IDAHO: Z. Moore
My vibrant and beautiful friend Sadie was always healthy. One day last spring she woke up and couldn't speak. Scans showed a glioma brain tumor on the side of her head where she usually held her cell and cordless phones. Without any warning or symptoms, the tumor had spread tentacles through her entire brain and doctors said treatment would be useless. Four months later she died. A CDC scientist Dr. Chris Porter has announced that the association between cell phone use and glioma cancer in adults is "quite strong." How many others have to die before people finally understand how dangerous it is to press microwaves phones to the head? As a side note, Sadie had attached a gizmo to her cell phone which she was told would to protect against radiation. Don't trust those fakers. 

TEXAS: C. Hagen

My husband died from a glioma behind his phone ear.  He was in his 40's and very healthy. Please do something!

My wife and I feel the Wi-Fi and cell phones cause high blood pressure, heart irregularities, hormone/thyroid depletion, and stress. Something must be done and it is the public at large that must take action and report these health issues.


I am loosing count of the number of children and adults in a town of 22,000 who have had brain tumors. The youngest is 3 years old. The oldest child was 11; he died.  Additionally, three  mothers of high school students died in one year of brain tumors. That doesn't include the Wall Street dads with brain tumors.  The policies of many schools is to allow cell phones, in the vibrate mode.  All day long the developing brains are getting radiated.  The CDC now states that the leading pediatric cancer is now brain tumor.  It is the leading cause of death for 14 and younger.  So far, the current safety standards appear to have failed.  The public is not willing to be silent.


I suffer from EMFs. My ears ring and begin to feel full around cell phones, my ears are like a cell phone detector. Wireless modems, wireless alarms, towers to name a few hurt me. My teeth get cold, I get headaches as though my brain is actually tearing. My eyes get red, my face gets red spots. I suffer from sleep deprivation. The back of my head feels electrified. My life is ruined. This began in Feb of 2009 for me. I feel like my insides vibrate. Working in an office filled with wireless technology and multiple cells phones is absolute torture. How am I to go on and support myself while the environment is killing me? The Telecom Industry is too powerful and markets so heavily that "it is absurd" if you don't have a cell phone. The culture in America is brainwashed. People carry their cell phones as though it is their most important possession. I am sure that populations of people like me will emerge. The truth always come to light eventually.


I've been type 1, insulin dependent diabetic for 50 years. I've recently discovered that my blood sugar and overall health is affected by RF radiation and dirty electricity. I do not use a cell phone, got rid of my cordless phone at home and take all measures possible to reduce my exposure to RF wireless radiation and dirty electricity. My health has improved with NO other changes to my environment or diet or exercise.  Others are affected and don't know it yet.

I live on the edge of a small town on purpose to reduce my exposure to pollutants yet I cannot avoid the Wi-Fi signal that comes into my house. That feels worse than an unwanted salesman at your doorstep because you don't have a chance to say, "No thank you. I'm not interested in your services."

NEW YORK: Lauren B.

Nine 5G cell towers installed ouside my window. At 2 a.m. mmw [millimeter wave] riped through me from head to toe and cross ear canal for 20 min., two separate nights. Seemingly electrocuted and paralyzed. Incredibly painful, now injured with multiple effects. One must move immediately, the place is dangerous and unlivable, can't wait for the lease to expire.


I have become so debilitated by electromagnetic waves like those emitted by cell phone towers, wifi, smart meters for utilities, compact fl. lights, etc, that I can no longer function normally.  I taught college biology for 22 years and now am so sickened by electromagnetic radiation that I am struggling just to get through my days and ended up quitting my job and cannot find a safe one yet. I miss being able to help others and help my community. 

A cell phone tower was built a block from our home. My husband became chronically ill first and within a few months I was so sick I was unable to continue to earn a living. We moved and my husband got well right away. I am still permanently disabled. Recent studies show that the blood brain barrier is permanently damaged within two hours of close contact with a cell mast. Cell masts are also thought to cause brain tumors which is now the #1 cause of death for children in the U.S. It is shameful that our country has put technology and greed before the good health of our children.

OHIO: L. Riley
I am a cancer patient and am only now learning of all of the toxic effects of my environment that should rightfully be common knowledge. Had there been more information about these hazards, I could have made a conscious choice of how to live my everyday life. My new found awareness makes me angry at my government for allowing the lure of money to blind them to the damage done to unwitting citizens.

ARIZONA: K. Orndorff

I personally am negatively affected by EMFs. I'm sure many people are who are not aware of what is causing their health problems.

