The BioInitiative Report (2012-2017): "Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation....Bioeffects can also occur in just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts [cell towers], Wi-Fi, and wireless utility 'smart' meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposure can result in illness. Many of these bioeffects can reasonably be expected to result in adverse health effects, if the exposures are prolonged or chronic. This is because they interfere with normal body processes (disrupt homeostasis), prevent the body from healing damaged DNA, produce immune system imbalances, metabolic disruption and lower resistance to disease across multiple pathways." [1] Note: This statement is the consensus of 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs.

A medical team of oncologists with Masaryk University of Czech Republic and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2011: "Population living in the area nearby (up to 350 meters) the cell phone base transmitting station during one year of operation and matched individuals from other areas have been compared in Israel. There were 4.15 times more cases of cancer in the transmitter station area than in the rest of the city. Relative cancer rates for females were 10.5 times higher in close to the station area, 0.6 for control area and 1.0 for the whole town....Keeping in mind that a very significant increase in cancer took place during only a one year period, the authors of the study suggested that microwave could provoke latent cases of cancer in inhabitants of the area nearby the transmitting station." [2]
Dr. Martin Blank, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University: "Since we know that an accumulation of changes or mutations in DNA is associated with cancer, there is good reason to believe that the elevated rates of cancers among persons living near radio towers are probably linked to DNA damage caused by EMF." [3]
 Additional Facts About the Hostage Situation
Created by the Telecom Act of 1996
As long as the infamous TCA of 1996 remains in effect as written,
Americans must forever keep their hands in the air
as they march to a destiny of antenna-induced diseases, disabilities, deformities and premature death.
   When the Wireless Age began in the mid 80s, the lethality of microwave radiation was already well known and widely documented by the EPA and by many renowned scientists across the globe. Many individuals and municipalities, aware of the hazards of radiofrequency emissions, were telling the tower and antenna boys: "Not in my back yard!" 
  In response, the Wi-industry created legislation which hatched into the Telecommunications Act (TCA) of 1996, proudly rubber-stamped by the industry's greased palms within the U.S. Congress. Constitutional attorney Gabriel North Seymour explains: "The telecom companies essentially bought and paid congress for the votes to pass this act, which they believed had absolute preemption over local zoning and planning regulations, taking local control of the placement of towers out of the hands of people who are going to live right next to them....Under the Telecom Act, and under the failure to set these safety standards, we are not safe." [4]  The TCA commands the American people:
   The TCA forbids individuals, local governments and states from blocking the siting of deadly antenna weapons on the basis of environmental and therefore health effects.  Both Section 332 and Section 704 state: "No state or local government or instrumentality of such may regulate the placement, construction and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission's [Federal Communications Commission] regulations covering such emissions." [5]
   These two sections are a crime against humanity because the FCC is a captured agency blatantly controlled by the Wireless Radiation Industry [6] and also because the FCC's radiation exposure regulations are obsolete and non-protective of human health, according to the latest science.
  The TCA surrenders the health and welfare of the entire nation to five FCC commissioners, all of them political appointees who are selected for their loyalty to the Wi-industry, not for their public health expertise. FCC's public exposure limits for RF/microwave radiation are applauded by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a private professional group which maintains status as technical advisor to the FCC. The corporate membership of IEEE is the literal backbone of the global Wireless Radiation Industry. Dr. Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News explains: "Essentially the users of RF and microwave technology —the military, its contractors and the communications industry— wrote the IEEE RF standard. For example, of the two co-chairs of the committee that developed the most recent safety standard, one works for Motorola and the other for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. What are the odds that their safety standard serves their interests? I'd bet the ranch on it." [7]  
   Motorola, currently owned by a corporation headquarted in Communist China, has long been infamous for meddling with the work of scientists who warn about the disastrous health effects of microwave radiation. Seattle Magazine reported that Dr. Henry Lai, research professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington and his fellow researcher Narendra Singh, of comet assay fame, were looking at the effects of non-ionizing microwave radiation--the same type of radiation emitted by cell phones--on the DNA of rats: "They used a level of radiation considered safe by government standards and found that the DNA in the brain cells of the rats was damaged—or broken—by exposure to the radiation....After Lai and Singh's research finding an effect on DNA was published in 1995, Lai learned of a full-scale effort to discredit his work. In an internal company memo leaked to Microwave News….Motorola described its plan "to “war-game” and undermine Lai's research. Motorola did all it could to discredit their work and have both Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh fired. [8]

   Likewise, Dr. Jerry Phillips, a well-known cell phone researcher with dozens of peer-reviewed papers under his name, conducted Motorola-funded research and later reported coercion and falsification of his research by industry agents determined to obfuscate bio-research results unfavorable to Wi-technologies. Dr. Phillips has stated: "There is so much money involved, that the only thing the industry sees is the money. They couldn't give a damn about basic science." [9]
  To add to the confusion, there is no federally-mandated radio-frequency exposure standard. [10]  Dr. Slesin says that there are actually only two enforceable EMF exposure standards for microwave devices in the US: "One is for microwave ovens set by the FDA and the other is for cell phones set by the FCC." [11] Thus, the ray peddlers and the military run America's wireless antenna show to their lucrative, self-serving and basically unregulated satisfaction.  Here is the resulting deadly situation for everyone.
