Dr. Riina Bray, MD, BASc, MSc, FCFP, MHSc, medical director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto:  "As a physician who has specialized in the area of environmental health for over 20 years, I am mortified at the lack of accountability regarding radio and microwave radiation use in the everyday lives of Canadians. I am appalled by the poor, impractical and unrealistic research done in this area and the lack of proper, relevant investigations." [1]
Olga Sheean, Canadian activist and Wi-tumor survivor: "Canadians for Safe Technology has identified 63 scientific studies —published between 2015 and mid-2016 alone— reporting the bio-effects of RF/microwave radiation at or below Safety Code 6 limits: biochemical and DNA damage, cognitive impairment, depression, insomnia, kidney damage, electro-sensitivity, oxidative stress, damage to developing brain and organs, as well as damage to nerves, immune function, glands, sperm and offspring." [2]
Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST): "As technology advances and becomes a bigger part of our lives, Canadians’ exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from sources like cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and cell towers is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, there is no proof that EMR emissions are safe. More and more studies are emerging that suggest non-ionizing radiation is actually biologically harmful and that chronic long-term exposure can lead to cumulative damage. In addition, studies in Israel and Brazil have linked long-term exposure to cell towers with an increase in cancer." [3]

  Death Rays Canada
  The magnificent nation of Canada, blessed with boundless natural resources and agricultural abundance, had a 2020 population of 38.25 million. This national population is slightly smaller than that of California, with 39.25 million.
   By 2019, there were over 33.6 million wireless subscriptions in Canada. The great 4G LTE networks now cover 99.5% of population. Ninety percent of Canadians have mobile devices and one third of households depend upon wireless services exclusively. Canadian voice and data consumption continues to increase exponentially while "wireless services have become indispensable for most Canadians." The Canadian government, raking in $17.6 billion for spectrum auctions since 1989, has worked relentlessly to make Canada a "4G superpower." Wireless carriers have spent $70 billion thus far and will sock another $26 billion into 5G infrastructure across the nation. The Wi-industry is forced to pay (bribe) the Canadian government more than 20 times per subscriber than their industry counterparts in the U.S. [4]
  Audio microwave meters confirm that Canadian towns and cities are rife with the screaming VOLTAGE OF CANCER and rural areas have plenty of "heat" too. Even towns and villages within the great Canadian national and provincial parks are infused with serious antenna carcinogen. Public places, including schools and hospitals and certainly most homes in Canada, are toxic from cell towers, Wi-Fi and smart meter radiation. Canadian schools are especially radiation-intensive, as exemplified by the hundreds of Toronto schools encumbered with a multi-million dollar Wi-Fi system supplied by radiation peddler Cisco. Hundreds of thousands of Toronto students reportedly arrive at school each day with at least two personal computing devices that utilize campus Wi-networks. [5]
By 2019, the Canadian government confirmed that nearly one in two Canadians
will have cancer in their lifetime.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada.
In 2021, 229,200 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer
and 84,600 others died from cancer. [6]
Compare these astonishing numbers to 2021 California stats:
187,140 new cancers and 61,860 cancer deaths. [7]
   In September 2017, Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, confirmed in a lecture to international experts that advanced studies show that RF/microwave radiation --classified in 2011 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as possibly carcinogenic-- must now be upgraded to confirmed carcinogen status (Category 1A).  Dr. Miller, a senior epidemiologist for IARC, says that medical science can no longer ignore overwhelming evidence that wireless radiation is a CONFIRMED HUMAN CARCINOGEN. Watch a short clip of Dr. Miller's speech HERE.
   In 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, since the telecom industry falls under jurisdiction of the federal government, municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers and pole antennas. [8] A good high-frequency audio meter allows concerned people to hear the VOLTAGE OF CANCER that pollutes populated areas. Much of this bioactive and carcinogenic pollution facilitates wireless entertainment and trivia  (81% of Canadian mobile traffic will be used for video services by 2022.) [see 4])
   By May 2017, a team of medical researchers had reported that Canadians using cell phones for 558 hours or more have a doubled risk of developing glioma (aggressive) brain cancer. LINK The millions of Canadian consumers, workers and students who use wireless devices incessantly for myriad functions can blow through 558 hours in mere weeks or months. They can then go on to further increase their cancer risk with unlimited usage of 4G/5G smart phones and tablets, loaded with antennas and therefore more bio-impactful than older phones used for the study referenced. 