MAINE: S. Cobb
I am a brain tumor (90 percent resected) survivor that has been affected with EMF every day since surgery.  When I am standing next to any EMF (cell phones, cell phone towers, WI-FI, microwaves, cordless home phones, computers, and TV screens) I have severe symptoms of headache, dizzyness, and fatigue.
ARIZONA: S. Schwartz

The FCC in collusion with the Telecommunication Industry through the Telecommunications Act 1996, has taken our guaranteed first amendment rights in all courts of law from expressing any health related concerns to the court members. We want an amendment to the Telecommunications Act to have our rights restored. 47USC322(c)(7)(B)(iv)

OREGON:  A. Tolliver

I live in the shadow an antenna belonging to EWEB KOB421. The day they began using this antenna for data transmissions I noticed immediate responses by wildlife in my valley. In the 2 years they have been using this antenna the birds have disappeared and animals are dying or leaving the area. Help this McKenzie River area!

ARIZONA: Sharon Kurtz
I live in Tempe AZ and I have over 170 cell phone towers within a 3 mile radius. I believe that is too much but I can't afford to move. Something must be done about the EMF we are exposed to.

TEXAS: Adrian Garcia

URGENT: Nonstop headaches, pains, infections, inflammations, lack of concentration and inability to sleep for months that I know are directly related to nearby smart meters and cell towers, have interfered with my ability to earn an income because I cannot be in the city or live in a house near a cell tower. Where can I go? This must stop...please stop it.


ARIZONA: S. Pitcairn

I have been suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome for many years and have reason to believe it started due to overexposure to manmade radiofrequencies at one point in my life. Now, with the proliferation of RFs in the lsat 10-15 years, the last two years especially, I can hardly ride in a car or airplane or attend a public meeting where many cell phones and wifi devices are in use. We have only recently become really informed and aware about these issues and are truly shocked at the level of ignorance about the science on this topic that is shown by the Federal agencies that should be protecting the public health. Many outstanding scientists believe we are headed for a public health crisis of unprecedented scope due to this EMF proliferation and ignoring of the science that tells us of very high levels of increased risk, especially for children and women.


ARKANSAS: A. Hogsett

Our current situation with EMF is extremely similar to the controversy about second-hand tobacco smoke years ago. We were exposed then unwillingly and we're being exposed now, again unwillingly.



I fully support all of the steps to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and health hazards to citizens of all ages. As one who suffers from chronic fatigue and immune deficiency, I am among the many who are extremely sensitive to environmental toxins. We are the canaries in the coal mine and it is time that the toxic effects of EMFs are recognized as are carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, asbestos, lead, and other substances capable of killing people and other life forms.



There are 55 cell towers within a four mile radius of my address--39 are unregistered. This is a lot of radiation saturation for any residential area. This is overkill! Please take steps to regulate the Corporations who put these towers up!! Repeal Section 704 of the T.A. of 1996. Declare the moratorium on more wireless infrastructures!! Please help "we the people" to live in less polluted environments!  

ALABAMA: B. Echols
I am one that is dealing with major health issues from cancer to sensitivities from electromagnetic devices, which have made a drastic change in my life and my family's. Please let's investigate and put limits on wireless technologies before more people are affected and their lives and health disrupted.

CALIFORNIA: D. Blackwood

My son suffers from EMF reactivity. His health problems forced him to change his career field from a prestigious public setting yielding a large income to a classroom, just so he can function. With the installation of WiFi in public buildings, he is now faced with continual bombardment of EMFs, and fewer choices for his work environment. PLEASE don't allow EMF pollution of our country. Create EMF-free zones. Like smoking, I think this is a threat we will reap disastrous health consequences from someday.

TEXAS: J. Wood

Since moving to Texas for just three months, I developed a tumour in my leg. The entire city of Round Rock and Austin, TX is under WiMAX EMF radiation. My friend has a tumour in her throat. I get shocked frequently just walking from my car into a store. I am now considering giving up my cell phone for starters. There are neighbours who are considering taking off their smart meters from the walls of their homes.



I have been negatively impacted by EMF's for many years and have met 100's of others whose health is severely challenged or compromised in the name of corporate greed. The industry has known about the hazards of EMF's since the inception of wireless technology--how long will it take for the massses to wake up and understand they've been duped once again!


My family was adversely affected physically, mentally, emotionally and ultimately, financially after living next to a cell tower for over two years.  We had no choice but to flee our home. I am still trying to regain my health and wonder what impact this will have on the future health of my children.  The levels of radiation emitted by these cell towers, wifi, smart meters, wireless electronics and the list goes on, is TOXIC to the human body and frankly, CRIMINAL.  Our bodies cannot handle these frequencies.


