-store radio and her personal cell phone tucked into a hip pocket. To top it off, the retail store in which she works is "rocking" with a variety of Wi-Fi and cellular microwave frequencies. Such massive and chronic exposure to non-ionizing radiation from numerous souces has potential to produce virulent cancers, as confirmed by the federal NTP rat studies. [10]
   Dr. David Carpenter,  a physician who has worked in public health at Harvard University says:  "The evidence to date shows clearly that men that have cell phones in their pocket or on their belt, leaving it on for long periods of time, suffer reduced sperm counts.  Nobody has really done the study yet, but I will predict that men who  wear their cell phone in the on mod on their belt are going to be found to have increased risk for GI cancer, prostate cancer and other pelvic cancers." [11] And there is much evidence that females are also especially vulnerable. The RF/microwaves routinely invading their pelvic and other internal organs drastically damages human DNA, of major concern since "cancer is caused by mutations in the DNA of cells which leads to uncontrolled cell growth." [12]
National statistics from the American Cancer Society
on estimated new female cancer cases for 2024:
genital cancers (uterus, ovary, vagina, vulva) 116,930
urinary cancers (bladder, kidney, ureter) 51,030
digestive system cancers (stomach, bowel, liver, pancreas, gall bladder) 156,430
Add the numbers: 324,390 women in the U.S. to be diagnosed in 2024
 with invasive cancer of the very organs that the gal above is exposing
to her carcinogenic, on-the-body Wi-tablet! [13]
   Ironically, the American Cancer Society devoted a comprehensive section of its 2018 annual report on ovarian cancer, a horrific condition for which 19,680 U.S. women will be diagnosed in 2024. [also 13] Ovarian cancer is particularly treacherous because there are few symptoms until it is greatly advanced.  there is a very low survival rate for this disease.
   And so we see how ruthlessly corporations and small businesses herd American women into unsafe work practices and environments. This slow-kill genocide is perpetrated with the blessing of: the U.S. Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the neutered Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), all of which have been brazenly co-opted by the Wireless Radiation Industry. It may be years before the woman seen above wearing the Wi-computer, plus millions of uninformed workers like her, are diagnosed with cancer or other diseases and disabilities resulting from their occupational  radiation exposures. But the latest science assures us that there WILL BE A PRICE TO BE PAID, the same as that incurred by diathermy technicians, radar victims and asbestos workers of yesteryear.
  Never discussed in American society are the horrific effects of wireless radiation on human reproduction and fetuses. Yet, this ubiquitous radiation unleashes profound influences upon pregnancy and fetal development, according to numerous studies. If sperm cell can be eviscerated by energy from wireless technologies, so can radiation-sensitive ova cells within the female reproductive system.  Dr. Robert J. Rowen, M.D., warns: "If sperm DNA becomes damaged by proximity to Wi-Fi, it is most reasonable to assume that any DNA in proximity to the radiation will also become deranged." [14]  Impressive is the Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) study, published in 2017, showing that pregnant women exposed to higher levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from any source suffered 2.7 times the risk of miscarriage than those with lower exposures. [15]
   In 2018, scientists reported in the International Journal of Radiation Biology that young rats exposed for only one hour per day to 900 megahertz microwaves --a frequency used widely for wireless technologies, including smart meters and older cell phones-- suffered severe damage to their ovaries and egg follicles. The irradiated rats were compared to a group of non-irradiated rats whose ovaries remained normal. The microwaved animals suffered shrunken ovarian cells and abnormal leukocyte infiltration within the egg follicles. Their biochemistry and hormone levels were skewed and their tissue oxidative stress was high. The irradiated rats also showed significantly lower numbers of secondary egg follicles than control rats. The conclusion of this study: "A total of 900-MHz EMF applied in middle and late adolescence may cause changes in the morphology and biochemistry of rat ovarium [Latin for ovaries]." [16]  Since medical science considers rat studies to be predictive of human outcomes, this report is additional evidence that relentless wireless radiation, aimed with precision at the entire female population of North America, is a deliberate or inadvertent human population control mechanism
And here is more food for thought: 
If  900,000,000  microshocks per second destroy ovaries and egg follicles, what are the results of 5G smart devices blasting these tissues with billions of microshocks per second???
   Sadly, damaged ovaries and egg follicles can produce damaged babies. We are assured, by common sense, that the schools of America will be increasingly crowded with Wi-damaged children whose working mothers and fathers were forced, as a condition of employment, to poison their reproductive organs with RF/microwave radiation that meets Bradford Hill criteria as a confirmed human carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen[17]  Thanks to ignorance and greed, current and future generations are doomed to ruthless assault of potent wave carcinogen from their very seed. Incalculable numbers will be spontaneously terminated in the uterus or forced to live in this world with very tragic "special needs."
   The radio antenna seen below, mounted upon the ovary and uterus of a young working woman, is powerful enough to send pulsed, information-bearing radio waves for miles! Yet, her employer has not provided this worker with full disclosure about the bio-hazards and reproductive consequences of wireless radiation broadcasting directly on and into the body. She does not know that the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 2.1091), which addresses radiofrequency radiation exposure, says this: "For puposes of this section, a mobile  device is defined as a transmitting device designed to be used in other than fixed locations and to generally be use in such a way that a separation distance of at least 20 centimeters [about 8 inches] is normally maintained between the transmitter's radiating structure(s) and the body of the user or nearby persons."  [18]
Get ready, Corporate America, you will ONE DAY PAY!
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