   No one yet knows how greatly Canadian cancer statistics will be inflated within the next decade as the majority population is seduced to load their environment and their brains with experimental, ultra-energetic millimeter wave radiation needed for 5G evolution. The Canadian government has held auctions for experimental millimeter wave frequencies required to beef up Internet on smart phones and to accommodate self-driving cars. By 2017, Canadian officials had approved the use of millimeter wave frequencies in these bands:  28 gigahertz, 37-40 gigahertz and 64-71 gigahertz for unlicensed use. [9] Telus, Canada's premier wireless provider, is rabid to peddle 5G double-digit gigahertz across the nation. China-based Huawei has been working with Telus on experimental 28 billion hertz technologies. [10] Another large carrier, Rogers Communications, announced in January 2020 that it would begin rolling out fifth generation networks in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal before expanding into over 20 additional markets by the end of the year, all in preparation for 5-G enabled devices. [11]
   Right now, utility poles everywhere in Canada, including rural areas, are loaded with Wi-Fi antennas and 4G eNodeB antennas that boost wireless phone coverage between the large cell towers.  Microwave antenna systems mounted on power poles use grid power for signal-propagating equipment. This is how microwave antenna frequencies, plus dirty electricity (caused by AC-DC switching), contaminates the grid power flowing directly into occupied buildings across the nation. [12] The new 5G technologies being integrated with existing 4G systems, will  further contaminate the Canadian electrical grid with experimental millimeter waves (double-digit gigahertz radiation) for which humanity has no genetic experience.
Canada's Smart Meter Disaster
    As in the USA, a nationwide rollout of utility smart meters has been underway in Canada for years. Canadians are strong-armed into accepting mesh network smart meters that infuse inhabited buildings with powerful microwave signals, including the 900 megahertz cellular band and 2.4 Gigahertz (Zigbee radio) signals. The 900 megahertz frequency was used by U.S. scientists with the National Toxicology Program to induce brain and heart cancers in animals, as reported in 2016. [13] Man-made electromagnetic energy with potential to induce lethal sickness is little more than a weapon.
    Seen below are three wireless installations positioned to meter water, electricity and gas for a Canadian home built in 2016. Testing equipment confirms that the dwelling contaminated by these radios is "rocking" with wave carcinogen, both indoors and outside. The data-bearing signals from these meters are propagated for hundreds of feet in all directions, and like asbestos, they create a deadly pollution that people cannot see, hear, smell or taste. Smart meter toxicity is not only propagated through the air, but it's also fed directly into the power lines running through this home and all other houses connected to the network. The Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) within the electric smart meter injects high frequency oscillations and dirty electricity directly into the power system of the home, which then becomes a thousand-foot-long antenna, exceptionally dangerous to human health. [14]