Time and time again, we have risked the health of our nation, particularly the health of our children, for the sake of corporate profits. This is unacceptable and must stop. How many times will corporations willfully ignore the serious health risks of their products so that they can increase their profit margins? And how long are we going to continue to allow it? As the parent of young children, one with leukemia, I am extremely concerned about the negative health effects of wireless electromagnetic energy.



I am sensitive to wifi and cell phone signals, after receiving a huge exposure over several months. I am a scientist, graduating phi beta kapa from UC Berkeley in 95, and not a crazy nut job! I did not really believe in electromagnetic sensitivities myself until I myself became sensitive. I am starting to think that EMF radiation (particularly digital signals) has an effect on living organisms, regardless of whether we realize we are sensitive or not. Legislation to limit EMF pollution, until the issues are better understood, is highly desirable for all and necessary for many.


After years of driving a school bus, I started to get unexplained headaches.  It finally dawned on me after looking in the rear view mirror that many children where using their cell phone for texting or going online.  I switched to a special needs run with 3 children and no cell phones and I had no more headaches. Every day, corporate America is coming out with a new gadget and making millions at the expense of the public health. Just look at the tobacco industry!!!



My very good friend lost her four year old to cancer and years later when she tested the EMF levels in her child's room, they were off the charts. Let's not put our heads in the sand.

OHIO:  C. Smith

As an engineer I can tell you many people exposed to RF and microwaves on a daily basis have GREATLY INCREASED HEALTH PROBLEMS INCLUDING CANCER. As a few state troopers from a few years ago that developed brain and testicle cancer from RADAR mounted near their head and keeping in in their lap. And that was MUCH lower power than cell phones. Cell phones are 10x - 20x the power and towers are 100x-300x the power exposure. The cell phone power limit is MUCH higher than a microwave oven leakage exposure. How can it be safe for a phone that is used for HOURS a day at a much higher power compared to 1-3 minutes a day at a much lower power



This is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue due to the fact that the president wants to allow every person access to the internet. I am all for that but PLEASE make certain it is done without using wireless. STOP putting EMF in the vicinity of people. We have to let our bodies which are electrical, have down time. We can't go on like this. I happen to have 12 silver filling which cause me to be exposed to higher EMF's than someone without them. No wonder I have developed severe symptoms when around wifi for too long or cell phones. FRANCE has made it ILLEGAL to sell to, or allow a CHILD 12 YRS and under to use a cell phone. This is based on science, fact. We have to pay attention in the U.S. and follow the non industry funded research, the research that isn't being "steered" a certain way. We CAN make a difference NOW!!!



Many of my insurance clients as young as 30 are complaining that they are losing their ability to recognize faces, that their senses of direction are impaired, and that their hearing is poor. Since discontinuing the use of a cell phone except on speaker and removing as much electromagnetism from my immediate area as is feasible, these same symptoms I was experiencing have abated a bit. However it is impossible to avoid microwaves because of their proliferation. The results of this inundation are affecting the health and lives of everyone alive and causing mass increases in insurance and medical costs, as evidenced by the treatment of brain tumors for several prominent senators. Stop this damaging pollution. 1) Do not approve any expansion of microwave and electromagnetic technologies, 2) fund non-biased studies of those that already exist.



My field of study and my professional practice is at the interface between EMR pollution and health damage. My professional work is to help those already affected make the changes in their living environments to get some shred of relief from the constant exposures to electromagnetic pollution from building wiring to cell phone system radiation. I see first hand the growing human toll that these under-controlled pollution sources are having on people's health.



We've just withdrawn our offer on a house because we are now aware of the dangers, serious dangers, that cell towers put us in. We've just said no to the house we picked out to live in, I'm sickened that Apostolic Faith church in Eureka, CA, would put residents in such danger for any amount of money. Just sickened.

MARYLAND: C. Robinson

I became EMF sensitive at my federal job at the FDA on March 12, 2014. The U.S. government needs to acknowledge and address EMF illness and doctors need to get educated that EMF illness is real. Establish safer standards to protect the public and workers. DOL Workers Comp Office needs to stop denying EMF illness claims!



I struggle daily from the effects of radioactive radiation. We need to protect ourselves in every way possible.



We believe my husband's diagnoses of mastocytosis and nerve cell tumors are a result of wearing a cell phone on his body for 15-20 years. The industry needs to make changes to protect the public based on the information that is currently available.  NOW!


