J. Robert Oppenheimer, U.S. physicist responsible for assembling team Rapid Rupture, which created the world's first atomic bomb at Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico: "Mankind will curse the name Los Alamos." [1]
Sissela Bok, author of Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life: "At times, those who govern...regard particular circumstances as too uncomfortable, too painful for most people to be able to cope with rationally. Deception at such times may seem to the government leaders as the only means of attaining the necessary results."
Gabe Gentry, historian and philosopher: "America's younger generations are in bondage to wireless technology, both body and soul. They know next to nothing about U.S. history and therefore they comprehend little about their own perilous future."
Yesterday: All Americans Were Downwinders
Today: All Americans are Downwavers

   After WWII, during a period known as the Cold War, the United States polluted the earth, the sea and the global atmosphere with many hundreds of nuclear detonations in its quest to develop and maintain nuclear weapons. The most violent and destructive part of this project spanned the years 1945 to 1992. [2] Between 1951 and 1962, the US government conducted what some historians call a "secret nuclear war" against the American people. U.S. citizens, numbering close to 200 million in those days, were put at high risk for incomprehensible disease and premature death from ionizing radiation. 
  The picture above shows one of 126 atmospheric weapons tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site, located 63 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Part of Operation Teapot, this catastrophic nuclear detonation --and thirteen others like it-- were unleashed during the first half of 1955 alone. After each atmospheric explosion, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel plus civilians were bombarded with alpha, beta and gamma radiation equivalent to hundreds or thousands of chest X-rays. [3] Many exposed people would bleed from the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The horrific suffering of both humans and animals during this lunatic era is beyond calculation.
   Little has changed in the last seven decades. The only real difference between the Cold War and our current Wireless Age is the type of weaponry being used against the American people. The U.S. government has replaced nuclear fallout with digital fallout from wireless technologies. Fiendish flesh-killers like the screaming 5G panels seen in the image below, continue to be erected by the hundreds of thousands adjacent to inhabited buildings and public spaces. Once antennas are activated (detonated) to deliver their payload, the interior of adjacent buildings are infused with the VOLTAGE OF CANCER
   The molecules of both humans and buildings assaulted with antenna carcinogen are manipulated vibrationally at millions to billions of cycles per each measurable second. The European REFLEX studies of 2004 showed that a 24-hour exposure to 1.8 gigahertz  radiation --within the common realm of cell tower frequencies-- inflicts damage to human blood equivalent to 1600 chest X-rays. [4]  No proper studies have been done to determine the biological effects of the new 5G antennas, many of which shoot rabid beams at 20 to 40 gigahertz. What we know unconditionally is that wireless antenna radiation impregnating our environment meets the same established scientific criteria as all other confirmed human carcinogens, including X-radiation and gamma waves from nuclear fallout.  

   Arguing that federal law preempts human health and the right to life, the U.S. Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allow the for-profit Wi-industry to forcibly assault the entire population with non-ionizing microwave radiation documented to be: carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, cardiotoxic, hormone-disruptive, immuno-depressive and profoundly brain-damaging. The Telecom Act (TCA) of 1996, written by the Wireless Radiation Industry and signed into law by the alleged rapist William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton, specifically mandates that Americans may not challenge the siting of millions of microwave antennas based on health and environmental concerns. [5] Decisions on antenna setback, power density and exposure compliance are left to those who grandly proft from high frequency waves that maim and kill. Through the years, numerous legal actions challenging these injustices have not been sucessful.
  After any dirty nuclear event, ionizing radioactive isotopes that swarm the environment are ultimately lethal when people breathe or swallow them. Inside the body, these death-bearing molecules generate gamma waves and leave literal tracks of cellular damage. Likewise, non-ionizing antenna radiation propagated for wireless technologies creates oxidative stress and cellular rubble as it rips through biological tissues at the speed of light. Both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation inflict free radicals, both imprint human genetic materials with DNA damage and gross mutations. Both induce hideous human cancers. Both types of radiation commit their mortal damage in silent and insidious ways, while at first victims remain unaware. In both cases, there is a lag time between exposure and sickness or death. And with both types of radiation the longer the exposure, the worse the cumulative consequences.
Both ionizing nuclear radiation and non-ionizing RF/microwave radiation 
induce myriad human diseases that lead to death
after a very long, torturous and agonizing period of sickness.
When 1200 nuclear downwinders brought suit against the federal government for heinous fallout cancers and birth defects (1982), a panel of U.S. judges ruled in 1987 that the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946 gave government officials broad discretionary powers to carry out vital federal programs whether or not they cause injuries. The U.S. Supreme Court then refused to hear an appeal. [6]
  This is the game the feds  play when Americans --made mortally ill from cellular antennas and digital devices manufactured after 1996-- take their claims to court for restitution.       
Recent rulings suggest that the treacherous Telecommunications Act of 1996
will always be used --like the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946--
to "shove it to" wireless microwave victims, past, present and future. [7]