  Each of these three smart utility radio installations for a single home continually excrete their own individual frequencies, rhythms and modulations in order to communicate with individual utility companies. Diverse and intersecting radio signals, beaming at the same time within the a residential space, couple to create bizarre franken-frequencies. This multi-source microwave radiation is impossible to re-create and test for its bioeffects in a science laboratory.  Each smart-metered building is completely unique in its complex wave toxicity. 
  Populations abused with smart meter radiation report: insomnia, sleep disturbances, fatigue, headaches, vision and hearing degradation, cognitive difficulties and cardiac symptoms, including palpitations, arrhythmia and heart pain. [15] These are only preliminary symptoms! The long-term effects of chronic microwave exposure, including cancer, stroke, heart damage and dementia, take longer to develop. Among the most common complaints reported by smart meter victims is tinnitus, a continual and disruptive ringing/noise in the ears caused by microwave damage to the auditory nerves. Bothersome and chronic tinnitus is a symptom of not only hearing damage, but also of abnormal changes in the auditory cortex and other brain areas where neurons fire abnormally. [16] Human lab rats held captive in the wave carcinogen of smart meters ultimately sicken and suffer, but the uninformed are generally mystified as to what is causing their weakness, physical degeneration and chronic pain.
    Microwave mesh systems that transfer utility data wirelessly are called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  AMI greatly enriches the Wireless Radiation Industry, but it unleashes a large environmental footprint. Collecting information from millions of Canadian smart meters are thousands of AMI routers, collectors and mesh repeaters mounted throughout the environment, like the Cisco utility router with 6-8 transmitters seen above. Microwave signals from this equipment pollute populated areas for miles around. This type of high-frequency radiation is well-documented to open (make permeable) the blood-brain barrier, which leads to brain injury and cognitive impairment in both animals and humans. [17]  The whole deadly AMI disaster is called SMART.  But it certainly is not WISE.
Canada Rides the Waves with Safety Code 6 (SC6)
    In Canada, microwave pollution is regulated by Industry Canada based on guidelines codified by Health Canada in federal Safety Code 6 (SC6). For many years, concerned citizens and global experts have urged Canadian officials to enter the 21st century and bring national RF/microwave exposure standards into alignment with the latest published research, which clearly documents diverse and dangerous non-thermal effects of high-frequency radiation.
  Safety Code 6 exposure guidelines were updated in early 2015. In this official update, Health Canada acknowledges many newly published scientific studies that document horrendous bio-effects of non-thermal microwaves, including DNA damage, cancers and reproductive disasters. It then discounts and contradicts all of these advanced studies when it pontificates that the only established adverse health effects associated with RF field exposures are related to tissue heating (defined as internal temperature increase of one degree centigrade over six minutes) and nerve stimulation. [18] This deadly and outdated theory enables Health Canada to justify dangerously high exposure and emissions standards which deeply flaw its 2015 update. This unfortunate outcome is reportedly the result of advice and pressure from the Royal Society of Canada, many members of which have conflict-of-interest ties to the telecom industry. [19] 