It is only a matter of time before it is undeniable the link between EMR and cancer. We need to do damage control and not let another generation have those sad statistics. I write this as I am part of a parent group in Huntington Beach trying to prevent T-mobile from placing a cell tower 80 ft. away from my son's kindergarten class. The 1996 act makes it almost impossible for our city and school to protect our kids.



While in medical practice, I saw a number of cases of electro-hyper-sensitivity. One case stands out —a dedicated engineer who had been involved in helping build the SLAC particle accelerator at Stanford, having worked for decades around powerful electronic instruments, had become so sensitive that he was no longer able to live in any urban or suburban environment— and that was ten years ago. When I last heard from him, he was seeking an electro-quiet environment in the Nevada desert and was having no luck. There are few such places left on earth. To address the crisis in health care, we MUST attend to the causes of ill-health. This is an important one. encourage you to take action on this issue asap.


FLORIDA: E. Schulten

Why was a cell tower built, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, at my children's Elementary School in Tampa???  This is all about money, the root of all evil.  My boys have the right to be in a safe environment while they are school to learn.  I am speaking out for my boys who have no voice in this matter and all other children who spend 6 hrs. and more a day at school.  More research needs to be done on this matter and until we have the results, do not let my children by the guinea pigs!  I only want what is best for them.


CALIFORNIA: J. Lily Turner

Unless and until the US government implements these changes and creates safe zones for electrosensitive individuals, I will be forced to continue to live a marginalized life, sequestering myself in places where there is the least amount of electrosmog. At this time, I am unable to utilize any public transportation because of cell phone usage and/or wifi. Standing in line in any public facility is a nightmare. I have valuable gifts to offer the world, and I am being stifled by the ubiquitous presence of radio frequency in the atmosphere. Please set me free!


I am a professional engineer and have worked in the nuclear power industry most of my life. I have tinnitus hyper-acusis, which is a hyper sensitivity to sound and vibration. In my case it is high frequency, e.g., dog whistle sounds and radio frequency (VLF all the way up to WiFi gigahertz). My world gets smaller and more uncomfortable each day with the proliferation of wireless technology. Literally, it is like being a canary in the coal mine. It is imperative that we change the exposure guidelines for all aspects of wireless usage before the entire population like me.


California: D. Coffman

I've lived with an Acoustic Neuroma for the past 9 years. I'm personally convinced it developed due to extensive use of a cordless phone during a stressful time -- new parent running a business and completing a doctoral program -- which diminished the efficiency of my immune system. Read Becker's book "Cross Currents" for insight into the perils and promise of electro-medicine.


HAWAII: R. Melendez

There are 5 cell towers in less than 1 mile of each other. Two of those towers are side by side with another tower only about 2 blocks away. All of these towers are in a very commercialized area. These towers went up in October and they are continuing to go up all over town. This town is Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. These people have no idea that these cell towers are not being regulated to the health risks they pose to the people who are in the area for 8 hours or longer almost every day. We have a right to be safe in the area that we work and live. These towers should be regulated to keep our health #1 and not the cell phone companies business #1.



I have electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome already, and now they intend to put smart meters on my home and throughout my neighborhood. Two months ago, my city council approved installation of a THIRD cell phone tower three blocks away from me in a church. There is a school directly behind it, and I'm sure that the parents of those students have no idea their children are being exposed to that level of radiation every day. The area is being blanketed with electrosmog and there is no place to get away from it since I live in an urban area. I am too sick to move. Please stop this road to destruction now!


Our house started to "vibrate" when a new Verizon cell tower was first powered up.  I've since become sensitive to EMF and it's making me sick.  



As a child psychiatrist and integrative medicine physician, I am increasingly alarmed by the impact of electronics--and the EMFs associated with them-- on children's moods, behavior, sleep and cognition. There is also mounting evidence that EMFs are associated with the rise in autism, tics, and ADHD, which have become epidemic in recent years.



Exposure guidelines for EMF, specifically RF need to change significantly. I have been suffering from electrical sensitivity since a wireless "SmartMeter" was installed on my home 3 years ago. The SmartMeter was eventually removed from my home, and although it helped reduce my symptoms a bit, I suffer daily from all the radiation from cells towers, and SmartMeters everywhere in Marin County CA. Life in the city is extremely difficult. My time as a public school teacher may end very prematurely as I can barely tolerate the wireless radiation in the school I work in. Over the past few years my students complain more and more about headaches, ADHD is on the rise, and I can't help but question the possibility of wireless radiation as the cause. We are being experimented on. This is unacceptable!!