  Directing America's early nuclear war against itself was the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), a civilian agency created by the U.S. Congress in 1946 to oversee the "peacetime" development of atomic science and technology. Court proceedings show that compassion for humanity was never considered by this agency, nor by the politicians who empowered it. AEC considered all territories downwind of the Nevada test site as "sacrifice zones." A top secret AEC document described the rural people living directly downwind of open air nuclear events as a "low-use segment of the population." [8]
 While generating decades of pernicious radioactive fallout for the entire world, the AEC further fulfilled its mandate with heinous, Nazi-type medical experiments, which continued into the 1970s. Victims included many sick and poor American citizens, who were deliberately fed or injected with radioactive isotopes for the study of radiation effects. Worse, these people were brutally sacrificed without their informed consent. [9] AEC appointees routinely lied to cover their crimes, withheld information during independent investigations and committed fraud against the federal judiciary. [10] This murderous agency became such a liability that Congress abolished it in 1974, replacing it with what is now the U.S. Department of Energy.
  Currently overseeing the nation's wireless radiation genocide project is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a literal reincarnation of the AEC. Created by Congress, the FCC is headed by five political appointees who are vested with omnipotent power to dictate both exposure and emissions standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation. The FCC has adopted deadly public exposure guidelines mandated by corporate profiteers who have captured the agency for their own power and profit. [11]
  The FCC has neither medical nor scientific expertise on the biological effects of wireless radiation, from which it derives income by selling wave spectrum. This captured agency brazenly ignores and discounts thousands of medical studies which demonstrate extreme risk from non-thermal exposure levels hundreds to thousands of times lower than outdated FCC standards allow. The FCC has ignored over 800 recent comment submissions, many from medical and scientific entities, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has demanded that the agency adopt realistic exposure standards for adequate public safety. [12] The FCC does not perform compliance inspections of America's millions of cell tower antennas, for many of which it has no record. And it refuses to resolve blatant antenna exposure violations uncovered by concerned investigators. [13]  In other words, the FCC does not regulate the use of deadly Wi-Fi radiation for the purpose of public safety, instead allowing free reign for profiteers who erect antennas wherever and however they choose. [14]
  Still today considered a "low use population," all Americans are forced to endure egregious digital fallout without recourse. The older but powerful microwave antennas in the picture above are mounted on a three-story office building in an urban area.  The busy urban area around this installation is a great example of a modern-day "sacrifice zone." In order to make possible the use of mobile wireless devices, these antennas propagate unrelenting wave carcinogen into the bodies of people working in offices located directly under them, into the bodies of drivers and pedestrians on the street below and into the bodies of people working in an adjacent medical building with nearby windows at the same level as the antennas. Well known to those who conduct research for this website, people working in an adjacent medical building reported gross physical symptoms of sickness and disability immediately after these antennas were activated in the late 90s.  But thanks to the TCA, they had no legal appeal and their only survival option was to leave their jobs and flee the attack. Most were forced by their financial circumstances to stay and pay. Millions of antennas like these are broadcasting into adjacent windows across America.
   Even more important than the power density of this radiation is the duration of human exposure: day after day, year after year. Non-protective federal exposure standards are actually based upon minutes of exposure only. The biological ramifications of chronic public exposure to multiple, always-on antennas beaming numerous frequencies and modulations simultaneously into the same space have never been properly investigated by negligent U.S. health and regulatory agencies.
  America's open air nuclear war against itself was finally curtailed, but today's microwave war is only intensifying into 5G (fifth generation wireless) because Uncle Sam is a digital drug pusher. Ubiquitous, data-bearing microwave radiation from digital devices is as addictive to the human brain as heroin and methamphetamines. With cooperation from the federal government, this lucrative poison is delivered to the American people by corporate programmers and engineers who have mastered the use of neuroscience to keep millions of people emotionally, chemically and hormonally addicted. [15] Transfixed by their entraining Wi-devices —from which they cannot separate themselves— millions of Americans have devolved into a hypnotic and infantile state proscribed by their Pavlovian masters. It is dependence, obsession and addiction that persuade an entire population to silently endure, even welcome the chronic and inescapable abuse of wireless radiation, no less deadly than the mushroom clouds of the Cold War.

       Why Do We Perpetually "Nuke" Ourselves?

