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Thousands of scientific studies and medical reports confirm that wireless technologies are violent and life-threatening to
 people, animals and plant life!

   Wi-tech requires that the human environment be contaminated and saturated  --both indoors and outdoors-- with a confirmed human carcinogen as deadly as asbestos, tobacco smoke and radioactive fallout. 
    Wireless radiation is the most ubiquitous and efficient carcinogen in the human environment. It is synergistic with toxic chemicals, pathogens, experimental medications and risky life styles that heighten cancer risk. [1]
    By the year 2000, as the population of North America was literally stampeded into cell phone addiction, the Wireless Industry already had access to over 220 peer-reviewed and published studies, many documenting the cancer-initiating and cancer-accelerating effects of microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones. [2]
   The truth is ruthlessly suppressed because carcinogenic wireless is useful, lucrative and widely adored. Today most people are conditioned to believe that every social, financial and informational transaction must be accomplished with wireless technologies, without which life is impossible. But connected Wi-devices pressed against the brain, tucked into pockets or strapped to the arm continually send cancer-inducing currents throughout the body
   Because Wi-radiation is so toxic, there are U.S. federal "safety limits" for human exposure. However, in 2021 a federal court ruled that current limits are based on "arbitrary and capricious" decisions by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The court also declared that the FCC has "failed to respond" to "record evidence" that microwave exposure at less than current exposure limits may trigger negative health effects and environmental harm[3]
   Wireless technologies --and millions of environmental microwave antennas that support them-- produce the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. This voltage can be measured as a mechanical wave force by microwave detection equipment. Audio equipment, like that seen below, reveals in detail the gruesome story of Wi-cancer.  

   The man in this image is fingering his 5G smart phone while its multiple antennas shoot the VOLTAGE OF CANCER into his crotch and internal organs. The screaming, wildly pulsing microwave meter confirms that high-frequency voltage emitted by phone antennas peaks at over 24,000 microwatts per square meter (which equates to 3 volts per meter). This is a carcinogenic dose in the extreme since harm to human health is well-documented to begin at 0.01 volt per meter. This wave pollution is energetically violent. It activates the meter with the frenzy of an electric food grinderHow much of this potent wave carcinogen is being absorbed by the man's DNA is not revealed by the meter because flesh absorption (SAR) is measured by a different metric (watts per kilogram), requiring expensive and highly specialized equipment to quantify.
  Because the transceiving smart phone is resting on this man's body, microwave and millimeter waves that travel for miles at the speed of light easily penetrate his sex organs, bladder and intestinal tract. The incidence of cancer in these organs rises exponentially each year as millions of people use and wear carcinogenic wireless in this risky way. Take for example prostate cancer. In 2023, 288,300 men in the U.S. will receive a new prostate cancer diagnosis, compared to 191,130 men in 2020. [4]
  While this radiation junkie blissfully "cooks" his gut organs, his powerful Blue-tooth ear buds "fry" his brain, auditory nerves, jaw, mouth and thyroid gland as voltage from the buds travels at the speed of light to interact with his crotch phone. Scientists warn that the perpetual assault of wireless bud radiation is very dangerous for the brain, eyes and fragile auditory hair cells that make hearing possible. [5] Testicular and thyroid malignancies are among rapidly increasing cancers diagnosed in teens [6], the most highly-irradiated segment of the North American population.


  The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is especially pernicious because it is not perceptible to normal human senses and few people know how to detect and quantify it. The average Wi-user handles his devices 2,617 times per day; extreme addicts fondle their devices 5,400 times daily. [7]  These transceiving weapons are usually held and stored directly on the body. Device radiation, along with Wi-Fi in the air everywhere, insure that most North Americans are now Wi-irradiated 24/7/365.
   Those who adore the VOLTAGE OF CANCER will suffer degradation of brain and cardiovascular function, eyesight, hearing and immunity. [8]

  They will also forfeit the genetic integrity of their offspring. Massive scientific evidence confirms that the VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a potent mutagen and teratogen (causes birth defects) for egg, sperm, embryo and fetus. The National Center for Health Statistics now reports that U.S. fertility is at an all-time low. [9]
  Most people born since the year 2000 have been pressure cooked with wireless wave carcinogen since they were egg and sperm. Wireless radiation creates genetically modified organisms. The results are now clearly seen in millions of genetically-damaged, special needs children who require psychiatric medications and special education due to physical/mental abnormalities. [10]
  Wi-radiation entering the brain quickly damages memoryimpairs attention span and triggers abnormal emotions and behavior. [11] Wi-radiation is closely linked to ADHD and autismAutism among American children and teens surged 50% in three years from 2017, with one in 30 kids diagnosed with this spectrum disorder by 2020. [12]

A dividing lung cancer cell
National Cancer Institute
There are over 200 types of human cancer.
  According to the American Cancer Society, 1,958,030 people in the USA will receive a new invasive cancer diagnosis in 2023. Among the approximately 17 million people already living with cancer, 609,820 will die this year. [13]
  Across the coming year, the U.S. will see 5365 new invasive cancer cases PER DAY, EVERY DAY. Note: This number does not include millions of new cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer diagnosed each year.
  Approximately one fifth of 2023 invasive cancer cases will be a second primary cancer for people who have suffered a different version of the disease before. [14]
  By 2022, CNN reported the emergence of a global epidemic of cancer in people younger than 50, noting that these early onset cancers tend to be more aggressive and are associated with worse survival outcomes.  [15]

   Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for American Children. [16] In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an increase in these childhood cancers: brain, kidney, liver, thyroid, lymphoma. [17]

   One half of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, not a good thing in a nation where millions of sick people wait an average of 25 weeks after physician referrals for crucial scans, surgery and specialist appointments. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. [18]
  Malignancy statistics in North America grow worse by the year as new microwave and millimeter wave antennas are continually mounted above us to accommodate evermore powerful devices and ever-increasing mobs of wireless addicts.

  Governments rake in $billions by selling wave carcinogen that enables wireless devices to send and receive signals. In 2020, wireless carriers bribed the FCC with $60.8 billion for new C-band spectrum in order to unleash 5G Ultra radiation from antennas like this mounted on rooftops and towers everywhere.
   Potent C-band radiation, regulated by FCC's arbitrary and capricious radiation exposure guidelines, was unleashed in early 2022 so that wireless worshipers with expensive 5G Ultra devices from Apple and Samsung can shave milliseconds from their download speed.  
  C-band antenna radiation is powerful enough to disrupt aircraft navigation equipment within two miles. [19] All living flesh in the path of C-band microwaves will suffer brutal positive-negative oscillations at 3.7 to 4 billion times per measurable second, leaving cell membranes and DNA in rubble.
  Wireless microwave technologies have turned the U.S. and Canada into national cancer factories because microwaves and millimeter waves initiate and promote the growth of malignancies as efficiently as ionizing gamma rays and X-radiation. [20]
  Most people have no access to these vital facts because governments and corporations that profit from Wi-technologies reveal nothing about the biological risks of wireless pollution. Deprived of full disclosure, wireless consumers are reduced to the status of livestock, managed and herded mainly for their commercial value.
  Unaware that microwave technologies are dynamically carcinogenic,
by deliberate design most North Americans remain as clueless about Wi-cancer as animals in a feedlot.

The American Cancer Society says cancer cells develop from damage to the DNA. [21]
  The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as cells that grow uncontrollably 
after the DNA becomes damaged. [22]
  When a single or double strand of DNA is damaged, it splinters into fragments called micronuclei, seen under magnification as a molecular "comet tail." By 2004, the European Union's REFLEX STUDIES produced comprehensive research showing that low-level, non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation used for wireless technologies inflicts the same drastic damage to animal and human DNA as excessive ionizing X-radiation.
   Below is an image produced by REFLEX scientists who represented twelve research institutions in seven nations. In this image we can clearly see that non-ionizing microwaves, generated by tower antennas, Wi-Fi and personal wireless devices, produce DNA damage identical to ionizing X-ray damage. [23]


 Upper left:  normal human DNA with no damage (sham photo)
Upper right:  human DNA damage after 1600 chest X-rays
Bottom:  DNA damage after 24-hours of 1.8 gigahertz cell phone radiation propagated at a power density that yields a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1.3 W/kilogram
   Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus with Washington State University is an expert in the bio-effects of Wi-radiation.  He says this about the REFLEX studies:
"So here we have a situation where you've got a cell phone with a tiny little battery producing roughly the same amount of DNA damage as a very high-powered X-ray machine running with 1600 chest X-rays. That's really stunning!....Now it turns out that this [REFLEX] study actually underestimates the effects of real cell phones....Real cell phones don't have continuous waves [REFLEX used continuous wave radiation to produce DNA damage].  Real cell phones pulse up and down and we know from other studies that pulsed EMFs...are much more biologically active than things that just have this continuous wave....So now we're talking about real cell phones being vastly more active than the 1600 chest X-rays....Non ionizing radiation is much more dangerous at the same level of energy as ionizing radiation." [24]
     And there is more:
1. REFLEX studies produced extreme DNA damage with a power density that allows a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1.3 watts per kilogram. U.S. regulators approve wireless devices that infuse human bodies with 1.6 watts per kilogram.
2. Independent researchers in the U.S. and Europe have recently reported that various popular smart phone models greatly exceed [up to five times] the 1.6 W/kg SAR radiation limit when placed directly on or very near the human body. [25]
   Like ionizing radiation, wireless antenna frequencies are delivered as photons (energy packets), having both particle and wave behavior. Microwave frequencies carry electrical voltage and magnetic fields that mechanically oscillate the polarity of living cells millions to billions of cycles per second.
This creates astronomical agitation for human cells,
considering that within each of these millions/billions of wave cycles per second,
 human ions, protons and electrons are flipped
back and forth between a positive and negative charge!
   Atoms, molecules and tissues cannot long withstand this significant man-made vibration. Under such relentless duress, the form and function of cells break down, causing membrane leakage and displacement of calcium. [26] Blood quickly disintegrates, bones weaken. Oxidative stress, inflammation and damaged DNA are guaranteed. Premature aging and chronic disease are inevitable.
   REFLEX scientists beat the micronuclei out of human test DNA in 24 hours by using continuous wave microwaves to flip its polarity at 1.8 billion times per each measurable second. Now consider this list of carcinogenic frequencies propagated by the latest iPhone Pro Max devices, boasting 5G capabilities. These devices assault human DNA with combinations of:
1.9 billion polarity flips per second; 2.3 billion flips per second; 2.5 billion flips per second' 2.6 billion flips per second; 3.5 billion flips per second; 3.6 billion flips per second; 3.7 billion flips per second; 4.7 billion flips per second; 26 billion flips per second; 28 billion flips per second; 39 billion flips per second. [27]
  DNA damage from this multi-frequency, jag-edged Franken-voltage is far more pernicious and destructive than the less violent voltage used in the original REFLEX studies. So imagine the fate of a civilization that  routinely brutalizes its sperm and ova cells with "smart" 5G millimeter wave frequencies, say 39 billion wave oscillations per second. This has to be the ultimate in genetic modification.
   Have wireless phone peddlers or U.S. regulators ever researched the cumulative bio-effects of 5G devices that perpetually jackhammer human DNA with numerous information-bearing frequencies simultaneously? Why would they? U.S. federal regulators are mere appendages of the Wi-industry; the Wi-Industry has virtually no meaningful oversight. Ignoring thousands of published scientific studies demonstrating severe biological damage from microwaves and millimeter waves, Wi-profiteers and their "regulators" brazenly prevaricate that "the scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users of cell phones from RF exposure, including children and teenagers." [28] 
  Thus falsely assured, the dumb-as-dirt masses line up to pay big money for Wi-weapons, often used for on-the-body exposure 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. These consumers are dirt-dumb because no one has told them that wireless radiation is scientifically proven to age and disintegrate the human body on its journey to malignancy. Doctors, pastors and teachers never mention that Wi-irradiated reproductive DNA can yield injured babies, born to live in distress "on the spectrum" and/or with painful and disruptive physical defects.