My Daughter suffered headaches at her school this year, due to high levels of Ipad use and new towers placed in hall ways of the school . She was not able to function normally . She is now homeschooling with her sister. I Informed many parents and school of the long term effect of WIFI as I am a health eduactor my self. (I am a nutritionist and exercise physiologist) But no one is ready to hear it, or is willing to stand for the right of the children at the school. It is very disappointing to see this and know long term effects of WiFI.

TEXAS: M. Luehr

I have developed an electrosensitivity several months after the installation of a smart meter on my home that backs onto my electrical box, which increase radiation levels in my home I am unique, cause I can feel the constant cycles electrical pulses throughout the day and night Instead of waking refreshed and rested I wake up shaken and fatigued with chest pain.



My city, San Francisco, California, has over 2,500 cell and wi-fi antenna, not including the wi-fi "hotspots," nor the GWEN towers. We also have wireless Smart Meter utility meters, pulsed radio frequency devices, which emit pulses non-stop, on most of our buildings, one device per unit. We are being bombarded with such intense radiation, it is a nightmare. I am a property owner, my property value will surely decline when the public learns what a horrific experiment is happening here. We are being slowly irradiated to death, doubtless, to the great financial benefit of the many medical research facilities and hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm sure UCSF's new cancer center has no lack of patients to fill their coffers. Ditto their new childrens' hospital, as the radiation affects children so horribly. I will be leaving the area, seeking someplace in the world with lower radiation levels. My health has been suffering for years now. Who wants to buy property in San Francisco? Who wants to live in San Francisco? Not me! You can have it.



EMF are triggering spasms in my body ever since I moved to the South Bay area near San Jose, CA. Please we need urgent good legislation. There are 100s of towers within 5 mi. of my home. This is ridiculous!


This issue is particularly critical for those that have any type of metal, rubber or silicon implants - the pain can be excruciating especially considering the rampant unregistered unregulated towers.  Localities must be educated in the enforcement of these towers and telecoms should not be given free rein to erect these at the cost of human lives and the environment.



As a public health educator, I have been reading study after study showing serious adverse health effects from exposure to radio-frequency fields. The time to act to take precautionary action is NOW. We need stricter exposure guidelines, the ability to have local control over placement of infrastructure, and better protection for those who are most vulnerable, especially pregnant women and children, and those who are electromagnetically hypersensitive.



The microwave levels are way too high almost everywhere.  They make me sick! In 2010 I had leukemia. The place I was living then (different place) had a lot of routers. There was one against my wall. The lady that had it developed senility. The computer companies are pushing hot rod routers I believe they are hurting  health. Furthermore MOST Internet providers Do not shut off the routers when not in use. This is terrible! WHY! I complained to the FCC AND THEY CLOSED MY CASE! i wish I could shield my place from or move but iIcannot afford it.  P.S. every neighbor I spoke to did not have a clue to the dangers that they might endure.



I have debilitating nausea and ear ringing, among other symptoms due to a large cell tower built nearby in 2016. Compounding this is numerous cell panels being placed all along our roadway, Palos Verdes Drive East, on every utility pole with no regard to homes just feet away. I can no longer function and am sick most of time due to increase in high frequency radiation these panels and towers emit into my home and throughout entire neighborhood creating an open microwave environment. The utility poles ARE public but the product they transmit, the microwaves frequencies, transmit into my private home and human tissue and that is a violation of my privacy, my health and my right to pursue happiness. FCC Telecom Act of 1996 is unconstitutional.


COLORAD0: M. Maholic

I watched a very Close Friend die from brain cancer. So the radiation exposure is SO important to me.


COLORAD0: L. Rethke

I had a cell phone for over 10 years till it made my hip and head feel weird. Now I can't even stand to be near one. Not on speaker phone or even just sitting on the passenger seat 2-3 feet away. I am that sensitive to EMF's.


COLORAD0: D. Franklin

After two years of increasingly debilitating symptoms I discovered I have Lyme Disease, mercury poisoning and EMF/RF sensitivity (no way to know which came first or how they all enable each other). Treatments for the Lyme and mercury were ineffective until I dealt with the EMF issue -- including turning off our wifi and shutting down our solar system. Until one has experienced this nightmare it is hard to appreciate how frightening and completely immobilizing it can be. Our children deserve our attention to this matter.


OREGON:  D. Slater

There are 4 RF masts on top of the building I work in, about 50 ft away.  Is it a coincidence that almost everyone has frequent headaches and migraines?  I am worried that it is just a matter of time before it becomes something more serious like cancer. How is a single mother to support herself and her children, if her health is taken away by greedy telecom companies and the politicians who do their bidding?  There is enough research already to prove it's time to DO something!