  Our disease-causing Wireless Age is only a new chapter in a very long history of official deceit, mind-control and pre-meditated genocide. A chronology of U.S. history reveals that today's wireless revolution is only one of numerous radiation projects foisted upon unwitting Americans since WWII.  Generations have never been told the truth about dangerous radiation, in any of its forms or manifestations. For seven decades, federal policy has imposed an information blackout on the realities of mass radiation poisoning, from whatever its officially-approved source. There is massive evidence of deceit and cover-up regarding all of the following:
  Nuclear weapons production, testing and nuclear fallout [16] 
Domestic uranium mining pollution and the shocking mortality rates among miners and other nuclear workers [17]
  The toxic legacy of over 10,000 abandoned and unmarked uranium mines (across 15 western US states) that continue to pollute air, water and the food chain [18]
The routine venting of radioactive isotopes from nuclear power facilities and their downwind cancer clusters [19]
Nuclear waste production (at least a quarter million metric tons) plus its improper storage and risky transportation across state lines, as well as the importation of nuclear waste from other nations, including Iraq and Japan [20]
♦  Depleted uranium (DU) weaponry and the widespread contamination of U.S. military personnel involved in DU testing at home and in DU warfare abroad [21]
The ongoing failure of "cleanup" at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State where tons of boiling high-level waste across hundreds of acres remains in leaking tanks that pose an explosive and radioactive threat to an entire region  [22]
♦ Horrific radiation exposure, sickness and death of US Navy personnel trapped on the carrier USS Reagan during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown [23]
The continuing effects of the Fukushima meltdown on the downwind U.S. population and upon the Pacific Ocean which is  becoming sterile of healthy aquatic life [24]
Radioactive waste generated by U.S. oil and gas fracking and the improper disposal of that waste  [25]

The sale to Russia of Canadian uranium (which may one day be returned as bombs and missiles) approved by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a pay-to-play scheme for benefit of the Clinton Foundation [26]
Evidence that nuclear materials were used to detonate the World Trade Center in New York City on 9-11 [27]  LINK
♦  Numerous potential risks of Bill Gates' experimental, sodium-cooled nuclear reactor being built in Wyoming— risks that include flammable sodium coolant overheating to uncontrolable combustion, or a fast reactor meltdown that could occur within seconds, followed by high radiation exposure for human populations of the region. [28]
  The above listed nuclear pollution sources will continue to endanger Americans additionally compromised by intense microwave and millimeter wave bombardment. Not satisfied with decades of nuclear mismanagement and carnage, the federal government announced last decade that a brand new hyper-radiation project would be underway for the USA, to be gaining momentum through 2025. It was wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler, who made this 2016 announcement as an interest-conflicted chairman of the FCC.
   Wheeler confirmed in militant terms that USA would be "first out of the gate" to unleash an experimental type of man-made millimeter wave radiation for which humanity has no genetic experience. He pontificated that this new, experimental radiation project is a "national priority" and he stated: "Brilliant engineers have developed new antennas that can aim and amplify signals, coupled with sophisticated processing, allowing a moving device to pick up all of the signals bouncing around and create one coherent connection. To make this work, 5G buildout is going to be very infrastructure intensive, requiring massive deployment of small cells [microwave antennas]...We must reject any notion that the 5G future will be the sole province of urban areas. The 5G revolution will touch all corners of this country." [29] 
  At the same time, professor Trevor Marshall, Ph.D., director of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation in California, was warning: "The new 5G  wireless technology involves millimeter waves (extremely high frequencies) producing photons of much greater energy than even 4G and WiFi. Allowing this technology to be used without proving its safety is reckless in the extreme as the millimeter waves are known to have a profound effect on all parts of the human body.” Dr. Marshall is a top-notch American scientist who deals in advanced research on some of the most challenging chronic human diseases. He also has over 50 years experience in radio engineering. [30]

  While medical scientists have had very little time to study exactly how millimeter waves in the super-high gigahertz spectrum denigrate living tissues, no federal studies are planned to properly ascertain the long-term effects of this new radiation experiment. No human studies nor environmental impact statements have been required. As always, the masses at high risk for sickness and death have no opportunity to vote on whether radiation profiteers should overwhelm the United States with millions of new blazing 5G antennas and satellites before independent scientists have analyzed the true potential for deadly effects.
   We can make the best prognostications about our murky, millimeter wave future by learning the lessons of our gruesome past. People who blindly trust that today's wireless devices and systems are "safe" would greatly benefit from a history lesson on the super-secret Manhattan Project, which birthed both America's nuclear weapons racket and the widely-polluting nuclear power industry.
America's Nuclear History is Grotesque
  During WWII, the Manhattan Project was under the purview of Franklin Roosevelt's Secretary of War, Harry Stimson, a member of Yale's secret Brotherhood of Death (Skull and Bones). By some coincidence, Brotherhood of Death members have been at the forefront of major U.S. government wars. [31] When Harry S. Truman first became president in 1944, he knew nothing about preparations for "the bomb" until he received a letter from Stimson who informed him: "Within four months we shall, in all probability, have completed the most terrible weapon ever completed in human history, one bomb which could destroy a whole city."  [32]
   The Nuclear Age officially began in July 1945 with an experimental 20-kiloton atmospheri nuclear explosion in the desert of New Mexico near the Los Alamos Laboratory.  The engineers, physicists and alchemists who groped their way to concocting this test weapon were so backward that some of them had actually used their bare hands in experimental fission labs. These fearless Neanderthals died in agony, as did over one hundred early nuclear pioneers by 1922. [33] America's (and the planet's) first atomic explosion was named "Trinity," by those who believed, perhaps, that the new fission weaponry had elevated the Brotherhood to equivalence of Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Thousands of civilians living in New Mexico and surrounding states received no advanced warning about the acute radiation exposure they suffered from Trinity falllout that polluted their food, water and land.  The posterity of those victims are still today seeking compensation for the intense suffering and myriad cancer deaths that followed. [34]