   By 2014, the University of Pittsburgh announced that childhood mental disability rates in the U.S. had reached historic highs. The number of children diagnosed with physical or mental impairments has increased by 17% since the late 1990s, when wireless mania was first unleashed with ferocity. One in six U.S. children suffers developmental disability and the national rate of autism doubles every five years. [29]  MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff warns that if autism continues to increase at the current rate, the time will soon arrive when one in two American children born will suffer some form of autism. Eighty percent will be boys. [30]  

Any electronic device that propagates modulated microwaves into the body in order to send communications signals to distant antennas is a virulent health risk. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organization, currently designates RF/microwave radiation used for wireless technologies as a Group 2B (possible) carcinogen. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries approved that designation in 2011. [31]

   IARC confirms that RF/microwave radiation couples with human bodies as electromagnetic currents and creates "hotspots" throughout the flesh. [32] Regarding cellular damage, what matters most is the artificial shaping of wireless waves through modulation used to deliver information. Dr. Devra Davis, Ph.,D., a professor of environmental medicine, explains how modulated radiation makes people physically and mentally unwell: "This weak power is pulsed erratically sometimes with four different antennas operating at the same time..Weak radiation can break membranes and induce a cascade of cellular damage tied with increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. This wireless radiation, also termed microwave radiation, consistently damages human sperm and induces serious behavioral deficits, according to numerous independent studies...." [33]
 Worse yet, IARC's Group 2B designation is outdated!
RF/microwave radiation propagated for wireless communications meets Bradford Hill criteria as a confirmed human carcinogen (Group A designation). [34]
    Bradford Hill criteria is used in court cases to prove causation.  Many experts across the globe agree that there is sufficient medical and scientific evidence to UPGRADE wireless wave pollution to IARC's Group 1A list of known and undisputed cancer-causing agents.  IARC's Group 1A carcinogen list includes: 
tobacco smoke with its 7000 toxic chemicals
asbestos, arsenic, benzene, vinyl chloride, mustard gas
 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), a deadly component of Agent Orange
  all types of ionizing radiation, including isotopes and gamma waves from radioactive fallout

   Among top scientists calling for an IARC upgrade is Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and long time advisor to the World Health Organization. He worked as a senior epidemiologist for IARC when radiofrequency radiation was designated as Group 2B carcinogenic. [35] 

