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  The young woman seen above was badly brain-injured when a flying cell phone slammed into her head during her visit to a state fair. Most other injuries related to wireless technologies are far more subtle but just as devastating and life-threatening. Over the last thirty years, unlimited and carcinogenic wireless radiation has unleashed extreme illness, financial hardship and premature death upon many people worldwide. Animals, plants and insects have also greatly suffered.
  In the U.S. and Canada, there exists no clearinghouse where Wi-victims can report injury and loss that result from personal (and often involuntary) exposure to wave carcinogen. No government agency is available to provide remedy or legal defense.
  This is by deliberate design. Data-hungry governments and amoral radiation peddlers insure that all discussion and dissent is silenced. Like the tobacco, asbestos and chemical industries, the Wi-radiation Industry lies, denies and it buries unfavorable science reports. Should any enlightenment seep through their media control networks, unfavorable reports are always met with calls for "further research" (which is never undertaken).
  By telling your personal story of Wi-injury —and perhaps what you have done to mitigate your exposure you lend moral support to others and help create momentum for positive change. Other than your name and state, your personal information will be kept secure. 
   You may find it easiest to type your story in Word, then cut and paste to the story box below.

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