   A month after the Brotherhood produced its ungodly Rapid Rupture, at a time when Japan was inches from surrender with 62 cities already destroyed from firebombs and napalm, Stimson delivered a nuclear bomb against each of two Japanese cities, incinerating tens of thousands of non-combatants in the name of good. Tens of thousands burned to death and countless other Japanese women and children would briefly survive only to experience the torment of nuclear poisoning and elongated suffering. Inflicted with radiation that quickly destroyed their bone marrow and immune system, "they would experience constant vomiting and diarrhea as their intestinal lining sloughed away....The intricate internal structure of their veins and capillaries would break down, unable to hold blood." [35] This was "Rapid Rupture" at its finest.  Shortly after the war, a number of top U.S. military leaders admitted that the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings were overkill and not necessary to bring about Japan's surrender. [36]
   Over the course of the next seventeen lethal years (1946-1962), American druids of nuclear death launched series after series of open-air atomic detonations at many test sites, including numerous pristine islands in the South Pacific. Determined to develop hydrogen and thermonuclear technologies, the U.S. inflicted countless islanders with horrific radiation illnesses and birth defects.  Drunk with power, the Druids of Death also unleashed dozens of underwater nuclear explosions within both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and even others in outer space. No one knows how many American workers, along with innocent bystanders across the world, ultimately died from exposure to radioactive air, water and food. Old film footage shows U.S. military forces picking around in radioactive rubble with no protective clothing or respirators. About this time, U.S. lung cancer incidence headed straight up the charts. [37] In 1952, the hydrogen bomb was perfected and by 1953, when President Eisenhower took office, the military industrial complex  had  created a splendid stockpile of 1600 nuclear weapons.  Today thousands of such ready-to-launch weapons in enemy hands are now pointed at territorial USA.
   During WWII numerous agents and spies working within the U.S. government had secretly shipped to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin both the plans and materials for the construction of Soviet nuclear weapons. [38] Compliments of the USA, Soviet Russia detonated its first nuke bomb in 1949 and the Cold War was on. Fully apprised of the unspeakable biological effects of nuclear weaponry, the AEC decided that nuke testing would be brought home to U.S. territory. The AEC told the American people that it was necessary to detonate nuclear bombs on U.S. soil as a protective measure against nuclear attack from Russia. Americans of the day were deeply embedded with terror of communism and few loyal Americans dared to ask the most timid of questions about fallout radiation.
   It is public record that perpetual nuclear explosions during the 50s and early 60s spewed radioactive fallout across the entire USA and parts of Canada and Mexico, forcing millions to breath, ingest and absorb deadly isotopes. Open air testing was initiated in the Nevada desert in January 1951. Two days after the first nuclear blast lifted skyward a huge plume of radioactive debris to begin its atmospheric path eastward across the nation, snow on the east coast was found to be highly radioactive. New York, Iowa and Louisiana and all other states were repositories for radioactive fallout particles from that first explosion and the many others that followed. [39] Scientists would later admit that infants in upper New York state had received enough fallout radiation during the 50s to give them a high risk of thyroid cancer later in life. [40] Ironically, the American Cancer Society now reports that thyroid cancer is the "most rapidly increasing cancer in the U.S." while there is growing evidence that thyroid cancer is also linked to massive microwave exposure from wireless technologies. [41]
  Especially abhorrent was the AEC's early nuclear experimentation on U.S. troops, thousands of whom were forced as guinea pigs to endure near-ground zero exposure to atomic explosions at the Nevada Test Site. Operation Desert Rock exercises, seen in the photo below, were conducted between 1951 and 1957. Since the point of the exercises was to study nuclear effects on living humans, these troops were not provided with appropriate protective gear (if there is such a thing at near-ground zero!) And what the AEC did to thousands of test animals chained in cages (sheep, cattle, monkeys) during this macabre nightmare was so monstrously cruel that there is insufficient language to describe it. [42]

   People living directly downwind at the Nevada site were routinely exposed to around 100 rads of nuclear radiation. In the summer of 1962, a hydrogen bomb test unleashing nine times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. That project exposed Southern Utah downwinders to as much as 700 rads when a dose of 600 rads is lethal. [43] Court proceedings later revealed that sheep herded downwind of the test site suffered a radiation dose to their thyroids at NEARLY ONE THOUSAND TIMES THE PERMITTED DOSE LEVELS FOR HUMANS. [44] This exposure level is enough to make people and animals vomit, lose hair, suffer radical blood degradation and severe thyroid damage.