   Dr. Miller confirms that current scientific data requires a Group 1A upgrade for wireless radiation FROM ANY SOURCE: mobile phones and tablets, wearable devices, 4G/LTE cell tower antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth antennas, smart utility meters, vehicle radar systems, broadband satellites and new millimeter wave antennas for 5G.
   Dr. Miller joined over 180 other scientists and doctors across the globe who have affixed their signatures to an urgent appeal written for the European Union and the United Nations. This document flatly states that the radiofrequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, including microwaves, "is carcinogenic to humans." [36]
  In February 2017, the BioInitiative Working Group, composed of medical and scientific experts from many nations (including Dr. Miller), reported that National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies (1999-2016), conducted under auspices of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, have put an end to the wireless cancer debate:
"The relationship between radiofrequency radiation and cancer is clearly established....Testing on rats is standard for predicting human cancers....The NTP results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within currently allowable safety limits are the 'likely cause' of brain and heart cancer in these animals....The animal study confirms prior findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT)....The NTP has filled the gap....It is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits." [37]
  Costing the federal government over $25 million, the NTP cancer research on wireless radiation provides extremely powerful evidence of harm, says Robert Morris, M.D., Ph.D., senior medical advisor for the Environmental Health Trust: "For more than two decades, many have dismissed cancer risks from cell phones because conventional understanding of the effects of microwaves would suggest there is no mechanism for this to occur. That argument is officially dead." [38] 
Of course, wireless profiteers and their controlled media keep this vital information
So what becomes of a population trained from birth that a transceiving wireless device must always be kept on the body and that the eyes must be permanently fixed upon a wireless small screen?

The record shows that back in the 1990s, the Wireless Radiation Industry was told by its own scientists that cell phones could cause cancer and genetic damage. [39] Of course, the industry has successfully concealed these facts in order to safeguard trillions in Wi-radiation profits. For many decades the tobacco industry played that deceitful and genocidal game too.
   But in 1998, Big Tobacco was stunned with a Master Settlement Agreement which stipulated that the largest tobacco companies pay a minimum of $206 billion to those eligible for health damage compensation. Today, the slightest acknowledgment of wireless health harm would trigger insurmountable liability because wireless wave carcinogen has been forcibly delivered to everyone in North America for decades. Neither the federal government nor the Wireless Industry wants to trigger another master settlement of unfathomable magnitude.
   This means that every person must access life-saving facts for himself.  Each of us must learn about Wi-cancer THE HARD WAY or THE EASY WAY. In the classic eight-minute video below, attorney Jimmy Gonzalez (now deceased) explains to public officials how he got his education on wireless poisoning THE HARD WAY. The cell phone equipment that inflicted Jimmy with terminal brain cancer and tumors at two additional sites within his body involved mainly the older 2G technologies that generally utilized only one microwave antenna. By contrast, today's 4G and 5G smart devices have multiple blazing antennas that drill diverse carcinogenic frequencies simultaneously into the body and brain.
   For people who prefer learning about wireless carcinogen THE EASY WAY, monumental scientific evidence is now available to help alleviate suffering and protect lives. This published, peer-reviewed documentation is vital for rethinking our personal and national exposure to wireless radiation that now eviscerates our environment. Sadly, this information is unknown to millions of people who deserve the truth. So please share it with those who can read and reason.
Click the skull below!
Evidence for Wi-Cancer
(including three new studies from 2020)

  With a tsunami of definitive scientific and medical studies like those available behind the skull, it's no surprise that "smart money" has long acknowledged catastrophic potential of the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. The international insurance industry treats wireless antenna radiation like "the new asbestos." Lloyd's of London, leading the global reinsurance industry, ranks microwave radiation as an ultra-high risk. It refuses to cover any claims arising from the wireless frequencies routinely propagated into the bodies and brains of the North American populations. Swiss Re, another huge reinsurance firm, also withholds liability coverage for all electromagnetic frequencies, including the microwaves and millimeter waves used for wireless technologies. Rating electromagnetic fields higher on the liability scale than asbestos and mad cow disease, it warns that unforeseen consequences of wireless technologies could lead to an avalanche of claims and significant product liability losses in coming decades. [40]
  The Nation Magazine reported in 2018: "The Nation has not been able to find a single insurance company willing to sell a product liability policy that covered cell phone radiation. 'Why would we want to do that?' one executive chuckled before pointing to more than two dozen lawsuits outstanding against wireless companies, demanding a total of 1.9 billion in damages."  [41] Likewise, top mobile phone firms warn their shareholders about possible future litigation and cancer risks of environmental antennas and wireless devices, but they fail to properly warn consumers in media ads or on packaging. [42]

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are microwave modulation techniques used to wirelessly connect computers and mobile devices to each other and to the Internet. Radiation peddlers adore lucrative Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies because they are unregulated; anyone anywhere can activate Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas and remain exempt from regulatory oversight. Wi-Fi creates the VOLTAGE OF CANCER in these gigahertz frequencies:  2.4,  3.6,  4.9,  5 and 5.9. The excessively violent 60 gigahertz (millimeter wave) is also used.  Bluetooth antennas beam 2.4 gigahertz. The interior spaces of most public and private buildings are heavily polluted by a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas and sensors, making this pernicious carcinogen compulsory for everyone.
  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation is especially carcinogenic. In the 1980s, the U.S. Air Force spent $4.5 million to study rats irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz radiation at low, non-thermal levels. [43] Compared to non-exposed rats, the irradiated rats suffered:

16% more benign tumors
260% more primary malignant tumors
100% more metastatic tumors (cancer had spread)