COLORADO: A. Gibbons

Since the cell tower was erected not less than 500" from our home, I have had no less than 26 thermal burns, and have become an electomagnetic hypersentitive refugee, having now moved 70 times to get away from electro smog. I can't live in my home! I am relentlessly opposing the installation of smart meters, which will greatly increase electrosmog and pose a serious health threat to everyone!


COLORADO: H. Angstadt

Coming from a healthy athletic past and for the past two years I have been telling my DRs that I feel like I am dying. Tests showed nothing wrong, drugs were prescribed for my many symptoms, and I was told I was suffering from some psychosomatic illness. I found out about EMF exposure, changed my home environment by removing wireless internet and whatever else I could. Within hours symptoms started disappearing and after two weeks I am my old healthy prescription free self as long as I stay home. Now that I am aware that our own congress is responsible for allowing this documented health risk that other countries have protected their citizens from I am hearing my story from many others. Please congress ask yourself what good it will do to have all that money made with this technology if Americans are sick and dying.



I have been sick for 7 years due to unwanted EMF exposure coming from a tower that our neighbor whose backyard is behind ours built for his company, which is called Directlink. I just realized this is the cause and I am asking the government of U.S.A. to protect me, and protect other citizens, including children from this manmade disease, please.



I have been aware of this problem but until recently, have not been a person who is electro-hypersensitive. But with the advent of high speed broadband and powerful wifi in our home, three weeks ago I became that "canary in the coal mine" and became an electro-hypersensitive individual. I would equate it somewhat with Superman, when exposed to a piece of Kryptonite. It is, at the very least, no walk in the park. Please take immediate action to protect me and countless others from this ever expanding threat to the human race, and all biological beings, including our bees.



There are a growing number of individuals, such as myself, who unfortunately experience adverse reactions when exposed to electromagnetic frequencies, particularly from cell phone base or relay towers. Our family has had to move two times due to the installation of cell phone towers close to our home. We have little, if any influence over where these towers are placed. More recognition should be given to the adverse health factors from these towers, and more authority as to placement should be granted to the local authorities.



I have 2 children affected by EMFs, sudden onset of seizures in their teenage years. Unfortunately, I didn't make the connection until my 2nd child was afflicted. I'm pretty close to a tower plus the house had appliances putting out major EMFs, especially the clothes dryer, even when it was off. Who would have thought? There's nothing more important than getting the word out to people with young children. Get the phone away from their head, shut off the laptop, get rid of old TVs, digital clocks and get EMF protective gear. Thing is, you never know who will be affected to this extent.

ILLINOIS: A. M. Hartmann

I suffer from excruciating headaches when exposed too long to a wi-fi environment, which is just about everywhere except my house. This exposure is debilitating to many people and should be more restricted. "No wi-fi zones" should be mandatory in public areas!



I was hospitalized last week from 7 smart meters behind my living room wall and 28 total smart meters in my condo building.


Microwaves are hurting people. There should at least be a safe place for sensitive people to go for relief. I am in so much pain and nobody cares.



As a health care professional married to a farmer and faced with a cell tower being constructed just 700' from our home I was extremely dismayed at the lack of protection for human and wildlife health from non-thermal EMF exposure in our current laws, both state and federal. The research is growing and it needs to be acknowledged. This issue is no different than what it took for you as legislators to acknowledge the research that tobacco use, or exposure to DDT, lead or asbestos has health consequences and that changes to the laws to protect the public must be made and soon! Who of you are brave enough to take on the trillion dollar telecommunications industry and protect us and future generations?



The microwave levels are way too high almost everywhere. They make me sick! In 2010 I had leukemia. The place I was living then (different place) had a lot of routers. There was one against my wall. The lady that had it developed senility. The computer companies are pushing hot rod routers. I believe they are hurting health. Furthermore MOST Internet providers do not shut off the routers when not in use. This is terrible! WHY! I complained To the FCC and they closed my case! Come on people let’s try to improve! No more routers against apartment neighbors walls! Let us use safer hardware. Let’s pass safer laws. I have permanent joint pain and although you cannot prove it the time frames correlate. I wish I could shield my place from or move but I cannot afford it. P.S. Every neighbor I spoke to did not have a clue to the dangers that they might endure.