  In 1984, after the AEC was dismantled and the perps had crawled under their rocks, court documents confirmed that during those years of open air nuke testing, AEC officials had never conducted proper offsite monitoring for environmental radiation. They neglected to provided downwinders with pre-blast  warnings and they withheld information that could have helped civilians take some precautions against fallout exposure. AEC deliberately misled downwinders by routinely disseminating  that same "nothing to worry about" propaganda that wireless victims hear today from the FCC and FDA.  [45] 
   Thousands of uninformed and curious civilians living near nuclear test sites came outside to watch the explosions, leaving themselves open to contamination that culminated in gross radiation sickness, tumors, birth defects, and for many, a very painful death. During that same era, American school children were drilled to hide under their school desks in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack. then after school, kids in Nevada, Utah and Arizona went outdoors to watch the show and to get "incinerated" by their own government. Later, conservative federal estimates were that 11,000 people died as a result of the AEC's atmospheric testing and that up to 75,000 cases of thyroid cancer had resulted from Nevada fallout. [46]  Multiples of these numbers are more realistic.
  America's self-inflicted nuclear holocaust involved not only open-air nuke testing in Nevada, but also deliberate atmospheric releases of radioactive materials from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeastern Washington State. The Hanford facility was set up to provide plutonium for the bombs used against Japan and it continued supplying plutonium for U.S. nuclear projects until 1987. Over decades, Hanford downwiders and their livestock in northwestern states suffered the same long-term, catastrophic health effects as Nevada test victims. [47]
  While many nuclear downwinders, especially those in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, California and Washington were routinely burned, sickened, genetically mutilated and leukemia-ized by fallout, America’s nuclear war against itself would ultimately slow-kill many others via cancer, heart disease and birth defects. The late Dr. John Gofman, a nuclear scientist who co-discovered uranium 233 and assisted Oppenheimer with obtaining plutonium for the bomb, confirmed that untold thousands of American cancer and heart disease victims suffered mortal illnesses from both medical and fallout nuclear exposures which they had incurred decades earlier. Studies show that people who carry fallout isotopes in their baby teeth end up with a higher rate of cancer in later life. [48]
   In his final years, Dr. Gofman wrote and testified that there is no provably "safe" dose of nuclear radiation. He said that the U.S. nuclear establishment was composed of liars and that it had produced a "brothel" of scientists who endangered and misled the public on nuclear exposure limits to guarantee their jobs and research grants. He also said: "The history of whistleblowing tells you that you'll get clobbered if you don't go along with it." [49]
   Eventually, nuclear testing in Nevada went underground as a result of public outcry over radioactive isotopes found in milk and vegetation, plus astronomical childhood leukemia rates.  By the end of  1992, the US government had performed 925 announced deadly tests at the Nevada Test Site with 825 of them conducted underground. We know now that at least 15 percent of these underground nuclear explosions still vented high levels of radioactive isotopes into the national environment. Among the most deadly underground detonations was a December 1970 test, dubbed Baneberry, that vented a huge radioactive cloud of more than 3 million curies, contaminating residents of Utah, Wyoming and California with the equivalence of thousands of chest X-rays. Just two-thousandths of one curie is equivalent to about 7 chest X-rays. [50]

   The appalling record of U.S. government deceit and corruption involving decades of nuclear radiation atrocities committed against the American people is available for anyone to study. [51]  Voluminous records show that the federal government:

Consistently destroyed or lost health records to conceal its nuclear crimes
Waged propaganda campaigns to window dress its deliberate genocide
Denied nuclear radiation damage claims until a congressional act of 1990 finally provided
a small restitution to some radiation survivors
   Because many nuclear isotopes remain highly radioactive for centuries, the nuclear hazard of fallout does not disappear. It merely bio-accumulates. Plutonium, if ingested or breathed into the lungs, is exceptionally dangerous and carcinogenic. It has been estimated that one pound of plutonium oxide dust is sufficient to induce cancer in two million people. The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) estimates that early above-ground nuclear weapons tests released about three tons of plutonium (Pu-239/240) into the atmosphere; and nearly 80 percent of it still remains in the northern hemisphere. [52] These residual particles are yet laced throughout our national environment.Whenever these deadly nuclear particles are re-suspended as dust in the air, or when they find their way into food and water, they can and do extract a human toll.
And What Do We Have to Show For It?
   Still today the legacy of America's nuclear war against itself is with us BIG TIME. Across the nation nuclear power plants routinely vent radioactive isotopes into the air and spill radioactive waste into public water supplies. [53] Thousand of abandoned uranium mines across the western U.S. still pollute air and water, while the uranium industry agitates for more new mines. [54] There is yet no solution for thousands of the many tons of nuclear waste awaiting permanent storage, while the US imports tons of nuclear waste from other nations.
   Among hundreds of contaminated nuclear sites and waste repositories across territorial USA, the most toxic and dangerous is the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, long a national nuke dump in Southeast Washington State. The Reservation stores two-thirds of the nation's high-level nuclear waste and it is contaminated with millions of gallons of radioactive sludge stored in 17 underground tanks, many of which continue to leak with potential for nuclear explosion like the nuclear waste explosion of 1957 at the plutonium processing plant near Kyshtym in Russia. Despite decades of effort and billions of dollars spent, the Hanford cleanup remains in gridlock as radiation, chemical and toxic gas leaks continually plague the site. In 2019, the US Department of Justice filed suit against Lockheed Martin and a Hanford service contractor for defrauding the federal government out of millions of dollars, using lies, kickbacks and inflated billing. [53] Also in 2019, the US Department of Energy announced that completion of Hanford cleanup will cost between $323 and 667 billion. (In 2016, the estimate was $107 billion.) [55]
  The devastating sickness of Hanford workers is often in the news. By 2014, 26,925 Hanford workers had filed medical claims for injury and of those,  many thousands of survivors are still in early 2024 struggling to recieve compensation for their medical bills. Thousands of other Hanford workers through the years have died from brain rot, cancer and/or gross neurological diseases related to their toxic exposures. [56] Naturally, radiation contamination is found in both animals and vegetation beyond Hanford Reservation boundaries. The EPA confirms that radioactive waste from Hanford is still flooding into the Columbia River which provides drinking water for over 170,000 people. [57]  In 2014, the Washington Department of Health admitted that three rural counties next to the Hanford site were suffering an abnormally high incidence of anencephaly in newborns. This is the most severe birth defect known, wherein the brain and skull do not fully form. [58]  It is evident that the astronomical nuclear disaster within the  most toxic place in the Western Hemisphere exceeds human capacity for an adequate solution.
   Across the USA there are many other roiling nuclear weapons production facilities and waste sites, including the Rocky Flats hellhole in Colorado, each of which is a horror story in its own right. So what does the USA have to show for its obsession with nuclear death technologies? By 2015, an independent study found that over the last seven decades at least 107,394 US workers were diagnosed with cancer or other serious diseases after building the nation's nuclear stockpile and that 33,480 US workers had died from nuclear radiation exposure related to their occupations. [59] There is no possible way to know how many of their family members also suffered from exposure to the contamination these workers brought home in their clothes, semen, etc.
   Today, the cancer-ridden population of the United States stands naked and vulnerable in a world where hostile nations, including North Korea, Iran, Russia and China have developed deliverable, offensive nuclear weapons capable of obliterating our homeland in one hour. Despite nearly a century of hysterical nuclear experimentation and investment, the bankrupt USA ends up with:
No public training on how to survive a surprise nuclear attack
No national nuclear shelter system (except for government elites)
No stockpile of available medications known to offset the worst effects of nuclear radiation
  No organized effort to protect and harden the entire U.S. electrical grid against a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack in which high-altitude nuclear detonations could slam North American civilization back to the Stone Age
   A surprise EMP attack against the United States can be used to disable the U.S. national electric grid for months or years and collapse transportation, communications, finance, fuel, food and water upon which millions of lives depend.  In addition:
104 nuclear power generating stations across the United States would soon evolve into Fukushima-type meltdowns if there is no electrical power generation needed to continue the critical cooling process of reactor cores. [60] Unless starving Americans can organize bucket brigades at each facility, a month or so without cooling will become catastrophic at each of these sites. [61]
At least 96 above-ground pools containing the nuclear industry's spent fuel rods will erupt into catastrophic and unquenchable radiation fires if the pumps producing a regular supply of coolant lose electrical power for an extended period. Experts say just one nuclear fuel rod fire, caused by catastrophic evaporation of coolant, would produce enough environmental radiation to displace millions of people and make 12,000 square miles uninhabitable. [62]
  These factors confirm that an EMP attack which effectively destroys the antiquated US electrical grid is basically "all she wrote" for the inhabitants of the United States. Some delude themselves in thinking that shelves stocked with canned goods and ammo will allow them to live as the early settlers in a simplified, post-EMP world. Realistically, enemies of the U.S. have no need for bombs and missiles because the U.S. nuclear power network alone will automatically terminate most biological life in North America if the grid goes down for months or years. That will be the day that mankind will surely curse the name Los Alamos, as J. Robert Oppenheimer foretold.
   Despite urgent warnings from numerous experts that preparations must be made to prepare for an EMP attack, "political gridlock in Washington has prevented the federal government from implementing any of the several cost-effective plans for protecting the national electric grid. Most state governments are unaware that they can protect that portion of the grid within their state and so protect their citizens from the catastrophic consequences of national blackout." [63]
  Federal funding is desperately needed right now to protect the nation's crucial EHV transformers and SCADAS (control and data systems) so that nuclear sites are never left without grid power for critical cooling and maintenance. This nation's 2000 EHV transformers are not manufactured domestically. Each imported transformer costs millions of dollars and each must be handcrafted over a period of 18 months. If an EMP fries as few as nine of America's EHV transformers, a national blackout would be protracted for months or years. [64]
  But instead of a sane and concerted effort to protect hundreds of millions of American lives with proper grid fortification, a great river of federal dollars is being diverted to foreign wars and to a gigantic new welfare system for millions of illegal invaders from 174 countries who have shoved their way through the southern U.S. border. By the end of 2023, as thousands  continued to invade border states in violation of U. S. immigration laws, they were awarded free cell phones and $5000 gift cards. At that time, Congress issued a new report confirming that the welfare state for these lawbreakers will cost taxpayers $451 billion year. [65] This figure does not include benefits for the great invading army of 2024.
History Repeats with Wi-Mania
  Since the 1980s, ever-increasing networks of microwave communication antennas have become an insidious version of USA's nuclear war against itself. Instead of spectacular explosions and fallout storms, everyone now swims in an invisible fog of high-frequency microwave and millimeter wave radiation with the same biological and genetic ramifications as ionizing nuclear radiation. The federal government has methodically constructed around its citizens a digital concentration camp and most inmates, bribed with wireless toys and games of mass distraction, are delighted with this slow-kill euthanasia. 
   Gender matters with all radiation issues. Scientists and researchers confirm that women are also more vulnerable than men to the effects of radiation. This is because females have fifty percent more high-risk tissues than males. [66] For every two men who die from exposure to nuclear radiation, three exposed women will die. Among children who receive an acute radiation exposure between birth and age five, twice as many females will succumb to cancer as males. [67]
   While the U.S. continues to stew in its nuclear legacy, and while it leads the world in wireless technologies, it also leads in the incidence of cancer diseases. The chart seen below is from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which provides Globocan statistics on world cancer rates. [68] The right side of this 2020 chart in blue shows that North American women suffer higher rates of cancer than women in any other region of the world. [69]  