   A significant number of those irradiated rats developed endocrine tumors. Other researchers of that era showed that 2.45 gigahertz caused cancer-prone mice to suffer a 41% increase in tumors and a highly significant 12.5% increase in chromosome damage to bone marrow and blood. [44] Later in the 1990s, researchers at the University of Washington used low-level 2.45 gigahertz to damage the brains of rats and rip apart their DNA. [45]

  Within the last twenty years, scores of additional new studies have confirmed the destructive properties of gigahertz Wi-Fi radiation which can interfere with all cellular processes and: cause abnormal heart function [46] induce seizures [47] form eye cataracts [48] promote pregnancy abnormalities [49] cause fetal malformations and disabilities, including reduced memory and learning capacity [50] initiate new cancers while accelerating the growth of existing cancers. [51] 
   Leading experts now say: "Due to cytotoxic effects, Wi-Fi technologies are not for hospitals and telemedicine. Wi-Fi technologies should not be used in bedrooms, workspaces, common lounges, hospital rooms, lecture halls, classrooms and public transport." [52]

   Unfortunately, this scientific reality is an inconvenient reality which the North American business community, the medical establishment and the military juggernaut refuse to officially acknowledge. Prolific scientific and medical evidence demonstrating the dangers of Wi-radiation has been ignored and suppressed by these vested interests.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are deemed necessary for unlimited profits and for unlimited tracking and mass surveillance of a compliant and stupefied population. Human health is considered trivial in the relentless quest for the convenience, wealth and power delivered by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.
  Because adequate health warnings are not required by law, millions of consumers are conned into buying an endless array of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices that produce thirteen categories of sickness and impairment. Intrusive personal assistance systems like Alexa/Echo and doorbell surveillance systems like Ring and Amazon Sidewalk spew Wi-Fi for many meters in all directions. The Sidewalk system reportedly allows Wi-fanatics to ramp up their personal Wi-transceivers and send radio signals that piggyback up to half a mile in order to create "smart (sick) neighborhoods." Such trespassing radiation benefits only radiation lovers who require wireless for every move they make, every step they take. 
  Americans enjoyed the Internet long before they had access to Wi-Fi which was foisted upon the USA in about 2005. This Wi-Cancer website is managed with computers which do not use wireless routers, modems and Wi-Fi, but instead rely on cabled Ethernet connections. Those who conduct research for this website work in healthy buildings free of indoor microwave radiation. We are hoping that as people become better informed about the VOLTAGE OF CANCER, they will join us in the movement for universal cabled and to-the-premises fiber Internet. Safe technology is doable and must replace Wi-Fi in sick buildings everywhere.
The DNA-busting energy of Wi-Fi, heard on an audio RF meter, sounds like a buzz saw!  A person who lives, works, plays, schools and drives while immersed in Wi-Fi is a lab human ensnared in a digital cage, a hapless creature awaiting inevitable disease, deformity, disability, dementia and/or premature death.

High-frequency wave radiation, which covertly makes humans sick (or dead), is a directed energy weapon deployed by an occupation army of amoral Wi-profiteers. And a perfect weapon it is--tasteless, odorless and silent as it fires relentlessly and indiscriminately upon humans, animals, plants and insects. Spectrum analyzers confirm that RF/microwave radiation from tower and rooftop antennas freely flows through construction materials to infuse inhabited buildings with the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. This invasive energy is relentless and perpetual, giving irradiated populations no time to rest or recover from incremental biological damage.
   Since the Microwave Age was unleashed in the mid-1980s, wireless antenna installations have been planted everywhere to accommodate the "need for speed." A partial list of large commercial antenna installations which deliver their toxic payloads across the USA was derived from AntennaSearch.com. In July 2014, that site reported 547,549 antenna towers and 1,706,048 outdoor antennas in the United States. By December 2020 it reported: 797,441 towers and 2,072,585 outdoor antennas. That website no longer offers antenna and tower tallies. But macro 4G/LTE installations continue to arise by the thousands annually, while additional millions of new 5G beam-forming small cell antennas are slated to be mounted across the nation during the coming decade.
  The wave carcinogen perpetually slamming through the windows and walls of the residence seen above is measured at 460,000 microwatts per square meter (12-13 volts/m). Such immersive pollution is thousands of times greater than power densities documented in myriad published studies to produce disease and disability in animals and humans. [53] This egregious example of wireless trespass (necessary for tracking and surveillance of an oblivious population) is sanctioned by U.S. federal law.  Most people, trained to worship the waves, are so ill-informed that most never even question this universal and brute genocide.
  Shielding this home against such intense and carcinogenic wave intrusion would require exorbitant military-grade materials not available to the consumer. Added to the 5G antenna rape of this house is predictably gross pollution from entertainment and security Wi-Fi systems that scourge most home environments these days. Turning on an audio RF meter in this house would yield the noxious sounds of a veritable death camp
   Numerous epidemiological studies reveal that people living and working within 1600 feet of RF/microwave antennas eventually develop serious health problems. A 2013 medical report published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health says this:
“Human populations are increasingly exposed to microwave/radiofrequency (RF) emissions from wireless communication technology, including mobile phones and their base stations. By searching PubMed…we found that eight of the ten studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances less than 500 meters from base stations….None of the studies reported exposures above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations….At exposure levels far below international guidance levels there are clear and consistent signs of adverse health effects in the general population….” [54]
   Right now Verizon Wireless is beaming microwaves and millimeter waves from 4G and 5G environmental antennas that obliterate human DNA with these violent frequencies:
850 million hertz