1. IEEE, a consortium loaded with agents representing industry and military interests, insists that public exposure guidelines must be based only on thermal (tissue-heating) considerations. [If the radiation doesn't catch your hair on fire, it's "safe."] IEEE exposure limits therefore allow RF/microwave antenna installations to irradiate the U.S. population with microwave energy as high as 47 to 61 volts per meter (580-1000uW/cm2), depending on the propagated frequencies involved.   [12]
2.  In the real world of flesh and blood, adverse biological effects from microwave radiation are documented by many studies at non-thermal microwave energy as low as .02 volts per meter (.00001 microwatts per centimeter squared). Scientists who authored the BioInitiative Report 2012 recommend a human exposure of no more than .15 volts per meter since higher levels are documented to be above the scientific benchmark for human health harm. They believe that the best precautionary level, especially for vulnerable populations including children, pregnant women, the elderly is even lower at .03 to .04 volts per meter. A team of medical researchers have now shown that microwave voltage at only .00675 volts per meter efficiently disables the human immune system. [13] 
3. Recent epidemiological studies show that populations chronically irradiated by cell tower antenna radiation report thirteen different categories of pathological symptoms and impairments, even at non-thermal power density levels as low as .1 to .4 volts per meter. [14]
4. The FCC's obsolete microwave exposure limit of a whopping 47 to  61 volts per meter is absurd and demonstrably deadly to the public health. More so is the FCC's insane 2019 announcement that it approves increasing the public exposure limit to 125 volts per meter for 5G antennas that beam death rays at frequencies above 6 gigahertz, which include the hyper-energetic millimeter waves of 30 to 95 gigahertz. [15]
 The BioInitiative Report of 2012-2017 is based on over 1800 published medical and scientific studies, was organized by 29 experts from ten nations. This report states: "Public safety standards are  1000 to 10,000 times higher than levels now commonly reported in a mobile phone base station studies to cause bioeffects." [16] The insanity of allowing a public exposure limit as high as 47 to 125 volts per square meter is further found in a report by radiation expert and senior physicist Dr. Bill Curry, who undertook a study of especially hazardous cell tower siting scenarios. Traveling to various cell tower sites where people were suffering extreme illnesses, he found homes with ambient radiation measuring as high as 67-70 microwatts/cm2 which is about 16 volts per meter. People living in those homes reported debilitating sickness and some had to sleep away in their cars for relief.  [17] Dr. Curry, whose vast experience includes complex radiation projects at several national laboratories, warned in his report that extreme microwave antenna hazards include:
omni-directional antennas located close to inhabited buildings
directional antennas which focus radiation into elevated homes or building floors situated at the same level as transmitting antennas
antenna radiation amplified by mineral content in the soil or by weather conditions (wet weather can enhance microwave effects) 
microwave antenna radiation which couples with the ground waves of a nearby, low-frequency broadcast stations [18]
  In regards to the FCC's disastrous and obsolete thermal exposure guidelines, the BioInitiative Report states: "...It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that bioeffects and some adverse health effects occur at far lower levels of RF exposure where no heating occurs at all....It does appear that it is the INFORMATION [pulsing] conveyed by the electromagnetic radiation, rather than the heat, which causes biological changes, some of which may lead to unwellness and even death." [19] 
  So how did this gross negligence of a thermal-based standard come to pass?  Radiation expert Don Maisch, Ph.D., informs us: "Many subjective judgments, based on vested interests and limited knowledge, melded together by Cold War political and military concerns, lie at the very foundations of the thermal paradigm." [20] 
   After abrupt passage of the TCA in 1996, a group of scientists and engineers, backed by the Communications Workers of America, filed suit in federal court. They asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review both the FCC's dangerous exposure guidelines and the legality of a federal law that severely impedes state and local authority in the siting of hazardous transmitters. But in 2001, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The group's subsequent petition to the FCC asking the agency to bring its exposure guidelines current with the latest scientific was also denied. [21]    The FIX is in
  In 1999, the Radio Frequency Interagency Working Group (RFIAWG), comprised of experts representing six federal agencies, took a hard look at FCC's microwave exposure guidelines and subsequently issued a letter stating that "guidelines based on thermal not directly address public exposures and may not adequately protect the public." [22]  RFIAWG identified 14 health-related issues demanding resolution, including the inattention to non-thermal biological effects and the problem of public exposure to chronic RF/microwave pollution. [23] Neither the FCC nor the IEEE have provided adequate answers or resolution for these concerns. They have conducted no scientific studies, published in peer-review journals, to support their assumptive dogma and false narrative for the status quo. To this day the FCC and the Wi-Mafia it protects have proven to be an unchallengeable juggernaut dedicated primarily to protecting corporate profits.