   Among the avalanche of important scientific data stoically ignored by Health Canada are a series of recently published studies by Swedish cancer researcher Dr. Lennart Hardell.  These studies present incontrovertible evidence from both human and animal studies that glioma brain cancer and life-threatening acoustic neuromas are caused by the RF-EMF emissions of wireless technologies.  Dr. Hardell warns that there is now sufficient evidence to indicate that current international guidelines for non-thermal microwave exposure "should be urgently revised." [20]  Dr. Anthony Miller, a University of Toronto professor emeritus, confirms that Dr. Hardell's work demonstrates that radiofrequency fields are a probable human carcinogen. Miller says that it would be impossible to ignore this scientific evidence had Health Canada been willing to carefully consider it. [21]

  The 2015 update recommends only minor reductions in exposure limits for microwave frequencies used for cellular communications and for Wi-Fi.  For example, the maximum allowable public exposure for 900 megahertz (propagated by cell tower antennas and smart meters) has been reduced from 47 volts per meter to 32 volts per meter averaged over a period of six minutes. This new exposure limit still gives the radiation industry plenty of leeway for additional antenna pollution. In terms of real-life biological effects, this exposure metric is dangerous, even deadly. Scientific literature published within the last two decades confirms that human populations develop numerous, negative biological responses when chronically exposed to cell tower radiation propagated at only 0.1 to 0.4 volts per meter. Effects reported at these very low, non-thermal levels include: severe hormone disruption, sleep problems, neurological symptoms, cognitive dysfunction and depressive psychological tendencies. [22] Sperm damage has been documented at even lower chronic exposure levels. [23]  This means that the new SC6 maximum exposure guideline for 900 MHz is still at least 300 times higher than the antenna dose reported to cause human illnesses and genetic damage.
   The 2015 update does not reduce dangerous emissions standards (SAR) for wireless mobile devices, including phones and tablets. And the recommended exposure reductions for the most common Wi-Fi frequencies are pitifully minimal. The 2.45 gigahertz frequency is still permitted at a disastrous 45 volts per meter and 5 gigahertz is set in stone at a screaming 58 volts per meter.  Worst of all, the 2015 guidelines endorse public exposure at a bone-sizzling 61 volts per meter for the upcoming 5G technologies, slated to propagate energetic millimeter waves between 24-86 gigahertz. Medical science has dedicated neither time nor money to properly research the bioeffects of millimeter waves. Until these 5G frequencies are certified by the scientific community as demonstrably safe, endorsing universal and chronic public exposure at up to 61 volts per meter is pure madness!
   Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian military expert in electronic warfare, describes with riveting detail the astronomical radiation exposure already endured by most Canadians in his 2014 letter to BC Hydro president Charles Reid:
    "I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain who spent 22 of my 26 years in the military in Electronic Warfare (EW), Radio Warfare (RW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), so I know full well the dangers of any EMR-emitting device, the worst of which are wireless Smart Meters employed in “meshed-networks” (which includes the 15-or-so “Smart” appliances that electric utilities everywhere expect will be in typical homes of ‘tomorrow’). My penultimate appointment in the military was a two-year posting to National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa, where I served in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW) as the Staff Officer for Canada’s only army EW unit…..I spent two years at sea with the Royal Canadian Navy conducting Radio Warfare (RW) operations with Canadian, U.S., Australian and Japanese warships. Consequently, I am well-versed in the hazards and vulnerabilities of any wireless radio system – which includes wireless Smart Meters.
     "Please don't insult my intelligence --by uttering the standard gibberish about Smart Meters being safe because they are in compliance with Health Canada's Safety Code 6 Exposure Limits.  The entire scientific community, i.e., those not funded by Industry, know that Safety Code 6 ‘guidelines’ are amongst the highest (most dangerous) in the world – and Safety Code 6 does not even recognize non-thermal radiation – which is the harmful kind of radiation emitted by Smart Meters et al. Respected, non-industry funded scientists globally know that there is NO SAFE level of radiation, no matter how weak! They also know that radiation from all sources is cumulative.
    "Informed people know that in meshed-networked communities of, say, 500 homes, the radiation from the 500 LAN transmitters (each of which will radiate in all directions for up to 3 Km) adds to the radiation emitted by the 500 ZigBee transmitters (each of which will radiate for up to 250 feet), and adds to the radiation emitted by each of the 15-or-so ‘Smart’ appliances electric utilities expect will be in tomorrow’s homes (each of which will radiate for distances upwards of 200 feet).
      "To all of this must be added the enormous amount of radiation emitted non-stop 24/7/365 – in both directions – by the Collector Meter. And, because microwave signals are line-of-sight, ‘meshed-network’ communities could not function if every home’s LAN transmitter could not relay its data via other home LANs in the community. The number of relays required to complete just one transmission could conceivably require many dozens of relays before each single burst of data reaches its intended destination. Yet no one anywhere has attempted to hazard a guess as to how much “extra” radiation the average home might be bathed in from all of this ‘relaying’ activity, which would be constant – in both directions! It is also highly doubtful that anyone in BC Hydro (or any other electric utility) has any meaningful understanding of ‘dirty electricity’ or any idea of the incalculable amount of ‘dirty’ electricity that will result from the Switched Mode Power Supply inside every Smart Meter in even the smallest ‘meshed-community’ of just 500 homes!