1.7 to 2.1 billion hertz
28 billion hertz  (millimeter waves)
39 billion hertz  (millimeter waves)  [55]
   For this shameless abuse of all living flesh, Verizon and the other wireless service providers receive adulation and big money. Below is seen a new, in-your-face Verizon 5G hub, one of thousands to be mounted across New York City alone, starting in 2022. Modern science confirms that the antennas hidden inside of this monstrosity pollute the environment with waves as destructive as ionizing X-radiation. If wireless wave carcinogen were visible and accumulating like mining pollution, this deadly neighborhood would be deemed a Superfund site, unsafe for humans and in desperate need of cleanup. 
  Knowing full well that microwave antennas sicken and kill, the Wi-radiation Industry bought itself the Telecom Act of 1996, a totalitarian federal law which prohibits U.S. citizens from objecting to, on the basis of environmental and health concerns, the siting of RF/microwave antennas on or near inhabited buildings. [56]  This federal mandate means that the woman seen below, who came home to find this new 5G antenna mounted next to her window glass, [57] can do absolutely nothing to protect or defend herself against lethal radiation (except to move out of her home as fast as she can pack). But where in urban areas can she find better windows safe from invading death rays?

   A population deprived of full disclosure and compelled by federal law to submit unconditionally to the VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a sickly population enslaved. People forcibly exposed to these powerful antennas 24/365 are weak, chronically ailing and heavily medicated. Many U.S. health statistics now confirm this.
   By 2013, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine reported that Americans live sicker and die earlier than people in many other developed countries. In fact, they suffer such ill health that medical professor Steven Wolf at Virginia Commonwealth University exclaimed, "We were struck by the gravity of these findings." [58]  By 2022, U.S. life expectancy was showing a historic decline, hitting its lowest point since 1996. [59]
   Six of ten U.S. adults and half of all children suffer at least one or more chronic diseases, defined as long-term conditions requiring ongoing medical attention. [60] Blue Cross Blue Shield reported in 2019 that Millennials (seventy three million born between 1981-1996) have poorer health than previous generations their age. The report says that these unfortunates begin to "crash" in their late 20s (the prime of life for earlier, on-wireless generations). [61] While the U.S. southern border remains open to enemy insurgents and drug cartels, 77 percent of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are physically unqualified to enter the armed forces! [62]
   Right now government entities and insurance companies are documenting an unusual surge in multi-causal deaths among young and middle-aged people, with the majority unrelated to Covid-19. [63] By 2022, the U.S. had almost 350,000 excess deaths reported but unexplained by federal data. [64]
   Cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, chronic fatigue and dementia, all documented to be induced or exacerbated by RF/microwave radiation, are epidemic across the nation at a cost of $billions annually. The average "healthy" American suffers multiple microwave radiation symptoms including: allergies, asthma, yeast infections, sleeplessness, fatigue, blood sugar swings, heartburn, chronic headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, bowel problems, thyroid dysfunction, weight abnormalities, skin issues, immune weakness, muscle and joint pain, disintegration of teeth and bone, anxiety, moodiness, memory problems and depression.
  Few Wi-radiation victims have sufficient information to connect their debilitating and expensive symptoms with wireless carcinogen that saturates their homes, schools, work places and vehicles. Focused upon the convenience of instant connectivity and delighted with wireless toys of addictive gratification, few realize that a microwave-poisoned environment depletes vital energy and impairs every form and function of the human body.

The millions of 4G and 5G advanced antenna installations across North America are extremely powerful and complex polluters. They are designed as MIMO transmissions (multiple voice and data streams). They incorporate loopspatial multiplexing, beam forming and new quadrature amplitude modulations needed to accommodate high demand for data streaming. [65] The U.S. government has never tested these grotesque 4G/LTE and 5G signals --even on laboratory animals-- to ascertain bio-effects on living tissues. Instead, unmonitored bio-testing of this wave carcinogen is being conducted upon the entire North American population without their fully-informed consentThe Wi-industry perpetrates its crimes with impunity only because its horrendous pollution is unseen, untasted, unsmelled and unheard.
   Seen above is a new urban "tree" tower with two great banks of very large, low-to-the-ground microwave antennas beaming multiple downlink frequencies. This slow-kill exterminator is considered "beautified" with its fake polyester branches.
   Just meters away from the base of this tower is a new elementary school. Powerful radiation inundates the playground, transforming all metal play equipment into ultra conductive "hot spots." MIMO signals easily penetrate classrooms as intended, since most wireless communications originate inside of buildings. Enlightening is a recent study of adolescent students irradiated by cell towers at school who were confirmed by scientists to suffer impaired: motor skills, spatial working memory and attention.  [66]
   In addition to tower radiation, the cell tower school is equipped with the best carcinogen state and local funding can buy: an in-building, dual-band Wi-Fi network for wireless laptops, iPads, Chromebooks and "security" systems.  In 2018, a meta-analysis (a study of studies) by the Environmental Medicine Society of Germany used 100 scientific papers to produce an up-to-date health overview of Wi-Fi radiation now foisted upon students everywhere. This report concludes: "Based on the extensive body of research the adverse health effects demonstrated in the majority of the studies....wired solutions should be given preference.  Current exposure limits and SAR values do not protect from health risks associated with Wi-Fi radiation. The adverse effects on learning, attention and behavior serve as a basis for educational institutions of all age groups to forgo the use of Wi-Fi applications." [67]