  We know that breast cancer is demonstrably linked to BOTH ionizing and microwave radiation. Despite obsessive fund-raising and endless hype for a "cure," North American women suffer the highest lifetime risk for breast cancer of any region in the world. [69] 

  Smitten by today's wireless tech frenzy that has no limits, the USA is likely to yet surpass its current lead in the global cancer derby. The nation's frivolous and misguided values are written in the story of San Francisco's Levy Stadium, seen below. This stadium is a Silicon Valley showplace for microwave technologies and a template for upcoming "smart cities." In 2016, the media raved: "The 70,000-plus seat venue has far more bandwidth than any other stadium, with some 400 miles of cable, 70 of which serve the 13,000 Wi-Fi routers. There’s a router for every 100 seats, giving the stadium 40 gigabits per second of available bandwidth. There are also 1,700 beacons, which use Bluetooth to give fans hyper-accurate directions to their seats, the toilets or other facilities, and can send promotions from concession stands." [70] And during an event,  there are additional tens of thousands of personal wireless devices transceiving simultaneously as fans brain-bash and gut-shoot themselves with their favorite iCarcinogen.
  The ferocious radiation assault of every man, woman, child and fetus within such a venue is further exacerbated ba huge network of cellular antennas needed to make the whole decadent wireless system work. There are likely hundreds of cellular antennas mounted inside of large venues like stadiums, similar to those in the Superdome of New Orleans, which was reported in 2012 to be festooned with 950 antennas equivalent to 200 traditional cell towers. "We now have antennas in the locker rooms and everywhere else. They're small white boxes that you can spot if you look hard," said an AT&T spokeswoman about the Superdome cellular network. [71]  Now radiation peddlers are adding the more deadly beamforming 5G antennas to further overlay these cancer-inducing horrors.
  When federal agents and entrenched bureaucracies of the nuclear testing age hid from the public their documented knowledge of the heinous impact of nuclear ionizing irradiation, American citizens were confused, naïve and completely unprepared for testing fallout. Many people of that are believed a  the blatant propaganda churned out by federal authorities, even as thousands of them were sick and slowly dying from insidious radiation poisoning.
  This is the identical story of our Microwave Age. Exactly like their grand- and great grandparents of the nuclear testing era, young Americans remain disastrously uninformed about the long-term health ramifications of living near a blazing cell tower, basking in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hotspots or keeping a transceiving wireless device directly on the brain or body. The over-schooled and under-educated youth of today assume that wireless technologies are safe and they assume that their government would warn them if not. Too bad so many have to learn that the convenience of wireless radiation can eventually lead to the tethers of a hospital bed.
Parallels Between Nuke Testing and the Wireless Buildout

Today, federal agencies, including the FCC and the FDA, ignore all modern science and deny that there is credible evidence of public health risk from wireless RF/microwave exposure, just as AEC officials during the Cold War emphatically denied radiation health damage from nuclear testing.