      "Mr. Reid, I have not one scintilla of doubt that not one person in your entire organization has any idea of what overall or aggregate amount of radiation will result in a typical meshed-community of just 500 homes. Yet, whatever horrible amount that might be, all of it must then be added to all of the radiation the public are already exposed to from: the 2,000-plus satellites currently in space, the tens-of-thousands of AM and FM transmitters, the 7-billion cell phones, the hundreds-of-thousands of cell phone towers, the hundreds of millions – possibly billions – of cordless phones, the millions of Wi-Fi routers, the countless Wi-Fi and Wi-LANS installations (in buses, trains, airplanes, ferries, cruise ships, automobiles, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, school campuses, municipalities, cities etc.), the millions of radars in use, the countless TV games, the untold number of baby monitors, the millions of laptop computers, iPads, home security systems, remote control units, etc. " [24]

   Of Course Canadian Cancer Stats Are Deplorable!
   The following statistics have been provided by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). [25] These numbers are appalling, but not unexpected in a nation afflicted with compulsory and inescapable exposure to the wireless VOLTAGE OF CANCER:
One quarter of Canadians are expected to die from cancer.
 Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for Canadian kids under age 15.
  Male cancer incidence has increased dramatically since 1987.
Female cancer incidence has increased steadily since 1987,
 commensurate with the rapid increase of wireless technologies.
  As North Americans, Canadian women have the highest lifetime risk
for breast cancer compared to all other regions of the world. [26]
   At the same time, medical care in Canada is substandard compared to international average standards for patient care.  In 2016, the Canadian Medical Association reported: "Canadian health care is not working as it could or should. Despite the hard work of physicians, nurses and many other health care professionals....a system that is cherished by Canadians from coast to coast is no longer keeping pace.....Patients face extensive waiting for care, inadequate patient information transfer and discontinuity of care. Canada's publicly-funded health care system was created some 50 years ago when Canada's population was 20 million....Canada does not provide care in a seamless and cohesive way." [27]  Natch, the COVID-19 epidemic has been a straw to break this donkey's back.
  Trusting a negligent and disingenuous bureaucracy, most Canadians remain unaware of the latest science showing that wireless phones and other devices are a cancer risk and that permissible levels of radiation from smart meters and other environmental microwave antennas are provably dangerous. Meantime, the Canadian government blames horrendous national cancer stats on an aging population and a tiny annual population increase. 
  In 2015–2016, the Canadian Cancer Society provided $44 million for leading-edge research supporting more than 350 projects across the country with the help of generous donors. [28] It might behoove the Canadian government and cancer research donors to finally utilize the following information in regards to Canada's apparent losing battle against all types of malignancies:
Canadian Medical Association Reports
Health Canada's Wireless Limits
Are "A Disaster to Public Health"
May 7, 2015: "The Canadian Medical Association Journal today published a scathing condemnation of Health Canada's safety guidelines for cell phones and Wi-Fi. The Journal interviewed multiple international experts in radiation and cancer, who warn that the microwave levels allowed in Canadian classrooms, residences and workplaces are 'a disaster to public health.' One scientist said that given the overwhelming evidence that wireless radiation is harmful, Health Canada staff are either 'unwilling or not competent to make evaluation of the current literature."

 Canadian House of Commons Committee
Cites Numerous Problems with Federal Standards
for Public Exposure to Microwave Radiation --
 Makes 12 Recommendations to Clean up the Mess
   Taking into consideration testimony from numerous experts, the Standing Committee on Health (HESA) stated in its final report of June 2015: "The Committee heard that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified RF exposure as a possible human carcinogen....A number of witnesses put forward evidence that they had compiled [information] to support the link between RF exposure and cancer....The Committee agrees that the potential risks of exposure to RF fields are a serious public health issue that needs to be brought to the attention of Canadians so that they have the knowledge to use wireless devices responsibly and are able to make decisions about the use of wireless devices in a manner that protects their health and the health of their families."