FLORIDA: A. Fitzgerald

In my area, they are putting cell towers on school property without a public vetting of the process. They are needlessly and recklessly exposing children to these potentially harmful emissions without any thought to their future health. Like tobacco and lead, EMF (electro-smog) has the potential to be a significant impact on the health of our nation. The wireless industry engages in Rambo tactics to silence critics, rather than address their substantive concern


FLORIDA: V. Miranda
While safety is my primary concern, I did not choose to purchase my home site so that two-thirds of my views are of a 160 ft cell tower. Would you purchase a home where most of the views are of a 160 ft metal tower that could be hazardous to your health and the health of your family??? I think NOT!

FLORIDA: M. Merkley

In Tampa, Fl. chaos has erupted over the possibility of cell phone towers being installed at every single public school in the county. This decision effects nearly 200,000 children. Some will spend their entire school years being exposed to these emissions. At our 8 year old son's elementary school, a 160 ft. tower was installed over the summer without any notice to any of the parents or nearby community. This tower sits just 20 feet from the covered courtyard where the children play every day. This decision MUST be reversed. It is a bigger liability than any funds the schools might receive in return for risking our children's health. More definitive research is needed.


FLORIDA: E. Schulten  

Why was a cell tower built, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, at my children's Elementary School in Tampa??? This is all about money, the root of all evil. My boys have the right to be in a safe environment while they are school to learn. I am speaking out for my boys who have no voice in this matter and all other children who spend 6 hrs. and more a day at school. More research needs to be done on this matter and until we have the results, do not let my children by the guinea pigs! I only want what is best for them.


FLORIDA: N. Helmuth 

As a professional engineer, I believe we must get the scientific community involved in an unbiased way to get to the bottom of this. The truth must be told even, if it costs the cell phone industry millions of dollars to find a way to correct the problem.


FLORIDA: F. Satriale

My son goes to school at Narcoossee Elementary School in St Cloud in which in the back of the school yard stands a giant ELF tower with 6 cell phone providors on it. Its a shame that a k-8 school is so close to a tower of death. Were all going to go mad one day.


FLORIDA: F. Lawson

I am a neurological Lyme disease survivor and credit much of my recovery to eliminating electromagnetic radiation from my immediate environment. I strongly suggest you and other public officials take action to protect the public from an ever increasing exposure to EMR pollution. If you do not take immediate action I am certain that we are headed, in the next few years, into an epidemic the likes of which we have never experienced before on this planet.


FLORIDA: C. Wludyka

How many microwave signals do you estimate are passing through my body at any given moment? I live in a lowrise tower (10) floors with a T-Mobile relay antenna on the roof. I am a retired radio technician and have some knowledge of high frequency radio. This is scary stuff. How can it be properly tested if tumors or cancer take years to develop. It can't be tested as safe.


FLORIDA: S. Dickenson

We can't expose my autistic son to any more damage. We are eliminating wireless technology in our house but can't control what he is exposed to through neighbors WiFi and cell phones.



The mild sensitivity I had to EMF's recently exploded into full hyper-sensitivity after new neighbors moved moved into the townhouse next door with a wireless "N" router. Now I'm spending a small fortune to protect myself from the added assault. Working with limited income, it isn't easy. It's a shame that the U.S. government isn't taking this issue as seriously as other countries do.

FLORIDA: J. Gessler

The developer put a cell phone tower on our 9 story condo. We had to move our after 6 months due to insomnia and severe head pain.

FLORIDA: S. Pollock

I am passionate about educating the public about the dangers of EMFs. My husband was an electrician and died in 3 months time from a glioblastoma. Studies from the 1980's show that that electricians have higher rates of brain tumors. It is IMPERATIVE that we take due diligence in proper scientific studies and educate the public as this is detrimental to humanity.


I have recently become electrohypersensitive and it has caused me to become diabetic. I have data that shows my blood glucose level increasing when subjected to strong electromagnetic radiation (EMR) fields.

GEORGIA: D. Stewart

I have just found out why I have been suffering so much the last 3 years. It is due to electromagnetic radiation. Now my doctor is working with me to help me get better. The exposure guidelines must be changed. What is being radiated now is unacceptable and unhealthy. How many people do you want to pay on social security disability because of this problem? How many people must die before we get your attention? I can have CFLs in my home either because they made me sick within 30 minutes or less.



I support this petition 100%! I am in the process of fighting a cell tower going up in our community. I have learned so much during this battle. The most disturbing, is that cell towers can go up at our county schools with just the principal saying ok. That is not right! The parents have no say in protecting their own children. The cell phone companies are using our children as guinea pigs and this must stop. Many things have changed in the industry since 1996. Much more research has been done. We need our Congress and President to step up and protect the citizens of this great country!