Today, federal agencies advocate and defend dangerous public exposure levels of RF/microwave radiation just as AEC officials during the Cold War advised that public exposure of multiple rads of nuclear fallout radiation was “safe.”
Today, federal health agencies responsible for protecting the public health, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have been rendered mute about wireless radiation hazards, just as federal health agencies were muzzled, in the name of national security, by the AEC during the nuclear testing years.
Today, the FCC, FDA and our national health agencies KNOW from available data, including the 2016 NTP cell phone cancer studies, that RF/microwave radiation will prove deadly to millions of microwave downwavers in the long term, just as the AEC knew from its numerous classified studies that atomic blast radiation would ultimately prove lethal for multiple communities contaminated by nuclear weapons development and testing.
Physicist Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb and metastasizing nuclear technologies which plague the earth today, died of cancer at a relatively young age. Note: When Oppenheimer died in 1967, he was reportedly a broken man to have witnessed how the US government madly pursued development of nuclear weapons, which he believed were not necessary for war and which he said should be used only as a warning that humans must forsake violence and seek world peace.
Apple founder Steve Jobs, father of mobile computing, iPhone and iPad, died of cancer at a relatively young age.
Both of these "fathers" have left a planetary radiation legacy that will continue to claim millions of lives and wreak unfathomable environmental destruction, likely for eternity. 
   For those who care about the survival of the human species, Carole Gallagher’s blockbuster documentary American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War is a must-read. Gallagher wrote of the downwinders: "The cancer hit small communities in hard waves. First the leukemia. Fifteen to twenty years later the slower-gestating tumors would be diagnosed....Birth defects appeared in clusters." Gallagher began her research in the 1980s, after thousands of American nuclear victims had already died. In order to gather information, she lived among remaining survivors and their  offspring in several Southern Utah towns.  Confirming that insidious nuclear sickness had maimed generations, she could report in 1993: "Once I became sensitized, the Bomb's deadly harvest was before my eyes, everywhere I looked."
  The situation is identical today. All around us we see sickly and disabled Americans, young and old, who have no idea that indoor-outdoor microwave antennas and the wireless devices which they cherish and cuddle could be the insidious cause of their terrible suffering.
  Gallagher documented the merciless treachery of an amoral government that knowingly terminated countless human beings for its own ruthless agenda. This book's greatest value is the riveting eyewitness testimony offered by many survivors, still alive in the 1980s, who recounted their appalling experiences during the nuclear testing era. From those personal accounts we learn how easily a nation of test rats can be betrayed and deceived. Heartrending is the testimony of victims who slowly "got it" only after it was too late.
    Relevant to countless thousands of wireless industry workers of the Microwave Age including exploited tower techs who work next to irradiating RF/microwave antennas with little or no protective gear is the testimony of desperately ill Nevada Test Site workers who described: the sordid conditions of their radioactive work places; the government's cover up of their deadly exposure levels; the browbeating that forced them to remain silent and the brutal ways in which they were abandoned and double-crossed by contractors and officials who used them like beasts of burden.
  Nuke worker lawsuits simmered in the courts for years, but those cases, as with lawsuits filed by downwinders, proved fruitless when the courts ruled that the federal  government is "immune" to liability in such matters. [72]  Workers interviewed by Gallagher said they had been forced to enter bomb tunnels almost immediately after nuclear detonation in order to retrieve information and equipment. What is most impressive about their particular cases is that, despite their unbelievably high nuclear exposures, many lived for years afterward with excruciating disease and unbearable pain as they literally rotted towards their graves, inch by inch. Death by any kind of DNA-destroying radiation is usually a slow, slow burn, and for many a slow, slow learn.

  The historical photos in the hardcover edition of Gallagher's book are breathtaking. Some day, a magnificent, illustrated book of this caliber must be written about American Downwavers of the Wireless Age.
   The Secret Nuclear War is a book of great lessons germane to the 
5G and IoT radiation experiments now underway.
The 5G rollout is the FCC's new Manhattan Project.
Atmospheric testing of 5G is a "a clear and present danger that rises to the level of a substantive evil."
Saturating the human environment with millimeter wave radiation, together with many carcinogenic microwave frequencies simultaneously, must yield: profound DNA damage, endless cancer epidemics,     
    brain and cardio impairments plus universal reproductive disasters.
                     how long will you submit to radiation genocide?