 Canadian Human Rights Commission Recognizes Illness from Electromagnetic Frequencies, including Wireless Microwave Radiation, as a Disability Under the Law

   A CHRC document published in 2007 states: "Regulations for telecommunications are based upon avoiding heating of tissue as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. However, other biological phenomena are both plausible and observed at much lower exposure levels. The Royal Society concluded that even if the evidence is not clear that adverse health effects from lower exposures to radio frequencies exist, there is a need for further research. There is growing evidence of cancers (particularly acoustic neuroma) associated with the use of mobile telephones. Given the seriousness of the adverse effects and the availability of alternative technologies, a precautionary approach is warranted."


 Radiation Tumor Survivor Olga Sheean
Knows the Science and Begs for Sanity in the Wireless Age!
     In a 2016 open letter to then Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Olga Sheean said this:
"Your campaign to bombard the city with harmful radiation (benignly referred to as Wi-Fi) clearly demonstrates that you are uninformed about the scientifically proven harmful effects of non-ionizing/non-thermal Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It also shows that, as an elected public servant, you have failed to do your own due diligence. In promoting free Wi-Fi as a positive enhancement to the community, you have led people to believe that there is no danger involved and that they can use their various electronic gadgets to their hearts’ content—with no regard for others (babies, children, transit passengers, neighbors, etc.) affected by them doing so.
   Seen here is the mayor Robertson of Vancouver in 2012, showing off a new Vpole in the city center.  These sleek transmitter poles are designed to reduce the eyesore component of carcinogenic technologies. Sheean's letter continued:
"Because of this, I’m being forced to leave Vancouver, where I have happily lived since 1992. I am one of a rapidly growing number of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), and I can no longer tolerate the radiation bombarding our beaches, community centres, libraries, cafés, schools, doctors’ offices and even hospitals. You might appreciate the irony of someone recovering from brain surgery at VGH for the removal of a life-threatening acoustic neuroma, while being bombarded by the very same radiation known to have caused the tumour in the first place."

 Women's College Hospital Has a Long Waiting List of
Canadians Needing Counseling and Treatment for
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS]
    A 2016 report from the Environmental Health Clinic [EHC] at Women's College Hospital in Ontario, Canada states: "Over the past 15 years the number of patients seen at the EHC has risen dramatically.  It has been noted that these patients have health vulnerabilities and intrinsic and extrinsic predisposing factors that leave them at risk to the effects of radio/microwave exposures.... There are gaps in knowledge in the medical community and general public, as well as large gaps in research regarding this medical phenomenon. Environmental assessments both at home and at work need to be interpreted and acted upon appropriately, so guidance from experts and support groups is essential." [29]

Canadian Doctors Call for Health Canada to Provide:
1. More protective wireless safety standards
2. Guidelines/resources for managing microwave health problems

Former Health Minister Caught Misleading Canadians
About Safety of the Wireless Devices

OTTAWA, Oct. 11, 2016 /CNW/  Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott has contradicted the findings of a Parliamentary Health Committee report which recommends the government start warning Canadians that their wireless devices can cause cancer.

In response to letters from parents whose children have developed symptoms from exposure to wireless devices Philpott wrote: “There is no scientific evidence of health effects, from cell phones or Wi-Fi." *

This contradicts Parliament’s Health Committee which sent recommendations to Philpott last June stating there are dozens of scientific studies showing that microwaves from common wireless devices are harmful. The Committee even recommended a national education program for safer use of cell phones and Wi-Fi, especially for Canadian children.

Philpott is expected to officially respond to the recommendations this week.

A Canadian cancer specialist who testified before the Parliamentary Committee says Philpott’s failure to acknowledge the Committee’s findings is dangerous.

“We are already seeing increases in glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer,” said Dr. Anthony Miller, a cancer epidemiologist with the University of Toronto, who has been an advisor to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“This type brain of cancer has been directly connected to cell phone use,” he said, referring to the findings of a $25 million US government study released in June.