GEORGIA: B. Skaggs

I am fighting a cell tower in a district in Cobb Co. Georgia where the local school board is exempt from zoning ordinances regarding cell towers on school property. The East Valley Elementary School school cafeteria and classrooms are within 40 foot of a 150 foot proposed tower. The school board boasts there is no danger per the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This law must be amended to not allow indiscriminate misinterpretation of a law that assumed towers would at least be placed in reasonable locations by reasonably sane public officials.



I recently attended the funeral of a dear friend. He was 42 years old, and died from chondra sarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer which began in his hip, part of which had to be removed, and then metastasized to other parts of his body. Having worked as a dept manager at Walmart for 21 years, I wonder if the cell or mobile phone he had to carry around with him, contributed to the initial weakening of his hip. Sources on suggest it could. With so many EMF devices surrounding humanity today, I believe that it's imperative to aggressively investigate EMF safety.


GEORGIA: S. Furness

I live about 300 feet from 3 cell phone towers and now have electromagnetic poisoning... I'm sure I'm not the only one on my block, or even in my neighborhood! Stop this now

GEORGIA: J. Jollie

My children and I are already suffering from health symptoms that may be related to EMF's. There is a wireless tower located adjacent to my property.


GEORGIA: D. MacIntyre

I lost a friend to brain cancer last year and her oncologist said he has seen a 30% increase of primary brain tumors in his practice over the last decade. Please look at our health as more important than profits!


HAWAII: R. Schranz

I am  being MURDERED in my own home. I cannot live in my house to due extreme heavy radation.  I have 18 towers and 52 abtebbas within 4 miles of my home.  I have wi-fi everywhere.  I am losing my home and my health. I have constant headaches.  I have constant ticking in my ears & get dizzy too often. I am nauseated often.  There is no investigator or no controls to limit my exposure and control exposure and control the proliferation around me. PLEASE HELP!


Electromagnetic pollution affects everyone. While most people are unaware of the problems, because they don't feel the radiation, there are EMF sensitives who do feel effects of radio frequency radiation immediately upon exposure. I'm one of them. I had to give up the use of cell phones and cordless phones a long time ago, because they caused me pain. So did my iPad. (No, this is not just my imagination. The very first time I used a cell phone, I felt something instantly, even though I didn't know anything about the harmfulness of such radiation at that time.) I'm also affected by WiFi and others' cell phones, but can still live a normal life, if my symptoms don't get worse. Unfortunately, more and more and stronger and stronger sources of exposure are being introduced. Especially smart meters are a primary concern to me. Please stop them and other dangerous and harmful technologies.


IDAHO: K. Green

In my practice I am seeing record numbers of ADD kids...The tremendous exposure I feel is having a dramatic impact in the rise of this critical problem.

IDAHO: S. Patterson

As a concerned parent with 3 children 13 and under, I had to start my own blog and website to help get the word out to parents.  This conversation should be on top of the list. Schools have no PROOF this high intensity WiFi is safe for kids 18 and younger. But they still roll it out as fast as they can. I predict the coming lawsuits will bankrupt our school system. How many people care?

IDAHO: D. Graf
Verizon is putting up a tower 150 feet from my home. We have been fighting them for over a year now. We appealed the first board's decision to let the tower go in with no avail. The Verizon guy knew we were going to loose before we started. He said I have been doing this for thirty years now. In Idaho they are passing all of them and they are popping up all over. We are moving but are afraid they will put up another one near us someday. We live in an extremely corrupt country. Pray HARD!

IDAHO: C. Hodge

We are currently fighting a tower going STEPS from our home. Our County and City officials should have every right to protect its citizens not only on the grounds of loss of property values, loss of aesthetic views/eye sores, and privacy, but ANYTHING listed as a POTENTIAL health hazard to its citizens should be grounds to deny...I am tired of arguing health concerns. Bottom line, we should all have a choice how much radiation we expose ourselves to. Freedom for carriers to erect these towers in neighborhoods and schools robs us of that choice.  



Several civilian employees from my former state and federal work site suffer Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome due to powerful exposure to microwave radiation we suffered on the job. (Microwave communication antennas pointed directly at our duty stations.) In violation of federal regulations, we were not informed of the danger. Due to a lawsuit brought by employees, the work site was closed. However, government attorneys proved in court that government agencies cannot be held liable for violating such regulations! Citizens are fed up with government irresponsibility! Is American government, "by the people and for the people", or "by those and for those who are above the law"?

IDAHO: H. White
I hope this can be resolved, hoping people are still working on this. My son and I are really sick.