  The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has warned: "People who live near cell towers are in jeopardy. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation. It is essential we have a government that puts the public's health above commercial interests." [24]  The FCC's exposure standards are absolutely obsolete, confirms Whitney North Seymour, Jr., former New York Senator and co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council.  He says: "It is imperative members of Congress request the FCC update the obsolete cell tower safety guidelines to reflect current science." [25]
   Naturally, such crucial advisement falls on stone deaf ears at the FCC, which is always headed by a chairman handpicked by the Wi-industry. So Wi-regulators and Wi-regulatees remain as one big, happy, microwave-enriched family. [26]
  What All This Means for the Masses
   In 2010, Dr. Dan Harper, M.D., an expert in electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), arrived at a city council meeting in Encinitas, California.  He was armed with a 12-inch stack of medical journals documenting the health risks of RF/microwave antennas. He was at the meeting to defend the rights of his numerous electrohypersensitive patients who were confronting construction of new microwave antennas in their neighborhoods. Dr. Harper explained to the council why these antennas especially harm radiation-sensitive patients. After public testimony, the hearing was closed with a reminder by the wireless industry that, under federal law, the city had no legal right to deny approval of the proposed new antennas.  Dr. Harper later told the local media: "My heart sank as I saw big business once again put the FCC knife to the throats of the City Council and tell them they would have to sit and watch as they [the wireless industry] raped and ravaged the community and there was nothing they could do....Every citizen is being blasted on the cellular level with this radiation.  It may take two or three decades to manifest the cancer or dementia, but it is adversely affecting us all." [27]
   This is where the USA stand today. The entire population is consigned to a vast radiation ghetto with no vote, no voice, no choice. The Telecom Act of 1996 literally flushed constitutional guarantees of the right to life and the right to free speech in the defense of life. Millions of Americans living and working at close proximity to Wi-antenna installations have no more health and safety protection than animal in a feedlot, or Poles in a Nazi work camp. In addition, they have no more information on the problem than the enslaved population of old Soviet Russia.
  Numerous published epidemiological studies indicate that the most acute bio-effects are suffered by antenna-irradiated populations living within 500 meters (1625 feet) of antenna installations. [28] This is about one-third of a mile. However, if a tower has a large number of antennas which broadcast maximum allowable wattage, the KILL ZONE of that installation can extend out much further. In addition, because there are now so many antennas propagating wave carcinogen within each square urban and suburban mile, radiation overlap insures that almost everyone within a highly populated area is trapped within a KILL ZONE. Now in 2020, T-Mobile is boasting about its new 5G antennas broadcasting powerful signals that travel for miles within the 600 megahertz band.
    Rooftop antennas highly endanger workmen and first responders who can be badly irradiated when compelled to work on or near these buildings.  Advisors for the insurance industry warn that each year, at least 250,000 US workers come into dangerously close contact with these antennas, putting them at high risk for eye and brain damage, plus sterility. [29]
    In 2013, concerned whistleblowers reported that over 100 rooftop antenna sites in 23 states were found to be in violation of federal exposure guidelines. Some of these installations were documented to be emitting microwave radiation in excess of 600% over FCC’s scientifically discredited exposure limits. [30]  Yet, between 1996 and November 2015, the FCC had reportedly issued only two non-compliance citations. [31]  
   Finally in November 2015, after coming under duress regarding worker safety, the FCC took note of antenna violations involving three groups of AWS and PCS antennas,  sited by the broadband company Wirelessco atop an office building in Phoenix, Arizona. Ten months before a fine was levied, FCC agents from San Diego had assessed the situation after the building owner complained of improper antenna warning signs and easy public access to the antennas. While investigating, the inspectors discovered that not only was Wirelessco negligent in warning sign compliance and prevention of public access to the antennas, but also that the antennas themselves were in violation of FCC's deadly maximum permissible exposure (MPE) limit of 1000 microwatts per square centimeter (61 volts per meter). The antennas were found to exceed that MPE by a whopping 184 percent. This grievous violation provoked a chicken-feed penalty of only $25,000, according to the FCC's forfeiture notice for this case. [32] The forfeiture money was paid to the FCC, not to the unknown number of victims who had left pens and cigarette butts next to the antennas while enduring near-field exposures of approximately 80 volts/m2, radiation levels documented to cause serious and irreparable biological damage.
  This grotesque case verifies that there are likely hundreds of thousands of neglected antenna installations across the USA that critically need —but will never get— compliance inspections. And we can count on the same regulatory negligence for nationwide networks of new, 5G phased array microwave and millimeter wave antennas that continue to sprout by the hundreds of thousands on low poles, buildings and rooftops across America.
   By 2018, the FCC announced that 80 percent of hundreds of thousands of the new antenna deployments will be the small cell variety, slated to be built quickly and in a far greater density than ever before.
   FCC also proudly announced removal of all deployment barriers, includes exemption of the new small cells from federal review procedures designed for larger and older towers. [33]  Thus, the fallout from millions of new 5G antennas with ultra-dangerous, beamforming downlinks will be completely ignored by both regulators and corporate terrorists who profit so grandly from both unlimited antenna pollution and from the resulting cancer epidemics.
  Such is the fate of a nation so "stoned" on radiation technologies
that madly throwing human health to the wind, 
it can only greet the day and celebrate the night with:

"Heil Wireless"
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