  Other studies report that young children who use microwave devices as learning tools in school fall behind academically, their reading and math skills far below those of kids who are spared carcinogenic technology. [68]

   Internet and security for all homes and schools could be easily provided by safe, wired optical fiber systems if officials and parents truly cared about the health and future of school kids. But in fact, most children of North America have been literally abandoned to custody of the Wi-industry, which freely "farms" young children as row crops to be harvested.

   Any person who objects to the child abuse of deadly wireless pollution is informed by federal and local officials that federal law protecting the Wi-industry PREEMPTS all health and environmental concerns. They are routinely told that wireless radiation from mobile phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi hot spots is "safe" because it meets FCC exposure standards [now proven obsolete and non-protective]. But the festering sore of America's great Wi-Radiation scandal erupts into obvious cancer clusters, like the one recently reported at an elementary school in Ripon, California. Read the story here in Newsweek.  LINK

When a human brain is forcibly infused with wireless antenna carcinogen from any source, natural brain waves and rhythms are overridden (entrained) by the more powerful and coercive oscillations of microwave signals. Scientists say that radiation-induced mitochondrial and DNA damage occur in brain tissues earlier and more severely than in other organs. [69] A person whose brain is infused by DNA-damaging, polarity-flipping microwaves is a person whose brain has been co-opted by radiation peddlers, empowered by federal law to seize remote control of human bodies for economic gain.  Such a person has truly LOST CONTROL OF HIS OWN MIND.
   The man seen in the above picture is standing 200 meters away from the  "tree" tower discussed above. He is holding an audio microwave meter against his head in order to show that the VOLTAGE OF CANCER from the distant tower is slamming through his body and brain. A flimsy skull presents no barrier because wireless signals are configured to penetrate glass, wood, brick, cement and most other construction materials as they travel for miles.
   The audio meter allows the man to confirm that the megahertz and gigahertz waves penetrating his brain have a vibratory sound identical to that of a pneumatic drill. If human ears could HEAR the ugly mechanical brutality of the wave carcinogen perpetually invading the flesh, reasonable people would be shocked into taking protective action. They would be greatly inspired to demand that educational facilities especially protect school children, both indoors and out, from this sinister and unrelenting carcinogen.
  As the man's screaming audio meter with its flashing red lights gathers the composite of hundreds of microwave signal streams slamming his body, instrument readings gyrate between three to six volts per meter because tower antenna traffic continually fluctuates within milliseconds. This environmental radiation is so powerful that it causes the meter box in his hand to literally vibrate. However, the FCC considers this power density to be very low since federal exposure guidelines actually allow wireless antennas to saturate the human habitat with up to 61 volts per meter! In order to accommodate the metastasis of the newer 5G technologies, the FCC now recommends quadrupling the 61 volt per meter limit for all frequencies above 6 billion hertz (gigahertz)! [70] This insanity proves that for U.S. regulators, the safety of humanity is insignificant compared to Wi-industry profits.
  By 1965, massive scientific data had already confirmed that radio frequencies, specifically microwaves, have a profound impact on the human nervous system. By 1971, the U.S. Office of Naval Research had organized an impressive collection of laboratory research showing that non-thermal microwave radiation, like that polluting villages, cities, homes, schools, offices, commercial venues and medical centers, can induce:
nine central nervous system effects
five types of abnormalities in the peripheral nervous system
four types of autonomic system effects
four categories of aberrant behavioral changes
17 types of psychological disorders [71]
  More recent scientific documentation also confirms that wireless technologies can literally drive a population insane. A 2016 report in the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy presents numerous studies showing how microwave radiation produces "widespread neuropsychiatiric effects including depression." [72]  Millions of people, submerged in inescapable wireless radiation capable of inducing psycho-carnage, are now indeed showing conspicuous emotional imbalance (rage, anxiety, depression, addiction); Developmentally impaired children are the norm (going to school in diapers is cool) while many young adults succumb to brain fog and dementia at an early age. 
   By no surprise, six of the top ten Millennial illnesses cited by the Blue Cross health report of 2021 are behavioral health conditions affecting mental and emotional wellbeing. [73] Sixty percent of U.S. College students have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, especially depression. [74] Among younger students the crisis is also conspicuous. In January 2023, Seattle Public Schools filed suit against Tik Tok, Facebook, Google and Snapchat over the "mental health crisis" of kids hooked into excessive use of social media platforms, leading to "anxiety, depression and thoughts of self harm." [75] Overlooked is the fact that manic use of media platforms equates to thousands of hours of nearfield wireless exposure for these kids each year.
  As society rapidly descends into radiation-induced madness, we will continue to witness extremes in abnormal behavior as illustrated by Nancy Pelosi, who was  caught on camera muttering incoherently while she was Speaker of the House of Representatives. Like the insanely senile puppet currently residing in the White House, many officials and professionals upon whom society depends find themselves in cognitive disarray, unable to focus, remember or maintain stamina. Physical pain is so intense that multitudes seek relief at any cost, including street drug overdose. Mentally-challenged homeless populations are ever-increasing (Portland Oregon alone has 6600 homeless and 700 squatter encampments) while violent protesters, manic looters and firebugs freely terrorize American cities. Suicide rates in the U.S. are the highest they have been since World War II, with youth suicide at its highest point in two decades. [76]
   Salvador Ramos, the pothead who at age 18 gunned down his grandmother and then 21 other people in a Texas elementary school in May 2022, was a poster child for a generation literally raised by the Wi-industry and owned by the social media consortium. Just before his rampage, Ramos is seen above holding his smart phone with which he sent an Instagram message hinting at his intent to commit genocide. 
  Universal neuropsychiatric manifestations now plaguing our society have roots in radiation-induced organic brain damage akin to traumatic brain injury (TBI). For over forty years scientists have reported that RF/microwave radiation efficiently compromises the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB); this literature is copious. The BBB is a metabolic and cellular structure within the central nervous system (CNS) that prevents harmful chemicals, amyloid beta and pathogens in the bloodstream from entering fragile neuron and glial cells throughout the brain.
   In 2003, a group of medical scientists in Sweden reported that rats exposed for only two hours or less to GSM cell phone radiation (900 megahertz and 1.8 gigahertz) suffered serious brain damage: "We have shown that microwave exposure at subthermal levels gives rise to a significant leakage of albumin through the blood brain barrier of exposed rats. The albumin diffuses out into the brain tissue and accumulates in the neurons and glial cells surrounding the capillaries....The neuronal abumin uptake and other changes described would seem to indicate serious neuronal damage...."
   Studies have not yet been done showing the extent of damage when rat brains are savaged by 28 or 39 gigahertz screaming from today's powerful 5G smart devices. If neuron damage in rats was seriously destructive after only two hours of 2G exposure, what kind of carnage can we expect for youngsters who will spend years drilling their pot-soaked brains with 4G/5G Wi-phones and ear buds? The science suggests that they are guaranteed chronic impairment of the BBB, leaving them vulnerable to irreparable brain injury, not only from radiation but also numerous toxic elements and pathogens that travel through the blood.