Philpott’s claim contradicts one of the strongest Health Committee reports in recent history.

“The Health Committee not only found there is a growing scientific basis for warning Canadians about wireless radiation, but it was unanimously supported by all parties,” said Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians For Safe Technology.

“Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a warning to limit children’s time on cell phones and Wi-Fi because of the harmful effects of microwave radiation,” said Clegg who is a former President of Microsoft Canada and now devotes his time to educating Canadians about the safe use of wireless devices.

“Wireless radiation is recognized as a possible human carcinogen,” said Dr. Miller. “It’s high time we started admitting it and act to reduce human exposure to radiofrequency fields.”

SOURCE C4ST: Canadians For Safe Technology

*Note: Dr. Ronald Melnick, Ph.D., former lead scientist with the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) which produced heart and brain cancer in rats using cell phone radiation, says: “Based on this new information, regulatory agencies should make strong recommendations for consumers to take precautionary measures and avoid close contact with their cell phones, and especially avoid use of cell phones by children. Also, cell phone companies need to provide newer devices with much reduced emissions.” Dr. Melnick continues: “This study should put an end to those who doubt the capacity of non-thermal levels of wireless radiation to cause biological effects including cancer. The study results clearly show that cell phone radiation can cause adverse health effects. The counter argument has no validity." [30]
   In April 2019, Dr. Philpott left her official duties after she was expelled from the Liberal caucus in the aftermath of a political controversy.

  Olga Sheean Received No Response
from Vancouver Mayor nor from the
Canadian Standing Committee on Health
     In late 2016, Olga Sheean wrote to the Canadian Minister of Health, Dr. Philpott and members of the Standing Committee on Health (HESA):  "I cannot call you honourable. You have dismissed us, ignored us and betrayed us. You have failed utterly in your sworn duty to protect our health and safety and have, instead, knowingly exposed us to increasing harm. You are not worthy of your office or of our support.  Stephen Harper must be laughing himself silly.  Here you are, perpetuating many of the illegalities he sanctioned, while failing to regulate the wireless industry to which he gave free rein, yet claiming to be diligently evaluating the appropriate scientific literature. Of course, that’s not the same as acting on it, which you are clearly not doing. Protecting the health of Canadians and their environment is a core function of the government, according to Minister Philpott. Of course it is, but what are you doing about it? This is just one of many empty, meaningless statements with zero action to back it up.....Your claims of protection are a sham, given the serious harm caused by RF/microwave radiation—scientifically proven in the early 1920s to be harmful to all forms of life."
    Sheean continued:  "Given the invisible, pervasive, uncontainable, unquantifiable, ever-changing, escalating and highly penetrative nature of RF/microwave radiation, emitted concurrently from an unknowable number and potency of wireless devices, it is physically and logistically impossible to assess, monitor, measure or limit it or to protect people from it. The supposedly safe levels given in SC6 are therefore totally irrelevant and unenforceable. They cannot—and, in reality, do not—provide protection for anyone."

 Canadian Researcher Magda Havas Ph.D.
Continues Important Research on the Biological Harm of
Dirty Electricity and Wireless Technologies
   Dr. Magda Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and continues research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants, including dirty electricity and microwave radiation. Dr. Havas received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, completed post-doctoral research at Cornell University, and taught at the University of Toronto before going to Trent University in Peterborough, Canada. Here are some of her most important papers:
                              Website of Dr. Magda Havas                             


 Chinese Radiation Profiteers and Industry Canada
Are Using Vancouver, BC as a "Living Lab"
for Deployment of Experimental 5G Wireless Technologies.

  Take 20 minutes to get important information
that Health Canada refuses to acknowledge or discuss
with the nation it is supposed to protect:

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from EMR Health Alliance of BC.
This Alliance is keeping abreast of the Canadian 5G disaster!

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