British microwave radiation expert and professor Barrie Trower: "I believe that the wireless communications industry will be responsible for more human suffering and more civilian deaths in peacetime than all the terrorist organizations in the world put together."
   Thanks to a mighty army of dedicated radiation peddlers, almost all work arenas in the United States are now microwave “hotspots." DECT cordless phone systems, Wi-Fi computer equipment, Bluetooth headsets and wireless surveillance systems are ubiquitous in the workplace. Radiation from cell towers and rooftop antennas easily leaks into buildings. Radiation detection devices confirm that commercial, retail and medical facilities, schools, plus most office buildings and warehouses, are absolutely saturated with wireless radiation, equivalent to X-radiation in terms of bio-effects. Pulsed, information-bearing microwaves are documented to: damage the DNA, initiate and promote cancer, induce heart/circulatory malfunction, gradually disable the brain and gravely endanger the eyes.

   Nevertheless, millions of workers are compelled to keep one or more wireless communications devices attached to their bodies throughout the work day. And occupational arenas are especially hazardous from numerous wireless systems, broadcasting many different frequencies and modulations that assault workers simultaneously. No federal or state law requires that workers be informed as to which frequencies and power densities are routinely pumped through their bodies without respite. Kept in the dark and unable to hear, see, taste, smell or touch the ambient wave pollution which endangers them, most workers have no idea that their health is in danger. It's not only indoor workers who are thus exploited. Outdoor workers who construct, maintain, transport and repair are highly impacted by wireless communication and tracking devices. They are often irradiated by tower, rooftop and small cell antennas sited dangerously close to their work environments.

   Currently, no state or federal agency, not even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), can protect American workers against this travesty, as long as their microwave exposure is assumed to fall within the FCC’s and the FDA's outdated and deadly radiation exposure/emissions standards. Decades ago, when inadequate FCC exposure guidelines were set, it was stipulated that they apply only to 30-minute public exposure. Therefore, these federal standards do not infer safety for irradiation lasting longer than 30 minutes. Worse yet, no agency is monitoring work environments to ascertain the aggregate microwave exposure of workers chronically irradiated by myriad transmitters. No RF/microwave warning signs are posted within toxic buildings. No cautionary health information is available. No clearinghouse is available to collect and analyze reports of microwave sickness.

   The question often arises as to why corporations and other employers might be content, even dedicated, to putting their workers at such high risk for sickness and death from exposure to long-term and mandatory wave radiation. The situation does not make sense---unless you understand the Dead Peasant insurance racket.  If your corporate employer exposes you to near-field wireless radiation for hours each day, year after year, you may be interested to learn the following:



from exposure to carcinogenic radiation in the workplace
 might net your employer BIG MONEY !

    Details about this ghastly phenomenon are found in Michael Moore’s 2009 movie Capitalism: A Love Story. Here is a quote: "Most Americans are unaware that for at least the last 25 years big business and banks have been secretly taking out millions of life insurance policies on their workers and naming the corporation the beneficiary of the death benefit without the knowledge of the employee. The individual policies are frequently in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions. To keep track of employees who have left the company, the deaths are tracked through the Social Security Administration. The policies became known as the 'dead peasant' or 'janitor policies' because corporations took out insurance policies on millions of low-wage workers including janitors, without their knowledge or consent."

   In this movie, attorney Michael D. Myers of McClanahan, Myers Espey LLP law firm in Houston, is interviewed. Meyers stated: “With these policies, the companies that buy these want the employees to die in accordance with policy projections. You are more valuable dead to a company than alive.” Myers, who studied Dead Peasant insurance practices for years, also said: “There are probably several million Americans who are covered by one of these policies, or have been at some point. There’s a lot of it out there.”

   According to Moore's movie, some of the companies known to have furtively collected death benefits on deceased employees in the US include:

Bank of America
American Express
Winn Dixie
Proctor and Gamble
McDonnell Douglas
Southwestern Bell

   Like most other chain retailers these days, high-frequency radiation detectors confirm that Walmart stores are heavily irradiated with RF/microwaves to accommodate numerous communication, security and inventory systems. We also learn in Capitalism: A Love Story that Walmart invested in over 350,000 life insurance policies on their rank and file “associates." The movie advises: "In 2003, the General Accountability Office (GAO) released a study which found that multiple companies held policies on the same individual and that 3,209 banks and thrifts had current cash values in these policies totaling $56 billion." This was an assessment for financial institutions only.

   Here is the rest of the sordid "Dead Peasant" story.  The inevitable spiral down to ill health and immense suffering for countless irradiated American workers can provide more benefits to corporate sharks than insurance payoffs. The Dead Peasant racket also provides massive corporate tax advantages and it funds lavish compensation for top executives. We learn in the movie: "The insurance can give a nice boost to bottom-line corporate profits because it provides multiple tax breaks including: the cash build-up in the policy is reported as income but is tax-exempt because it resides in a tax-sheltered insurance policy; the cash payment the company receives is also tax-free under existing tax law."  


1. Take the latest medical evidence documenting DNA damage, impaired immunity and dangerous neurological and cardiac symptoms known to afflict a sizable percentage of persons exposed to very low levels of RF/microwave radiation.

2. Stack this information against the current corporate practice of forcing most American workers to spend many cumulative hours per year in highly toxic, microwave-saturated work environments.

3. Ask yourself: Is this situation merely coincidental? Or might radiation-swamped work zones actually be a mechanism for providing lucrative returns on secret Dead Peasant investments?
  As documented at this website, women are especially vulnerable to health effects of wireless radiation unleashed by the male-dominated Wi-industry. At special risk are those working at close proximity to wireless computers, modems/routers and those compelled to handle and wear wireless communications devices, including two-way radios, cell phones and DECT cordless phone systems. Unlike wired systems, wireless surveillance and security equipment also inundates workspaces with perpetual and powerful microwave pollution. Attorney Michael Meyers offered a chilling thought:  “The younger a [dead] person is, the higher the benefit is because they’re expected to live longer. Women are also expected to live longer than men. So the most valuable employee to the company, if they’re dead, is a young woman."
 Got that, girls?

  Every woman and girl abused by a microwave-ridden work environment should watch the video below. This presentation allows viewers to hear and quantify Wi-Fi radiation, which gravely endangers female bodies, especially the brain, heart, eyes, thyroid gland and ovaries. Wi-Fi is a teratogen; it can cause miscarriage and birth defects. As it flows through amniotic fluids, it can impose severe cardiac stress upon the fetus.*
 If you are a woman, especially a pregnant or hope-to-be-pregnant woman ensnared in such occupational danger, is it not time to muster some self-respect and demand a WIRED AND SAFE workplace? This video provides workers and their bosses with information which can save lives, alleviate suffering and safeguard the development of unborn children. 
* "Fetal and Neonatal Responses Following Exposure to Mobile Phones," Resk et al., Saudi Medical Journal, February 2008, 29 (2) 218-223.