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4. These numbers comes from Cancer Facts and Figures, The American Cancer Society, 2018.  These totals do not include tens of thousands of new, non-invasive carcinoma cases and millions of new cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancers that will also be diagnosed this year.  The actual number of new cancer cases is likely more than double what ACS reports for its annual totals. Consider also the additional millions of Americans who are incubating cancer but will not yet be diagnosed this year.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), working through the World Health Organization (WHO),  keeps a massive database on global cancer statistics. It is called the Global Cancer Observatory (GLOBOCAN) and you can find its informative global database HERE. GLOBOCAN numbers for US Cancer statistics are impressively higher than those estimated by the interest-conflicted American Cancer Society, which stoically downplays the carcinogenicity of wireless microwave radiation.
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