  The Swedish researchers also reported: “We found highly significant evidence for neuronal damage (dark) neurons in cortex, hippocampus and the basal ganglia in the brains of the [microwave] exposed rats. The occurrence of dark neurons under the different exposure conditions shows a significant positive relation between EMF [cell phone microwaves] and the number of dark neurons.” [77]  This information is sobering indeed. A BBB wide open and plenty of dark neurons have to be the norm for most Wi-irradiated people these days.
  Dark necrotic neurons are also found in human Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) suffered by people who sustain blunt force injuries to the brain. Brain-injured military veterans and athletes often have severe necrotic tissue damage, seen at autopsy as brownish in color and comprised of dead neurons and glial cells. [78]
   Brain neurons have a low capacity for repair, and as they die, the brain cavity fills up with non-functional matter (tangles and fibrils) found in dementia and many other common neurological conditions. Disruptions in the BBB are connected to the development of Alzheimer Disease (AD). Wikipedia advises with extensive citations: “New evidence indicates that disruption of the blood-brain barrier in AD patients allows blood plasma containing amyloid beta (AB) to enter the brain where it adheres preferentially to the surface of astrocytes. These findings have led to the hypothesis that: "...the astrocyte is overwhelmed, dies, ruptures and disintegrates, leaving behind the insoluable amyloid beta (AB) plague. Thus, in some patients, Alzheimers’s Disease may be caused (or more likely aggravated) by a breakdown in the blood brain barrier."
  These necrotic plaques and fibril tangles comprised of mis-folded peptides known as amyloid beta (AB) are deposited in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims years before clinical signs are observed. [79]  Whether damage is inflicted by blunt force or by years of toxic Wi-wave assault, the end result (brain rot) is the same: dark necrotic brain cells, cognitive failure and terrible terminal suffering. It is important to know that this kind of neuron damage cannot be detected with MRI or CAT scans and is thus overlooked by conventional medical investigation.
  A recent and concise scientific document, outlining the many ways that non-thermal wireless radiation impairs form and function of the mammalian brain, is offered by the Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine in China. Even a quick scan of this technical data  provides clues as to why so many people in North America are now psychologically and emotionally abnormal. [80] This seven-page report is a must-read for any person determined to reclaim and protect his brain from the ravages of greed and ignorance in the Microwave Age.
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So the debate is over.
Wireless microwave radiation = MALIGNANCY! 
 Each and every microwave exposure is another lottery ticket for cancer.